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  1. Have a quick read of the post here for how I dry hop. Plenty of other options too. For 150g of hops I would use one of the giant 60cm x 60cm Chux cloths. It is good to have enough room for the hops to expand and float around inside.
  2. Beer Cartel - 8th December - Ballistic Beer Co - Experimental NZ Pilsner Lime & mandarin aroma. Plenty of bitterness. A clean but danky hop flavour. It is like smelling one beer (hoppy pale or an IPA) and drinking another (robust lager). I love it. 9/10
  3. Well, one good thing is that pretty much eliminates the dry hopping as the source of the beer going bad. At one point you wondered if it might have been the dry hopping, with the earlier ones you had to dump.
  4. I must say the Krausen looks normal for a US-05 brew even two days into cold crash. US-05 can hang a round for ages. I often have to give the FV a bit of a jiggle to get the surface of the Krausen to break up and sink. The flavour you report is concerning though. What's curious is that the previous batch with the fresh yeast in the same FV's is fine. It does point to what @Pickles Jones PJ says, about something happening in the time between kegging the previous brew and adding this brew to your FV's. I suspect that the FV's are okay, because the previous brew was okay. Otherwise it has got me stumped. Were these dry hopped? I remember your previous dumped ones were. What about the recent one that is good? Just looking for possible patterns. It is hard to tell from your photos, but the beer underneath the Krausen looks fine. Unless the beer tastes really bad, I would still keg it and give it a chance. The brews have probably already cost you in ingredients (plus your time). It is not much more cost to keg them for a try. As far as bleach treatment, I was using about 5ml in each 750ml bottle, so just a bit under 1%, in an overnight soak. That was to kill diastaticus. A bleach dilution rate of 10% sounds too much. That means 3 litres in a 30 litre fermenter. I did treat a couple of Coopers FV's with about 200ml of bleach in the 30 litre FV's and left overnight. The next brews in them were fine. However, I ditched those FV's anyway and bought 2 new ones because I had scratched the bottoms of the old ones to a degree that I thought was too much of risk going forward. Whatever you do I hope these ones work out.
  5. Beer Cartel - 7th December - Ocean Reach Brewing - Peach & Pineapple Parfait Sour Unmistakable aroma of a sour beer, with a hint of fruit in the background. Very clever flavours. I think you can pick the peach and pineapple. The haze and mouthfeel is from the oats. There is a sweet creaminess from the lactose. Those flavours really balance out the sour taste so it is more of a tingling on the tongue rather than a face pucker. 8.5/10
  6. I pretty much cold crash every beer I brew before I keg and/or bottle it. I also add finings to the fermenter for brews that I want as clear as possible. The Coopers 2022 Vintage Ale I recently did was cold crashed and fined and then bottled. Half were primed with 1 & 1/2 teaspoons of plain white sugar and half were done with 2 carbonation drops. They will carbonate fine. There is a slight dusting of yeast sediment on the bottom of the bottles. I think you might be right in thinking that Coopers add a small amount of fresh yeast to their bottles when packaging.
  7. Great questions. Let's see what we hear back from Coopers. Some of it might be commercial-in-confidence. Meaning, they might not be able to tell us.
  8. Not as far as I know Jim. @Coopers DIY Beer Team, is there a way to clear the list? I understand what you mean though. I am on the Forum pretty much every day, so my list of new notifications does not get too long. But if I am away for a few days, the list builds up very quickly. Tracking where I am at then is very tricky. You are probably best going back to your original post to see if somebody has responded, rather than relying on the Notifications.
  9. I have not heard of folks on the Forum doing as you suggest. I guess it is possible, but you would have to know a fair bit about CO2 production and FG to get it right. With some trial and error you might work something out. For me, I make too many different beers, so it would be a headache to try to figure out. Not sure that letting the beer finish in the FV produces better flavour than transferring it before FG and trying to carbonate it in the keg. I think doing what @PB2, (a legendary moderator at Coopers, now retired) says is best practice. Let the beer finish in the FV. But then naturally carbonate in the keg using sugar. He outlines his process in the thread. That is my recommendation.
  10. Beer Cartel - 6th December - Akasha - Hop Actually - Hazy IPA Tropical aromas with pineapple leading the way. Higher bitterness with a lingering sweet flavour, I can only describe as like boiled lolly. This is a brew where you wished you had bought 2 advent calendars for. 8/10
  11. G'day mate and welcome to the Forum. You do not have to mix the extract with the water. The yeast will find the sugar, do not worry about that. HOWEVER, Most of us do use the spoon to mix the extract and water - Just be careful to not scratch the bottom of the fermenter. Scratches can hide bacteria. If you want to start taking Specific Gravity (SG) measurements, especially Original Gravity (OG), you will need to mix the extract in evenly. Yep, 18-20°C is a good general Ale Yeast fermenting temperature. Ducted AC could be an expensive method of temperature control. But for now use what you have got. The OG of kit brews can be calculated using spreadsheets and brewing software. So you do not technically need to take a reading if the instructions tell you what to expect or you use one of the spreadsheets or software. A good example is the IanH spreadsheet. Its original format is on another forum. However, I have a version below. I have tweaked it over the years, but it still works okay. Kit & Extract Beer Designer V4.1.4 (SOS Mods).xls
  12. I have used it in a couple of the Coopers Hop Slam IPA recipes. It has pretty high IBUs, so that matches up with American IPA. However, you need to throw a good amount of fermentables to get over 5% ABV. Even my version of the Hop Slam IPA (USA - Sequoia) only got up to 4.9%. It is certainly full flavoured. If you like American IPA, I am sure you will like the Brew A IPA.
  13. Beer Cartel - 5th December - Seven Mile Brewing Co - Cali Cartel - Cream Ale Floral and citrus aromas Nicely balanced, pleasant flavour and bitterness Thirst quenching Kind of like a Paler Pale Ale I would be real happy to make a beer like this 7/10
  14. Not in the least Popo. I encourage it. Also, anybody else out there who has got a Beer Advent Calendar of some type, or even the Beer Cartel one like me, or the Boozebud one like Popo, feel free to post photos and comments. It is interesting to get other drinkers views. I am on a chat with 4-5 other guys who all got the Beer Cartel Calendar. Reading their views is always interesting. Only one of them is looking forward to seeing if there is a sour beer in the calendar (there will be...). Plus those like @Uhtred Of Beddanburg might be encouraged to get one of the calendars next year.
  15. That's just about nailed it. I have a can of Coopers Canadian Blonde, a 1.5 L pouch of Mangrove Jacks Amber Malt Extract and a Lallemand Farmhouse yeast. I think I will combine the lot for something like your Amber Saison.
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