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  2. So John E, did you count the grains ? What is it ?
  3. After all this Kuffalle King, you do realise you'll have to back this brew up with a vid. If your dog and kids arent in, its no go. Looking forward to you going with this.
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  5. I did this recipe and will never use molasses in beer ever again. If you like the taste of liquid rusted metal, it might be your thing, but not mine. Go with BE2 or 3 plus 500 dry malt or 250-300g brown sugar.
  6. No, not peak kraussen activity, just until the end of the lag phase. In my case I use the start of bubbles in the airlock as my marker, but if you don't use an airlock you will have to use visual clues. Note that the "one cup of slurry" rule of thumb is for ales only, not lagers. Lagers pitched at fermentation temps are not suited to saving slurry, as the temperature is too cold for cellular reproduction. In regards to lagers, if you pitch cold you could use the entire old yeast cake of the first batch, but personally I would only do that once and then start over again. The alternative would be to pitch a cup of slurry warm, at 18-20C, and then dial down the temp to 12C at the end of the lag phase, for fermentation. But with lager yeast it can be even harder to tell when the lag phase is over, using visual clues. Cheers, Christina.
  7. Here is one for you Phil. Breakfast / brunch. Slice of toasted vienna bread or other favorite bread (crumpets are nice too), no butter, lightly smeared with fig & date chutney (fig jam may work too), covered with 1/2 smashed avocado about 10-15 mm thick with dessert spoon depression in the middle. Plop in a soft poached egg, top with garnish of finely sliced spring onion, salt and a grind of black pepper. Enjoy out in the sunshine with a nice cup of tea or fresh ground coffee. My wife loves these for breakfast / brunch on a lazy weekend or day off. Cheers
  8. Cute box probaly felt better satisfaction slipping a greenback into a rippers pocket then coopers.... But eh!
  9. Thanks Shamus, about the same as I worked out with my software. 3.8% a bit over the top IMO.
  10. You got lucky with your RIS not going beserk, I remember leaving over 10L of headroom in mine and coming home to a mess on the floor. Suppose thats what this home brewing games about! Agree 100% the collar isn't needed for a standard stout or TBH 99% of brews..
  11. About 5% in 20 litres (give or take a little).
  12. Brewfather says 0.8% ABV from 0.5kg of LDM in 23L. No priming allowed for. 3.0% if you add a typical 1.7kg hopped extract.
  13. Sounds nice. What ABV would you reckon it would come out? I've just looked up BE1. 60% dextrose 40% maltodextrin To keep it simple I'd probably go with that and 500g LDME.
  14. My go to recipe used to be: Coopers English Bitter kit 1kg LDM 200g Dextrose 200g Medium Crystal Hop tea of something like EKG, Challenger, Fuggles, Styrian Goldings etc.
  15. I made a Coopers Imperial Russian Stout. That's renown for going berserk. Mine didn't, and there was no need for a collar. I did post a pic of it on the forum at the time. I'll try and find it. Found it. You can see the krausen is only just at the top of the collar. You won't need a collar if you're making just a Coopers Irish Stout. If you want to make a stronger stout, like a toucan, my advice would be to have plenty of cold water available and get it down to fermenting temperature ASAP.
  16. spend a little more money and add 1kg ldm dont waste time with brew enhancer for the price of more malt or if want use the be1 that bad add that with the 500g ldm
  17. not the only one I was expecting to see something the missus would slap me asking for a look.
  18. Personally I go with the recipes that Coopers have created. Then I'll decide if I want to change anything next time or not even try again. Over the years I've gone to making a nice tasting beer in the lower alcohol range. You say that's a lot of sugar. Really to up the alcohol content you'd have to add more sugar. Someone with a bit more expertise might be able to help and tell you how much sugar or other fermentables you'd have to add to get it up to where you want it. The English Bitter kit and a kilo of malt was always one of my go to brews when I started.
  19. come on guys has anyone got them special tomato plants
  20. apparently hopefully it dies off yank megaswill is worse than ours.
  21. @CLASSIC think I had pale ale green label but quite dark in glass would like to try the red label eventually. @Hairy by end of scooner I thought I was detecting Amarillo but unsure because are so many similar hops now. when I first started brewing 12 years ago first time Amarillo was the most popular fruity/pine hop and tasted really strong. Now it seems like all the newer strains are heaps stronger with more flavours. the couple of times used galaxy I think flavour is amazing hope I get same effect with eclipse and others I plan on using
  22. I'm going to put my first brew on this weekend and I am quite keen on Coopers English Bitter. My only issue is that I understand the beers comes out around 3.5% alcohol, and I am hoping to make something with a bit more kick. I came across this recipe for an Extra Smooth Bitter using this kit, and finishing at 4.1% the recipe comes out closer to what I want, and it would be slightly cheaper to run since Brew Enhancer 1 came with my brew kit. My main apprehension towards this recipe is that using Brew Enhancer 1 and 200g of molasses seems to be quite a lot of sugar and I'm not sure whether this will have the best result. I was wondering whether I might be better off using some Brew Enhancer 2 or 3 in conjunction with some LDM for better results. Has anyone modified this tin to finish with more alcohol or followed the extra smooth bitter recipe? I would greatly appreciate some advice on the best way to brew this kit with an end result in the 4-5% abv range.
  23. the box looks like it is infected as well as over carbonate you can send to me to dispose of the box and its content
  24. Thanks for the advice guys! I ended up going with the Coopers FV.
  25. From memory I think it is Nelson Sauv and Amarillo. Nice drop.
  26. Good beer, had this one a few times, Cheers Phil
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