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  1. @Pale Man most of my brews are pressure fermented and although I now use a SS fermenter I have used a Fermzilla in the past. I just cold crash as usual and although the pressure does drop as CO2 is absorbed into the beer I still usually end up with pressure still in the fermenter at the end of the cold crash. I usually have at least 5psi but usually more pressure so I do not think that you will have problems with the Fermzilla sucking in, I didn't have any such problems when using a Fermzilla.
  2. Cucumber is often used with Thai food as a counter to hot chilli, and with the seeds in.
  3. I have also boiled the living daylights out of Chux cloths and I have never seen any sign of colour leaching out of them.
  4. I agree with @interceptor. Fast carbing you are just dissolving the CO2 faster than dissolving it slowly over 2 weeks. I think that the difference that you may note is just caused by the beer conditioning and has not got much to do with CO2 in it. I agree that if it conditions over a couple of weeks the beer will be better, but I do doubt that has anything to do with CO2. I also agree with you that the beer at the end of the keg always tastes better, but maybe that is just because it has conditioned longer than the beer at the beginning of the keg.
  5. Looks like it is carbing up nicely @Classic Brewing Co
  6. Wow, if we had that here I think we would be washed away and wouldn't be complaining about the swamp at the front door!
  7. Just what we needed, another 24mm of rain here today so far, and it is still pouring!
  8. Carbing beer is just that, fast or slow you are just dissolving CO2 in beer so I do not understand how doing it at different speeds makes much difference. The aim is to dissolve CO2 in the beer, the speed that you do that makes little difference to the taste.
  9. Yeah I would love one but the price is a little eye watering compared to the Chinese knock offs. I know I should support Aussie manufacturing and pleased to see that you are @stquinto, maybe a little further down the hole and I will get the Rolls Royce of grain mills, will see.
  10. Maybe try bumping it up to 12 psi, it all depends on what you like as far as carbonation. I actually have a stout in a keg that I am slow carbonating at present, but being a stout some time just sitting around will probably help it. It has been on 12 psi for 8 days and I know if I sample it I will be underwhelmed with the carbonation level.
  11. As you have been slow carbing it for some time it is perhaps better that you stick with that method on this keg. It will get there eventually but it takes time. What pressure have you got your regulator set at? If you were to try fast carbing at this stage I think that you will end up over carbonating the keg, with resultant ice cream heads, etc.
  12. What is this one @Itinerant Peasant? You said Falling Brick Lager so I guess that there is a story behind it. Very, very pale.
  13. @Classic Brewing Co for what it is worth I just tend to fast carb rather than buggerising around slow carbing. I find that 40psi for 18-24 hours gives me the carbonation level that I like. All over and done with in a day. Unless you are ageing a beer in the keg I do not see any point in the slow approach really. Even if you are ageing in the keg just fast carbing it still works well. I have slow carbed and I am usually unimpressed with the carbonation level after having the keg on serving pressure for a week or so.
  14. Yeah same here for me in Northern NSW. We have not had big rainfall totals but it does rain everyday and I am totally over it. My front lawn is now just a swamp actually, the postmen keep getting bogged on their motorcycles getting to the letterbox. I also now have a semi-permanent stream flowing over the driveway as the ground is just so saturated that it will not absorb a drop of water. This has been going on since the floods of March.
  15. Bottle outside for me along with the manifold, I do not see any reason to put it inside as it is just taking up space that could be occupied by a keg. Also a moist cold environment is probably not ideal for regulators.
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