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  1. Yeah I know when I realised I had said that the edit option was not available, so have to live with it.
  2. Sounds promising, you will know by the smell & of course taste as time goes on.
  3. @stquinto I would imagine you own or a least have heard of a Couscoussier, I actually don't own one but use a steamer with good results, others prefer to use the simple absorption method as directed on the packet. I eat it a lot & enjoy it any many different ways, it is so versatile. A couscoussier is a traditional double-chambered food steamer used in Berber cuisine (particularly, the cuisines of Libya, Tunisia, Algeria & Morocco to cook couscous. It is typically made of two interlocking pots, made of either the traditional ceramic or metal steel, aluminium, or copper. The first, which is the larger one, holds water or soup used to produce steam. The second, the smaller pot, is designed to be placed on top of the first and has a lid and a perforated floor, so that it holds the couscous in place while allowing the steam to enter and seep through the grains. Once the couscous is steam-cooked, the lower pot may be used to simmer and complete its cooking, in order to serve the prepared dish.
  4. Now I know why I had so much trouble poring this Mexican Lager into a glass but it's big & bitey & you know the rest. Cheers.
  5. I totally agree I find just the taste alone is better than the S... at the Pub, quite often my ( & others on the forum ) find that the lingering heads we get makes you wonder why did we go to the Pub in the first place. There are exceptions of course the Belgian Beer Cafe's never let you down.
  6. Same thing here @Mickep This Blonde Dry is actually very nice to drink, 4 weeks old so I understand the lack of head retention/lacing but it is pleasant despite not looking like the ticket. I will add it is better than the 4 Pints (SA) of Carlton Draught I had in the Pub yesterday.
  7. Sound advice from the Chefbrauer der Brauerei. Just do it !!
  8. Al I was curious myself, I had a bottle in stock & have attached photo, Cheers.
  9. From memory I believe it does help to have SWMBO in happy mode or other sacrifices may occur.
  10. Just ask Dr Phil - I have 2 simple solutions; A) Buy more Fridges/Fermenters B) Just drink more, don't be a woos HTH
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