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  1. Modus Operandi Former Tenant Red IPA - Recipe from the BrewFather library, adjusted to my system. Not sure how close it is, but seemed pretty good. My first almost boil over
  2. Not. Used CO2 to get fermenter and keg to 12 psi. Liquid line to FV, then to keg, let equalise Gas line to keg Let some pressure out of keg via PRV Connect gas line to FV Supposed to take 10 minutes, right? After 10 minutes I had got about 1-1.5 litres into the keg. I tried the same process above, but got no joy. After half an hour, I just disconnected the gas from the FV and put a carbonation cap on to vent the keg as it filled. It still took a while to fill the keg.
  3. Kegged my Coopers Australian IPA on Friday night. Dismal failure at pressure transferring. Couldn't get the timing right. Ended up just venting the filling keg via the gas post. Also filled a couple of PET's. I primed the bottles with a 1/3rd charge of sugar. Fermenter sat at 15 psi for the last 7 days. It had some carbonation.
  4. Not necessarily better, Phil. But I really liked the Verdant IPA yeast in the Bright Idea Hazy IPA. So I thought I would use it again in the Coopers Australian IPA. Maybe a bit of a silly choice, because isn't the idea to brew these clone brews as close as possible to the commercial version? I could be way off with the Verdant yeast. By the way @kmar92, mine ended up with a FG of 1.013, so 5.8% ABV. The 1.018 I reported previously was the sample in the tube, I took about 10 days ago.
  5. Hey Phil The Coopers Australian IPA was the May ROTM and the brew I refer to. @kmar92 and I have been comparing notes, given that he started his a day before me. He finished at 1.020 and I finished at 1.018. But we were both using the Lallemand Verdant IPA yeast instead of the English Ale yeast that was in the recipe. I should be able to post some tasting notes in the next few days.
  6. Like you did @BlackSands, I always take a FG reading from the FV. I often wait a day and check the same sample again. If it stays the same, I call it the official FG.
  7. I have not got that far yet. I guess I'll get the BOC truck to back up to the front door and fill via one of the gas disconnects.
  8. I am at Day 12. I declared my Australian IPA finished last night at 1.018. So I am expecting about 5.1% ABV. "Cold crashing" in the garage at 11°C at the moment. Looking to keg tomorrow night. With mine being a 23 litre batch, I am bottling a few as well as doing the keg. If bottling a, at least, partly carbonated brew (it's been at 15 psi for about 7-8 days), should I add some priming sugar to the bottles? If so how much do others suggest. I dry hopped commando in the pressure fermenter on 21 July. That will be the longest my dry hops have been in contact with the beer for years. The smell from the blow-off tube was fruity. I just hope the flavour will be okay. Coincidentally, I have just made space in my kegerator for the Coopers Australian IPA: My Dry Irish Stout keg just blew. Always a bittersweet moment: Oh, my keg's empty ; Oh I get to put in a new one . I should be drinking the IPA by Sunday, maybe even Saturday night.
  9. @ozdevil, @Coopers DIY Beer Team's reason sounds like "spin" to me. I seem to recall an earlier post saying that it was because at the start of the pandemic, the first time postage was free, some buyers went nuts and hoarded a whole heap of cans and affected supply. Nowadays that seems less likely to happen. Six cans is pretty limiting. If you were brewing every weekend, you would need at least 8 cans per month. There would not be too many folks who exploited the free postage by buying 47 cans in one hit. I think that the 6 can limit should be abolished or at least raised. I myself have never bought more than 5 cans at a time.
  10. @Mickep, a 2.6kg is handy for portability. I have one for doing beer stuff in the garage like keg purging. I leave the 6kg one hooked up to the kegerator permanently.
  11. Nice beer, PAML. It does not really matter, just my OCD coming out, but just a heads-up: Commercial brew photos go over on the "Todays Tastings" topic (the one with over 70 pages, because there are a couple of versions) and "RDWHAHB - What are you drinking in 2021" is for home brew drinking photos. Like I said, no big deal really. Cheers Shamus
  12. I would do the third step, Mitch. But I follow the yeast calculators pretty closely. If you no-chill, you could grab enough of the wort for your third step, before cubing it. Run on the stir plate for 24 hours, then decant the cube into a FV and chuck in the whole starter. I have a liquid lager yeast that will take 2 steps to get enough starting cells. Although I am planning to overbuild it by 150 bil cells to harvest for its next task. Coincidentally, the first run of this yeast is for another batch of Mitch's Aussie Lager.
  13. Wow!!! November 2003, they do take a while.
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