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  1. One of my LHBS in Hallam (SE suburbs of Melbourne) sells a light dry malt that dissolves really well. Not sure it is the same course stuff Otto refers to. It does seem a tiny bit courser than the Coopers version. However it still crystallises very quick, sticks to the edge of whatever container you put it in, and makes the bench top sticky. Does the job though. I buy it in person in 5kg bags.
  2. Hey @Osca The Shark Fin was a really nice beer. I did a side by side taste test against the Single Fin. They were different, but mine was better. PS welcome to the Forum Cheers Shamus
  3. I would say that six coopers bottles gives a big enough starter for a standard, sub-1050 OG brew. The 2019 Coopers Vintage says to use the Commercial yeast starter plus the brew can yeast. It is effectively a toucan plus 1kg dextrose.
  4. Mexican Cerveza and Australian Pale Ale both have the Coopers ale/lager blend. The Canadian Blonde is just the Coopers ale yeast. See link below: I realised this when I swapped the Aust Pale Ale yeast into a Bootmaker Pale Ale brew, figuring they would be the same. The Bootmaker will be different, but still good.
  5. Captain Obvious. Thanks for the reply though. I should have thought of that myself.
  6. Hey @Otto Von Blotto, How do you remove the false bottom? I tried to fish out with a SS paddle and a plastic one. I gave up after a few goes
  7. Cog Work IPA, or a slight variation of 1.7kg Bootmaker Pale Ale 1.25kg Mangrove Jacks Amber Malt (saving 250g of the soft pac for another brew) 0.5kg Light Dry Malt 107g Caramalt cold steep 103g Crystal Malt cold steep 13.5g Simcoe 15min boil 17g Simcoe 15min steep 25g Citra Day 4 Dry hops 25g Centennial Day 4 Dry hops 11.5g Safale US-05 Dry yeast Aust Pale Ale yeast (my Bootmaker can was out of date, so binned its yeast and pitched a spare I had) I do not have any Citra or Centennial so might try something else. I have plenty of Vic Secret, Topaz and some Mosaic, Ella, and Hallertau. PS Bottled my Coopers XPA yesterday. Looking forward to trying that one.
  8. Hey @LC598 Take it gently at first. Grab a Coopers concentrate can and brew it as per the instructions. You will be pleased. Start to look at the Coopers Recipes on the website. Consider the Recipes of the Month. These are a great way to try new ingredients and methods. They are rarely complicated. PS Welcome to the forum. We'll help out as much as we can. Cheers Shamus
  9. I think I pay each year. That way I get any upgrades included. With the one off payment, it probably has limited upgrades. You can use it for free for 21 days. But that is not really long enough to see if it will suit you in the long run.
  10. Threw magic plastic powder (Polyclar) in my cold crashing Coopers XPA last night. It already was clearing nicely. Bottling planned for the weekend.
  11. Beersmith does not "come" with them. However they are "in" there. You have to import or activate (or something similar) the Coopers extracts Add-on. You have to adjust the IBUs and/or the EBUs because they are as stated on the Coopers website, which is their value in the concentrated can, not once mixed and fermented.
  12. It will be fine. I have done Craft brews in my 23L fermenter and I have split a 23L wort into two 23L fermenters (with different hop additions to test the difference). Never had an issue with them.
  13. I have dry hopped with my home grown, dried and stored in the freezer Cascade hops before. Loved the result. No idea what the AA was though. I did a 20 minute boil of Red Earth flowers and got too much boiled vegetable flavour. Goldings went well in a triple 18, 12 and 6 minute boil addition.
  14. Yep. Following Otto's regime. I have only used it a couple of amber coloured brews so far so not getting the clarity Otto does in his lagers. It will be interesting to see how it goes in the Coopers XPA. PS Fish guts added to the aforesaid Coopers XPA tonight.
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