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  2. Some more nice home produce for dinner tonight.... the Spinach has been pretty happy with more rain and I got meself a cracking mushie as well
  3. I’m the opposite. I feel it brings a dank reisiny which is quite welcome in certain type beers.
  4. From my limited uses of Columbus I feel it carries a dark berry/citrus type character more than a resiny trait per say. I used it to bitter a couple of beer styles & didn't like it there as I expected I would from what I had read & the recipes I was following at the time. I have however really enjoyed dry hopping with it & low temp steeping it. Really terrific when combined with the right types of hops at this junction (IMHO). I'm looking to use it in a stout/porter recipe when I can get around to it as I reckon it will work really well in that space. But don't tell anyone though. Just my 20 cents, Lusty.
  5. I have noticed that my eggplants and capsicums seem to produce later each season. I tend to grow them together as well (at home). I considered it could be due to changing climate or perhaps I am planting them later as I do tend to hold off until after Cup day to plant them out. I am not sure but I am not complaining as they make a welcome contribution late in the harvest that I enjoy very much. On a grimmer note I received a message from a lady who holds a plot at a community garden.... "Sadly Covid-19 restrictions prevent anything other than watering and harvesting for a period of 20 minutes only. Of course social distancing in practice along with sanitising hands when handling taps, hosing and gates. No more planting, weeding or digging. So sad for those who grow in abundance to share with family and friends. This is also vital exercise for us, and the opportunity to do something that is productive and worthwhile. Plot holders are aware of the restrictions and while not necessarily happy with them, do hope the garden is not closed completely as I believe some already are. I will never complain about weeding again!" I do my best to comply with the restrictions but I don't understand how an individual weeding or digging or planting in an expansive community garden is going to spread the virus. On the other hand I appreciate that most community gardens are incorporated and there are legal liabilities to be considered.
  6. Just had a vintage, it’s just on 200 days old & what a nice beer!
  7. Hi guys. My current brew appears to have stopped around 1.013-14. A little higher than I had hoped but it still may drop a further point or two yet before I decide to keg it next weekend. Added the 50gm Cashmere dry hop to my current brew a short while ago. First time using this hop so this is a test brew. Descriptors are pretty spot on. I did note a slight resiny trait that I also quite like in general. Ever had a sickly sweet IPA or other type of beer? The resiny trait of some hop varieties is very effective at helping to quell & cut through malt sweetness. Particularly helpful in higher ABV% beers that carry a lot of malt flavour. Whenever I come across a hop that has it as a forward trait I always make a note of it for future reference as not all hops have this character trait. Cheers & good brewing, Lusty.
  8. Has anyone used the kit supplied yeast (code ‘H’) with the Coopers Preachers Hefe and can advise whether the resulting style is that of a German Hefeweizen (as the name suggests) or a Belgian Wit (which the recommended replacement yeast WB-06 suggests?)
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  10. More importantly is competion entry. I have a standard 2 tap kegerator that holds three 19l kegs (may add a third tap soon). But i have 6kg and 2.6kg cylinders and 3 regulators (one spare). I just find this more convenient certainly if one of the cylinders runs out and LHBS has run out of swaps (yes it happens). Fermenting freezer acts as keg carbonation when it doesn't have an fv in there.
  11. Well first pour of the other toucan i did a few weeks ago. Briess Unhopped malt extract paired with a coopers dark ale. Surprisingly they are very similar in colour, i expected this to be darker more stout/porter in appearance. This combination turns in a great brew, really enjoying it. This will be my new goto KK when stocks are low.
  12. Wow plenty of yeast threads going at the moment. Did you save all the sediment? Pour off the bulk of the cider sitting on top of the yeast, give a good swirl and pitch the lot.
  13. I made my wife a cider in the craft fermenter. I saved the sediment in a jar and would like to pitch it again. Should I make some kind of starter or just give the jar a shake and chuck it in? If making a starter, should I just pitch it into some apple juice? I'm not intending to use malt in the recipe. The yeast is MJ M02.
  14. Haha yes mate. Foggy Dew is an old Irish ballad. That twat McGregor walks into the ring with that song.
  15. The 3724 didn't leave the building, the Belle likely ate it. Cheers, Lusty.
  16. Sounds much better than the much hyped Biggie Juice and Rock juice coming out of the WA market
  17. Lager yeast can still be working at that temperature, rather than zero. Ales obviously go dormant much warmer so it doesn't really matter with them.
  18. Foggy Dew Hazy IPA. So called as fermented using London Fog liquid yeast. My first time in two and a bit years using liquid yeast and I must say the difference is astounding. It looks like breakfast juice. Hopped with a small bit of magnum and then heavily whirlpool and dry hops of Eldorado, galaxy and azacca. I may be so bold to call this my best beer to date and one that will be brewed over and over again
  19. Yep I fell into that trap as well. Didn't happen but was a good thought.
  20. I went straight to kegging, couldn’t be bothered scrubbing bottles, got too many other tings to do. You won’t look back once you keg JM
  21. Usually they all condition for 2-3 months in my cellar, once I get stocks up. Brewing a fair bit to catch up after Xmas. I’m a big Pilsner fan, but only a K & K brewer, haven’t ventured down the rabbit hole to AG yet
  22. Yeah... I realise it's a rabbit hole. But having just spent 1.5 hours standing at the sink cleaning and sanitising 60 bottles... I'm thinking of still doing larger-than-20L brews and bottling a few from each batch. Then I have beer to take with me to friends etc. I figure I'd sell my 160+ PET's and keep the long necks for bottling. The force carbing thing is not a plan for onging production, but I wouldn't mind having it as an option without having to interrupt the on-tap flow. I would normally do the set-and-forget method but figure the dual-pressure manifold gives me the option without having to invest in extra reg and gas.
  23. Take not @Journeyman another 9 kegs that aren't in the Kegger. Gee Red your got quite the production line going. So how long do your kegs condition for. I have found for my taste is 4 to 6 weeks is best for non hop forward beers and 2-3 weeks for the hop bombs.
  24. Cheers mate, 5 empties at the moment, 4 full ones waiting their turn in my cellar , 3 fermenters going at the moment, they’ll be kegged over the Easter break. I’ll CC them around Mon/Tues ready for the long weekend. You have a pretty good set up yourself, I’m about to inherit another fridge from a relative who doesn’t want it anymore, so that means I can have my all fridge back ( which is acting as a drinks fridge in the laundry ) so might convert that to a keg serving fridge.
  25. Not sure if you are confused. Pouring pressure and carbing pressure are the same pressure if you don't force carb. The set and forget method is hook it up at serving pressure for a week and bingo it is ready. Or am I confused and you know that? Anyway the manifold has shut off valves that allows you to pump up the pressure to one while isolating the other and vice versa then setting the serving pressure on the reg again. It is a small inconvenience but better than having $200 worth of kit sitting there that you use sporadically. Seriously spend the money on extra kegs. One thing you need to be aware of is the batches are smaller at 20L and you will need next to no bottles. So you can sell those. Oh and your dreaming if you think kegging not another rabbit hole it is it is just shallower.
  26. Saison made from my 3724/belle blend. Time to turf the yeast. The 3724 presence has left the building. I think ill make a 3724 and 3726 blend and see how that one is.
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