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  1. I had a similar problem with the Belgian Chocolate Stout Shamus. I also ended up adding a Coopers yeast from an extract tin and tried raising the temperature. My OG was 1.060 and it got down to a FG of 1.020. Mine was also kegged and it turned out to be 1 of my best brews. I will be doing it again.
  2. Thanks Coopers, all working well here now at my end!
  3. I just give them a soak with either sodium perc or PBW and yes then sanitise with stellarsan. No problems with them so far.
  4. I have Nukataps, JM, and they have been fine so far but they are only 3 months old so I can't say much to their longevity. I would not think that the part that you have shown would have any less life than O-ring seals though.
  5. Yes it seems that Coopers are trying to dumb down the information, most home brewers would like to have the details rather than the dumbed down version. Considering your market, perhaps you should talk the way you used to talk.
  6. Yes it was kegged, not bottled, my FG was 1.020 which was above what I expected but the result is very pleasing.
  7. 1st pour and this is a great stout. Chocolate overtones and vanilla aroma, I am very pleased with this. It has had 2 weeks in the keg and it is sensational. It has a very silky mouthfeel.
  8. I do sanitized cable tie with stainless steel rings, seems to work well.
  9. I have only just started kegging so not had any experience how long CO2 bottles last but i have seen these figures quoted: 6kg will dispense 1000lt and carbonate 500lt, 2.6kg will dispense 400lt and carbonate 200lt.
  10. I am struggling with this too. OG was 1.060 and at day 12 it is just down to 1.020. S-33 seems to be a lazy yeast.
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