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  1. Mick, as you said, the area is spotless. I thought mine was too, but found Mould growing in between the Fridge a Freezer sections of the brew fridge. Not sure if it applies to you but I had to unscrew the plates in between the two. Hope you can sort it out.. Edit: just saw a photo of your fridge and it looks like a stand alone with no freezer. So this would not apply in your situation.
  2. I would not no But I love this brew, Like @Classic Brewing Co I keep it simple 1.5k LDM or Liquid Malt Hops to choice and let it rip Not much to go wrong and a great brew to drink!
  3. Firstly, I'd like to say "We are All Different" I'm only just over a Year into Kit's and Bit's and I'm loving it. I have tasted All Grain and can see it's better, I also can see that Keg's would be easier (up to a point). But I'm happy with what I do and the way I serve a beer, out of the bottle. It takes me about an Hour and a Half to.. Steep some grains, Bottle a brew and Put a new Brew in. Some days are longer when I'm not organised but Hell.. I'm retired and have time! Yes, I then have to store that brew for at Least a Month to get the best out of it but that is just being organised. I view this as a Hobby that I do to get Great tasting Beers in between Life and Golf. And thanks for all the Help, by the way. To each their Own..
  4. Sounds like a good Brew I'd better drop over for a glass, close to Christmas Hope it all goes well.
  5. Steady up.. Cricket's not for everyone and Test Cricket is only for a few..
  6. I see the advantage in not having to do much work and the chance to try an all grain brew, great idea. But the Cost. For me that is a deal breaker, over double what My brews cost to make, even thou not as good. I'll stick to Kit and Kilo If I need to try All Grain brews... I'll drop in on @Classic Brewing Co next time he has a new batch!
  7. Look after the shoulder Phil they can be a real pain in your life.
  8. That is such bad luck after ageing it so long I don't even age bottles that long..
  9. Coopers XPA Had a crack at this Recipe It's not as good as Coopers but I'm still liking it! Very pleasant to drink
  10. Pale Ale's for Sessions.. Real Ale for the end of the night. Just find it a bit stronger and heavier, in flavour not ABV Just Me, I'm different
  11. Coopers Real Ale Love this brew Might not want to drink it all day but it is good.
  12. 23L And yes I've done the Eclipse before, good brew. Keep it Simple
  13. I should do a Pan around and show all the crap just out of shot.. I'm lucky, house is on stilts and the under is clad, makes it a large shed. But very dusty..
  14. Not completely finished but close! Added a cupboard to the side to hold tins and things. It's now a Brewing corner, very happy with it. (as I said before, I have the space)
  15. Coopers Pale Ale 170g Golden Oats (all I had left) 230g Light Crystal Malt 200g Maltodextrin 30g Galaxy hops Steeped the Oats and Crystal for 30 minutes Boiled for 10, then chucked in the Hops at Flameout. US05 yeast. In the brew fridge at 20 deg
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