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  1. Me too. Or a hop tea made in a coffee plunger, but that's not dry hopping
  2. Thanks mate, might go for a lie down
  3. I know I paste the same recipes, but I did change the potato style (wedges in the oven with herbs and olive oil)
  4. A small keg of 5 l of a Duvel clone. This one I did on the cheap with white sugar instead of posho candi syrup. 25 litres in all for 12ChF (hops and recycled yeast included) so under 1 AU$ per litre. Suits my suburban avarice Oof! Plenty of bang for your buck! Actually quite accurate taste-wise, I’ll have to do a side-to-side tasting, but early in the evening if I want to make sense of it. As some would say, a decent mid-strength beer…
  5. Me too on that point Jennyss. I’d read here that once conditioned, if you can keep the bottles chilled, the hop aroma and taste hang around longer. But you need a bloody big fridge for more than one brew
  6. Hey Jennyss, that sounds good I think the longer a dry hop sits in the FV the less it retains the flavour. Having said that, I’m not sure if 1 day is enough. Worth a try though, you never know until you’ve tried it. Maybe some others have an opinion?
  7. Followed by a Sam Adams. Drinkable but not much to write home about. The hops have faded, just leaving a thick-tasting, malty brew that’s missing the crispness from the hops. Oh well, better call some mates over to polish it off
  8. First try of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Undercarbonated for the moment (a day at 15 PSI or so) but the hops are there. Yum! In front of the Christmas tree, for ‘tis the season to be merry
  9. Thai yellow curry. With a bit of Penang paste, I ran out of yellow. Dead easy weeknight dinner. Probably not that authentic with my choice of veggies, but it’ll keep the scurvy from the door
  10. Fish pie for dinner. Something else I found in the back of the freezer. Fingers crossed
  11. Followed by a Coopers APA. I really like the PoR, this one is keeping its hops. They’re a bit fresher too (i.e. not 2 years old)
  12. Sam Adams, in front of the fire, for ‘tis the season here. Not bad, hops are underwhelming but in general not too malty (which I realise the hops can hide in a properly-balanced brew). Better quaff it pretty soon before it gets really malty (happened to a Speckled Hen BIAB I did), anyway I want the keg for the double batch of Guinness I want to brew.
  13. Good point - if that’s cloudy you’ve got pretty high expectations Looks a beaut @Pezzza !
  14. Good enough for me mate Looks good and balanced too
  15. Ha ha Mick! Vegetarian’s delight “Pizza Charcuterie” it was called, and it lived up to its piggy name
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