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  1. Yeah I know what you mean, I am only a newcomer to AG but even a couple of mates commented on the difference in the all over beer taste but you still have to get things right, I have been fortunate & have had some pretty good first hand advice by people who know what they are doing, it helps tremendously.
  2. Well for one it has more body, no homebrew twang, no tell-tale sugary taste, better head retention & much more enjoyable to drink. We all know we can make better than megaswill but there a still a few pubs that deliver a nice beer.
  3. Cheers Mick, there is a lot of difference in this to k & k !!
  4. Nice, IC I love brisket & I have watched him before, good stuff.
  5. Looks promising AK fairly wild looking labels !!
  6. Yeah I think everyone would agree once you start mixing then expect a headache or worse. But of course there are those that can't even handle a couple of pints, let alone a decent session on the home brew, many a person have left here with the wife declaring she was driving My ex girlfriend used to say " I can't see how you would still be thirsty " - really ???
  7. Pity that, I could have baked a cake I feel that is a bit harsh, tell him he needs to lighten up & be more flexible
  8. Yep I know it, but it's not that far from my place only 419 kms.
  9. Looks the biz IP, lot's of nice vibrant fresh colours, I can imagine it tasting divine !! Good on you mate.
  10. I know what you mean mate after a few beers we think we are Superman & can tackle any bottle on the shelf, I have been proven wrong many times, I reckon I can drink with the best of them but when you bring the big guns out & start mixing - Goodnight Irene !! Mind you having the ability to hold your drink shouldn't be anything to be proud of
  11. Well that's good, drop into Phil's Bar & Grill & I will give you a beer or nine
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