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  1. One of the 3 beer line connectors is crappy but I only use one at a time so the crappy one has been binned.
  2. I bought 12 kegs but only 3 with tap head units. I didn't think I'd need 12 tap heads but in hindsight maybe I do.
  3. I have 12 of those plastic 8l kegs from Kegland but they don't have gas in/beer out posts. They use a removable tap head system, of which I only have 3, so purging oxygen became an issue for me. To alleviate oxidisation I just add a teaspoon of sugar to each keg and cap them. It doesn't carbonate the beer much but it seems to have the desired effect. I have considered naturally carbonating but I'm reluctant to do so because the reason I got into kegs was to avoid cloudy beer.
  4. @NBillett09 If keeping notes is a drag for you, there are a number of free brewing apps in Google play store you can use to record your brews. I use one called Brewtracker. It has in app ads but it's free and it keeps good records for me. As far as I know the Russians and Chinese aren't monitoring my every move from using it.
  5. Lovely looking pooch, Hilltop. From a dog point of view I'm glad the heat has arrived. It's slowed Barrie down a bit. He's usually hyperactive with severe FOMO but the heat has made him rather tolerable today.
  6. And with good reason. I've tried making Brigalow ginger beer and cider. Not very good at all, IMO. I reckon it's the artificial sweeteners they use give them a crappy taste.
  7. As the boys above said, dozens. I've been using some of my PETs for 5 years. I have about 300 and have probably made over 100 brews so some of them would have been used at least 10-15 times by now. I don't recall throwing any away yet. When I encountered a flat bottle I just discarded the cap but have kept the bottles. I'm not sure this has rectified getting flatties but anecdotally I don't seem to get as many now. You can wash them in hot water but not too hot that it might compromise the plastic. Just a bit hotter than your hand can take is hot enough.
  8. The saga of the newer fridge continues. After switching the fridges over I now have an excellent beer fridge (the old black faithful) keeping my kegs and bottled beers at an icy temperature. Lovely. But the silver fridge that I thought was going to make an ideal fermenting chamber due to it's freezer frosting up and reducing the effectiveness of the fridge now doesn't seem to want to play fair. Had it set at 21C for two days but it hasn't cooled down. It's basically just an oversized esky plugged into an Inkbird currently. We've got some hot days coming here in SA so it looks like I'll be putting blocks of ice in for the days and relying on cooler night temps to keep things at an even keel.
  9. Store the bottles in a warmer place for another week or more if you have the time/patience. Somewhere in the low-mid 20s temp range. This will encourage yeast activity. Maybe the 18C was too cold. Carbonation increases over time.
  10. This might sound like a stupid question but did you remember to prime the bottles with a little sugar or carbonation drops to create secondary fermentation? 18C should have been OK. A little warmer would be better but not a deal breaker. Are you using glass bottles or PET? If you're using PET bottles you can tell if they're carbonating because they go hard.
  11. @EfendiIf you made the English Bitter with just 500g of light dry malt added it is not a surprise for it to have finished fermenting in four days. However most brewers would recommend to let it sit at least another 3 days (even longer if you can) before bottling. This will let more of the murky stuff to drop to the bottom.
  12. Hi Effendi. Probably nothing to worry about. Your hydrometers are probably just calibrated differently. Try putting them both in a jug of water and see if they both read the same or are still different. Either way it doesn't matter too much as long as you use the same hydrometer for your original gravity and final gravity readings.
  13. Read the detail, Phil. It's FOODLAND! Drake's are no longer under the Foodland banner.
  14. SA members, Foodland have 20% off Coopers products. Starts today until 6/12/22.
  15. Hi @JimInCollie I've also found using liquid malt extract a great and more affordable alternative to dry malt.
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