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  1. Well, first glass of the latest batch. It's weird now, much more funk rather than sour. Be interesting in a week or two when the keg settles a bit.
  2. Coopers, BB or JW are all good IMO
  3. My Flanders has all sorts of crap in it. A few sach strains, brett and various bacteria.
  4. Yes, all my additions, they always drop out. AApart from NEIPAS, they suck
  5. LOVE IT! I'll have to make a pacific ale again soon. No boil, all flameout. TOO MANY BEERs TO MAKE
  6. Not confused just checking. So no boiled hops? Just flameout?
  7. Not today... but next time I am down the hill https://sauce.beer/cairns-brewpub-bottlo/
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