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  1. Yes @Shamus O'Sean the taste to me says a lot, especially after @Mickep says that it is a similar taste to the other kegs that he had to dump. Interesting thoughts on the dry hopping though. Normally wort is most susceptible to infection at the stage where yeast is pitched, usually later in the brew after most of the fermentables have been consumed and when you are dry hopping the wort should be far less liable to get infected. If I was in @Mickep shoes I would keg them and see what happens.
  2. @Mickep are your fermenters in good condition? If you have any scratching or scoring on the surfaces these can provide a safe haven for nasties to hang out and apparently they can then evade cleaning and sanitising.
  3. I haven't had any experience at trying to kill an infection in brewing gear with bleach. I did have a quick poke around the interwebs and it seems that the consensus is that you should 1st clean everything thoroughly with sodium percabonate or PBW. Then a 10% solution of bleach in water and give it all a soak, most important that you then rinse everything really well as I have found bleach to be really persistent. Really with a 10% solution that is enough to kill everything I would imagine - sort of the Chernobyl treatment!!
  4. I feel for you @Mickep, if in fact the 2 brews are unable to be saved, you are having a bad run. Will you still keg them and see what happens with some keg conditioning?
  5. @Mickep that doesn't look good. It almost looks like an active fement but if it has been cold crashing for 2 days I wouldn't expect any action. Is the taste the exactly the same as the other batches that you had to chuck?
  6. @Mickep yes I think that it is free shipping for those items but reading the T's & C's you can only have 3 items in your cart to qualify for free shipping, looks like you will have to split your order and do 2 separate orders.
  7. I missed out on the Beer Cartel Calendar this year, I sort of hesitated about the price and then when I had decided it was sold out.
  8. It is all about what works for you @DavidM. Kits and bits are great and you are obviously enjoying your method and the beers that you are producing - and that is what is important in our hobby.
  9. I guess that it is horses for courses @Oldbloke. I wouldn't criticise anyone for doing KnK's as you can make some pretty good brews and I speak from experience, I even did a couple last week, well partials to be precise and I am sure that they will turn out just fine. So best of luck with your KnK's and the main thing is that you like the beer that you produce. Yes AG brewing does involve time but I like the process and I love the flexibility it gives me to try different things and produce different beers. It does add a whole new dimension to brewing for me. BTW I never boil grains, it would not be a good idea at all. And while you are cleaning and sanitising bottles, then doing a bottling run and then allowing the bottles a few weeks for secondary I have time to do an AG brew, ferment it and keg it - but as I say horses for courses and you are producing nice beers.
  10. High carbonation? It almost looks like it is lacking some carbonation in the photo?
  11. Good result in the 1st Test for Australia against the West Indies. The Windies did show some great resistance in their batting against a great Aussie bowling attack and they took the game into the last day in Perth. 2nd Test in Adelaide will be a day/nighter and may be a little different with a pink ball. I also feel that there is a big question mark over Pat Cummins for the Adelaide Test as he has a quad strain. Big season ahead for the Aussie team so resting Pat Cummins would be good I feel for the team, and the rest of the season to ensure Pat is fit. Scott Boland may get a start in Adelaide?
  12. You are obviously slumming it @stquinto ?
  13. Great day of cricket, Day 4 at Optus in Perth.
  14. Now for an Aussie favourite!
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