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  2. Nice to see you back Titan. I did see you reply to an earlier recent post and thought wtf, I thought he was outta here. I have a similar drinking too much beer issue. Got a four keg kegerator with barely 2L of Kolsch left, maybe 4L of soda water, and 18L of Pilsner conditioning. I am starting to look at lower ABV brews. With homebrew I reckon we can still get some great tasting brews without going over 5%. Drinking some bottles of 4.2% English Porter and it is delish.
  3. Oh great info. I’ve tried pilsners twice now and each time thought it could use more hops. On both occasions I used Saaz. The second time I coupled it with hallertau. I think both are pretty low AA so maybe the Motueka in the pils could be a goer.
  4. Many thanks for the info Marty. Interesting. I helped a mate with his 1st ever brew on the same day as mine with the same yeast M54 from the same shop ( a Coopers cerveza) without problem as bottled off yesterday and was looking fine so it's a strange one... Ended up bottling only 10 bottles of mine as just didn't' smell good at all. Cheers Clint
  5. @Tone boy you will not be disappionted. It will not be the same but will be very good. NS is a great hop. As is Motueka which is a super charged Saaz so great in Pilsners as well.
  6. Went Heavy on the bleach solution Dozer as you suggested. 4 hour soak . Triple rinsed and ready to roll. Cheers Clint
  7. That's true Auskraut ! I have made some crackers this year, the Saison recipe a standout with Added blood orange peel and coriander one of the best beers i have tasted, right up there with a commercial hoegarden. Still regard coopers sparkling as the Aussie flagship of beers but.. Thanks for your encouragement and am getting straight back into it with a Bootmakers Pale, Nelson and Cascade hops with some honey on for tomozz Cheers Clint
  8. The heat belt may have induced material to settle there, although sloping surfaces do hold the yeast. Infections during fermentation usually (not always) present themselves on the surface in the form of a pellicle, not mid height.
  9. No Marty. Their website says the summer ale has Motueka and Wakatu hops. I couldn’t get Wakatu so just chose another NZ hop. I really don’t know much about this caper yet so am happy to just try things and see. Am taking lots of brewing notes so if I stumble upon something good, hopefully I’ll be able to replicate it!
  10. Appreciate it Dozer71, I was thinking something like that... funnily enough thats seems to be the rough height I had the heat belt on for a few days to keep temp up...
  11. Not infected. Nothing to worry about. As fermentation finishes, yeast/sediment drops out and can catch on sloping surfaces. Enjoy your beer
  12. Brewed this up today, 43 litres sitting in the FV now ready for the Kveik Voss to kick in. Fermenting at ambient with no temp control so once it starts going I will bump up the pressure. Pitched at 3 pm so should the blow off should be bubbling before I go to bed. Plan to ferment this out at 5psi rather than the 15 i usually use and see if I get any ester production from the Kveik.
  13. Hi all, pretty new to this, 4th brew is a MJ Golden ale extract with 1.2 kg liquid malt. On its 12th day ion FV, and has started showing this sediment line around the middle, is this infected, or just something that happens time to time? Just weird as normally I use brew enhancer so haven't seen in previous brews. Im about to bottle anyway, no point wasting it, but just unsure what it is a result of.
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  15. Hey all. just took up brewing this year to while away the isolation (us Victorians have had a lot of time on our hands!) and have loved it. This forum has been awesome for me, so much knowledge. This is my first post here. Im just doing extract brews so far and throwing in some steeped grains, and late hops and dry hops. Have done a couple of lagers too which I really enjoyed doing. This week I tried to do a clone of Mountain Goat summer ale. It’s my favorite commercial beer so thought I’d give it a try: 200g Cara-Pils steeped at 70 deg 1.7 kg pale ale can 500g LDME 500g Dry wheat malt 250g dextrose HOPS: 10g Galaxy, 20g Nelson Suavin, 10g Motueka (all steeped for 20 mins with the boiled Dry malts) Yeast: US05 Planning on dry hopping this weekend with 20g each of NS and Motueka. Made 23 litres. OG 1.040 if it turns out to be a decent beer that’s close to the real thing I’ll be sure to let you know. Cheers to all
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    I solved this problem. I drink more whiskey.
  17. I keep “stock take” so I know how much I’m drinking. Helps me stay aware at least.
  18. Does it happen with all types of bottles? Or is there one bottle that you encounter issues with? I have encountered issues with Rekorderlig cider 500ml bottles. It seems the neck is slightly smaller than the plastic ring inside the caps I use. So its easy to be slightly off centre and let air escape. One tip I have is to put the cap inside the capper, rather than on top of the bottle. If you put it on the bottle, then the magnet in the capper grabs it when you cap. That can move the cap slightly. HTHs, Dan
  19. Cool, wasn't a stupid q after all. Thanks for the info JM.
  20. A thing to remember is a flat bottle can be reprimed, you don't have to throw it away, just add sugar and wait a couple of weeks. Some bottle openers are not kind to bottles, I don't like the common key ring sort.
  21. That’s awesome thanks for the replies. Will be heading into spotlight when I get back from this trip at work! Cheers James
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    @Coopers DIY Beer Team - reset his post count, that will tech him!!!!!!!!
  23. Checked the SG on my pale ale yesterday, not gonna bother with the planned second one tomorrow because if it wasn't done then it will be now. I threw in a dry hop of leftover falconers flight along with some Cascade. I didn't weigh it but it's probably around 50-60g all up. Just under half filled a large tea strainer ball, I would have used my usual two but the lid for the other one has gone walkabouts. Soon I'll buy another one probably just from a kitchen shop, can't be arsed waiting for postage and the quality there is probably better anyway.
  24. BIAB bags are best made out of polyester material, as at high temperatures nylon BIAB bags can go a bit hard and deformed after several brews. The best Spotlight material is Swiss Voile from the curtain (not the dressmaking) department. If you buy a square off the roll, cut it into a circle then hem the circle around that's all the sewing you need to do and it turns out the ideal size for urns etc. You can hang the bag from a hangman's noose like a teardrop which is ideal. No need to "baggify" it at all. Putting extra seams and bottoms etc just introduces weak areas. In fact with my recent bags I didn't even hem them. They fray for a few brews then reach the limit of the "fraying" and are good for a couple of years after that.
  25. I’ve never done it, but I believe many do, with good results. Our friend Miguel however, seems to have problems, with a disappointing and discouraging 20 percent failure rate. My method has a zero failure rate and zero cost. I qualified my advice with mention of the bottle top shape because I haven’t used other than standard twist top stubbies. I hope he gets it sorted and loses no more of his precious brew.!Cheers.
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