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  2. Nice work AK ..ive never had a White Stout ..have you done meads as well? Cherry mead aka Viking Blood is very nice ..i did a Caramel Bochet ..not to sure about that one.. its kinda like a strange strong burnt wine ..was thinking pehaps adding biscoff biscuits /apples/cinnamon/nutmeg into it.. see i can turn that ship round into some kinda Apple Pie mead ..cheers
  3. Me and the wife had fish head curry, it was so freaking good!
  4. I had that thought also but what I was wondering was if it is possible to do it so as to re-use the grain to pull fermentables from other (non-malted) grains. As in, make a wort and preserve the grain used, not in expectation of it producing more starches but to be an enzyme source.
  5. "Better order the next round. Bottoms up!"
  6. Bottled batch 1 on Sunday and dumped another batch in. Mashed this at 69c and added some maltodextrin as well to give the bugs more food. I didn't hop it yet. Will do that with a stove top boil 1 week in. Took your advice @Green Blob and sucked out some trub of the existing batch a few weeks ago and made an unhopped starter. Let it go for 2 weeks before cold crashing for a week. Really funny krausen on the starter and when I tasted it it tasted bretty so I think I grew the right stuff. Also told me there doesn't seem to be much lacto or sacch yeast left so I threw in some French saison slurry and 3 tablets of lacto plantarum with the starter of brett. Took off quick and bubbling away at 25c. Will take a test of ph this weekend then put in the hops to stop the lacto then it's in the corner for a few months. The other batch I have put 250gm of maltodextrin for the bugs in and gonna leave it another 3 month's to get a rotation going.
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  8. That's an impressive line up @Aussiekraut wide variety too !!
  9. Thanks Ozzy and @CLASSIC Phil.... agree w Ozzy that these Plazzi Bubble pressure fermenters need to be treated with caution... in hindsight I shoulda waited till the SS version became available or just used doctored up another SS vessels as I am not a fave of this plastic gadget meself... and my five cents worth - I think that the SS versions are a better option. Anyway at least one can see that the Big Black Brew is fermenting at least haha?
  10. I have a Shitty Aussie Lager down with Wyeast California Lager. Today with be something with Wyeast German Ale.
  11. Four days at 18°C then up to 20°C for a week. It tasted fine. Maybe not "crisp", because it had an ABV of 5.9% and was quite flavoursome. I have only used California yeast this once as far as I can remember.
  12. Hefe Weizen Not-Hefe Weizen Citra XPA Irish Red Nut Brown Choc Milk Porter Kiwi Wonder Mötley Brëw White Stout (in FV) Strawberry & Pear Cider There are still two almost full batches I didn't like and was just to lazy to tip out and the odd bottle here and there, all from the k&k days. They will be put to pasture though as I am running out of a) bottles and b) storage space for full bottles. I will go back to single batches on brew days for a while.
  13. after night shift I know its a beer site and I'm a loyal coopers customer who just put another order in for just under a hundred sometimes need the good scotch before bed.
  14. Thank you for sharing these, I'm based in the UK and used to download the ROTM to keep a collection of ideas when it came to my next brew day. Now I've been through the forum and found pretty much every one of the ROTM that you have posted! You're doing sterling work!
  15. @Graubart and it will cool down nicely overnight
  16. @Shamus O'Sean what temp did u brew the California yeast at the higher end to test out if still like a crisp lager? They say 18 degrees is still good
  17. Never used liquid yeast so cannot comment about it. I wanted to use Mangrove Jacks M76 Bavarian Lager, but the LHBS I visited did not have it. They sold me a pack of Dubbya (W-35/70) instead, saying it was pretty close. But what do I know? I did a Great Northern Clone recently with M54 Californian Lager yeast. It tastes really nice. Not much of a clone though. I have used a few of the Mangrove Jacks yeasts and fine them fine. The 15g Coopers yeast packs are a good size for slightly higher OG's. Maybe wait for free delivery for orders over $80-100 (It varies from month to month for some reason). Order a bunch of other stuff at the same time to get your order over the threshold.
  18. Never fear O bearded one. Now all kegs are full, I’ve gotta saison recipe to go which will be bottle conditioned in champers bottles. actually gunna throw all my saison recipes in the bin and start from scratch. New yeast, very basic grain bill. Build up and tweak one thing at a time rather than throwing the kitchen sink or (barn yard) at then which I usually do. I’ll be sure to keep ye posted
  19. Week 4 in the bottle and time to crack a second test of the Woolale Plus 3.7 is Woolies lager 1.7kg, LME [Saunders 1kg, 250g dextrose, 250g maltodextrine, 25 lt H2O, kit yeast. Head was okay, colour is okay, Taste slight sweet, malty, light bitterness, s creamy or smooth feel in mouth with ample carbonation. I gave this 9/10 as turned out a nice beer - but a little sweet for my liming. But, I will still drink it cheers.
  20. @iBooz2 the exception can be when you pressure ferment. I have just put together a lager with W34/70 and I pitched at 20.6°. It is in my SS kegmenter in the ferment fridge, I will let it go to somewhere around 24° as it builds pressure and then keep it at 15psi/24°. I have found in the past that W34/70 will ferment a very clear and clean lager with that pressure and temp and be done in just a few days.
  21. Strike while the Iron is Hot or here keep going while the SS Vessel is empty and clean ; ) An IPA of sorts... maybe a NEIPA if I can get the hoppage right... in the meantime the Mash is made up of Voyager Compass Pale Malt, Maris Otter (UK), Voyager Vienna, Voyager Munich, and Voyager Wheat... bit of a late start but was mucking around with kegs earlier which took longer than expected ; ) Cheers Brewers!
  22. I have been looking at trying some mangrove jacks M76 Bavarian lager yeast cheaper dry version instead of liquid smack pack would use 2 packs. Has anyone used both liquid and dry versions and know what's better? Also is it similar or same to anything that saflager make? Also M54 California dry lager yeast is it as good as describes lager taste at ale temps? In general Is mangrove jacks yeast any good? I've also been thinking of getting the 15 gram coopers packs for their price as it's probably this same stuff but more of it.
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