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  1. Here's something for you VB lovers. https://www.brewsnews.com.au/2023/02/03/fridge-magnet-highlights-difficulties-in-marketing-innovation/#:~:text=Fridge magnet highlights difficulties in marketing innovation Je ne boirais pas cette merde si c’était libre
  2. I felt like acting the Goat. This is a nice beer, I have had it before, a good fridge filler.
  3. Mate we don't know that, but we will take you word for it
  4. This is only one of many, but I don't use it all the time depends on what I have in stock at the time. Southern-Style Buttermilk Fried Chicken https://www.bing.com/search?q=using+buttermilk+for+batter&qs=n&form=QBRE&sp=-1&pq=using+buttermilk+for+batter&sc=9-27&sk=&cvid=86F5DA3E8D1A4A3D999DAC4DE0DA3BE5&ghsh=0&ghacc=0&ghpl=#:~:text=Videos-,Southern-Style Buttermilk Fried Chicken,-Allrecipes
  5. Yes, Mate it is good stuff, you can buy it at the Supermarket or make your own. https://www.thespruceeats.com/make-your-own-buttermilk-p2-995500
  6. Simples, marinate some chicken pieces, crumb & batter them - home-made KFC & a few mini roast spuds.
  7. Yeah well, I haven't bothered about that, but then I don't drink much anyway.
  8. Welcome home mate, I will get your parcel in the system.
  9. I agree, I have them growing & they will burn your lips, tongue, throat & everything else, but that's half the fun.
  10. That is teasing & a nice place Paley, been there heaps of times, love it.
  11. You must have good will power Stquinta, I can't seem to keep anything in the keg for more than 3-4 weeks, maybe if I doubled up & store a keg or two it may help.
  12. Yeah, I figured that, last time I spoke to him he mentioned it.
  13. I would have to agree with you there Malter, but I don't mind the Witbier, I think Hoegaarden revived it, most Belgium beers I like, Stella Artois but of course that's a Larger!!
  14. I like it but I have never tried to make it, I have made lots of bread, damper, pastry, rolls etc but not sourdough.
  15. Yes, if a Pub has been around for a while & a new Cafe/Pizza Restaurant etc opens up near them they can actually contest the license & prevent them from getting it. It is the same in the rural areas, in some cases the pubs are owned by multi-nationals & they even try & stop the little guy in town trying to make a living. It sucks, fair go for everybody I say.
  16. It is just the SA licensing laws & you know who runs that, we have a plethora of licensed premises who serve & sell alcohol but at this current time no Supermarket/Restaurant/Cafe etc can sell take-away. You can get a drink anywhere just not at the Supermarket.
  17. Just testing the new Hoegaarden glass with a stout, @Aussiekraut is that allowed? Tastes pretty damn nice, I could have asked my old mate @Pezzza but he is MIA.
  18. In SA Aldi aren't licensed so we never see any of that stuff, I imagine it's similar to Coles/WW/Dans.
  19. The place I go to mainly (out of habit) is a Lions Club Bazaar which is an enormous place near me who receive goods from donations, deceased estates etc. I have given them stuff from time to time as they handle everything from A-Z. I just can't resist when I see branded beer glasses, promo gear & lot of it is still new, I should stop as it is becoming ridiculous to keep buying more but it is never anything expensive - & $ 2 -5, so really, I just look at as a donation as all of the profits go to charity. All I am doing is cluttering up my mancave.
  20. Hey RD, is that a nudist resort, you only have your arm sticking out, looks a bit sus mate.
  21. I have never turned my bottles off & I have had never had any leaks, when the gas bottles were bought a test was carried out on both, but I have always wondered if I should turn them off at night, but I probably wouldn't remember anyway.
  22. The latest additions to Classic Brewing Co collection/hoarding call it what you will but it was only $10 for the lot. No, I don't need any of it but what do you do. I bet you Mexicans would just die for the Caps
  23. Look at this, I think this brand were on the lower quality list but the price for a pkt 50, jeez, imagine sucking a packet of these daily. This is from Smokemart!!! imagine the cost from a servo or deli. Horizon Blue 50s $93.99
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