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  1. I agree, the cans of extract are the gateway to brewing, if you want a basic brew you can just follow the instructions & bingo, you have made some beer. However adding different fermentables & experimenting with grains & hops lifts it to another level & the sky is the limit, you can push the boundaries & eventually create your own teaks & recipes to your own tastes. The simplified method & the low cost add to the advantages of being able to brew without more equipment & investing more in to it.
  2. Just following up on this brew I bottled today; Coopers Pale Ale 1.7 Can Extract !.5 Pouch Light LME S-04 15GM Chinook Infusion SG 1.041 FG 1.014 My calculations for the ABV came out lower than I had expected 3.54% but I assume the calculator bases the reading on 1kg fermentables as I used 1.5kg LME - surely it would be higher ?
  3. I would leave it for another 3-4 days & after that when you get a reading which is the same for 2 consecutive days it is ready to bottle. If you are using an airlock wait for that to finish, if you have it in a brew fridge with temperature control, you may want to cold crash to clear up the yeast. Good Luck.
  4. Agreed, why drink it for the sake of it, why wake a with a headache/hangover like yourself I enjoy it for what it is & because I made it. I would say 20% of my homebrew would be shared with mates, neighbours, visitors etc, maybe more but anyone can go to the pub for megaswill - there are exceptions though, some pub beers are nice. The way I see it if you spend $7-10 on a beer at the pub & say have 3, well that's enough for the ingredients for your next homebrew !! Cheers.
  5. Ditto I have had lot's of mates over the years fall off the perch due to excessive drinking &/or smoking, there is one guy who had toes amputated, then foot, now has one leg & the other is dodgy & yes, he still smokes & drinks as much as he likes, needless to say he is on his last legs I had a mate round last night & his big event today is a function at one of the Sports Clubs who have $3.00 (SA) Pints of Carlton Draught all day starting at 11.00am - he will be there all day. His philosophy is, well I am a member so I will make sure I get my share !! To him what I am doing today is boring, sanitising bottles for a Pale Ale, bottle it & then put down another one, at some stage I will have the odd beer as I work but I am sure it is better than sitting around in a Club sculling cheap megaswill because it's cheap.
  6. Ha Ha good one but here are the facts https://barryandsandra.com/2020/02/09/the-home-brew-boat-business-up-for-sale/
  7. Good to see another Croweater in our midst @DavidM I am in the Bay area.
  8. I must have missed this thread or didn't comment at the time, in my younger days there was a period when I didn't drink at all as I was running Gyms & involved in Bodybuilding/Weightlifting & everything from whole foods, supplements & heavy training. Over the years I started drinking socially ( if there is such thing ) & of course years of travelling in later life calling on Hotels all over Australia selling Stubby Holders etc led to me consuming more of the stuff so nowadays I still love it of course but most week nights I try to have just 2 x Longnecks or 4 stubbies but as we all now if you find your latest batch of Pale Ale to be awesome it is hard to limit yourself. Of course that depends on whether you have company or not, being single& having Bars in the house with plenty of homebrew it can be a neon sign for mates to look you up so consumption increases. I generally don't count but I am guided by how I feel & usually end up with a wine during meals. I feel if you don't smoke, eat healthy & exercise you will be OK with a few beers.
  9. When I was sending & receiving Stubby Holders etc all over Australia I quite often got next day delivery from capital centres, the minute Auspost are involved - forget it, whole new ball game, 1 week, 2 weeks it just goes on ...
  10. I don't bother to cold crash as most of my beers this year have been brewed at ambient in my brew room which is on the bottom floor so temperature is pretty constant on 18-20c. As Summer approaches I will set up the Temp Control in a brew fridge for a few brews but I prefer Pale Ales, IPA's so clear beer is not paramount.
  11. Yeah I will check it out I didn't want to pay too much for it but it the Kmart one is not suitable for grain I can still use it for other stuff. Cheers.
  12. Ah yes sorry Al, I didn't read it properly I was going to get one for grain, I must have had a senior moment. But they sell those as well so I will get one of those too, Cheers.
  13. Just on Coffee Grinders Kmart - Anko Coffee Grinder PCML2012 apparently these $14.00 models are getting great reviews. I am getting one to test it. https://www.kmart.com.au/product/coffee-grinder/2112389
  14. Yep that is, it's a pity Basil doesn't sell it in MB but he probably doesn't sell much either, at the right price.
  15. Very nice setting @MartyG1525230263 looks like a great place, lovely view.
  16. Some do but I won't you have to rinse it like hell to get rid of any trace as it can hang around, also it can affect head retention. I don't mind paying the extra for no-rinse sanitiser. But it is up to everyone to do whatever they want.
  17. I have a few LHBS near me that sell it in I kg bags as well as bulk so that's easier for me instead of paying freight etc.
  18. I agree the Ambi style fermenters taps are much lower but I have found with the Coopers FV using a yeast like US-05 ( where applicable ) there is hardly any waste as the trub is tightly packed on the bottom & elevating the vessel slightly to get the last bit doesn't stir it up but with a lot of other yeasts you have to be careful.
  19. It would pay to replace the clips after removing the Collar to prevent accidental opening of the FV. Do not use the Airlock as a tool to whether you beer has finished fermenting, it is only a guide. The Hydrometer is your best reference, after about 10-14 days it would be ready be but it pays to take 2 consecutive days readings with the same result. Cheers. https://www.diybeer.com/au/coopers-diy-beer-hydrometer.html#:~:text=The Coopers DIY Beer Hydrometer is a finely,calculate the alcohol content of your finished beer.
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