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  2. Agree, best casings I have used.
  3. There are massive quality differences though, the casing boutique ones are superb
  4. Is the wife away? Not the usual exotic, spicy dishes we see from you, Mick. Still looks the good though.
  5. Newer glass, obviously. I picked it up at Lifeline the other day. Unfortunately they only had the one.
  6. Coopers Pale Ale (my go to Beer) New batch, Very Good! It's been in the bottle for 30 days and won't be there much longer!
  7. It has been working for me, no good messing around with little packets of hops, I buy them in 100gm packs these days, works out a lot cheaper, vacuum sealed of course in the freezer.
  8. And now for a Stout, this was poured through the Stout Tap, a considerable difference but not quite a Nitro head, I must get involved with that one day. It is still a tighter head than the normal Spout. This was kegged a week ago & of course time will improve it, who am I kidding, it won't last long enough to age.
  9. Mate in the serious world of home brewing they have to be told that you need the kitchen area for your beer making so they have to adjust. Seriously I live by myself so I can do what I want.
  10. Judging by those pics, swmbo has left the building!
  11. Me and Mrs Paley have been to the Oyster Bar. They showcase oysters beautifully. A little expensive but you get what you pay for.
  12. Ive gotten to know the manager of a Cowell Farm. I pick up 10 dozen for ten bucks a dozen, picked from the basket that day. Its pure bliss shucking and eating them natural. My eyes roll back into my head.
  13. I know right. It was just shy of 3 Kilos - they must be putting something in their tucker.
  14. Get up this way after I keg it and you're on. Its the quick or the dead around here
  15. Cheers mate, I might just do a late infusion - Thanks Phil.
  16. That is a monster chicken! Bet it was yummy.
  17. I used 60gms of Galaxy in my current IPA & that really gave it the hop presence I was after; I know some don't agree with me but IMO you need at least 50gms of hops to achieve that, I will be repeating my last procedure with just a late infusion 4 days before kegging, I don't bother to boil them, but I have.
  18. And then there's the unfortunate phenomenon of "hop fade". If you really want a decent amount of an aromatic hit then you definitely need to dry hop with much larger amounts, but it definitely doesn't last. Experiences may vary, but my personal experience is dry hop big and drink as soon as... or don't bother.
  19. Certainly looks great mate. All these pics of these wonderful beers in glasses are making me thirsty.
  20. Another observation I've made over the years... is how quickly we normalise things. The fist sip, hints of 'band-aid'. By the time I get to the bottom of the glass however... hmmm.... not too bad... not too bad...
  21. Day 4 of my IPA in the keg, after adjusting the psi for a couple of days it is almost perfect, I tried one yesterday & posted stating it was a bit green but the extra 24 hours has made it wow, absolutely stunning, this is made to drink now - bugger trying to age it. It is the best IPA I have ever made.
  22. Hope it turns out for you BS, sounds like you have it sussed.
  23. A bit of roast chook and vege.
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