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  1. Coopers Pale Ale (my go to Beer) New batch, Very Good! It's been in the bottle for 30 days and won't be there much longer!
  2. Coopers Bootmaker Ale Such a Good Brew, almost seven weeks in the bottle.
  3. Another busy few days.. Bottled the "Voyage Amber Ale" Put a Dark Ale in! Coopers Pale Ale can, One kilo of Dark dry Malt 250g Maltodextrin 250g Light Crystal Malt, steeped 40 min 30g Pride of Ringwood hops boiled 10 Over summer I fell behind, (sad face) I've now caught up again Two Brews in the ferment Fridge, Nine Brews ageing, I can go back to one a week till next time I get behind the Beer Curve. "Big Smile"
  4. I had better get out and grab some before they go..
  5. Hope it works out.. It will still be drinkable! But might be for sipping only
  6. On this day I was almost out of ingredients, Made do with what I had! "Coopers Pale Ale 700g Light Dry Malt, 300g Dextrose 300g Maltodextrin 200g Light Crystal Malt, steeped for 40 min 30g Cascade Hops Boiled for 10 min This used up the last of my cans, the LDM and the Crystal Bulk shopping Friday!" Big Smile!
  7. Welcome Back, I missed your pic's and chat!
  8. I've made a lot of muck ups, forgetting to put something in or using the wrong ingredient. Rather than try and fix it, I've just bottled it and when ready.. Drink it. If it's real bad, Add a bit of Stout! It's still beer.
  9. Hi, I've struggled with the spreadsheet but have found it useful each entry has a drop down menu and you just have to find it. @Shamus O'Sean is the expert
  10. I'm lucky, live in a top spot, in a great Country. And make a few Brews that I'm very happy with! I'm happy to Fly the Flag..
  11. I make one a week for the Wife and I've never had a problem withe the white cap. Large flat screw driver and push up a bit and lever up and off!
  12. Just another Coopers Pale Ale on a Glorious afternoon What can I say, Just drink It
  13. Happy Birthday Phil
  14. I Have three FV's in my fridge, sometimes, Heat pad sit's on the shelf, taped to the back wall. It works but I've not tried to heat it up to Kveik temps, I brew at 20 One size/temp fits all Lazy Brewer
  15. DavidM


    "7".. I'll never be that good, and well done to You. I have thought 14-15 is about as low as I could go but would have a hard time staying that low. It might look more like 14-18 as I ride the wave of Highs and Lows. Had a practice hit today and it seemed like every second shot was a beaut.. And the other one was a Top to no where...
  16. I've got to agree with this but will add I enjoy a Black and Tan, half beer half stout. also worth a try.
  17. Busy few days.. Bottled the Wife's Ginger Beer and put a Lager in for her. Put a SMOTY Ale in one fermenter Coopers Dark Ale can, One kilo of Dark Dry Malt 200g Maltodextrin, 150g Roasted Barley, Steeped 40 min 30g Pride of Ringwood Bottled a Pale Ale Put a "Voyage Amber Ale" in another fermenter Coopers Pale Ale can, 1.2k LDM 250g Maltodextrin 100g Roasted Barley, 100g Carapils, Steeped 40 min 30g Cascade Hops boiled 5 (Not quite to recipe, measured the barley, then the Light Crystal but had the wrong pack! So it's with Carapils instead.)
  18. DavidM


    Wednesday, my run of good Golf came to an end, could not swing! Makes you wonder where it all goes from one day to the next. Saturday it all came back, Swing was smooth again, slow start but came home strong. Finished with 37 points and another drop in GA, now 16.7 Will need the smooth swing to play to this Handicap!
  19. DavidM


    Sorry to hear about your Dad Wacking a ball about with a good group of mates, is a good way to spend an arvo!
  20. I was away with work (when I did), Wife came home from somewhere, tired, hungry.. Pulled a Steak out of the fridge and Ate it! Didn't even wait for it to Warm up!
  21. Yeah, I'm with You Mick, great looking steak but why did he over Cook it !! I'll take mine Rare to Blue and Yes, We are All different!
  22. Thanks for correcting my comments @Shamus O'Sean, I thought this one was about 6%, just checked the Spreadsheet and can't work out where I made the mistake! I try to keep most of my brews in the 4.2-5% range. Never been a fan of Big Beers. Thanks
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