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  1. As in the posts? I just have a small shifter
  2. Early on this year I went overseas for 5 weeks. I threw away my fermenting freezer as it was rusty and frankly disgusting. Returned home and the weather was cool, my usual during this time of year was ales on the bench, lagers in the freezer. Oh well, ales it is then. Started to warm up so I bought a few different yeasts. Wyeast Belgian Dark Ale Wyeast Leuven Pale Ale Wyeast Forbidden Fruit Wyeast French Saison I also have Wyeast Belgian Lambic Blend sitting in the corner of the shed being weird and doing whatever it does very slowly. I have found the Pale Ale, Forbidden Fruit and Saison all quite good as hoppy style beers. I have a RIS style brew on with the dark strain. Currently drinking a BLACK IPA fermented with the saison yeast and it's great. The only thing I miss is cold crashing, brings forward the need to time an empty keg with a ready fermenter.
  3. Black IPA Saison again. Need to empty the keg. Need to keg a wheat.
  4. I'm currently using Belgian yeasts and they seem well suited.
  5. Emptied my saison and kegged a saison to replace it. Now onto the Black IPA Saison.
  6. Maybe I should run it through SPSS to see if the sample size is statistically significant?
  7. Create a profile. Add that to your recipe. Then hit the water tab and match a profile.
  8. Sounds insignificant to me. I have some biofine coming. Don't really give a $h1t about clear beers but I may make a lager again sometime so will try it anyway.
  9. Should be interesting, let us know how it goes
  10. Catharina Sour... with Acerola and Soursop. No idea why theese beers aren't more popular here. So good on a 30°c + day. Stick your stupid "black fish" beer in ya dot.
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