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  2. Like @RDT2's Raspberry Sour, your brew has an amazing colour. The flavour description makes me want one.
  3. Coopers Recipe Spreadsheet - May 2022 Hi Team Latest Coopers Recipe Spreadsheet is attached. May 2022 ROTM added: Backcast Belgian Session Ale & Hop Art IPA. Click on the recipe name for pdf's of these recipes. Coopers Recipe Spreadsheet V2.12.14.xlsx Spreadsheet functionality: Links to Recipe artwork and pdf of more recent recipes at the far right You can click on the recipe name to jump to the recipe on the Coopers website (for those in au only) The little triangle icons beside each column title are auto-filters and can be used to sort the spreadsheet by the respective column You can also use the drop boxes of the variables in each column to show those variables you want to see. For example, under Difficulty if you choose the Easy variable then only those recipes rated as Easy will be displayed Or under Can 1, if you choose Real Ale only those recipes that have the Original Series Real Ale (as the main recipe can) will be displayed. Unfortunately I am not clever enough to be able to show those recipes where Can 2 is a Real Ale Any queries? Post them to this thread.
  4. Hop Art IPA - May 2022 Craft Recipe of the Month in pdf format for those outside of Australia to be able to see the recipe in perpetuity. Also click on the recipe name in red to see the recipe on the Coopers website. Hop Art IPA.pdf
  5. Backcast Belgian Session Ale - May 2022 Recipe of the Month in pdf format for those outside of Australia to be able to see the recipe in perpetuity. Also click on the recipe name in red to see the recipe on the Coopers website. Backcast Belgian Session Ale.pdf
  6. Coopers XPA earlier. An even bigger glass of the hoppy pale ale tonight.
  7. Alright mate, thanks for the idea, I will hire a Bobcat & do some landscaping in my urban backyard but I am sure there would be those that object. For know I have to find the best location for Beerography
  8. Yep it's all good... and mate so well done as going AG and going kegging is a tough gig - and thanks to all those who helped me and esp @Red devil 44 Red with kegging... Just maybe @Classic Brewing Co you need a decent fencepost somewhere for your Beer-ography?
  9. How good is it?! When I returned to home brewing a couple of years ago I was determined to escape the bottling curse. Beer on tap at home is the way to go and makes even the most average brew a thing of beauty.
  10. Just glorious drinking beer out of your own keg, huge thanks to @Hoppy81 for making this possible with his invaluable help & @Itinerant Peasantfor the inspiration to move into this wonderful world of kegging, this is a Real Ale 13 days @ 10psi. My Office/Brewroom/Taproom is a little dark but I can assure you this is the best move I have made. Cheers to all.
  11. Today
  12. It must be a big paddle - about the size of a diving board I reckon
  13. Ok moved onto my Aussie lager. First taste. Bittered with super pride. This is good. Really good.
  14. Jesus how many beers do you have over there!!
  15. Hmmmm 75 ibu and 8.5% Can taste the booze. It's goooooood
  16. I think @Tone boy Toner that if you introduce more Wheat into your extract Brew - say consider the Coopers Stout Kit and then a Can of Coopers Wheat Liquid Malt - and then maybe do an adjunct of some steeped Dark Crystal maybe abdn some Roasted Barley @ChristinaS1 Christina might be able to help with amounts... that the wheat will help with the creaminess which will smooth out the top and the Roasted Barley Steep will help with a bit of colour and roasted barley flavour - not experienced in this sorry - but maybe just a quiet musing that might help in consideration for the future ? @Red devil 44 Red you were a bit of a master on the KnK and liquid malts before the AG dark side enveloped you and you were taken forth... any thoughts on this for @Tone boy Toner on a Stouty Boi?
  17. Love the glass now it has beer in it Great glass
  18. Hey. I hope your stout turned out as good as mine did in the video. I still have a few bottles left which I'm trying to hold back and savour occasionally. It has really improved with age - the choc malt flavour mellows and I have wonderful vanilla note coming through. If you can resist drinking them all, I would definitely recommend putting a few aside and forgetting about them for a few months. Anyway, happy brewing and Cheers!
  19. Saving ChoccyWoccy for the future so swapped back to K1 in the famous festive froglet glass that pours and drinks so well out of the angry turbulent SS Pluto Guns.... Straight from the IP Brewery Dungeons to you ; ) You know it is truly amazing what different yeasts can do to our simple milled malted grain and rainwater mixes hey!? This is Lally Dry K - and wow what an amazing array of aromas and flavours the different Yeasty Boiz can bring
  20. These are the graphics from the Recipe of the Month emails and web-pages. Use them for making your own beer labels for bottles, cans, taps etc. Forum members can hopefully put links in their spreadsheets and databases back to these labels.
  21. Wow that truly is a beautiful glass and with a bit of seasoned advice from Ozzy @ozdevil even more so with the magnificent contents @Tone boy
  22. I reckon it would be the nitro, looks great though !!
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