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  1. Shamus O'Sean

    Has anyone bought from cheapyeast.com.au?

    It feels complicated, but turns out to be the easiest step in the whole brewing process. I put a bit of Starsan in two mason jars. Shake them around while bottle day under way. Leave a bit more brew in the fermenter than what you might like to leave (I like to get the max output from a brew just like anybody, but you need to leave enough to swirl in the yeast cake) Swirl it around in the fermenter for a while then use the FV tap to decant the mixture into the two jars. You now have enough yeast to do two more brews. Store the jars in the fridge (Subject to SWMBO approval). OVB says, and I agree, if your wort temperature is about what you want, pitch your harvested yeast straight from the fridge. Cheers Shamus
  2. Shamus O'Sean

    What's in Your Fermenter? 2018

    Looking at doing a version of the Coopers recent ROTM Pavlova Pale Ale at a 20-23L brew, but using what I have available: 1.7kg Bootmaker Pale Ale: upping from the North West Pale Ale can (similar EBC, but needs more bitterness, IBU) 25g Galaxy, 5 minute boil (to up the IBU closer to the standard recipe) 100g Light Crystal Malt Grains (hot steeped for 30 minutes, to increase EBC) 1.0kg Light Dry Malt; instead of the 250g Pale Malt Liquid Extract 500g Lactose (dry); Doubling the base recipe 2x170g Passionfruit Pulp; Doubling the base recipe 1tspn Vanilla Essence; Doubling the base recipe Safale US-05 yeast (Harvested from a previous brew) Discuss
  3. Shamus O'Sean

    Reusing Coopers Session Ale Yeast

    As predictable, there is some stuff on-line about this. Folks who grow it and malt it into grain for brewing. Google "making beer the hard way". It sounds interesting, but if you thought an all grain brew day was long. . . What I do love about this hobby is it can be as involved as you want: Fresh Work Kit to All-grain and beyond Cheers Shamus
  4. Shamus O'Sean

    Brew Day!! Watcha' got, eh!? 2018

    Looks good to me. A little bit different but still following a similar path.
  5. Shamus O'Sean

    dry hopping dark ale

    Shiner is described as a Black IPA. It uses Galaxy hops. I made it a while ago and liked its hoppy taste and aroma. It is not what I would call a true Dark Ale, but rather an IPA with additives to make it a dark colour. Cheers Shamus
  6. Shamus O'Sean

    When should I be worried about yeast

    Hi BobbyBoy, Just checking the obvious, or not so obvious. Do you have temperature control on the freezer and is it around 18 degrees? Too low a temperature and your US-05 would be slow or maybe not start at all. I do not know what that threshold temperature is though. Hopefully fermentation has started by about now anyway. Cheers Shamus
  7. Shamus O'Sean

    Coopers 86 day pilsner too sweet

    Hi Melman I did this kit about a year ago. Similar to Lab Rat, I did it with a kilo of LDM, lager yeast and Tettnanger hops steeper and dry. Remember it to be pretty nice. Welcome to the interacting side of the Forum Cheers Shamus
  8. Shamus O'Sean

    The Friday Night 6 Pack Session

    Hi Captain Lost my mum just over a year ago. One of my memories with her was buying a couple of different stout stubbies a few years ago and going halvies to decide which was best. Wish I could remember which one we picked. So I don't forget.
  9. Shamus O'Sean

    RDWHAHB - What Are You Drinking in 2018?

    Not too big if you cannot get a whole 750ml in it. Balance might be an issue though.
  10. Shamus O'Sean

    RDWHAHB - What Are You Drinking in 2018?

    Great clarity Guvna Cheers Shamus
  11. Shamus O'Sean


    Depends on your tastes. You can definitely double 50 up to 100. Doubling 150 up to 300 would be a lot. See what advice others give at these amounts.
  12. Shamus O'Sean

    stuff up number 1...

    When the Spicy Brunette is ready to bottle you could bottle up half to three-quarters of it then chuck in a bag or two of the finishing hops for 3-4 more days then bottle it up just to taste the difference. I do not know how it would go. Would the hops obliterate the cinnamon? Would the hops and cinnamon work well together? I doubt it would taste horrible though. I would think that although it says finishing hops, you could still use it at other stages. I think the term "finishing" refers to the convenient tea bag thingy they come in Cheers Shamus
  13. Shamus O'Sean

    Fail Thread (Mistakes You've Made) 2018

    Lucky Jonah was not in the swing seat. He would have learned a new word.
  14. Shamus O'Sean

    Advent Calander

    I am a cheapskate. I got the Aldi one. Did not look up what was in it. You get what you pay for. Opening each day. Virtually: Ooo look, another lager.
  15. Shamus O'Sean

    What is Ctric Acid For ?

    As OVB notes it is used to descale surfaces. It is a main ingredient in descaler used for cleaning coffee machines.