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  1. Alright mate, thanks for the idea, I will hire a Bobcat & do some landscaping in my urban backyard but I am sure there would be those that object. For know I have to find the best location for Beerography
  2. Just glorious drinking beer out of your own keg, huge thanks to @Hoppy81 for making this possible with his invaluable help & @Itinerant Peasantfor the inspiration to move into this wonderful world of kegging, this is a Real Ale 13 days @ 10psi. My Office/Brewroom/Taproom is a little dark but I can assure you this is the best move I have made. Cheers to all.
  3. It must be a big paddle - about the size of a diving board I reckon
  4. I reckon it would be the nitro, looks great though !!
  5. The Muzz has probably knocked that off already
  6. You very much deserve it oh learned one, they all look very nice mate.
  7. Fine selection of beers there my good man, enjoy & drink with responsibility
  8. Awesome IP, shades of Graubster pics come to mind, lovely stuff mate, looks beautiful.
  9. Yeah no problem I might even give you a glass - if you were a good boy.
  10. I always love a new glass in the collection, especially with branding on them. that looks like you would get the equivalent of a Pint in there.
  11. Three of the best from the Coopers family, always one of my favourites, It would be incorrect to say this tastes like the one's I make but there is a similarity, the bitterness & clearness is what makes it superior IMO. I definitely could drink these all day. Cheers
  12. Cheers Mick, yes I am but still need to perfect the BrewFather to get the water volumes right. Also the sparge process seems to be letting me down as I never seem to have enough room in the kettle to add the sparge water let alone see the volume markings. I do understand if you have your water volumes correct you will achieve the target. All I did first AG brew was top it up & it taste's beautiful & the head retention is outstanding.
  13. I just buy lengths of Muslin type cloths from the LHBS, not so keen on that blue dye from Chux, however, everyone to their own.
  14. It must be good Mate, you sent it twice !! Looks & sounds nice though, I haven't seen it before.
  15. Bugger 2 so close together, I am dreading that sound but it's early days for me with the keg & I haven't been attacking everyday, just sneaking up on it quietly, I have been drinking out of smaller glasses to try & make it last, the trouble is, it tastes better everyday. That weather you are getting sounds like a PITA but there ain't much you can do about it, Good Luck with your brew day if you are able.
  16. Hey Stquinta it is a good thing but not necessarily something to be proud of
  17. This is my first Rodeo so I am yet to find this out, mind you I can hold my liquor, I have had many years of practice however time will tell.
  18. I forgot to mention this before, I brewed this on Sunday & today, Tuesday, I am filling the FV, I couldn't believe the smell of this wort, it was very similar to the smell of a can of commercial stuff I have been buying for years.
  19. Lazy night tonight, I had some Barramundi, just imagine it on a plate with all of the components - I was too lazy. Yum though with some wine.
  20. Cheers Mate it was your recipe but I stuffed up on the final volume so I have 18 litres of Sparkling Ale, should have a buzz too it
  21. Yes Mate it is really nice, I just poured another & it was a pearler, so smooth but I didn't bother to post it as I don't want to bore the forum. This is definitely the way to go. Cheers.
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