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  1. REALLY REALLY good beer. Surprisingly. Ginger Nut next..... Fresh or candied?
  2. That recipe was from the Charcuterie book. Made another batch today. Needed more chilli so I threw in some dried Naga Morich chillies I had in the cupboard. Should be noice.
  3. So... do fridges go cold enough for cold conditioning?
  4. I have been through a bag of the Pale and really liked it. I have a bag of the premium and it was odd today. LOTS of floaties and the concealed element cover ended caked in crap so the cut out triggered. Very annoying actually. Unsure why this happened, does anyone have any ideas why barely would act like rye?
  5. Up to 300 years. Especially if it is a shed with no air conditioning in the tropics.
  6. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL THAT is good but the Iced Vovo Stout is worthy of the blue rinse brigade?
  7. Glazed and smoked chicken...
  8. WHY on earth would you want to improve a pouch you have not tried. Brew as per instructions and then try a different approach. Fruit is good, hops are not. Use the supplied yeast.
  9. Not the best light but IDGAF. Left is Lemonsim Session IPA. Lovely tangy hoppiness. Really great hop combo Coopers.... And the Iced Vovo Stout. Fugg me. Intense raspberry aroma. Taste is smooth, raspberry then coconut then marshmallows. Nice slight chocolatey overall flavour with just enough bitterness for me to tie it all in.
  10. That looks absolutely SENSATIONAL. Top work.
  11. Hi all, has anyone used a vertical freezer for fermenting in? There are bar size and bigger. I have one SS FV that is stackable...
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