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  1. That’s Carnaby Street and back !
  2. Not quite mate, I live in Switzerland. But it's only a 90 minute trip on the plane, if they don't cancel the flight on you...
  3. First taste of a Guinness AG clone, with 2% lactose for souring. The pour would get it thrown over your head in the Emerald Isle, but I proffered one to SWMBO (who hails from there) and so far she hasn’t knee-capped me, which is nice. The light brown colour of the head is due to the carbonation with CO2, rather then the N2 blend I have for serving. I’m hoping it will get the white head from the N2. I think so anyway… The taste seems about right: I just have to wait until the CO2 dissipates and the N2 kicks in. I wish I had chilled the second 10l keg that I used sour mash in so I could compare. Reckon I’m on to something here… On top of that it started to p*ss down here, first time in 6 weeks, so it seems about right to have to Guinness in the rain
  4. Nice drop that one is mate Must look out for the IPA
  5. Big bottle of Kwak. Whatever they put on the back it’s pretty good, if a bit malty for my current tastes…
  6. Coopers Vintage 2021. Yummy drop, got a few left
  7. I think they trim the big bits off. Obviously a bit or marbling in a t-bone or sirloin gives it flavour when it melts, otherwise you go for fillet or rump. That’s why they often serve sauces with those cuts. I’ll be on some veggie soups for a few days, we really out… Oink!
  8. Well it ain’t cheap IP mate, but their beef is amazing I’d rather have one decent steak meal and eat veggies the rest of the week (well, sort of…) that three mediocre ones…
  9. Rolling all the way to the airport mate… I must admit, we are lucky in Europe that we can do these trips fairly easily, but I’ve had enough now My lad is as happy as larry and doesn’t believe it ever rains here, more fool him Hope your summer comes soon
  10. Here you go Phil mate, another landmark…. Feeling a bit seedy after all that grub at lunchtime … and the vino
  11. Last feed , better go on the veggies next week
  12. Cheers Phil! Went out of my specially for you mate!
  13. Cheers IP mate! Pretty dry here indeed, they’re not used to it… anything over 25C and they start getting into a flap. Each winter far more old folk die from the cold, but that never gets a mention. I’m staying hydrated alright, maybe not the right liquid though
  14. Pie for lunch yesterday , and gammon, chips and egg…
  15. TBH I was a bit underwhelmed with the offerings. We went in for lunch all all of those beers bar one were being cleaned. I’d have thought you would do that before opening. The first beer I had on Carnaby Street was sour, and not in a nice Belgian sour way. I sent it back and the barman, who seemed to hail from somewhere in South America, thought I was being really picky not to want to drink sour p•ss… There are so many tourists there they don’t care much. The Fullers pubs are better than the Greene King ones IMHO
  16. Mate, that looks the biz There were plenty of bean options, had to leave space for lunch and all that
  17. Crikey mate, I’ll send you a pic of Big Ben tomorrow Must admit, haven’t bent over backwards to see any stuff… It’ll still be here next time
  18. Here you go Phil, here’s a piccy of a double-decker bus. Can I go back to my pint, it’s getting warm(er) and flat(ter) ?
  19. I bet you were beating ‘em off with a stick Muzz
  20. Dunno Phil, I’ll let you know if it happens…
  21. If I had a head of hair I’d defo go for the mullet
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