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  1. A bit of fish for a change. Same recipe admittedly, but it’s popular enough. The kids prefer salmon, which goes black with the soy sauce/balsamic marinade
  2. Tuesday night is oyster night… obvs... actually left over from the weekend. Goes down a treat with a stout
  3. I did a bit - I set it to 55C instead of my normal 53. I only had 2.5 hours and reckoned it would be safer at 55. Ideally I would have done 4 hours at 53 but I didn’t have the time. It wasn’t ruined like a t-bone I did the other day
  4. “Dans le cochon, tout est bon”…all is good in the But you should never ask what goes into sausages
  5. A last one: Coopers Saison KnK. Lovely drop, there can only be a couple left in the keg, but worth a go
  6. The Orval clone is getting a bit better I reckon, mind you, I’ve had a few tonight. The brett really takes a while to soften out. Only one per session, it strips your tongue a bit
  7. Compared to that heavenly offering I had to do with something from the shop… Your stuff looks wonderful
  8. I just googled it.... Better get back to work now
  9. If we put it to a vote, I'd go for Malter's
  10. That looks really tasty and healthy Phil, KUTGW No timbale today ?
  11. Duval AG clone, on my last few bottles. This one is working out to be a really nice brew. Several months in the bottle, worth the wait
  12. 900g piece of Argentinian sirloin. I decided to dust off the sous-vide machine as I’m doing a Sunday roast and need the oven for cauliflower cheese and roast spuds. Better get sharpening yer stake Phil, the b*gger’s gunna be rare
  13. That looks great: they do them here, rectangles of Gruyère cheese, and different salami/bresola/Parma ham etc. You don’t get pickles mind
  14. Osso bucco the other night. Then fondue on a boat. And finally I got my daughter to pull her finger out and make dinner…really good garlic bread too
  15. Yummy stuff Mick! You know the drill That’ll do Phil, nothing wrong with a tv dinner … Looks like lovely meat All look brilliant meals fellas
  16. T-bone Tuesday For some reason it went from pink to grey by the time I got it on the plate So like a real grown up I refused to eat it. The kids and the cat ate it though…
  17. Looks like it delivers the business mate ! Bit of a mixed metaphor, but you don't look at the mantlepiece when yer poking the fire ?
  18. Cheers Phil ! Any AG who haven't tried it (I'm sure you all have), give it a go, you know you want to Get Yerself Another Pint Of The Home Brew ?
  19. Lovely stuff as usual Phil! Awesome looking sauce mate! Wow! Looks really yummy Jenny! Top marks to all of you!!!
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