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  1. For those not following @Classic Brewing Co hints, it's now available in Grooming products.. https://www.brewsnews.com.au/2022/08/17/vb-releases-grooming-range/
  2. Thank's for the feedback Phil, Glad you liked it. Sadly it's all gone now, will brew again soon.
  3. I cook my steak (till Rare, or as some say, Warmed), with fat on but trim as I eat, save the fat for the Dog's. I'm Fat enough!
  4. I use longnecks for Ale's and Bundaberg Ginger beer bottles for Stout, will be interesting to see which way they have gone, twist or crown.
  5. Coopers Real Ale First taste, very happy with it, East Kent Golding hops at flame out, adds a nice flavour.
  6. That looks fabulous.. I bottled mine today, give it a month and I'll have a taste
  7. Like wise, I have enough Longnecks to see me through.. If it's true that we are seeing the end of the Glass longneck, sad day.
  8. The Yeast now controls your Life..
  9. Sun's out, I'm out enjoying a Lovely Pale Ale or two..
  10. Almost finished my current stout brew, next one was bottled on 27/6 so I've got a bit of Age into it. I'm sure it won't last long..
  11. Chuck the Mussys and that's amazing,..
  12. DavidM


    Comp again today, started with sunshine but rain on the way and windy. Pulled my first three drives left, not something I normal do, second and third shots were no better and wiped the first three holes. Started to get a grove going from there and finished with 32 points, 20 on the back nine. The rain started just as we finished, well timed.
  13. Thanks Mick, Your a year ahead of me in brewing. this was one of my first attempts at following a recipe, I will do it again but different. Recipe calls for (on the coopers recipe page 1 x 1.7kg Thomas Coopers Inkeeper's Daughter Sparkling Ale 3 x 500g Coopers Light Dry Malt 1 x 300g Coopers Dextrose (or White Sugar) I only had white sugar on the day. Very tasty brew, but have to agree with classic, it has a taste, a sweetness. It's all gone now
  14. Agree, soak is much easier, if it is working. I had a normal sized bottle brush, Useless picked up a larger one from a LHBS, tight fit but works a treat.
  15. get one now and do the bump over the threshold, Your back will love you for it!
  16. Some of my bottles were showing a bit of scum build up, tried a soak, still the same, so I rinse at night as I empty (normal), then each morning I wash in soap with the bottle brush, drain then sanitise and drain. Once I've cycled through the 300 odd bottles, back to normal till the build up reappears. I'm thinking scrubbing is the only way. Bit each day it's not too hard.
  17. I'm a few days behind schedule but I'm sure it's not too late. Cooked up the Coconut this morning, dropped it into a paint strainer bag and into the fermenter. The smell off the Coconut spread through the house and I'm thinking "not sure I want this in the beer" but it is a Porter so I'm sure it will be fine. Will bottle next week and have a taste in September.
  18. DavidM


    Well I've had a bad run for awhile, scores like 20, 19, 17 GA out 2 shots and Soft Caped. I've been Topping the ball a lot and just not swinging as I know I can. Stroke round on Saturday and I was feeling good after a solid practice on the Friday, held it together for most of the day and ended with a 68, yeah. Topped the odd ball but usually followed it up with a good hit to get out of trouble. Coming to the 18th, I tried not to get ahead of myself, knew I was doing well but just wanted to finish it off. Hit my tee shot short right onto some mounds off the fairway. Uphill lie, second shot was Ok but still right and onto another mound, 80m pitch to green from terrible lie, drop it to 6 feet and look like a hero. Miss the putt by one more roll of the ball !! It was enough to win the day on Count back, I hope I can hold the good play for awhile. Played Monday with the Vets and also did well 34 points, course was soaked and played a +2, ended fourth. Stayed home today, Rain most of the morning, feels like 3.5, it's cleared for now, more coming but still cold. See what happens tomorrow
  19. Well I got that wrong and I've tasted it !! A real good beer poured straight from the Tap.
  20. As per Coopers recipe 1.5k LDM 300g white sugar but I do agree, will do it different next time.
  21. Yes, most of my K&K's now have additions, mostly Carapils, Golden Oats and Light Crystal in varying degrees of amounts. I have also used liquid Wheat and Amber malt (both with very good results). Still lots to learn and lot's to try!
  22. Followed the Sparkling recipe, which calls for either 300g of Dectrose or White sugar, I used white sugar Next time I'll drop the Sugar and use something else, not sure what yet.
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