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  1. You are probably right in both cases: I should have taken a photo of the trub. Then you could have confirmed from your experience what I was looking at. Maybe next time. This brew also had two packets of MJ US West Coast yeast. That would account for much of the trub. It also had 225g of dry hops, contained in a hop bag, and some finer particles would have got out.
  2. I did end up bottling the Black IPA on Sunday. The isinglass/polyclar combo seemed to do the trick. However I do not know which did what. The yeast cake was compacted on the bottom of the fermenter. Then there was a layer of stuff that appeared to be made up of hop matter, that had escaped from the hop sack, and fine matter that I think was suspended grain dust that got into the fermenter. There was nearly 3 litres of the total layer of trub.
  3. Hi Beersout, Ben means to slowly release the caps a little so you can release a little bit of gas and pressure. The sound they will make is pffft. Do not release all the pressure though. Just a little and then nip them back up again. However, it can be hard to judge. The PET's should be pretty rock hard if carbonated properly. Throw the kit yeast at it. It may help or do nothing at all. You have nothing to lose. I suggest re-hydrating it in about 100ml of warm (30°C) water first, preferably water that has been boiled and allowed to cool. This will give it the best chance to make a difference. Check your SG after three days, to give the yeast a chance to take affect, and see if the SG is moving. If no change, I suggest bottling and doing the pffft adjustment if you think the PET bottles are too hard.
  4. Zytho Brewing - IPA Consumed while bottling my Black IPA Restrained yet distinctive pine and tropical aroma. Very pleasant flavour. Again restrained. Maybe more like a beefed up XPA. I can understand why Lusty liked their Pale Ale. No "Independent Brewers" type stamp on the can. Maybe a smallish brewery doing stuff under contract for BWS (where I got it, based on Lusty's experience with their PA)
  5. David Heath Homebrew Youtube Channel has a recent video on Kveik yeast. Sounds like you need less of it than typical yeast pitches. Therefore if you are doing around 23L, I would think that one 11g sachet would be enough. I would use the krausen collar for this brew. I did a RIS a while ago with an OG of 1092. I used the krausen collar and the foam still nearly got to the underside of the lid.
  6. ...fully functional... and really attractive to the opposite sex with an outstanding sense of humour and amazing dance skills.
  7. Side by Side taste test - Coopers 2019 Vintage Ale One guess as to which is the homebrew version. Coopers Commercial (CC) 2019 Vintage Noticeable alcohol smell Some Cascade hop aroma too Strong Ale taste Good bitterness that lingers Homebrew (HB) 2019 Vintage Under carbonated (only 2 weeks in the bottle) Spicy fruit cake aroma Much more hop aroma than the commercial version, which is obviously older My tasting expectations are high because the hop aroma is more inviting than the CC version Taste is smoother than CC version Residual sweetness, even though it finished at 1.010. It might be that the priming sugar is not fully consumed and that might explain the under-carbonation level. Similar lingering bitterness to the CC version Summary Prefer the aroma of the HB Prefer the taste of the CC Hope I get some more carbonation going in the other bottles, that will help offset the sweetness HB is not an exact clone, well not mine anyway
  8. Hey @Phil_McGlass, It is working in Australia. But that does not help you.
  9. In my current brew (an AG Black IPA), I pretty much followed Otto's process of setting the temperature controller to 1°C (Monday) , then the next day (Tuesday) added isinglass, and the day after (Wednesday) added polyclar. It is the first time I have used polyclar. I decided to go this way because the wort had a lot of particles floating around in it, even before the 225g dry hop. It looked soupy, almost like the old Hearty Beef. I know it is a dark beer, but the cloudiness looked excessive and I thought I needed to try a few things to help settle it out. Planning to bottle today (Sunday). It will be interesting to see how it goes.
  10. Shark (Single) Fin Summer Ale. Prolly just a complete coincidence. Especially as I thought that the Shark Fin was better.
  11. So tell me again, why was it that Otto was black-banned from the Coopers forum?
  12. Fair enough. I cannot say that my adjusted version of the spreadsheet still does everything it is meant to do because I do not fully know everything the original spreadsheet is meant to do. A shopping list function would have been good. For example being able to plan for a brew on the weekend, and based on your Inventory, having a shopping list of the things you need to buy beforehand printed out.
  13. Hey @Journeyman, Gave this a try tonight. When I made the !'s into .'s I got the #NAME error. The other difference I see in your formula is a "$" in front of the MAIN tab name. When I changed the reference to the tab name to be $MAIN. the sheet really cracked it, gave me options to fix, but when I clicked out of them, it just came back with the #NAME error. I am no expert and could never reproduce the IanH spreadsheet from scratch. However, there might be something in there that means my formula works for me and your formula works for you. I will never really know. I hope my advice has not stuffed up anybodies IanH spreadsheet.
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