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  1. If any of you folks ever venture into Mother’s Ruin, this one ain’t half bad. From a small distillery in Muff, which is a village on the coast in County Donegal. When I had one in a pub (better pre-prandial than a Guinness in some cases) the barman said a lot of people ordered it and giggled. I suggested he tell tourists to visit the distillery. “How do I find it?” ”Just across the road from the diving school” Not a bad drop , to be sure !
  2. Thanks Christina, couscous is dead easy to make Normally I’d have a steak with that cow-wine pourer, hope the lamb didn’t take offense
  3. @Tone boy mate there’s too many Calvinists in Geneva, I doubt they’d approve of my brewing… I’m half an hour away, towards Lausanne, on the lake. Well, not literally, that’s a bit beyond the budget Aix is a beautiful town, been there a cuppla times.
  4. Moroccan CousCous tonight… with a rack of Oz lamb. And a bottle of red, of course
  5. Only got 4 bottles of this Czech Pils left, holy sh*t I can’t wait until the temperature drops so I can use dubbya again. 9 months in the bottle, a beaut Deffo do two or three batches as soon as I can
  6. Hmm… the only blue mold I eat is in blue cheese. Still, doesn’t actually taste bad
  7. Cheers for the tips mate. I did make an extract version a while back following your and SOS advice using LME, dextrose and 1388 It turned out quite palatable, but considerably more amber than Duvel, and with a strong fruity flavour. Because I hadn't made a proper yeast starter it stalled on me, I stirred it but it didn't help. I ended up adding a half pack of MJ41 (or 49, can't remember which). So this time I'll go for a BIAB version, and make a starter with 1388. I have a pack that expired at the end of August this year - hopefully if it shows activity in the starter bottle it'll be OK. I do have another pack, but that yeast is quite expensive (probably the same price as the grain bill), so I'd rather try the oud one out. Probably better to do so ASAP too. Have you ever tried light candi sugar ? I got hold of a couple as I had a cuppla recipes from the US with them for this type of recipe. I do have enough dextrose though. For the second ferment, I'll stick it into the 10l keg and keep it in the fridge for 3 weeks. Then bottle it. Dunno if it would a good idea to have that in the keg
  8. Cheers for that one @Greeny1525229549 mate. I'll give that one a go with a BIAB. I don't have a cold-crashing facility as I normally don't need one. Do you pitch at the temperature it says in the book (16° - 18°) ? Do you also do the secondary fermentation at that temperature? I suppose I could take out my kegs from the keg-fridge for that, but then I won't have a fridge for 3 weeks. Unless I did the secondary ferment in a 10 litre keg, now that's a thought...
  9. I was going to ask a serious question about harvesting a Wyeast Yorkshire yeast, as to how much was necessary, but I suspect I answered my own question … Christ, I’ve not seen that since I suggested replacing breast milk with curry on the first-born Not really enough to get a brew going, eh?
  10. Good for you Phil, we obviously had the same maths teacher That’s the way I justify the outlay too
  11. @Greeny1525229549 mate, that head looks just like a Duvel D’ya reckon it’s the yeast? Awesome job whatever it is
  12. Looks pretty damned impressive @Graubart Graubster mate Got a decent Guinness recipe to share? If it’ll suit BIAB I’ll give it a go
  13. Just ordered the 27 litre electric kettle from Belgium, and the gorilla grinder, a 25kg sack of Marris Otter and 10kg of Pilsner malt locally. I've got enough various black and chocolate malts to use for the time being. Bring on the BIAB I should be able to keg my first 19l cornie keg with a partial Tim Taylor Landlord. It's had some finings in for the past 2 days so hopefully it will have cleared up. How do you fellas store your grain ? In the bag or in an air-tight plastic tub ?
  14. I checked out fluted mills in Europe. They tend to be on the professional range, and would be two to three times the price of the Mill Master, even with the delivery fees. Although I can get my gorilla for an OK price I'd almost get a corona type (third of the price of the gorilla) and if I did go for a motorised one, then bite the bullet and go for the Mill Master. God knows how long delivery would be so at least I could use the hand-cranker in the mean time. Haveing said that, I came across this on another forum : "Crank out one batch by hand. You'll buy a drill the next morning"
  15. @ozdevil that's what was in the video, so they're flutes and the one I can get is furled. Well, the difference in price (for me) can't justify it IMHO. I thought they might be available from UK but not that I can see.
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