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  1. Thanks BB, I hope that this one goes well. I did some brews with my own hops from their first season last year. They were great in dry hop usage, but the boils were a bit boiled vegetable tasting. This time I made sure not to over-boil and to get the liquid cooled quickly and get the hop matter out quickly. The hydrometer sample tasted okay so I am hopeful.
  2. Hi @Popo, Given your cleaning efforts "Napisan, straight perc, bleach, alkaline salts and bottle brushes", you probably cannot get them much cleaner. Maybe try filling them with beer, priming and capping, then leave for a couple of weeks. Open, pour and check if the remnants have soaked off. If not, drink away.
  3. SMOTY Ale Added 300g of LDM to the hop boil to improve hop utilisation. The Goldings I used were from my own back yard. So Belgrave South Goldings? 1.7kg Australian Pale Ale 1.7kg Dark Ale 300g Light Dry Malt 21g Belgrave South Goldings 15 min boil 21g Belgrave South Goldings 30min steep 300ml Nottingham Slurry 3L Hop Boil with 300g LDM Made up to 25L instead of 23L for lower ABV OG 1.048 Dry hop planned with another bag of 21g Belgrave South Goldings
  4. Shark Fin Summer Ale from a Grolsch Magnum bottle
  5. Hey LR This sounds like about twice as much as I would use for a brew. See attached 1L jar, so about 300ml of yeast.
  6. Hi @MartyG1525230263, I am going to do one of these soon. Probably make up to 23L then split it into two fermenters. Pop some carapils tea into one for a comparison.
  7. Interesting concept. Sounds similar, but opposite, to first and second runnings. I will keep an eye on how your brew goes. I have done some high alcohol beers, but because I cannot drink six of them in a night I am looking at what can I do at mid range alcohol levels, but good flavour. Some of @Beerlust's ideas have been an inspiration. Cheers Shamus
  8. Hi John Care to go into what you might do in more detail if you could do this second batch. It sounds interesting. Two brews from one and a bit lots of grain. Cheers Shamus
  9. But in the interim, like you said, add an immersion heater coil and you'll be good for a while. If you upgrade later, the cheap urn could be good for heating sparge water.
  10. 40 L Crown/Birko urns $300+ brand new. Gotta be a reason for the price difference. Thinner steel, different stainless grade, cheaper element(s), lower power element(s), dodgy dial, who knows? Someone else on the forum bought one like this a month or two back. Maybe look for their comments. If you go ahead let us know how yours goes
  11. No. They just have a "BC" in the middle of the base and a number near the edge. The number varies. 00, 01, 04, 06, etc. I reckon that the guy who had them before me fitted them all with new seals. However, the seals are just a bit thinner than the Grolschies. If I could be fagged fitting them with rubber Grolsch seals (which I do have) and which are thicker, they might do better. Just do not want to risk loosing half a dozen long-necks worth of brew on such a test when I have plenty of other bottles that seal just fine.
  12. You should be okay. Yours are new and MJ's stuff is generally pretty good.
  13. Hey @PeterC1525230181, let us know how yours goes. Cheers Shamus
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