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  1. Deuce Lager and Lime Milkshake IPA are 2 Coopers brews that use lime juice. Half a cup and 1 Lime worth respectively. Although the Deuce Lager uses the Canadian Blonde can, you could easily use the Mexican Cerveza can instead. I have not made either. But the Deuce sounds nice.
  2. I didn't think they had colour TV back then.
  3. Did another Hoegaarden Belgian Wit today. 2.0kg Coopers Pale Malt (I used this because I did not have any more Pilsner Malt, should be close enough) 1.7kg Coopers Wheat Malt 1.3kg Pilsner Malt 500g Rolled Wheat 250g Rice Hulls (No stuck mash and the sparge was effortless, for all the wheat in the malt bill) 21g East Kent Goldings - 50 minute boil 12 Saaz - 15 minute boil 7ml Lactic Acid in the mash water 25g Coriander Seed (crushed) - 5 minute boil 15g Bitter Orange Peel Powder - 5 minute boil 25g Coriander Seed (crushed) - "Dry Hop" 1 packet Lallemand Munich Classic Wheat Yeast Fermenting at 17°C for a few days. increase to 20°C for a few more days, then cold crash. Wort ended up very clear in the fermenter for a wheat beer.
  4. Kaiju Krush - Side-by-side taste test. Commercial version Strong pineapple aroma Malty flavour with tropical notes Nice sharp bitterness Mine Much more subtle aroma (although this is the last bottle, just over two months after bottling), seems more citrus than pineapple Quite similar flavour, but smoother bitterness Hazy, whereas the commercial is clear I only dry hopped mine for two days. Maybe I could have done it for longer for more aroma. Both are really nice beers. Not identical, but the HB version is a good tribute to the original.
  5. Thanks Mick. This was a few days after cold crashing and fining with Isinglass and Polyclar. Lovely clear amber colour. It will look great in a glass.
  6. Kegged my Bent's Poke Cranking Shaft IPA last night. Great aroma from the fermenter. I am sure this will be a cracker again.
  7. Hibiscus Kolsch, Recipe of the Month from January 2023. Sweet berry fruity aroma and flavour. Slight tartness in the taste. A little wine-like. Nice enough, but I doubt I would make it again. The froth has a slight pink tint to it. Not sure if you can pick it up in the photo.
  8. I have never done it, but you could decant off 3-4 litres of the partly fermenter wort. Put it in a pot and bring to the boil. Add say 25g of Galaxy or other higher alpha acid hops. Boil for 10 minutes. This should give you around 10 extra IBU's, and a BU:GU ratio similar to what you would have had before adding the extra 1kg of Dextrose. As you note, get it cool and then blend it back into the brew.
  9. I always sanitised my bottles and the caps before filling. I only clean the Grolsch seals in place. Because they are flexible you can slide you finger around their under-side. But even then, I am not cleaning every nook and cranny. They get dunked in the sanitiser before use.
  10. Great to hear you are going in the right direction OD. It helps to have somebody to go with. The commitment you make to each other keeps the momentum going.
  11. Happy Birthday, Phil. Nice choice
  12. If nothing else, plenty of dead yeast cells as nutrient for any living ones. Assuming...
  13. Sorry for your loss, mate.
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