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  2. I water my garden/lawn so its not being wasted but yeah you use a few hundred litres i'd reckon
  3. https://community.diybeer.com/topic/13923-cubing/ Enjoy
  4. Home improvements part. Had some candles and sh!t around it
  5. Most of the conversion happens in the first 20 minutes so I doubt there would be any unconverted starch left.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Don’t use ball bearings from eBay unless you can be sure they are definitely stainless (Chinese pretend stainless) as I tried that and they rusted luckily mine was an experiment with a Woolworths beer tin I threw it out not a huge deal. That’s when I did some research and went to Bunnings and bought Marine grade stainless steel rings which are smooth.
  8. Yours is way cooler than mine. I still can’t decide on a name and you have a cool phrase at the bottom!!!
  9. Cheers for the replies. I used to use a shot glass as well but found the same thing that they would eventually float again. Think I will give the 5cm stainless ball bearing a go. Should be able to get some off eBay. I haven’t been bothered about this issue for ages but noticed my last 2 brews that half the hops didn’t even seem to be making contact with the the beer until cold crash. Just wanting to maximize the hop aroma at the glass and think this is where it is falling down somewhat. 100g dry hop should be giving me more I reckon especially Citra and Mosaic Cheers James
  10. Yeah well 1050 is what the hydro said. I usually add 5 points to whatever the reading is as it's out of calibration in 20 degree water.
  11. @karlos_1984 you did say that the OG was 1050 so that shows plenty of sugars ...
  12. This is what I normally do. Just had another thought. I wonder if my mash temp dropped too much, not converting enough sugars? My mash temp was about 67 degrees, but when I checked it after 60 mins it'd dropped down to below 60. Could this be part of the issue perhaps?
  13. The only device which will tell you for sure that you have fermentation is the hydrometer it is king ... Measure OG for the baseline then measure again a couple of days after pitching to see if you have action . When there is action put that sample as is with the hydrometer and measuring cylinder in the ferment fridge and just keep checking it to monitor progress. Simples ...
  14. Maybe check out the malt bill for a beer like Brew Dog's "Nanny State". This can be found in their DIY Dog listing. The malt bill is very interesting & creates a lot of flavour at an extremely low alcohol level. I made a beer back in late 2015 very loosely modelled on this premise. Bar 100gms of dry malt extract, it was entirely all grain based. It ended up at 2.49% ABV & was full of flavour. It is still to this day the lowest ABV% beer I have ever made. On my own rating system, I gave it 4½ stars out of 5, I was that impressed with it. Might be worth a look. I'll continue to follow your progress in this thread. Cheers, Lusty.
  15. I have found a very strange phenomena with home brew both bottled and kegged .... no matter how crap it tasted at the start it is always at its best when you get to the last 2 litres or so of a brew ... it is a bit of a bugger really ...
  16. Apart from when having a sauna, what a great room to maintain a steady temperature. Love it.
  17. Does that one use an amber malt tin? That would be responsible for the darker colour. I did a few extract batches with it back in the day and they were all the same copper colour, not like a pale ale. I reckon it would be closer to LC if it just used light malt and a bit of medium crystal, in color at least. I did brew a pale ale a while back using those two hops which came out pretty close to LC. It wasn't intentional though, at the time I didn't even know they used the same hops in it.
  18. That's usually what I do. Bit of Sodastream cola syrup, Jack and fill it with soda water. Tastes better than real coke to me.
  19. aaahhhhhh alles klar... danke dir bwahahahh i really really want to ask!!!
  20. Not the Captain's bar, yours! The Lemmy bar has to run Jack n Coke. Even if you do not actually have Jack n Coke going. It could just be your soda water tap. Can still make coke with it for combining with the Jack.
  21. That's why I bought rigging wire. It'll probably last me a lifetime. The wooden trellis will probably have to be replaced at some point though.
  22. Well, there's no way the kit yeast would have dropped it by 18 points in half a day. That's why I suggested taking a reading before doing anything. It is odd that there weren't any visible signs, but best to check with a hydrometer first.
  23. Probably the right way to go. More natural. Mine are coming along okay, but the colder Melbourne climate means I am a few weeks behind you. I have to run new stringlines this weekend. Although I used polyline last year it has oxidised a bit and may not last the extra season. Also the hops seemed to prefer climbing twine the year before. But the twine did not last the growing season and needed some reinforcement.
  24. Yeah I'll see what happens. Usually I just leave them, eventually they get long enough and find a line. One of them tried growing through the fence into the neighbours yard but I think it fell back through to our side Over next winter I'll be digging them up again to fridge some rhizomes. During that time I'll top up the soil so it's not such a low amount in there. Being a flat surface might prevent them sort of falling away from the lines.
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