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  1. KnK but I would like to do more to allow me greater control and more consistent results.
  2. OK all you all grain brewers, what thoughts do you have on the various microbreweries available here in Aus? Guten, Grainfather, BrewZilla, Braumeister and others. Any recommendations?
  3. You could probably leave it undisturbed with the collar on, removing the collar will not make much of a difference. By disturbing the brew you increase the chances of infection.
  4. Glad you have it working in LibreOffice, although it sounds like it is only with limited functionality. In OpenOffice virtually nothing works.
  5. I have downloaded IanH's spreadsheet but I have been unable to get it working in OpenOffice. I have enabled the macros but still no luck. Anyone have it functioning in OpenOffice?
  6. Thanks OVB, applying a correction yields a result = hydrometer.
  7. Anyone use them? I was attracted to them as they only require a very small sample to give a reading, just a few drops v a hydrometer that uses more for a sample. Anyway I have nearly completed the ferment of a Coopers VA 2019 and I used the hydrometer for the OG which came in at 1.060. As the ferment progressed I checked with a Brix refractometer (and yes it was calibrated with distilled water to start) and it showed some drop in the SG over time but I was worried when I checked on day 12 it indicated SG = 1.030. So in despair I took a hydrometer reading and it was 1.006 so for all intents and purposes it is finished, yet I had a wild reading from the refractometer.
  8. If you really want to replace it you can buy them from the Coopers online store.
  9. Done to the letter of the instructions, well I think so. Chrystal malt was steeped for 24 hours in the fridge. Pitched @ 18° and it is in the fermentation fridge @ 18°. OG was 1.060.
  10. Steeping the Chrystal malt after cracking it, it is in the brew fridge for a brew day tomorrow. Any tips from you experts? Vintage 2019.
  11. Thanks for the replies. I have a Little Creatures Pale Ale clone in the FV, minus Krausen Kollar, in the fridge and it is looking great! It has been maintaining 18.3° and 3 days in it has the best looking Krausen on it that I have seen.
  12. After reading many post here and with summer on the way I have decided that temperature control of the FV is a priority, so I now have a dedicated refrigerator for the FV. The fridge will take a Coopers FV easily but with the Krausen Kollar attached to it I have to remove the top shelf of the fridge, I would like to keep that top shelf in the fridge. So I guess that my question is - is the Krausen Kollar necessary with a Cooper's FV? So far in my renewed brewing career I have never removed the Krausen Kollar during the fermentation.
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