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  1. Ben 10

    BrewBQ (or Brew n Q) - for you Kelsey

    chewing gum?
  2. Ben 10

    BrewBQ (or Brew n Q) - for you Kelsey

    did my loin dry cured @Otto Von Blotto and it worked really well.no boiling of anything
  3. Ben 10


    saison yeast for sure.
  4. Ben 10

    Pacific Saison

    mine's good, don't wait - just do it. nelson saison is great too.
  5. Ben 10


    looks great. I have a light one and a dark one at the moment.
  6. Ben 10

    Dry hop suggestion or nar??

    why not? i would
  7. Ben 10

    Fruit Beer

    looks great!
  8. Ben 10

    Brewing with Honey

    I still don't see the need for heating honey
  9. Ben 10

    BrewBQ (or Brew n Q) - for you Kelsey

    no pics but did a big leg of ham and two loins for bacon the other day. yummy
  10. Ben 10

    Pacific Saison

    I'd be interested to taste that side by side with one of mine. My Pacific Saison is well balanced and doesn't have anywhere near 300g of hops.
  11. Ben 10

    Fruit Beer

    toasted coconut works, i made a cherry ripe stout that was good and coopers have a coconut porter too....
  12. Ben 10

    Brewing Bible?

    John Palmer hey - early versions of the book were not the best I believe, a fair bit of stuff has been shown to be mis truth I think.... But reading any and everything and working out what works is the go. One of the friends of brülosophy did a year long no chill run and said it is no good for hoppy beer...... shut the front door......
  13. Thanks for your very valuable contribution.... LOVE YOUR WORK!!!!