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  2. That's the one, Tone. I put the Munich Classic keg in the kegerator last night. It should be right to taste tonight. No space yet for the WB-06 fuelled one. But I think one of the other kegs in the kegerator is nearly empty, so I should ne able to get the WB-06 one in there soon too. Then I will do a side-by-side comparison.
  3. Will keep you posted mate.
  4. Today
  5. "Rule of Thirds". I know this is a brewing forum but, well.... seen as you brought it up! I actually I think James is photo is fairly well-balanced - placing the main object centrally can work if it's balanced by other elements in the frame. In this case you have the leaves on the lower left countered by the palm tree peering over the fence on the right. The dark shadow of the wall (lower right) however is a bit of a distraction. Also, I'd crop a little tighter on the right-hand side and probably tweak the colours/contrast etc. But not everyone is a photographer/image editor of course and grabbing a quick, unedited shot off the phone is certainly adequate enough for most. Now, back to beer!
  6. I know EKG (& presume Styrian) are low alpha hops but a 90 minute boil of them? I would imagine that would produce a beer I wouldn't want to drink. Happy to be corrected but that seems overkill on a boil for any hops. English Pale (which I presume this is meant to be) is a high IBU of 29.6% and the SS gives those 2 hops @ 90 mins as 66%. Am I missing something here?
  7. Got my house IPA down yesterday. Partial 14 CSM Verdant IPA Basically Maris, Munich, Caramalt, wheat DME and LDME with the Coopers lager can and white sugar. OG 1.062, IBU 65 Brewhouse efficiency 85% Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic, 25g each for 10mins and the same quantities again for 5min. 1.2L starter of Verdant IPA yeast, pitched yesterday arvo and chugging away nicely this morning. Can’t wait to taste this one, compared to my usual US-05 brew. Cheers James
  8. That's odd. Could'a sworn I bought 4 packs in the past. Memory fade I guess.
  9. Guiness widget cans have been in six packs for as long as I can remember.
  10. Yesterday
  11. To the chux I add a SS spoon and string. Oh and I got the large chux roll from Bunnings - think it's 60cm x 30cm. The spoon weights the hops down and the string is held by the lid so the hops doesn't sink into the trub. Then I can use the string to pull them out and not disturb the trub in the bottom.
  12. Last week there was a '2000 points' if you spent $100 in BWS - SWMBO wanted to take advantage but not spend an entire $100 so I found a John Boston 'The End Island IPA' and cans of Guinness. BOTH were 6 packs - Guinness always used to be 4 packs, so not sure what gives there. The Island IPA is quite drinkable, at least as good as some name-brand craft IPA's I've had on tap in Bendigo. They're only 330ml cans but were also $15 for 6!
  13. I must have missed the boat, I thought I had read it was to be released at a later date, but $85.00 for a Carton 24 they can ..... however I will try a 4 pack just for a taste.
  14. I’m going to put my money on the Munich classic
  15. Was that the split batch with the 2 different yeasts? WB06 and Laklemand Munich Classic? Which brings me to ask....which one was better? Assuming you’ve tasted them of course...
  16. Using the equipment you have you could do either. But I would choose the half-volume 60 min boil, then add the extra malt later and top up the FV. The biggest issue is cooling the wort, but even that may not be such a big deal. Note: I agree with @Hairy, no need to boil for 90 minutes. Start with a 15L boil. 15L should not boil over if you watch it. Once you have stirred in any protein foam, it should boil away happily without issue. You might need to adjust the heat. You will need enough malt in the boil for an SG around 1.036. This is for good bitterness extraction from the hops. Hops can be added commando or in a hop sock or in a hop spider. For cooling you could use a wort chiller if you have one. Otherwise either use a sanitised water cube or put a lid on the pot and either let it cool overnight or pop it in your brew fridge to cool. As long as you are able to pitch the next day, infection is low risk. I am not sure that you could add your top up water in the form of ice or ice water and get the brew down to pitching temperature. But you could Google that. Maybe also look at Cascarillo Amber Ale, Chubby Cherub or Nelson's Light for some recipes and instructions for extract brews. These only use a 5 litre boil. It's easier to cool. I have done the Chubby and it was a nice beer. I have a keg of Cascarillo waiting for a spot in the kegerator. A test of a nice beer is if you drink the whole contents of the SG test tube - I did with the Cascarillo, so I cannot wait to try it carbonated and cold.
  17. There's not much value in doing a 90 minute boil of extract. There is also is nominal difference in IBUs between a 60 and 90 minute boil. Go for a 10 litre boil in your 19 litre pot for 60 minutes.
  18. Coopers Irish stout some sort of EKG hop tea with boil and steep addition just 2 weeks in bottle one after night shift to test it. Not bad taste can just taste hops in it should age well hopefully.
  19. you could look at getting a 35l digiboil where you would be able to do the boil ya talking about but its a big overkill for extract brewing . However a digiboil will not be a waste as a digiboil will be a great way to walk into All grain brewing using BIAB it will sove your issues of the foaming (even though it still happens... ) a good way of bringing the foam under control is a spray bottle of cool water and spray until the foam drops
  20. are you able to get 2 pots boiling with half recepies each? Also with extract I don't think you need Irish moss
  21. @Tone boy I've been doing a fair few hop teas in plain water that seem ok. I will actually test this theory though and do a boil with some LDM next time and see how goes.
  22. G’day fellow brewers I am keen to try a Pale Ale style beer and the extract version of the recipe calls for a 23l 90 minute boil with 2.7kg of DME (or 3.1kg of syrup). There’s 30g each of East Kent Goldings and Styrian Goldings at the start of the boil then 20g Styrian and 3gm Irish Moss at the last 10 minutes. I have a 19l capacity pot but could do a 10l boil easily in it (maybe 15l if it doesn’t froth up too much). I can get a rolling boil of the induction ring with 16l of water, I tried it earlier. My question is this: should I go for a half-volume brew and do the 90 minute boil, or try a half-volume 90 min boil, then just dissolve the other half of the malt into the BV and top up with cold water to 23l ? (or something in the middle like a 15l boil) ? If I found a pot big enough to boil 23l I’d probably need a gas burner, and a special pot with a tap on it, so as not to burn myself; this smaller pot I have is manageable. Thanks in advance and happy brewing!
  23. My partial mash stout with 4.5 kg of assorted Gladfield malts a can of Coopers Irish Stout and some Fuggles. Kegged. Here's a bottle sample after four days. Bloody delicious. Has some kick.
  24. Hope it's better than the Hazy IPA which was very uninspiring.
  25. Good article on hops utilisation here: https://beerandbrewing.com/hops-utilization/ It’s a process with a lot of variables it seems, but hop utilisation (the transformation of alpha acids to iso-alpha acids) can be assisted by things such as hotter water, longer boil times, lower gravity wort, higher wort pH, larger boil volumes and longer cooling times after the boil (amongst other things). I always boil or steep my hops in wort, rather than water, but I don’t really know if that is beneficial for utilisation or not. I have been told by different sources to always introduce hops into wort, rather than plain hot water, but I haven’t really found any research results on this. Anecdotally on this site plenty of people seem to do a “hop tea” in plain water and seem happy with the result. I haven’t tried this method though so haven’t done a comparison.
  26. I do agree with that, but what can you do, make your own I guess.
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