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  1. On a roll: Friday is fish day
  2. And just an aside, don’t quite get the dunnies in this albergo
  3. Bit of local Italian produce - paparadelle with a wild boar ragu, then veal with wild mushrooms. Oh, and the vino is a Montepulciano/Sangiovese blend.
  4. Hey Phil, this is just outside a town called Servigliano, in the Marche region, about a third of the way down the Adriatic coast. If you can get past the beer glass (big ask here), across those fields, you’ll hit the sea (45 minutes or so). Next stop Croatia. I reckon you’d like the tucker here mate, I’ll post a cuppla piccies on the grub thread
  5. Sorry to hear that @Graubart, may she Rest In Peace Every day I wake up alive I say to myself “well, the day’s starting good”, so I’m with you on that one
  6. Bit of a change of scenery: a Duvel, in Italy this time (not my bunker)
  7. Here's a Guinness from one of my last trips to Oireland (SWMBO hails from "beyond the Wall", bit of a White Walker IMHO) after you've had half a dozen or so you're about ready to try the local delicacy: Curry Cheese Chip: best enjoyed alfreso
  8. I lagered them for a month in the boiler room (approx. 21°). then in the garge for another month or so (approx 14° to 16°)
  9. Glad to hear it went well for your mate Phil. Bottoms up !
  10. Hey Jamie, I bottled it on 1st January. I'd started it on 20th December, fermented at 13 - 14° in the garage. I kept it in the boiler room at around 22° after bottling for 4 weeks. It took at least another 6 - 8 weeks to get rid of the yeasty - homebrew aftertaste but it came out well. Next winter I'll brew at least two side by side, maybe play around with the hops although they are fine as they are.
  11. This is the book: It doesn't give a yeast recommendation for each recipe. It does have a chapter on yeast but only a couple of suggestions for dried yeast Safale S-04 and Windsor. This is the section : I used Notto though. Fermented out a treat - after a few hours it was bubbling away like a dodgy curry...
  12. That would be the "Randy Andy Love Potion" would it Muzz ? Sounds like a good brew. My first attempt at the commercial yeast ended up with half of it all over the walls of the kitchen, so I'll have to give it another go. Maybe not shake it up so much like an 8 year old with a coke bottle...
  13. And this is my Timothy Taylor’s Landlord clone. It’s panning out nicely too, deffo recommend the recipe
  14. Last half-dozen Czech Pils. Really matured nicely. I wish I’d done a second batch when the temperature was appropriate for dubya 34. Oh well, have to wait another 6 months
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