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  2. At this stage the dry hop was 4g/l but I think it needs a little more maybe 4.75g/l ha ha ga
  3. Tried to play it ? I broke quite a few bones in my career.... Also often ran a half marathon per game as well as taking big hits from angry kiwis looking to hurt me Yes I have played all the major codes other than that silly round ball game
  4. I should of mentioned dry hop g/l. I think you nailed the colour.
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  6. Im going to go with Burnt Dandelion. Yes, Unmalted wheat, from the pet store. I use it to about 5% in most pales these days that need a little something to adjust the bitterness in dry beers. Gives it this "impression" of body. And no to stuck mashes. G/L, I don't know Norris. Total in the hot side was 4.8g/l. However, I don't really account for hops like that. Why, you ask? Because each hop plays differently. I go by amounts due to experience (and total oil content) then adjust the next brew to taste. Because after all, its about the taste at the end of the day. For instance, now that I know how harsh Vic Secret can be due to the high oil content, I tone that down every time I use it. Its insane for the oil content and flavour that it produces at small amounts. Cascade on the other hand, just smash as much in as you possibly can and at different stages to draw different flavours out. Its a nice beer, but will fine tune the next one a little. Possibly more hops per l
  7. The only game where you get a point for missing the goal Like a trophy for participating
  8. @Otto Von Blotto it’s flat on top. Upon closer inspection this afternoon it appears the lid doesn’t screw on properly. Not sure why I didn’t notice it the first time... it screws on and then clicks out of the thread and sits like its been screwed on crooked. Spent about half an hour trying to get it to line up. No good tho.
  9. I don’t bother planning. I still want to work for the same company but just a cushy overpaid office job
  10. I used to have the Valpar Super Flexmaster and it was pretty good but I changed all my lines and tried the KegLand line and for the price I’m pretty happy with it
  11. Yeah! Man, that it is not cool. How can you plan for anything? Totally a good move.
  12. Sipping on the Munich MAC in Amarillo. Still nice, it has cleared up nicely with a nice fluffy head.
  13. It could be prairie gold on second thought. Dude, that sounds pretty awesome. I would be blown away by that and keep coming back for more. Wheat you talking bout, unmalted wheat? Hahha, what that translates to is "hmmm, interesting. I have read of this unmalted wheat but never used it. You must like the qualities it brings, as you brew with it. Have you had any stuck mashes using it?" What was your g/l? 4.5g/l is about my minimum for most ales but I have been looking at the economics of it for awhile and I can see that huge brews, 8g/l or more, I should try to use cheaper hops and leverage off of a highlight hop or two. Like Centennial and Citra or Centennial, Vic secret and Riwaka or something like that. But at the end of the day sometimes you just want to go big! Anyways, good look with the journey.
  14. I can understand it with beer lines because there's a chance of them getting stuff built up inside them, but gas lines shouldn't need replacing unless they break.
  15. Yeah Eff that @Beer Baron I started a job like that 2 years ago and I knew it was temporary, I didn’t last as long as I thought and chucked the sh!ts pretty quickly. I’d get told Sunday night that I had one shift all week, on the Monday. Then by the end of each day they would ask me to work the following day. Sunday came around again, one shift. After about a month of this I started booking other work in if they didn’t secure my services the Sunday night. They got the picture and I think I lasted another 4 weeks before I said to them I would not be in tomorrow nor any other time for them. I really like structure, especially now I have a kid.
  16. Bottling my ESB soon, so the Real ale will be back on. The basic Real + liq malt is a bit thin on flavour for me, kind of a mild english ale. Not bad, but needs something more. As I mentioned, I'll be going a tin of liq Amber this time, and adding some sugar, so following the idea of the Scotch ale recipe. Dunno whether to go 250g Dark Brown or blackstrap molasses. Blackstrap is the darkest, most syrupy version. One article I found suggest it might be too much, don't want any burnt flavours. "Blackstrap: Full, Robust, heavy. Some bitterness, notes of rum and raisin, along with heavy tar and burnt caramel." but this is from an AG brewer, so they'll probably be using it in a boil and at bigger quantities I would imagine. Any experience with this black molasses added as a fermentable sugar?
  17. From what I can see most places recommend replacement every 3-4 years but if they aren't causing any problems I don't see the need to replace :).
  18. Mine are a bit like that too but at least I have a general idea of what it will be each day. They vary but only by an hour or two, not like working all different shifts like I did when I started there.
  19. My roster is a disgrace. I don’t even know my shifts for next week and when I do know I never start the same time two days in a row. I want to be able to know exactly what I am doing every day. It’s just time to move on!!
  20. How big is the bottle of cordial? Given it'd be primarily made up of sugar I'd suggest it be added at the start with the rest of the ingredients. Wouldn't have any idea about chilli though, I keep that well away from any beers I make
  21. Maybe, but it's just easier to leave things overnight. Unless I keg a batch on a weekend I soak the fermenter overnight because I really can't be arsed rinsing it out after work at 8pm or something
  22. Yeah they're great quality lines. I don't know how often they're meant to be replaced but I've had mine going 4 years and still fine. I have thought about moving to 6mm line because it would be easier to stretch over the tubes that run up the font to the taps, but then I'd need them way longer which would create issues inside the kegerator. I will be replacing my gas lines soon but that's because I need to make them longer to facilitate putting the manifold on the bar itself, then feeding the lines under it and into the back of the kegerator. Or something like that. It's not really ideal having the manifold just resting on the gas cylinder. Once they're done they'll just about last forever.
  23. Ooh your poor IPA will be up against Galactipa I’m afraid
  24. It's perhaps worth noting that Sodium Percarbonate is only active for 5 or 6 hours. Something to bear in mind next time you do a soak.
  25. Yea, I drive. I just thought you may have wanted to shoot up to sunny QLD for the arvo ...
  26. Thanks Kelsey. I figured I would just bite the bullet and pay the extra for the quality lines. I've upgraded pretty much all of my system to higher quality gear now so won't skimp on the lines. Cheers.
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