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  1. I have some PoR coming and will try it, have been thinking an Aussie Draught/ Ale could be nice to have
  2. PERFECT for APA, have not gone the Stout route but they'd be fine, I'm thinking too much yeast flavour for an aussie though..
  3. Ben 10


    Using mangrove Jacks Mead Yeast...
  4. When I was in Varanasi the river Ganga still had dolphins swimming in it. No dolphins in the Murray!!!!
  5. 1100x 700 and 900 high with the collar. Can't find the volume measurement.
  6. I'd use either the Eat Kent Goldings or the EKG from that list. Or PoR
  7. Kveik yeast. Bigger batch so I can bottle some for a bloke at work.
  8. Almost time for another. Tempted to keg it so I don't give any away.
  9. Ben 10


    Old mate gave me 8kgs of honey, I'll be putting another one on soon. Will use a stainless brew bucket for this one, the conical bottom will help me avoid sediment in it.
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