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  2. Jurys out on this one, Its got a dry taste / after taste, a bit like black tea, there's raspberry in there but not much else in stand out flavour. Hasn't gassed well, not smooth like my other Wheat beers, closer to (but not) fizzy, find I have to degas it in the glass or let it sit in a jug for 15-20mins. Might be an imperfect brew or just the way pouring tea & tea bags into beer effects it.
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  4. If it turns out well it's going into the fermenter tomorrow so given there's only really one keg on tap at the moment it'll probably go on tap pretty much as soon as it's kegged. Previous brews turned out a little sweet, so for this one I've increased the long boiled bitterness and dropped the caraaroma down to 50g to just get a hint of its flavour. I don't know what effect the golden syrup will have but interested to see if I can notice anything from it. It's probably right up the top end of the guide for bitterness, maybe over it, but I can never seem to get them balanced when I keep it inside the guidelines so stuff it.
  5. Nice one Kelsey. I will be interested to hear what you think of it when its done. Could you please cross post it in the English Bitter thread?
  6. The pilsner is down to 3 degrees as of some time last night, so it'll sit there for two weeks and then be kegged. The ESB is going into the other FV tomorrow, so it'll be ready to keg a few days later. Enjoying this double production thing!
  7. Have always loved the song. The story only adds to it's quality.
  8. Tonight had the first beers from the totally submerged Simcoe Citra Mosaic IPA dry hop and can confirm without a shadow of a doubt that there is way more hop aroma and flavour with this batch. Last few times couldn’t really notice the difference between 50g and 100g dry hop, but this time the hops are definitely hitting me in the face! Only did 2 days at ferment temp and 2 days cold crash, which may have affected perceived freshness in the hops ( see brulosophy on dry hop duration times). Not discounting that this batch of hops may have been fresher than the last few times, but it makes sense to me that hops that are totally immersed will give more flavour and aroma than hops sitting on top of the beer. Especially if larger amounts of hops are used , and getting a hop island affect. When I make a cup of tea I always push the tea bag down with the spoon, and to me this is similar, won’t get a decent cuppa if the tea bag floats on top of the water!! Well to me that is a technique confirmed! Tropical fruit bubble gum in your face type of flavour!! Eat your heart out Deschutes!!! Happy Friday! Cheers James
  9. I'm so old I don't even remember high school, let alone physics.
  10. I have always brewed pale ales for as long as ive on and off home brewed which is about 10 years now. If I ever buy beer its always pale ale type beers, the hoppier the better. I recently ordered yeast from cheapyeast and threw in a T-58 in as the peppery description had me. I put on the coopers dark monk yesterday as my first brew where the yeast adds some flavour (besides my kveik experiment recently). OG 1056 its currently fermenting at 20c with a nice thick krausen which started to show after only 12 hours from pitching the dry yeast. Im pretty excited about this brew hopefully this opens up a new world of beer to me!
  11. I bottled mine on tuesday and threw a bottle in the fidge yesterday (about 10 days from putting the brew down to drinking) and I can say I am happy with the results. I get a slight fruit salad kind of aroma and taste I guess you could say its orange but I think more like those tins of fruit salad you get from the supermarket. It could be the citra but I brewed this exact recipe recently with the coopers kit yeast and it came out nothing like this. Its a pretty tasty beer to me I will be doing this one again soon with more hops.
  12. Not much to follow being a SMASH. Yeast, expected ABV, ferment temp. Beyond that finding it hard to think of much else. I think I have some Azacca in the back of the fridge atm on the back of Ben 10 talking it up, so will be interested in the outcome of this. Best of luck with the brew, Lusty.
  13. What else would you do on a Friday night after receiving a new Inkbird ITC-308-wifi? Calibrate it. OK so my memory of high school physics is a little rusty but I seem to remember that the latent heat of fusion of water = 0°C so I set up an ice bath and put the probe in and waited to see what it measured. Exactly 0.0°C so pretty happy with that. I don't much care about the other end of the scale as it is running a fridge not a heater.
  14. Having a glass of the hazy pale ale. Hops are not as bright, after 3 weeks but a nice beer that is becoming balanced versus overly hoppy, but still has a good nose and flavour. I am looking forward to seeing how this ends up by week 5 and by the end of the keg.
  15. Sounds nice Norris. It'll be a nice change off the NEIPA bandwagon.
  16. Found this... Love the story & the music. Lusty.
  17. I am enjoying the coopers XPA. I like this beer. It is very balanced, I did get it on sale for $21 for a 6 pack, so I am not complaining, except I can pick up the PoR hops they use for bittering. My only suggestion would be to not use them but that is my preference. I think it overshadows the simcoe and lemondrop. Unless I don't know what I am talking about and I am picking up something from the lemondrop and simcoe combo, but I taste the PoR as clear as day like I would in a VB or Carlton Draught. But like I said, I still like the beer. It could do with some more hops though, again personal preference. Cheers Norris
  18. I truly appreciate it. My next batch is, wait for it...another pale ale, I will send you some. It will have horizon as a fwh and then galaxy, Amarillo and citra cubed.
  19. Yeah had a chat with AUS Post today actually. They've recently revised their pricing on packaging sizes based on weight etc. to the better for all of us. As an example I often send 3 bottles of beer to co-brewers in a slender box, then cheap it out by placing that in a post pack baggy large enough to contain it. Used to cost me $17-$18. I posted a larger box earlier today (no baggy required) with two extra bottles in it, cost me just over $18. Winning. Lusty.
  20. That said, it is still vegetal matter & probably not advisable to leaving it laying around that long. As an example, would you eat cabbage that has been sitting around for the same time-frame steeped? Food for thought anyways (excuse the pun). Lusty.
  21. AND Auspost will take up to 5kg in any prepaid satchel now
  22. No wort. Started mixing that when I got back.
  23. Hi Lab Rat. I'm interested in this area. While the steep is going on is your wort sitting around as well, or do you mix it together after? Is the steep in a malt solution or just water? The reason I ask is that if a sugar source is sitting around & gets down into the low 40's & below temp wise, it becomes vulnerable to spoilage organisms, bacteria & wild yeasts. I learned this the hard way a number of years back with a couple of infected brews that I attributed to this. Once I stopped leaving the wort around for lengthy timeframes, no more infections. Given all the effort & coin we put into our brewing, tipping 20+ litres of hard work down the drain isn't very satisfying to do. If you're not leaving mixed wort around while you carry out the steep then please disregard the above. But to those that are doing this, I would definitely advise you re-assess your processes & time-frames to avoid this situation in future. Cheers & good brewing, Lusty.
  24. I always leave the Beer Line off whilst carbing up, once 24 hrs is up I’ll drop it down to serving pressure then connect the Beer Line for serving.
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