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  1. Coopers - as I said - I think get the actual finished beer tested for alcohol content. @PB2 can clarify I am sure but calculated predictions are not always accurate. Putting the recipe into Beersmith, including the carb drops, I get the following....no bitterness because I added 3.2kg liquid malt.
  2. My White IPA .... keg must be nearing empty as it is quite clear. Bowl of home grown pepper next to it.
  3. Are you saying the measured OG was lower than the recipe said it would be? Your reading may be off, as in, what you drew off as a sample may not accurately represent what was in the brew. Coopers - I think - test the actual alcohol content of the final product which os more accurate than spreadsheet predictions. Did you only fill it to 20 litres?
  4. Fat grind is probably too big for traditional mettwurst, but I like it. Flavour is tops.
  5. Keg King regs are fine. I killed my micromatic, needs a re build kit. Will post for postage.
  6. You NEED that for a lager. https://www.diybeer.com/au/recipe/true-aussie-bitter.html may work. Hard to get the complete lack of flavour that black fish has but.
  7. google it and look at a vid, there are a few. The hole is small too, so no need to"plug" it.
  8. I love a good sour. But medicinal or band aid I feel is a fault.
  9. That is definitely an off flavour.
  10. Pellets. Flame in the hole, smoke pushed out with an aquarium pump. And yes, the 1L
  11. I use my Hark gas smoker BUT have drilled a hole in the side and have a venturi style cold smoke generator in it. https://smokai.com/products/ssg-1100
  12. Tanunda the grandparents were. Plenty mettwurst in the Barossa Valley
  13. It is seriously good. Grandparents were from Tanuda
  14. Salami German-American.pdf
  15. Belgian Pale that's not so pale. 3538-PC Leuven Pale Ale. Such a great yeast. Looking forward to a REUSE and warmer temps to see what it brings. This one finished rather dry but is still quite matly tasting.
  16. These were hung for 2 days then smoked (cold) for 8 hours. Then cured in the fridge. Almost ready. The ecipe is from the internets somewhere. Better than mettwurst I have bought.
  17. Thats why I bought them, for a round of Belgian beers.
  18. White IPA. Still yummy. Melba, Lemon Drop and Nelson.....
  19. Two brew day today. The Belgian Golden Strong with be fermented with a reused Belgian Pale yeast The other Flanders has been fermenting 5 months now and should be bottled soon. This will go onto the cake of that.
  20. All my beers are Boil + Flame Out. looking through IPAs 100, 130, 150g
  21. Throwing some tomatillos in soon too.
  22. Finally getting a heap of pepper... It's taken maybe 4 years...
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