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  1. Shamus O'Sean

    Orange Flavor

    I did the Coopers Zesty Blonde a while back. It has the peel from two grapefruits added like a dry hop. The citrus came through nicely.
  2. Shamus O'Sean


    Hi GW This timing does seem very quick. More experienced brewers will give more detailed and educated comment. They will probably want to know the recipe details, what yeast did you use and what temperature did you brew at. I did an English Bitter a while ago that went from 1035 to 1008 in three days. I used US-05 for the yeast. I had no temperature control, other than household evaporative airconditioning. The brew was done in a cupboard in during a 40° heatwave in Melbourne (last summer) with inside ambient temperature of 25°. This beer had a slightly excessive undesirable flavour of banana. Most of my ale beers take about four* days for this scale of SG drop and do not have the same flavours, or at least much less noticeable. I suspect you might have some similar flavours in this brew. *Lately it is probably longer because I brew them temperature controlled at 18°.
  3. Shamus O'Sean

    The Friday Night 6 Pack Session

    Dmango Unchained Session IPA Just like a liquid frosty fruit icy pole
  4. Shamus O'Sean

    The Friday Night 6 Pack Session

    Raspberry Rye Milk Porter Very dark red colour (could see the led torch through the beer) Fruity chocolate aroma. Clean mild porter taste, like a raspberry sorbet.
  5. Shamus O'Sean

    The Friday Night 6 Pack Session

    Chevalier Saison Strong aroma - a real mixture: Clove, spice, pine Less noticeable in taste. Mild maltiness, but still a good mouthfeel. Something brewed a bit rough, but well made - Like farm food, simple, but good.
  6. Shamus O'Sean

    The Friday Night 6 Pack Session

    Magic Carpet Midnight Ride Smooth malty, cherry chocolate cake aroma. Rich warming flavour. Every mouthful is easier to drink than the previous.
  7. Shamus O'Sean

    The Friday Night 6 Pack Session

    Old Speckled Hen Toffee notes, slight fruit and clove aroma. Smooth malt taste, ever so slight repeat of the aroma in the taste. Slight pleasant after-taste.
  8. Shamus O'Sean

    The Friday Night 6 Pack Session

    Had a few nice beers lately. Just getting around to posting them. Feral Brewing Karma Citra I did not know this was a black beer until I poured it. Could not pin-point aroma - Toffee apple? Fairy floss? Boiled lollies? Pleasant bitter aftertaste
  9. Shamus O'Sean

    Quick weekend brew

    Hey @Tommy1525230200 You could do the Unreal Ale, but add a steep of 200g of crystal grains. I also really enjoyed a Real Ale I did with a 200g steep of crystal grains, plus 12g Cascade 15 minute boil; 12g Galaxy 5 minute boil; 12g of each in a 15 minute steep and 12 g of each in a dry hop. Cheers Shamus
  10. Shamus O'Sean

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    Fished out the Day 4 dry hop yesterday after work and dropped in the Day 7 dry hop: 25g Topaz; 25g Vic Secret and 20g Amarillo. Smell has got even better. I will cold crash from Monday or Tuesday and bottle on Friday. Gashslug did do a three day cold crash with his. See 1:10 mark of his youtube video "HOP FILTERING for Kegging and Bottling + COOPERS NEIPA Part 3".
  11. Shamus O'Sean

    Thomas Coopers Devil's Half Ruby Porter

    Could be an interesting experiment. Might work out okay - in an in your face kind of way. The IanH spreadsheet indicates and IBU of around 74. The Coopers recipes have 10 or so brews that have a higher IBU that that. These are mostly porters, stouts and high end IPA's. Not sure that the bitterness would fade or if the flavours and bitterness would meld together with time.
  12. Shamus O'Sean

    Dry Hopping At Different Temperatures

    I use chux cloths for my dry hopping. Even with a sanitised shot glass as a weight, they still finish up on the surface. I then use non-powdered food handling gloves, put them on, spray with sanitiser, rub together like washing your hands and then rinse with spray sanitiser. Then fish out the chux cloths and squeeze out the hoppy goodness. Also tie a length of fishing line to each chux cloth like @joolbag just in case they stay sunk.
  13. Shamus O'Sean

    How to calc Extract IBU's in Brewtarget - doesn't add up

    Beersmith has a Coopers Add-on that you download. It has the various parameters for the cans. As noted above it requires a Gal/Lb value for bitterness. Unfortunately, the add-on just shows the "in can" IBU's so when you add a Coopers can to a recipe it shows wildly nuts final IBU's. After some head scratching and trial and error I came up with an adjustment of the in-can IBU on the Coopers website and now my Beersmith Coopers recipes come out more like the IBU's of the finished recipes on the Coopers website.
  14. Shamus O'Sean

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    Hi Smash I am not 100% sure about the cold crash myself. I thought Gashslug mentioned in his video for this brew that he cold crashed it. What he had in the glass was definitely still hazy though. The hydrometer sample I took on the first day cleared up in the tube quite a bit, but that was before adding yeast. I will have a look at how the brew looks in the fermenter before making the final call. I imagine that the haze comes from the volume of hops plus the oats. Maybe with the volume used, even with a cold crash it may not clear it all out. Comments from more experienced NEIPA brewers?
  15. Shamus O'Sean

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    Fourth day dry hop for my Gashslugs NEIPA tonight. Brew smells glorious in the fermenter. I did end up upping this dry hop to 25g Topaz; 25g Vic Secret and 20g Amarillo because they were the sizes I had already bagged. Will remove this dry hop on Friday and repeat for another three days. Cold crash planned from Monday. Bottle the following weekend.