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  1. Growler, what a bad name. Go the GROWL
  2. Try the Irish Stout in the recipes thread maybe and then go frm there.
  3. I have not noticed Guinness tasting sour. I have no idea on that and I'll leave it alone then. I'd heat the water to 70°c then add all the grains. That includes the flaked barley. Although I have no idea why that is in there. In fact I'll just go back to drinkingm y Flanders.
  4. https://byo.com/recipe/guinness-draught-clone/ https://aussiehomebrewer.com/threads/guiness-extract-clone.45250/
  5. Irish Moss is used as a fining in the boil. Ie it aids is clumping together proteins that can cause haze and can cause staling. Only useful in all grain batches. All Grain does not use DME. No idea on the lactic acid at bottling. Seems odd. If doing it that way the first three ingredients would be in the steep BUT the flacked barkley should be in a mash so the starch is broken down. It's not going to provide any sugars for fermenting if not exposed to any enzymes.
  6. Unsure what you mean by this. Are you going to boil the grains? Skip the Irish Moss (useful in full batch all grain) Skip the lactic acid. What are you going to do with the flaked barley?
  7. Ben 10


    Thing is, you can put it on in a small bunnings water can and forget it.
  8. I don't, I like the surprise. This one is well sour... I don't pre acidify either. If you are keen, this topic may help. I have kettle soured but was hit and miss for me.
  9. Ben 10


    @Jumping jack flash this is so easy to make....
  10. It does, search Mead on here. I also may know something about that other thing. May or may not use the same too.
  11. Acerola and Soursop.... Hydro sample is OH SO GOOD
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