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  1. I reckon I will get me one of these 1L beer 'n' stein packs from Aldi for the same reason Muzzy says. Anyone noticed if any leftover Coopers Craft kits from Father's Day sales at Aldi have been reduced yet?
  2. Hey K Mason jar in the fridge? Your FG looks a little high, so maybe not completely fermented out. However, you gave it every chance: Stable for two days, dry hop for a week after before cold crashing. What are the three things that yeast need again? Food, warmth and oxygen, I think. If the yeast has been stable for a while and get one of these triggers all of a sudden, I suppose they could take off, but I reckon without the other two they would settle back down again. Maybe the cooled water, if it was warmer than the cold crashed yeast, has caused some renewed activity. I have had yeast volcanoes when I have taken out the mason jar on brew day and left it on the bench to warm the yeast before pitching. I do not do this any more though, since Otto's advice to pitch straight from the fridge into the wort.
  3. One of my recently brewed Really Secret Ales. No secret, it is just half a Real Ale can, 500g LDM, 25g Vic Secret (10 minute boil), 25g Vic Secret (20 minute steep), 32g Vic Secret (Dry Hop) This was split with the other half of the Real Ale can just with 500g LDM. I will do a side by side taste test soon. The Really Secret Ale has a great aroma; sweet and forest fruity. The aroma is magnificently offset by a wonderful bitter taste. I notice a slight almost butter menthol lingering taste as it goes down. Cheers Shamus
  4. Agree with the points above. If you can also get the temperature down a bit. 18-20 would be better than 24, but even 24 will not ruin the beer. If you were like me on the first brew you will take a sample every day. After a few brews you will end up leaving it sit for 4-5 days before you take your first reading (other than the Original Gravity {OG} reading). Saves on beer to because each sample is fulling off around 100ml of liquid.
  5. My Goldings crown has sprouted nicely. The other Goldings is also sprouting 18 inches away from the crown where underground roots have spread. The Red Earth and Cascade have poked out too, but are not as advanced.
  6. I quite liked this one - Their website says it uses Fuggles as a nod to the original recipe. This was a good one too.
  7. +1 to what has already been said. Plus do not worry if the ingredients were not fully mixed, the yeast would have still found them. Your FG at 1.010 sounds like the yeast has consumed all the sugars it can. Give it another day or two for the yeast to clean up after itself and settle out a bit. The beer should get a bit clearer. Then bottle up. Good luck with it.
  8. Hi @Coopers DIY Beer Team - Can you have a look at Version 2.2 of this attachment from your end to check it works for you? Does this forum use something that might make some anti-virus software think a file we attach could be problematic? Cheers Shamus
  9. Give this a try Blacksands or anybody else with issues opening the file. I do not think I have done anything different on V2.2 For V2.2.1 I just went back to 2.1 and added in the latest two ROTM. Hopefully it works for you this time. These files were saved in an ancient Excel 2010. Maybe it is an internet setting you have? Although if V2.1 opened for you then that is not probably it. Anybody else having problems opening the file? (I see that @Gazzala can open it) Coopers Beer Recipes V2.2.1.xlsx
  10. I have had banana (unintentionally) in a couple of ales too. So it is not just a lager thing.
  11. Mine looks a very similar colour in the sample tube. Thanks for the research. I will check the SG again on Saturday and if it is still the same I reckon I will bottle it up. Cheers Shamus
  12. Berliner Weisse AG has gone well. SG tonight is down to 1.011 from 1.034. Sample has a reasonable taste of sour. I was a bit surprised because there was no detectable sourness on brew day. Very hazy. Should I leave it that way or try finings and a cold crash?
  13. Hi Folks - Update time. New version includes the September 2019 ROTM released this week. Spreadsheet functionality. You can click on the recipe name to jump to the recipe on the Coopers website (for those in au only) The little triangle icons beside each column title are auto-filters and can be used to sort the spreadsheet by the respective column You can also use the drop boxes of the variables in each column to show those variables you want to see. For example, under Difficulty if you choose the Easy variable then only those recipes rated as Easy will be displayed Or under Can 1, if you choose OS Real Ale only those recipes that have the Original Series Real Ale (as the main recipe can) will be displayed. Unfortunately I am not clever enough to be able to show those recipes where Can 2 is a Real Ale Any queries? Post them to this thread. Cheers Shamus Coopers Beer Recipes V2.2.xlsx
  14. How can you find out where to drill so you do not rupture any, what would you call them, refrigerant lines?
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