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  1. Ummm, okay? Apologies for trying to engage in a conversation.
  2. That doesn't mention off flavours. And people cube hop, I have done so my self - with very good results.
  3. I like it, this is my fourth with the strain (one packet). Great Northern drinker liked the beer so it must have been bland enough
  4. I have done that a few times for a massive RIS, mine was 11.5%. It helps as you have residual enzymes from the previous mash which aid with the conversion of the next load of malt.
  5. I have not cold crashed anything since 02/19
  6. Nah, mini mash involves a malt with enzymes
  7. Crown urn and a grain bag. Mash, raise, drain, boil.
  8. More a protein issue. The processed milks make a good ricotta, paneer, cottage cheese but these don't require a culture or rennet. Not as easy as it looks, the heating of the curd so it can be stretched is key.
  9. Not the same as greek yoghurt, look it up. Labneh is very nice with a good evoo drizzled on it.
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