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  2. hermetically sealed years, open to atmosphere ?? Keep the lid on & tape it up. You probably should look into a recirc pump with some grunt as I'm guessing the pump with the unit is just a condensate pump with maybe 1mtr head What does the material safety data sheet tell you?
  3. Hey mate, I checked it today which is day 2.5 almost day 3. How many more days would you say I should wait until I do my final FG reading?
  4. Going to be a low ABV (4%) on those numbers. Have you checked it over a few days? It probably hasn't finished yet.
  5. Haven't done Marty's suggestion, but the Scotch ale is a winner.
  6. All normal. Both brews still got a few days to go. Depending on your ingredients, hydrometer should read around 1010 or below. When it's the same 2 days in a row, it's done.
  7. I bottled some of my apple wine into Coopers PET bottles and added 2carbonation drops per bottle, but nothing has happened. I thought there would be some yeast left to carbonate the wine but it appears not. I was wondering about putting a little bit of yeast into the bottles to get it happening but not sure how much to add. There is a distinct risk of making bottle bombs of course. I have some Coopers can yeast I was thinking of using or I could get some champagne yeast I guess?
  8. Sounds completely normal to me. Keep your lid on, your temperature as steady as possible and you'll be on your way to a nice beer soon.
  9. Hey mate, I am the same as you, just started my DIY brew journey 3 days ago! I found that my brew in the FV was foaming a bit for the first 2 days, now onto day 3 and there is still foam but it isnt going nuts. Temp is around 19C (was at around 21-22) the first 2 days. Hydrometer says 1019 atm (started at 1050).
  10. Just started my diy brew journey have done Coopers pale ale kit , everything seemed ok, now on day 3 froth and foam doesn't seem as active much as last day or so does this froth normally slow/ disapear like this at this stage did a hydrometer test probably early but it's gassy and about 1018 am I still on track temps regulated at about 20/21c
  11. Has anyone tried this before? how did it turn out?
  12. Today
  13. I wish you guys would stop rubbing my nose in your fancy kegs
  14. I wouldn't call 19C low for us05. Ideal range is 15-22. Unless your measuring internal temps in the fermenter it's probably higher from heat of the ferment. I am assuming you're checking your final gravity and ensuring its stable over two or three days before kegging. 10 days *should* be fine if you have healthy yeast for moderate gravity beer. If you haven't measured gravity before you crash chill, then you can't confirm the yeast finished the sugars and moved onto other stuff. White labs recommends a two day rest at 18-22. Are the beers dry hopped with copious amounts of late dry hops? If so hop creep is a possibility. Some hops will contain the enzymes to convert long chain unfermentable carbs into fermentables. From there the yeast will start fermenting again. If you crash chill yeast will drop out without cleaning up. Bacteria will also throw diacetyl. So last thing you could look at is your cleaning and sanitizing. Check your keg lines and taps as well. If you want to dig more I've attached the White labs article or have a look at: Sorry about the essay. Hope it helps. Diacetyl_Time_Line (1).pdf
  15. Hey Guys, To kick off using my 2nd FV I will be making a Pumpkin Ale (8.5L) 1 × Mr Beer Bewitched Amber Ale (1.3kg) 1 × Packet Carbonation Drops (72g) 1 × Libby's 100% Pure Pumpkin 29 Ounce can (https://usafoods.com.au/products/libbys-100-pure-pumpkin) 1 × 200g Demerara Sugar 1 × ½ tspn Ground Ginger 1 × ½ tspn Ground Cinnamon I will be documenting the process / Recipe on here hopefully kicking off soon, just waiting on my heating belt and a few other things to be delivered. Cheers!
  16. Just checking quickly, but it seems that if you're planning on bottling then the process of lagering is essentially an extended period of bottle conditioning/carbonating at low temperatures? I certainly don't have fridge space so could I got through the process described, bottle, and leave them in the garage for the time? Cold shouldn't be a problem since I'm in Melbourne and winter is upon us.
  17. Local Salvos had one that's better than the one I use daily for coffee. $3! Even betterer.
  18. I would say they would be the same as long they are stored in a cool dry place. Plenty on google about it 2 -5 years but again depend if it’s opened etc
  19. Also just checked the FG and it currently is at 1019, OG was approx 1050
  20. Hi @Shamus O'Sean with the crappy Melb weather (and until i get my heat belt) if my Stout is in the FV at 20C is this to low? First time brewing so just have alot of questions! I am on Day 3 of Fermentation in the FV. I also have the following on the Temp Strip please see photo attached, am I at 18C or 20C ? Any help appreciated! Cheers !
  21. Oh poo, you're a day late @MUZZY - I could have tried that yesterday if I'd known! It'll probably be several months before I do another partial or kit brew ... unless MOTB comes up ROTM I suppose
  22. Just checked the Dark Ale No. 4. Cruising in on Day 4 @ 1.012. Slightly lighter in color than the previous due to a little extra dry malt that I dropped in. Testing the SG initially was a bit low @ 1.032 and went 300g of LDM extra
  23. Bubble sizes.... Toucan Dark Ale > C02 Urbock heavy body > Stout on Nitro
  24. Hi gang I know there are many topics on the validity of using extract cans past the expiration date as well as the associated yeast with the can. However, I didn't see any discussion about expiration of the other ingredients that Coopers sells. Specifically I am referring to: - Dextrose - BE1 - BE2 - BE3 I have been told by Coopers that the Light Dry Malt doesn't expire, but it might get hard and need extra time to dissolve when used. Does that apply to all of the above as well? They don't have expiration dates on the boxes, so I am hoping that means they last forever. Thanks in advance!
  25. Absolutely. When i was doing the list I was thinking more off the gear needed but 100% correct Nail done fermentation, hopping and partial mashes as you progress. This is so true.
  26. That's what I thought originally, which made me change to a tap over the pluto, but nothing changed. I gave the dip tube a blast of gas last night, but not much changed. I might not have waited long enough after disrupting it, but I will give the disconnect a good clean and break down tonight. I agree with the leaks vs pressure inside the keg as I have no beer itself leaking, but still confised as to where the excess air is coming from in the line. Thanks for the help, very interested to what you find when you take your keg apart! Might tip and do the same soon if I cant fix it with the beer inside. Thanks for the help!
  27. Thanks @iBooz2 and @Titan - helps me understand more what can happen.
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