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  1. Big Shed Brewing - Boozy Fruit - New England IPA Definite Juicy Fruit aroma. Pretty amazing really. Very similar in flavour with a bitterness that gives you a whack. Hides its 6.2% ABV very well. It has Lactose in it. I think the amount must be pretty high to retain a high sweetness.
  2. @Brauhaus Fritz, Berliner Weisse with SodaStream Cranberry & Raspberry flavouring. Nice cranberry and raspberry aroma. Interesting flavour. The sweetness of the flavouring has reduced the sourness, but it is still there. There is a floral nature to the flavour. Maybe less flavouring would be better. Still, very drinkable.
  3. @Mickep's Extract Lashes clone. Not sure what volume he settled on. Hard to see in the photo. I am sure he will let us know.
  4. Sounds very interesting, Greeny. It will be great to read about the outcome. You could be about to revolutionise home brewing. Although Americans seem to still be keen to "rack to secondary", which is similar to your plan. An issue that comes to mind is will the small amount of yeast that goes into the keg be enough to clean up after itself. I reckon it will be enough to finish fermenting the beer, just like priming bottles. But whether it needs a bit more oomph to remove the fermentation by-products?
  5. The Coopers Island Toasted Coconut Porter was a great beer. My Toasted Coconut Porter is nice but a little thin. It has an ABV of 4.3% compared to the Coopers recipe which is 5.8%. I was after an easier drinking dark beer, which I achieved. It does have a tiny bit of alcohol burn, that immediately disappears as you take a mouthful. It might be that I slightly overdid the coconut toasting. All in all, I strongly recommend the Coopers Island Toasted Coconut Porter.
  6. I did a Raspberry Philly Sour a little while back. Raspberry extract was the source of the raspberry flavour. It was really nice. However, the higher ABV of that beer and the raspberry flavour subdued the sourness. It would be interesting to try a little raspberry flavour in the Berliner Weisse. Actually, I have some Cranberry/Raspberry Sodastream flavouring in the cupboard. I will have to give it a try.
  7. Different malts do not seem to be the cause in my case. My higher efficiencies have been for the past 5 brews, but I did change sacks for the last 3. One of the first 2 was with Joe White Traditional Pale Malt and although I have switched to Simpsons Maris Otter for the later brews, the overshooting is ongoing. The other of the first 2 was just with a different sack of Joe White Pilsner. The more recent lagers have been with a new sack of JW Pilsner. And again the overshooting continues. I am going to have to readjust my upcoming recipes again. Definitely not a real bad problem to have, but a bit annoying when you have promised somebody a 4.5% beer that will probably come in around 5.5% (actually about 5.1% because I diluted it more than originally intended). That is the Wheat Beer brew I posted above. At 10 IBU's I am a bit worried about the BU:GU ratio making the beer taste out of balance.
  8. Nice theory, Tone. However, I have been stirring the mash for ages now. I started stirring the mash a while ago because I was getting poor efficiencies. Even though I am now getting good efficiencies, I am still stirring the mash. It has become normal practice for me to stir it 2 - 3 times during the mash. Maybe I should stop stirring the mash or use some uncracked grains like @Aussiekraut.
  9. What's with the gas tube into the bucket, Kmar?
  10. Berliner Weisse It has the aroma that most sours seem to have. Plus a tiny bit of citrus. Excellent sour flavour.
  11. Thanks, Phil. It was just out of the tap on CO2. I took the photo immediately after pouring.
  12. Toasted Coconut Porter This one had 300g of Chocolate Malt steeped over night. You can really smell and taste the chocolate. The coconut is coming through too. Nice and tasty.
  13. Oops, I did it again. Another brew coming in way over the expected OG. I even slightly increased the expected Brew House Efficiency, but clearly not enough. Design BH Eff 73%, actual BH Eff 84%. Expected OG 1.040, actual OG 1.045 including extra water to dilute it. Not enough volume in my fermenter to get it to the proper OG. I wanted this brew to be around 4.5% ABV. It will be around 5.1% ABV. Wheat Beer 2.34kg Pilsner Malt 2.34kg Wheat Malt 10g Magnum, 45 minute boil Water additions to get my Melbourne Water water to a Witbier style 10 IBU; 6 EBC One of the three mid-mash grain bed stirs that I have been doing for at least a dozen brews now.
  14. This recipe is going straight to the pool room. Thanks AK
  15. I tried hot cubing a few times. It was very useful in summer time. However, this time of year in Melbourne, using the G30 Grainfather counterflow chiller is pretty efficient. I collect about 40 litres of water in cubes during cooling the wort to pitching temperature. Most of it goes toward cleaning the brewing system.
  16. Looking good and sounding good, AK. You have been banging on about this brew for over two years. However, you have never given us the detailed recipe. I think it is about time. I did my research. The closest you got was saying it is a SMASH beer with Maris Otter, Vienna and Mosaic hops. However, the two malts does not really qualify for Single Malt and Single Hop. So how about spilling the beans? Or are you saving it for when you open your craft brewery and make it your best seller?
  17. Nomad Brewing - NEIPA Aroma is grapefruit with a floral background. Similar flavour to the aroma. Understated bitterness. Smooth and easy to drink. The artwork is a collaboration with the National Art School. It is called Midday Gone Cray.
  18. I would ditch the spunding valve. Even if it is set on zero, it will still restrict how quickly the keg can vent. Just use a gas disconnect with nothing on the end of it.
  19. Nar IP. The Fermenter King Juniors from Keg King have pretty soft walls. Probably about the same as the Kegland pressure fermenters. A 5 year old could probably fit their hand inside the opening. I usually soak mine upside down with enough Oxysan cleaner and water to submerge the Krausen line. I leave them soak overnight. Everything comes off. Then upside down on my Kegland Bucket Blaster for 15 minutes with the same Oxysan cleaner.
  20. Only suggesting a more gentle descent. Brand new corny kegs are at least $100 each. They will last a lifetime. These PET jobbies cost me $25 each. They were seconds at Keg King. I had to pick them up in person. However, if you phoned them, they might be able to put a couple in the post for you. They will not last a lifetime. Maybe only a few years. But as a way to try kegging, at a lower investment threshold, they are good value. As a bonus, you can use them as pressure fermenters, as I am in the photo.
  21. Hey J, As @Popo said, best practice when cubing is to fill the cube to the brim with hot wort (around 80-90°C), squeeze out as much air as possible, and seal the cube. I get 22 litres of wort into a 20 litre cube. Brewing is a lot about risk management. I do not recommend pouring 20 litres into a 25 litre cube. That is a fair bit of air in the cube. If a bit of dust or pollen gets into the cube, it might start to ferment your wort. Can you pour 20 litres of wort into a 25 litre cube? Sure you can, but it is risky. RE: Letting the wort cool in the Grainfather overnight - Low risk (not no risk). Plenty of folks do it and transfer into a sanitised fermenter the next day. Transferring the cooled wort from the Grainfather to a sanitised cube - Medium risk. Transferring 20 litres of wort into a 25 litre fermenter - Medium risk. Transferring cold wort into a sanitised fermenter - Low risk The way I think, risks multiply. Low x Medium x Medium x Low = High or maybe Very High How can you get your wort home with the least risk, given the possible constraints you have? Maybe a smaller cube Maybe instead of a 25 litre cube, you could use a 19 litre keg Maybe let the wort cool in the GF, but transfer straight into your fermenter and transport it home (without spillage) Maybe pitch your yeast into the FV before the trip home Sorry to prattle on and sound a bit "preachy", but what you are thinking of doing seems a bit risky to me. You can do it like you propose. However, if your beer becomes infected, you can come back to this post for possible reasons.
  22. Hey JoeB7, I have only filled my cube with 80-90°C wort and left it to cool in the garage overnight before pouring it into a fermenter the next day. Not sure that two hours in the back of a ute at 1°C would get you down to pitching temperatures. But overnight definitely will. Maybe even too cold where you are.
  23. Hey Muzzler, An alternative to cornies are these PET pressure fermenters from Keg King. They also have opaque ones too. Each holds 20 litres. They have ball lock posts and a PRV.
  24. Tiny But Mighty - Garage Project - Non- Alcoholic IPA Fruity aroma - Lotsa citrus Pleasantly surprising taste. Nice mild bitterness. Fruity flavour. Very refreshing. A little bit of a watery aftertaste, most likely due to the <0.5% ABV. This is not too bad at all.
  25. I boil the wort for my starters. Just in a pot for 5 minutes is enough. It is easy step to eliminate the risk of infection.
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