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i lost a great mate


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Guys and Gals 

in the last week i have been on downer on a beer legend ,i lost a great mate 
been quite negative in my normal life

this guy touched me in the right ways and i still cant believe he is gone

in the time we knew we bashed our tastes in beer in the right way wether we agreed or not.

we was set to do a beer together along with another close connection to him.

their is still hope for that in his honour..

but heck its been hard to lose this guys and show him his great fortune ..

Hey David we are working on it and its going to be your favourite a HAZY  IPA

RIP David Ball

Mick Eade.


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So sorry to hear your news Oz mate, I hope you can get through this next little while - keep focused on the all good times and the great memories mate. Maybe that memorial beer is a good idea. Condolences Oz, take care and thinking of you at this sad time.

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Thanks for  the thoughts guys.    I appreciate 

At His funeral   one of the speakers  i think it was his sister , said   when we was sitting around and the topic was kids and what they would call there kiddies.
David said If i have a daughter i would like  my daughters name to Be Chrystal.   They all thought that sounds pretty good David,  David said yeah i always wanted a Chrystal Ball

So it is only fitting  that this beer will be named    as Chrysal Ball   and to his favourite style being a hazy Ipa

But once again  Thankyou all

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