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  2. Not yet: Still have 4 brews in stock at home: 9: Euro Lager with Notty Yeast: 10: Coopers Stout 11: ROTM Belgian Chocolate Stout 12: ROTM Lamington Stout Brew 7 (English Bitter LDM) will be ready on 15th Aug, so I'll be able to compare it with Brew 6 (English Bitter Liquid Malt) then. I'll be sure to post back here!
  3. So! when it comes to stepping up a recipe, have others come to different ratios in grains and hops that I should take into consideration? As in, is it linear in batch size? From 23-43-60l?
  4. @Ben 10 your wife’s too good to you.... So happy for ya mate
  5. just the pack in to start with, i want to get the hang of things like temperature before i start branching out.
  6. Welcome @Stickers I haul sh1t across Adelaide for a living. Some of my work peers call themselves bus drivers but we're probably more like garbos. When I'm not working I'm usually trying to punt my way out of poverty. Needless to say I'm still living in poverty. But I won't quit. Quitters never win, winners never quit!
  7. Well I did throw them into a round receptacle. Nothing but net.
  8. Single Malt and Single Hop. Usually an All Grain brew that uses only one malt/grain type and one type of hop. They can be a bit one dimensional, but they show what you get from the malt and the hop.
  9. Hi Burbs. I started it at 20C yesterday morning to ensure activity. Got home from work last night and dropped it to 16C because it was active. Just dropped it to 15C a few minutes ago. Reckon I'll leave it at 15C until it's almost done and then up it a few degrees to ensure it finishes fermenting. How much would you pay a night to stay in the fridge?
  10. Hey @Stickers, Welcome to the Forum buddy. If you want to learn here is the place to be. What was your first brew? Standard Lager or something a bit more adventurous? I count myself as one of the lucky ones. I work with small scale private developments and have been able to continue to work from home. In fact, this week we had double the number of referrals that we have been getting for a while. So hopefully work is ongoing. You will find we are a helpful bunch of brewers, in case you had not already noticed. Again, welcome to what some call "The Rabbit Hole" that is home brewing.
  11. I think your biggest problem is that you 'dry hooped' rather than 'dry hopped' Shamus !?! Just joking mate... it will be lovely! I was keen to use up some old Galaxy Flowers the other day, and my helpful brewing apprentice suggested that they smelled Cheesy!? Think that even though refrigg'd the oils were oxidised and starting to go rancid... So I ditched them and went with Citra and Columbus... The only problem is nil challenge - it just will be different to what was originally planned?! It will be a lovely brew Shamus!!!
  12. Been off site for a bit Pilot - what's the latest - Brew 005 not showing you that Liquid Malt is the best way forward yet? Done a cracking brew with all three: Cooper Kit + Liquid Malt Tin + BE Pack.... to see how that goes?
  13. You know how I was planning a 12.5g dry hop of Amarillo in my Amarillo Golden Ale, well I thought I had a 100g packet of Amarillo hops in the freezer. So I then thought, I might up this dry hop to 25g. So I checked in the freezer and sure enough found the 100g packet. I have it because I am planning an IPL in a little while with 80g of this hop and 80g of El Dorado. So opened up the packet and measured out 12.5g to add to the 12.5g I had with the kit. Then did the dry hop as normal. Came back to my Inventory in Beersmith. I am usually fastidious at adding ingredients to my Inventory as soon as I buy them. I knew I had 25g of Amarillo for this kit and 25g of Amarillo to use in the Fruit of the Woods ROTM in a few weeks, plus the 100g packet in the freezer. Why does my Beersmith Inventory only show 100g of Amarillo? Then I thought, hang on, was that really a 100g packet of Amarillo in the freezer. Well, I must have eyesight-brain coordination issues. I went back to the freezer and that newly opened packet is actually Mosaic. This is also the hop planned for the IPL, not Amarillo. Back to Beersmith Inventory, when I saw Mosaic, I read Amarillo. How could I get these hops mixed up? Sometimes I think I get hop fog from some of the lovely names of the hops. That is my only explanation. So I have now dry hooped this beer with 12.5g of Mosaic and 12.5g of Amarillo. I dare say this will be a "capital decision" in the end, even if it was by accident. Anybody confused? I know I am.
  14. Next time grab a cuppla freshy picked beans and just have a gentle chew on the very fresh fruit outside coat - the skin - exocarp - worth a go : ) You can keep those beans and wash em for use later ; )
  15. No chewing involved, just a hammer and a chopping board
  16. Did you have a chew? The outside coat is quite nice and sugary from memory as a kid ; ) Just chewing on the outside coat of the seed itself....
  17. hello, am new to this forum and to homebrew in general, only on my first batch and have much to learn.. so i've joined up here, read a fair few posts and fair to say i have much to learn.. but learning is fun. i'm in melbourne, mid 40s and picked a good time to get into learning how to roast chickens and make homebrew, have spent most of this year learning how to make the sort of roast you'd be happy to invite your nana around to sample and have always been thinking about setting up for homebrew, but never really had much spare time until the restrictions hit and i went down to reduced working hours and bought a coopers kit and some extra bits like a temp controller/heat belt and bottling tree. my dad's been doing homebrew for a decade or so so i've been pestering him with noob questions, bless. during the 'day' i work in print and since covid nearly half my work is label and sticker related, mostly for food and booze. keeps me working and importantly, interested still. so aside from home brew, what are you all up to / in to / working with?
  18. 1. Know the dates of tasting/judging ahead of brewing the beer you wish to have judged. 2. Time your brewing of the beer to best coincide with how you wish it to be aged & received by the judges. 3. Naturally carbonate to a level inline with the style & more importantly to a level that will present well to the judges on the tasting/judging day. The rest is in the hands of the beer gods. Cheers, Lusty.
  19. Google "DMS in beer". Dimethyl Sulfide. Got this statement from Beersmith: "The half-life for DMS is 40 minutes, so half of the DMS will be boiled off in a 40 minute vigorous boil. So if we do the math, a 60 minute boil gets rid of 64.7% of the DMS and a 90 minute boil rids us of 79% of the DMS. That is why most experienced brewers recommend a 90 minute or longer vigorous boil." Pilsner Malt tends to be a bit higher in the compounds that produce DMS, hence why it is suggested by some to boil pilsner based worts for longer.
  20. Nice Muzzly - what temp are you doing this one at in the festive Brew Fridge? That Fridge looks big enough to rent out on Air-B-n-B?!
  21. Maybe some yeast sediment at the bottom of the glass? Not sure if that tastes sour or not. If the rest of the glass tastes good then I do not think you are doing anything wrong.
  22. Yes, look at Spec, cured, smoked, dried
  23. Suspect yours is better way - while nice lots of fats in there - to capture the nice smokey flavour - anyway - will see how things go and can always smoke stuff another time. If doing a Lonza/Loin or Pancetta/Belly whole piece of meat - salting - to dry cure... if wanted to do a smokey version - cold smoked - would I probably smoke earlier like you do with the Salami - rather than later?
  24. Way overpriced. I bought a floating dip tube identical to the one that comes with a Fermentasaurus for C$10 at my LHBS. Using it now. It does require you replace the long dip tube that comes with your keg with a short one. I bought a "gas in" tube on Amazon for the purpose. Came from China; two in the package for C$10. Cheers, Christina.
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