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  1. Might need another, too fecking hot for anything else. 35° and a good whack of humidity too. Hopefully a storm comes through around 1700
  2. Belgian IPA. Made it on the 9th. Of this month. Tastes REALLY good actually. And, as always, nice and clear. @The Captain!! apparently not kegged too early.
  3. They will add some bitterness but less than if boiled for 60 minutes. There will also be more flavour from the 10 minute than the 60 but still some from the 60.+ EXAMPLE. In a recent beer I made. 20 g of El dorado boiled for 60 minutes gives me 38.4 IBU 20 g of El dorado boiled for 10 minutes gives me 12.7 IBU There is MUCH more flavour from the 10 than the 60 also there is still SOME from 10.
  4. HI!!!! Fermenting fridge is a MUST. Do you have a good LHBS (local home brew shop)? I bulk buy grain so I also have a grain mill. Grain mill. Fermenting fridge/ freezer (a must for the lagers). Brew vessel of some sort (Brewzilla will be perfect) Chiller to cool the wort down for fermenting OR cubes (aka jerry can) for lazy no chill. Software (beersmith or similar)
  5. Kveik yeast going hell for leather after being pitched this morning. Go you good thing. Need to fill empty kegs. Saison yeast is going too actually. Looking forward to the sour.
  6. Don't give up. If it is fooked go back to basics. Simple brew, no dry hops, no opening the lid. I had a horror run once, even threw a full fermenter in the bin along with two boxes of full bottles.
  7. Dunno why that would be happening. I use the ultra lazy Ben10 method. Ferment a not high abv and not too hoppy beer. Save 4 bottles of slurry. When I get to the last one do it again. And then maybe once more. Perhaps 10 per yeast thingy?
  8. Catharina Sour, loosely based on Berliner Weisse may well fit the bill.
  9. Fig in the distance, banana right next to it, pumpkin behind. Guava to the left of me ruby pumpkin to the right, oranges, kaffir lime, mandarins, curry tree and heaps of chillies behind me.
  10. Classic Queensland grass. Avocado covered in pepper, coffee to the right, galangal, ginger and turmeric both sides. Sri Lankan pandan in there somewhere too so I can cook jackfruit curries for @Beerlust
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