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  1. @Coopers DIY Beer Team said something about this a little while ago:
  2. I think it all depends on your tastes. I liked James Boags Strongarm Bitter and it was right up there. High 50's/low 60's is in the Coopers Vintage brews range. Although they do have more fermentables (higher OG) to match. Even the recent Craft Recipe of the Month, Code Breaker IPA, is 60 IBU. If you add the 500g of LDM to your brew, it should go okay. Higher IBU's also go well with darker beers, which the Dark Ale certainly is and the Real Ale is starting to head toward.
  3. Give it a good stir. At that stage of a brew, oxygen is back to being your friend.
  4. Hey @Franham, So if I get you right you are talking about putting one 1.7kg can into a fermenter and filling it to 12 litres. So something close to putting two 1.7kg cans into a fermenter and filling it to 23 litres - The traditional toucan, except your version is roughly half the volume. How you go about it all depends on what you are aiming for. Most brewers doing this type of thing use the lower bitterness cans, like Mexican Cerveza, European Lager and Australian Pale Ale. This is because 1.7kg into 12 litres makes a brew about twice as bitter as following the "standard" recipe. Any of the 1.7kg cans into 12 litres will give you a beer with an ABV around 4.7% once bottle primed. As far as bitterness: Mexican Cerveza = 46 IBU; BU:GU Ratio 1.05 European Lager = 48 IBU; BU:GU Ratio 1.1 APA = 48 IBU; BU:GU Ratio 1.1 Real Ale = 79 IBU; BU:GU Ratio 1.82 Dark Ale = 83 IBU; BU:GU Ratio 1.91 The BU:GU Ratio is the ratio of Bitterness Units to Grain Units and equals IBU's/OG (without the 1. and multiplied by 1,000). It is an indication of the balance of the beer. So a beer with 40 IBU's and an OG of 1.040 would be in balance. Of the above brews, the latter two are swayed a lot towards bitterness. If you like your beers that way, it might suit you perfectly. The suggestion is to give it a try and see if you like it. 500g of LDM will increase the OG and so bring the brew closer to balanced, but also increase your ABV to around 6.2% You could add any hops as a steep or dry. You will not get much more bitterness from a hot steep and none from a dry hop.
  5. No idea. But I have wondered about what you say. Although the Coopers LDM is a bugger to dissolve, it might be a better product.
  6. Coopers design the 1.7kg cans of concentrate to be used with 1kg of other adjuncts to get a typical ABV around 4-4.5%. It is just the decision they have made. It probably gives us more flexibility regarding how we make up the 1kg of adjuncts. As @Pickles Jones says, you do not have to add any adjuncts, but it will mean your brew comes out around 2.5 - 3% ABV The Craft kits can be brewed to about 8.5 litres on their own for a brew around 5%.
  7. Hey Popo, I think it will turn out brilliantly. Massive kudos for the experimentation. What temperature are you fermenting at? I did Kegland's Miami Weisse recently. Currently on tap. It's a nice beer. Two packs of Philly Sour at 25°C. Next time I might push it above recommended temperatures to 30°C.
  8. Yep, made in Australia from AFAIK Australian ingredients. I guess it is as much about what the customer wants, as what the retailer is happy to sit on their shelves. I do buy my LDM in 5kg bags from a LHBS these days because I can, it is cheaper and the stuff I get dissolves really well. Early on I tended to buy the ROTM. Otherwise I would buy what I needed for a specific recipe. So for me, the 500g/1kg bags worked well.
  9. Not sure about cans, but a few of the Coopers regulars have commented, so I reckon it will be good. I have stored half a MJ softpack of Liquid Malt Extract in the fridge for at least a month before using the second half. I got no detrimental effects from that.
  10. I am no way good enough to even attempt to take an educated guess at the recipe. Modus Operandi released some details a while ago either on their webpage or Facebook. My brother-in-law sent it to me. Here's what he sent: Here's a summary of what I brewed: Fermented with Nottingham
  11. Pretty sure that @Journeyman is going to use it to stop nylon paint strainer (mash) bags from touching the bottom of the pot so if need be he can give the mash a bit of heat to keep it up to temperature without melting the bag. I probably need some commas in that sentence, but not sure where to put them.
  12. I have never done it but have read about it. If you are lucky, you might have keg lids with a lug with a hole in it under the lid. Get a stainless hop ball or similar with a chain on it. Long enough so that when you refit the lid, the hop ball will be submerged in the beer. Load up hops. Hang from hook under lid. Refit lid to keg. Hops will be in the keg long enough to add aroma to the beer. Once you have drank enough, the hops will no longer be submerged in the beer. But by then they will have done their job. Some folks just drop the hops in and leave them, but they need to be contained and the container cannot be allowed to block the dip tube.
  13. One imagines that would be bad
  14. Hi Kmar92, what temperature are you fermenting at? I am planning another Hoegaarden clone for my next brew and curious to find out what temps others have used. I got clove and banana at 17°C, but no banana at 18°C
  15. Coopers Recipe Spreadsheet - October 2021 Hi Team Latest Coopers Recipe Spreadsheet is attached. October 2021 ROTM added: Hop Slam IPA (USA - Sequoia) & Code Breaker IPA. Click on the recipe name for pdf's of these recipes. Coopers Recipe Spreadsheet V2.12.7.xlsx Spreadsheet functionality: Links to Recipe artwork and pdf of more recent recipes at the far right You can click on the recipe name to jump to the recipe on the Coopers website (for those in au only) The little triangle icons beside each column title are auto-filters and can be used to sort the spreadsheet by the respective column You can also use the drop boxes of the variables in each column to show those variables you want to see. For example, under Difficulty if you choose the Easy variable then only those recipes rated as Easy will be displayed Or under Can 1, if you choose Real Ale only those recipes that have the Original Series Real Ale (as the main recipe can) will be displayed. Unfortunately I am not clever enough to be able to show those recipes where Can 2 is a Real Ale Any queries? Post them to this thread.
  16. Code Breaker IPA - October 2021 Craft Recipe Of The Month in pdf format for those outside of Australia to be able to see the recipe in perpetuity. Code Breaker IPA.pdf
  17. Hop Slam IPA (USA - Sequoia) - October 2021 Recipe Of The Month in pdf format for those outside of Australia to be able to see the recipe in perpetuity. Hop Slam IPA (USA - Sequoia).pdf
  18. These are the graphics from the Recipe of the Month emails and web-pages. Use them for making your own beer labels for bottles, cans, taps etc. Forum members can hopefully put links in their spreadsheets and databases back to these labels.
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