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  1. Yep. You are right IP. My bad. I got my higher and lower in pH around the wrong way. And it is better to say that dark grains are more acidic.
  2. Exactly right about the kits, Tone. Already made at the right pH. Same with extract tins and dry extract. If doing a partial mash with more than 2kg of grains adding 100g of Acidulated Malt is a good idea. Sour Grapes, by Gladfield I think, is the same as Acidulated. You are right about dark grains in stouts having a higher pH than Pale grain. Therefore the dark brews do not usually need added acid. I do not really understand water additions either. I just add what Brewfather tells me to.
  3. As Pale Man says, Tone, I use it for pH adjustment. Brewfather's water calculator seems to get the pH right when using Acidulated Malt to adjust pH. However, I sometimes use Lactic Acid. If I use the amount that Brewfather tells me to use, my mash pH drops lower than the calculation. Does it make a difference to get your pH between 5.2 and 5.5? Supposedly so. My beers taste fine, but I have never done a side by side of a Acidulated treated batch and a non-treated batch.
  4. That's one advantage that PET pressure fermenters have: You can see where the dip tube is drawing from and tilt the FV and deepen the beer level so that the end of the tube is not drawing from the trub. I can get at least another litre of clean beer that way. In your case fermenting a bit more volume will achieve the same outcome, volume wise. I have dry hopped (in a Chux cloth) with my iSpindel in the beer and it does not seem to change the ability of the iSpindel to report correctly. I imagine that the RAPT Pill will be similar.
  5. I am surprised you got clogging. I assume you cold crashed. Cold crashing usually gets the hops sinking to the bottom without issues. Only 60-70 grams of dry hops in a batch of Sam Adams Boston Lager.
  6. It's just the natural pressure around us in the air or the "atmosphere". Most gauges, like your regulator or a tyre pressure gauge are calibrated to show zero at atmospheric pressure.
  7. That is the correct way to transfer the beer using your CO2 gas bottle. You could also do away with the spunding valve and lower the regulator pressure. It is strange that you are not getting any flow. I have only had a lack of flow for two reasons, but there are probably more. The dip tube in the FV had a little split where it connects to the short stainless steel tube in the FV lid - The CO2 went into the FV and straight out via the split. Yeast was stuck in the dip tube and took a fair amount of pressure to push it out.
  8. I apologise for letting your reputation influence my view on what the photo in this post would be. It turned out to be nothing like I was expecting, as I carefully opened the post.
  9. Hi Uncle, I have not made this brew, but everything you describe sounds normal. I look forward to reading your tasting notes on this one.
  10. Great to hear that Kegland helped you out @Mickep. I have had my Series X unit for over two years, without serious issue so far (touch wood).
  11. Although I have moved to using Brewfather for both all grain and kit brewing, the IanH spreadsheet is still excellent for kits and bits. My current version of it is attached. Kit & Extract Beer Designer V4.1.8 (SOS Mods).xls
  12. That's no good, C. Luckily it was a shared kitchen and not your wife's. Hopefully @Coopers DIY Beer Team can help you out. They're only around in business hours, so see what they say on Monday. Although I have not had a tap failure in over 2 years, one of my taps does not engage with the securing lug. I use a couple of elastic bands to hold the two lugs together. Perhaps, if the taps only last a certain warrantee time frame, Coopers should indicate this. Much like the PET pressure fermenters have a "best before" date on them. Maybe think about changing to a pressure fermenter. Just because it is a pressure fermenter does not mean you have to pressure ferment with them. They can be fiddly., though I like the Coopers FV's simplicity. Sorry about your tap incident.
  13. Yeah, by Edison himself.
  14. You make it sound pretty simple when you put it like that. I have just looked back at some of your previous posts about your Asian Lagers and I am inspired. I will have to get one into the forward plan.
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