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  1. I only have 9 different hops at the moment. Only 3 are left over bags. The rest are dedicated to upcoming brews. To reduce stocks, I started substituting some of my left-over hops for the 60 minute boils. As long as the hop I used did not stray too far away from the type of hop recommended in a recipe, you should not go too far wrong. Worst case, you might create a nicer beer than you intended. I figure that 60 minutes boils off most of the flavours and is more about bitterness.
  2. Beer Cartel Advent Calendar - December 7 Big Shed Brewing - Lupo Wheat Plenty of citrus aromas, plus pineapple, very tropical Higher level of bitterness for a Pale Ale. Lots of hop flavour, but not “juicy”. Well balanced by the bitterness. Modest ABV of 5%. You do not need high alcohol to make a really nice craft beer. 8.5/10
  3. Beer Cartel Advent Calendar - December 6 Kaiju Beer - Tangerine Love Machine - Juicy Sour Aroma has that hint of sourness. It also smells like a freshly opened bottle of Vitamin C. Flavour has the same Vitamin C vibe. Sour with citrus. The sourness is understated, but creeps up in the aftertaste to make your mouth water. 8/10.
  4. Beer Cartel Advent Calendar - December 5 Jetty Road Brewery - Dank and Stormy - Black IPA Aromas: Pine, little bit of Chocolate and Smoke Flavour: Nice bitterness. Roasty, but a little bit too much. Seemed more like a Fruity Stout rather than a Black IPA. A fruity aftertaste made it better the more I drank. 8/10
  5. Beer Cartel Advent Calendar - December 4 Garage Project - Someone Special Punchy citrus and peach aroma Fruity flavour. High bitterness. Smooth mouthfeel. Malty. This one is a beauty. 9/10
  6. Thanks brewers. I will give this a go soon. Certainly easier.
  7. Beer Cartel December 3 Mr Banks Brewery - Throw Pillow - Marshmallow Porter Aroma: Chocolate Flavour: Chocolate with a sweetness. Pleasant rich flavour. Reminds me of a Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows, only cold. Nice beer. 8/10 PS - I read the tasting notes and they actually add marshmallows during the boil.
  8. Would you please kindly outline your process? I have used Gelatine a few times now and have not got results as clear as I get with Isinglass. My process with Gelatine is: 1 teaspoon Gelatine Sprinkle into 1 cup of cooled boiled water Leave to "bloom" for 30-60 minutes Give jug a jiggle every now and then after sitting for 30 minutes so gelatine flakes sink Microwave in 5-7 second bursts, stirring in between, until the flakes disappear and liquid is clear Add to fermenter that is already cold crashing Bottle/keg a few days later
  9. @disgruntled, I would be interested in what your recipe would be to clone the Coopers Aussie IPA. That's partly why @iBooz2 started this topic.
  10. That sounds like a great outcome RDW. The beer certainly looks outstanding. Great depth of colour and good head. I was tempted to try that recipe because I like Earl Grey Tea, but I have not got around to it.
  11. Beer Cartel December 2 Deeds Brewing - Lazy Summer Hazy Days - Oat Cream IPA Two Oat Cream IPAs in two days? Is that so we can compare them? Aroma: Citrus, mostly orange-like. Flavour: Reasonably forward bitterness. Fruity but more like beer than fruit juice. It has a nice aftertaste of a fruit I cannot pick. Better than yesterday’s version: 8/10
  12. That's a shame. Not fun to lose a Grolsch bottle. I lost a couple back in the day when I tried pasteurising some brews to reduce the methane effect. I gave that up as a stupid idea.
  13. Hi Muzzy, I did a brew a while ago that I called Real Galaxcade. You guessed it, I added Galaxy and Cascade. It was a really nice brew. You would get a similar outcome from using upwards of 25g of Summer as a dry hop. Based on my reading, Nugget, Pacifica and Liberty seem more like bittering hops. Pacifica and Liberty being good substitutes for each other.
  14. I thought it was an interesting choice compared to EKG, Fuggles, Bramling Cross, etc. However, I can understand the using leftovers vibe. You and @disgruntled might have seen my recent Aussie Hoegaarden which was bittered with 17g of Pride of Ringwood for 60 minutes because that was what I had. Also did a more traditional 10g of Saaz at 15 minutes too. That beer is still carbonating, so I have not tried it yet. But the sample tube tasted a rougher bitterness than my previous version done with Magnum as the 60 minute boil hop.
  15. Beer Cartel - 1 December Mountain Culture - Wet Bandits Oat Cream IPA Aroma: Melon and tropical fruit juice. Tasting: Smooth creamy mouth-feel, some residual sweetness, bitterness comes through toward the end of each mouthful. Okay beer but not great from my perspective. 6/10
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