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  1. Coopers Recipe Spreadsheet - May 2021 Hi Team Latest Coopers Recipe Spreadsheet is attached. May 2021 ROTM added: Coopers Australian IPA & Disco Juice IPA. Click on the recipe name in red for pdf's of these recipes. Coopers Recipe Spreadsheet V2.12.2.xlsx Spreadsheet functionality: Links to Recipe artwork and pdf of more recent recipes at the far right You can click on the recipe name to jump to the recipe on the Coopers website (for those in au only) The little triangle icons beside each column title are auto-filters and can be used to sort the spreadsheet by the respective column You can also use the drop boxes of the variables in each column to show those variables you want to see. For example, under Difficulty if you choose the Easy variable then only those recipes rated as Easy will be displayed Or under Can 1, if you choose Real Ale only those recipes that have the Original Series Real Ale (as the main recipe can) will be displayed. Unfortunately I am not clever enough to be able to show those recipes where Can 2 is a Real Ale Any queries? Post them to this thread.
  2. Disco Juice IPA - May 2021 Craft Recipe of the Month in pdf format for those outside of Australia to be able to see the recipe in perpetuity. Disco Juice IPA.pdf
  3. Coopers Australian IPA - May 2021 Recipe of the Month in pdf format for those outside of Australia to be able to see the recipe in perpetuity. Coopers Australian IPA.pdf
  4. These are the graphics from the Recipe of the Month emails and web-pages. Use them for making your own beer labels for bottles, cans, taps etc. Forum members can hopefully put links in their spreadsheets and databases back to these labels.
  5. One of these lobbed on my front doorstep yesterday courtesy of Coopers free delivery for orders over $80 last week. I am glad to hear it makes a good brew.
  6. Hi U-S, You have probably already made your decision by now. But just to let you know, you could go either way. The cacao nibs do not expand like hops. As long as they have a bit of freedom of movement, you should get good results out of them. The Triple Choc Stout sounded like a nice brew.
  7. Is it just me, or is the Coopers site running slowly for this past week or so? @Coopers DIY Beer Team, have you guys just switched to the NBN?
  8. I do not like to stir my liquid extracts in the plastic fermenter anymore. My first couple of fermenters got scratched all over. I suspect the scratches were or source of issues. Most of my extract/kit brews include a grain steep and boil, or hop boil or both. I use a 5 litre pot. Usually when the boil is done, you pop the pot in cool water in the sink. These days, before going in the cool water, I open the extract can(s) (that have been sitting in hot water in the second sink) and pour one into the pot of just off the boil water. Then I 3/4 fill the can with some of the hot water from the pot and put the lid back on the can. If the boil was big enough, I do the same with the second can of extract. Then I stir the extract and just boiled water left in the pot. This helps dissolve the extract better. After about 10 minutes, I tip the contents from the cans back into the pot and stir it some more. The leftover extract in the cans dissolves nicely into the hot water. Virtually zero wastage. Also the extract is now diluted quite a bit and easily pours into and mixes with whatever is in the fermenter. I found it really tedious to try to stir the extract in some hot water in the fermenter without scratching the bottom of the fermenter. I like to have it all mixed in to take my Original Gravity reading. Yes, I know it is easy to calculate it, but I just like to measure it. I would be a bit wary of using the plastic jug because you can scratch it just like a fermenter. If you boil it before you use it, it should be okay though.
  9. I like what I get from dry hopping. However, I also think it is the source of some off flavours, not nasty infections, just not quite right. It is a pretty risky time to add stuff to your beer. In recent times, rather than just wrapping the hops in a Chux cloth pulled straight from the packet, I actually boil the Chux cloth for 5 minutes. I also boil a 50cm length of cooking string. I use the string to tie up the cloth and to fish it out when the dry hop is done. I weigh down the Chux "hop bag" with sanitised marbles (not really safe to boil). No off flavours since doing this method.
  10. That's a bit harsh. I would not say shitty, but underwhelming....Let's just say I have brewed much better beers.
  11. 4.7% Jamie. Compared to my 5.5%. Mine finished lower SG than expected. Plus I brewed it to go into a keg at supposedly 4.7%. Finishing higher plus adding sugar for bottle carbonating meant that the bottles finished up with higher alcohol than intended. First world problems!
  12. I am no expert, Phil. If they look in pretty good condition then you should be fairly okay. The main thing is; do they hold pressure. You could ask the seller to comment on this. You could bring a spray bottle of starsan/stellar san or similar, ask them to pressurise the keg. Then spray around the posts and over the lid and look for any tell-tale bubbling/fizzing. Check inside that they have a long dip tube and a short one for gas. One I got a while ago did not have the long tube, so I had to buy one. Pretty cheap though. Check inside for cleanliness. Although most stuff can be cleaned away. Seals can be cheaply replaced. Look at the condition of the posts. I had one with a big gouge in it. It might not have been a problem, but I decided to replace it anyway. I would be a bit sus if the rubber handles or bases were badly damaged. The keg might be fine, but lifting them with dodgy handles is not easy. The other folks on the Forum might chip in on other things to look out for.
  13. Fat Yak clone - Side-by-side taste test The real thing: Pine aroma Smooth flavour and bitterness My version: Pine, citrus fruit and a little alcohol aroma Noticeable alcohol taste compared to the commercial version. This dissipated as my taste buds became accustomed to the flavour. This taste might also be from the Nelson Sauvin hops. A very good clone of the current commercial brew
  14. Would have thought that the Coopers Irish Stout can had some in it. Still sounds nice though.
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