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  1. Coopers Brew A Only three left, 60 days in the bottle, I'm sure that's a record for Me. Woolies Lager on the right.
  2. DavidM


    Give it some rest and don't push it, Ice is always a good thing too.
  3. DavidM


    Wednesday Comp: Steady game with a few too many errors, just little stuff. Ended with 30 but the handicap is rising. Saturday Comp: Good steady game with a few mistakes, wiped two holes, one on each nine. My drive was better and helped with the scoring, I forced a few which went know where! Stayed steady and easy on the swing for the rest and it payed off, ended with 35. Handicap is still going backwards, I'm back into the 20's (20.1), drop four flags in the next six rounds!
  4. DavidM


    I've always wanted to try an indoor range, just to see swing speed and ball spin, but never got around to it.
  5. DavidM


    Well that is bad luck, hope it recovers soon and you can get back out and play.
  6. Thanks, will do when it's back in stock and I'm driving past.
  7. Busy few day for me. Bottled a Coopers Real Ale. Was going to have a crack at the Eclipse Pale Ale but shop didn't have Eclipse, so it's Galaxy Pale. First time using the Wheat Malt Extract tin, added 300g of Golden Oats steeped, 30g of Galaxy Hops steeped. And a Coopers Pale onto the dirty batch of the Real Ale K&K with Light dry Malt and 300g of Carapils steeped, 30g Bravo hops, thrown in at the end of the boil. Building up stocks for a visit from my Son in July..
  8. Now, that's a Man's Pellicle
  9. So glad it worked out and you didn't need to tip it all. A slight softening in the mornings is good as we get Older..
  10. Hey @MUZZY, Four weeks later how is the Stout? have you tried another One or more?
  11. Point taken @Classic Brewing Co, thanks for the input and for sharing some of your recipes. I still have so much to learn, love the process and the help.
  12. Hard to go Wrong with this Can, one of my favourites. I like to keep it simple. 23L brew, up or down to your liking 1 Kilo of Light Dry Malt 200-300g Dextrose and same of White Sugar 25-30g of Hops as a tea in the mix. Gives a Strong Flavour (for K&K brew) without the strong ABV
  13. Pale Ale, not my best but very drinkable
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