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  2. Yep baked potato wedges with finely chopped rosemary and heaps of sea salt and EVOO are yum. Dipped in sour cream with Thai sweet chill sauce stirred though, yum, yum, yum.
  3. @jennyssI've been away bush yet again but have been meaning to ask. Do you take phone orders? If I request a half serve of anchovies on that pizza, do you have a delivery service?
  4. @Coopers DIY Beer Team G’day Frank, Can your WEB team please look at a brewer review - star rating system on your recipe page/s, showing say, stars out of five? I for one would like to see a search filter for best recipes; five stars out of five being the top recipes as voted by Coopers Community Members. And being a Community Member we would be able to see who rated which recipe what amount of stars and why. Make it so that ‘the reviewers’ have to be Coopers Community Members so that they can ‘brew and review’ then submit a star or stars to recipe so as to give some honest and reliable feedback. Non Community members can see the star rating on each recipe but cannot see who gave that review or why. Feasible? Cheers - AL
  5. I don't think there was a song, It was just vision and it was just moving around the room.
  6. Have a quick read of the post here for how I dry hop. Plenty of other options too. For 150g of hops I would use one of the giant 60cm x 60cm Chux cloths. It is good to have enough room for the hops to expand and float around inside.
  7. Beer Cartel - 8th December - Ballistic Beer Co - Experimental NZ Pilsner Lime & mandarin aroma. Plenty of bitterness. A clean but danky hop flavour. It is like smelling one beer (hoppy pale or an IPA) and drinking another (robust lager). I love it. 9/10
  8. I agree about the blocking, but I have a few of those & they all stuffed up & what I do now is sanitise a needle & cotton to close the gate as they are cheaply made & don't last that long.
  9. This may look like a mess, but I can assure you it is very satisfying, the Doc just upped my medication for my shoulder so possibly the beers/wine could be affecting me with the prescription tablets but I am looking for a good night's sleep. Medium Steak, Sausages, Jacket Potatoes, Coleslaw & Red Wine.
  10. Me too. Or a hop tea made in a coffee plunger, but that's not dry hopping
  11. Something is wrong with your phone mate
  12. same. or if i can't be bothered boiling mine for a few mins to sterilise i'll use a chux out of the packet.
  13. saw the pixies at the forum in melbourne last night. they must have ripped through 20+ songs in their hour and a half set and it was smashingly good. they looked more in shape than in their hay day! the projection christmas art on flinders st buildings is pretty cool, too.
  14. Yep. That would be perfect. A bit higher is fine, too.
  15. Ok cool. So probably keep in a similar area to the initial fermentation? For some reason thought needed to be warmer
  16. @Pickles Jones, mate, here is one clip I found.
  17. Brothers in spirit, literally. Very nice beer, very clovey
  18. A touch above 18°c. Though anything above that will work. It should carbonate within a couple of weeks. After that, depending on style, keep it cool.
  19. Boozebud Day 7 - Sauce Brewing - Beer Selfie Oat Cream IPA I've only had a few of this style before and this was as good as the others I've tried. Idaho7 and Sabro hops. Might give that combo a crack sometime. Worked in this one. It hid the 7% incredibly well.
  20. Boozebud Day 6 - Temple Brewing - Okinawa Splice A take on the Splice icecream. Not quite a Splice but I can see what they were going for. A really interesting sour. Low on the sour/funky/yeasty flavour. A fuller mouth feel than a regular sour. Citrusy. I enjoyed it. So did my partner and she doesn't really like sours. I'd happily buy this one every now and then.
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