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  1. I love an English IPA. Malty and bitter, so yummy. Theere are a couple of recipes in the recipe section for the style.
  2. LOL... I drank Great Northern the other day. Amazing... NO flavour at all. Better than VB at least.
  3. Yes, think I got too pissed and left the 60 psi fast carb on too long. Just turned the gas to that keg off and will pour until it is better. Odd thing though it doesn't taste/ feel over carbed.
  4. Another crystal clear and perfectly carbed IPA.... Bramling Cross... very yummy
  5. Stunning, perfect blood orange flavour. I hope Asahi treat Green Beacon well. Lovely Red IPA. Like an imperial amber... good malty back bone. Yummy smoked pork crackling too.
  6. Lunch time wheat. Classic WB-06 flavour, yummy.
  7. If it is carbed as you would like then no pressure works.
  8. Cant really see the label. Is that a wheat?
  9. Forbidden Fruit STRAIN PROFILE Beer Styles: Witbier, White IPA Profile: A widely-used strain in the production of Witbier and Grand Cru. This yeast will produce spicy phenolics which are balanced nicely by a complex ester profile. The subtle fruit character and dry tart finish will complement wheat malt, orange peel, and spice additions typical of Wits.
  10. AA 2.7% .... wow, that is low.
  11. I have these on the way. 3822-PC Belgian Dark Ale (Saazer-type hops or Styrian Goldings are commonly used) 3538-PC Leuven Pale Ale (Saazer-type hops, Styrian Goldings, East Kent Goldings or Fuggles are commonly used) 3463-PC Forbidden Fruit What hop shall I buy? BJCP says saaz like but also mentions Fuggles and the like. Big bag of EKG do?
  12. Just my EB, nearing the end of the keg.
  13. VB is fermented @ 18° with a lager yeast.
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