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  1. Shamus O'Sean

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    I predict 10% in the bottle. It will be a sipping beer. I have not done a stout/porter for a while so I thought I would go big.
  2. Shamus O'Sean


    Hi Zelly The kit yeast should be fine as long as the can is in date and you are doing the standard recipe. I do not know about the difference between the yeasts. I have used both kit yeasts and US-05 and even combined them for some recipes. Side-by-side you might notice a difference. You can harvest the yeast from the fermenter once the beer is finished and bottled. You can do this with the kit yeast and US-05. Cheers Shamus
  3. Shamus O'Sean

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    Russian Imperial Stout as per the Coopers Recipe pages Stout Dark Ale Lager 1kg Dextrose Made to 20L OG 1.093 In fermenting freezer at 18° Might be ready for winter
  4. Shamus O'Sean

    Dark ale

    Hi Zelly Spicy Brunette is easy-as. We've all got cinnamon in the cupboard. Does not increase alcohol though. You could use BE2 or BE3. I added in 500g of Light Dry Malt for about 4.5% ABV. Nut Brown Ale is a beauty too. Cheers Shamus
  5. Shamus O'Sean

    What's in your BBQ 2019?

    Hi Hoppy, Watch spell-check. It missed the missing "r"
  6. Shamus O'Sean

    Anyone Else Growing Hops This Year?

    That's how I did my hops last year. I got a few hundred grams from six first year plants.
  7. Shamus O'Sean

    Might have a dud first brew

    Otto is definitely right, there is a risk that some nasties have gotten in to the fermenter. The fermenting process gives it some protection: A layer of CO2 gas from the fermenting bubbles kind of keeps oxygen from easily getting in. Plus the alcohol produced is a preservative. I just thought for the cost of a packet of yeast, you might get a brew out of it. I just could not throw away 23 litres of wort that might be stuffed. You might have pitched it by now, but I worry about what yeast you have got from Woolworths. On-line they just have bread yeast and something described as brewers yeast that sounds more like a healthfood you chuck in smoothies. Not sure if that type of yeast is really for brewing, but I know nothing about it. All the best with it. Taste with caution if you do get it going. If it smells and tastes okay you just might get a beer out of it. Cheers Shamus
  8. Shamus O'Sean

    Might have a dud first brew

    Hi Anthony Welcome to the Forum and the rabbit-hole that is brewing. I agree with Otto that your yeast is probably cactus. However, what you have in the fermenter looks okay. I recently listened to a podcast where one of the head guys at Briess, who do extracts, commented that concentrates will last for years. They do darken with time though. If you were to buy a good yeast, say US-05 and pitch it in, all you have to lose if it fails is the cost of the yeast. Maybe rehydrate the yeast in about 100mls of water that has been boiled but is cooled to around 30 degrees Celsius. Give it a gentle swirl every 5 minutes for say 15 minutes and then pitch it. Rehydrating gives you more viable yeast cells. If it tastes shite in a week or two chuck it then. Otherwise it might just turn out okay. Cheers Shamus
  9. Shamus O'Sean

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    Unless you have a fail like King Rudd a few weeks ago.
  10. Shamus O'Sean

    Induction Cooker

    My SWMBO does not mind the malt smell, but is not a fan of boiling hops. So got the induction cooker for the same reasons. Mine is a cheapy from K-Mart. It has the choice of power or temperature control. I have not tested the temperature control though.
  11. Shamus O'Sean

    Dud Brew?

    Hi Christina If you are outside of Australia you might have some difficulty accessing the recipe pages. I have no idea why though. A pdf copy of the Pavlova Pale Ale recipe is attached. You might be able to use it to give Hawker some advice. The recipe has canned passionfruit pulp in it. Cheers Shamus Pavlova Pale Ale.pdf
  12. Shamus O'Sean

    Dud Brew?

    Maybe, maybe not. I did a double batch of a variation on the Pavlova Pale Ale using the Bootmaker Pale Ale instead. My mistake was putting in 1kg of lactose instead of 500g. The lactose does not ferment so leaves a sweetness in the beer. Mine was bottled on 26 December. FG was 1.027. Your FG sounds about right. I put my lactose heavy recipe into some brewing software and it predicted FG of exactly 1.027. I have only tasted one and it was sweet but also had normal beer bitterness to it. I was expecting a brewed softdrink taste, but it did not go that far. Your "unpleasant sour" description is worrying. However, I reckon as your gravity has been stable for a few days, you should bottle it and give it a try in a few weeks. If still rubbish tip it then. Cheers Shamus
  13. Shamus O'Sean

    Induction Cooker

    I got one for Christmas. But have not used it in a brew yet. Got 4 litres of water to a rolling boil in 13 minutes. I will use it for small batches and hop boils. Cheers Shamus
  14. Shamus O'Sean

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    Hi Jacob Looks good. For comparitive purposes to your proposed brew, Deuce Lager (23 litre brew) has half a cup of lime juice and Pineapple IPA (8.5 litre brew) has 1 litre of pineapple juice. The Coopers recipes are mostly pretty safe, so you might want to increase the volume of the lime and pineapple juice. Cheers Shamus
  15. Shamus O'Sean

    spicy brunette update

    Hi WW How much cinnamon did you end up using? From memory you were thinking about upping it. Cheers Shamus