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  1. Draft Guinness in a bottle (not seen these before)
  2. Great news @iBooz2 mate! What you can do also is have the “mother ship” starter permanently in the fridge, and take some starter out (there is a technical word for this - a levain) to cultivate for each loaf or pizza bases. If you knock up a batch of pizza bases they can be frozen. Can’t remember at which stage, check the Ooni recipe
  3. I’ve kept the Coopers Commercial from a cuppla brews, went for it like a rat up a drainpipe on the second brew - kicked off in under 8 hours. Don’t forget to clean the jars you put it with the sanitizer you use for your bottles. I’ve heard that with some high-strength brews it doesn’t work though
  4. It is a beauty Phil, quite isolated. In high summer it must be busier though. We often take a holiday when it’s the kids’ holiday in October, have a last go for the sun. This year the holiday is in the second half of the month( normally a week earlier) and the season’s over here in the south of Italy . In fact it almost looks like the place was abandoned in a hurry, Zombie Apocalypse or what! Good job we got a place with cooking facilities, a lot of the restaurants are closed, and what there is offers a limited menu. So cooking duties for me in the evening, but I’m ok with that To be honest I’m happy to have lunch out but am quite happy to eat in at night, especially when you have a place like this. The sea’s a bit chilly (19.4, I brought my inkbird thermometer with me) but deffo worth a morning swim to blow away the grappa fumes from the night before
  5. Another of the same backdrop - Sicilian non-filtered Ichnusa. Not bad. If I’d not come here by plane I’d have taken a cuppla slabs home for the bottles as they are 500ml.
  6. Last trip to sunnier climes until next year. On the heel of Italy this time. Local shops had some La Chouffes in
  7. Got a trio of Belgians on Pale Man? Look awesome. Duvel is my favourite, Chimay Blue is up there too. Hope your Duvel works out
  8. Looks a beaut mate! I salt mine, sear it 30 - 45 seconds each side twice in a cast iron pan (to get the crisscross lines ), then in the oven set at 80 degrees. I set the probe to beep at 53 (very rare). No need to rest it as at 80 degrees it’s quite “relaxed”. Same principle as yours but you sear after. I will try your method next time. I recommend the 80 degree cook though - the meat is very tender. It might take an hour for a thick T bone, but if your pre-dinner drinks overrun, you can turn the oven down to 60 and it stops cooking. It’ll stay that way for at least 30 minutes
  9. It’s been in a keg since 23rd September, with some sugar for conditioning. So I let the gas out and put some hops in a bag, with a string out of the keg to pull it out? How long in, a week or so?
  10. First tasting of an version of Timothy Taylor Landlord, from a recipe in a CAMRA (campaign for real ale) book. No hops present at all. Quite disappointing as I have my first every cornie keg full of it Wish I’d dry-hopped it
  11. @Classic Brewing Co Phil mate, looking promising I'm sure you are going to knock out some great stuff, got faith in you As I mentioned earlier it's hunting season here (actually most of the meat is farmed, but never mind, we'll skip over that one...) and they have some nice traditional sides with each dish: spätzli, sprouts, red cabbage, chestnuts, pear poached in wine, cranberry sauce. Here's one I had the other day (in a restaurant so once again, cheating a bit)
  12. @Bribie G that's a wonderful, uplifting story mate, long may you brew beautiful beers
  13. Friday night, holiday next week. Whooppee!
  14. Sounds about right My delightful offspring only appear out of their bedrooms to ask what's for dinner, so if I'm brewing I say "hop soup"...
  15. Cheers mate, will be getting a brew on this weekend. I think I'll go for an Old Peculier to start with. Will let you all know how it went. @ozdevil @iBooz2 @Shamus O'Sean @RDT2 @Bribie G @Aussiekraut @Journeyman @Classic Brewing Co thanks to all for your advice - looking forward to a new chapter in brewing (not sure how many in the household will be... "what's that awful stink ?" etc.) Ha ha ha ! They can always move out
  16. @iBooz2 mate, you saved me an embarrassing email exchange with the customer service ! I owe you a couple Just took the hopper apart and put it back together like you suggested - prefect fit. The bottom lips of the hopper are there to feed the grain right in the middle of the rollers - I thought they were there to hold it in the sides Talk about a RTFM* problem * Read The F@*king Manual Thanks heaps
  17. @iBooz2 @RDT2 fellas, looking a bit more promising The hopper was jamming the second roller … I took it off and it worked fine. I bent the hopper a bit, put it back in, and tried some grain: the roller spun away like Rumplestiltskin spinning hay into gold Felt positively churlish to hook it up to the leccy drill. Need a miller’s daughter to help me out. Alright, alright, I should get out more… I can go for my first batch at the weekend. Dunno whether to go for a half Duvel batch (I’d have to get the yeast starter going tonight), an Old Perc, or a Sam Adams. What do you reckon for the crush on this - too fine or ok for BIAB? Thanks for all if your help fellas! Now onto customer service with a photo of the edge of the hopper - all chewed up from frotting against the roller. Deffo a moment
  18. Cheers Shamus I just watched a couple of videos and fancy giving it a try. I think dry hopping by opening through the top would be easiest, as you ended up doing, but the fella said some of his cutomers use magnets. I would just have got some strong-ish ones that won't oxidise, dunno what they are called. You need a spunding valve also I assume ? According to the site it should reduce the krausen but probably it would be better to go for a smaller-volume brew in any case. If it's any cop you can always get one of the bigger versions. Until I have got the hang of mash efficiency etc. I would rather make a smaller brew, in case I f#ck it up royally. Would rather have 9 litres down the sink than 23 (rather none of course...)
  19. @Shamus O'Sean Shamus mate, how do you dry hop with those ? I just ordered one to try (Fermentor King Junior) and the fella at iKegger suggested putting the hop bag above the liquid with a magnet in it, and an other on the outside. When you are ready you just slide the outside magnet down into the brew. Sounds like you might contaminate the lot just getting the bag into the FV. I suppose otherwise you can just open it up and chuck the hop bag in after the krausen has subsided? Also how big a brew do you do with them ? Cheers !
  20. Sounds really promising ! I think I might have resolved my grain mill problem - looks like if the base plate is too tight one of the rollers won't turn. Weird because it's not in the way of the mechanism or anything. Anyway, I'll test it after work today, then make another starter for the W1388, and give a half-batch Duvel clone a go over the weekend. We're off on holiday for a week so I'm keen to get a cuppla brews on whilst I'm away. After the first fermentation I can put the brew into a 10 litre keg and put it in the beer fridge. It's about 0° at the bottom of the fridge so that would be OK for 2 - 3 weeks. Not sure how to bottle it from the keg - I suppose I can just gently siphon it off into a FV and bottle it, and try not to get too much air in it. Good luck with your batch mate ! As far as I am concerned, a decent Duvel clone is the Holy Grail ... Amen to that
  21. cheers fellas.... re-reading my post (a bit more sober) it sounds a bit smug and blowing my own trumpet etc. Didn't mean to: I reckon you really have to leave those Belgians long enough to mature correctly. I read somewhere that for every .010 on the hydrometer you should leave it a week. Mine are about 6 months old. The other thing about the brew is that is stalled on me, I stirred it a bit, and ended up putting in half a pack of MJ41 to kick start it. If memory servers it took almost a month to finish off fermenting
  22. Tasting a Belgian Dubbel I bottled several months ago, with a lower amount of sugar for the bottle conditioning, so as not to end up with gushers. What a blinder! In many meanings of the word- it’s a 9 volter… I’ve got 24 in a slab - only a 9 litre brew. What a beauty! Gives Chimay Blue and Westmalle Dubbel a run for its money. Pity I didn’t take notes re. BE etc. More than happy though
  23. my pleasure @iBooz2 mate Glad to share something rather than just ask the questions As you can see this loaf if like a multi-grain / granary style loaf. I came across a flour that had all the bits in (seeds etc.) but at the same time seems to be mainly white flour. Wholemeal can be a b*tch to work with. I tried my second loaf with wholemeal and it ended up like a rock. I read then that it was a bit more difficult, gets sticky etc. Obviously I'd rather make healthier loaves but in a sourdough it's only flour, water and salt, so no dodgy stuff that keeps it "fresh" for a week or more like you'd get in a sliced loaf. So better that nothing.
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