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  1. Shamus O'Sean

    Shark Attack XPA

    Hi Haveduck I have not done either recipe, but for where I am at the moment I would go for the Caribbean Siesta because it is a slightly lighter beer. I have done a lot of IPAs and heavier beers lately and want to try some less oomphy ones.
  2. Shamus O'Sean


    Hi Paul Welcome to the Forum. Sorry to hear about your broken tap and the loss of beer. Coopers customer service usually is good and they should be able to send you a replacement tap. Cannot do much about your brew though. Cheers Shamus
  3. Shamus O'Sean

    Amatuer brewing advice

    Hi Dylan It looks fine to me. Welcome to the rabbit hole.
  4. Shamus O'Sean

    What makes you try something different?

    It is on my list too. His video made it look pretty straight forward. That is what made me want to try it. I also had a NEIPA at Mornington Peninsula Brewery a couple of weeks ago and it was a beauty.
  5. Shamus O'Sean

    Temp control....gizmos and gadgets.

    It helps with the whirlpool
  6. Shamus O'Sean


    Hoppy Momo Light A Mrongas Draught can I got cheap 3.2%ABV Saflager W34/70 @ 12 degrees Dry hop 40g of my own Cascade; 25g each of commercial Vic Secret and Topaz I filled 8 bottles then did the dry hopped the rest, this is one of the rest
  7. Shamus O'Sean


    Hey James I did think yours was based on the recommended recipe for each can and that is different with some using Brew Enhancers and others Light Dry Malt and in different weights. Your list is great if folks want to get an idea how the basic recommended brews turn out. Cheers Shamus
  8. Shamus O'Sean


    Hi @James of Bayswater I have done similar in a spreadsheet form. It takes into account the bitterness (IBU) loss during fermentation. This rate is set at 20% in the spreadsheet and can be adjusted if you want. The EBC is based on the can contents only, not the fermentables that would also be added and influence the final EBU. The Thomas Coopers Extracts are also in the list. These are unhopped (so unbittered) and have no IBU. I have found it handy for sorting the sheet on IBU or EBC to compare different Coopers ranges. Especially when wanting to swap one can for another in a recipe, based on what I have in my inventory. Coopers Kits compared to Mr Beer Kits.xlsx
  9. Shamus O'Sean

    Mashes and Steeping

    Hi Mark That sounds a lot like what they were talking about.
  10. Shamus O'Sean

    Anyone Else Growing Hops This Year?

    You've got a couple of nice plants there YeastyBoy!
  11. Shamus O'Sean

    final abv %

    Really interesting OVB. I had not thought of this advantage of kegging. Back in your bottling days did you experiment with priming with something in the original mixture: LDM, some liquid extract or a part of a kit can mixed with water, or the wort from some steeped grains. This method might maintain the body and still get secondary fermentation.
  12. Shamus O'Sean

    Old Milwaukee - yes or no?

    Dun, Dun, Duuuun!
  13. Shamus O'Sean

    Brewing temp for session ale

    +1 What @PaddyBrew2 said. Depending on what your ambient temperature is your fridge may not turn on a lot. Do not worry about that though. I found my beer is better fermenting at 18 rather than the 20-22 which was my room temperature.
  14. Shamus O'Sean

    Recommendations for Dry hop of Sparkling ale kit?

    Hi Sil The Yorkshire Square recipe uses EKG as a short boil with a Fuggles dry hop. Marilyn's Secret uses Vic Secret as a dry hop. It probably depends on what you are after or what type of beer you prefer. Given you have tried Citra in your Pale Ale, maybe give the EKG a go to compare.
  15. Shamus O'Sean

    Scum ring?

    I have had similar before although it was confined to the bottom inch or two of the bottle. It was my first grain steep and hop hot steep addition (Ruddy's {Fast Homebrew} Easy Pale Ale). I probably did not do so well at keeping floaties out of it. The final beer tasted fine, no difference between the beer at the top of the bottle and the lower bit with the cloudiness.
  16. Shamus O'Sean

    Mashes and Steeping

    I do not think he was speaking in terms of bad enough to ruin the beer. Just that it would be noticeable. I have not listened back to the whole podcast, but I think he may have said because it does make the beer a little more acidy, that some people might report it as astringent. I have read that too. Ruddy does it in all his videos that I can remember and he does not seem to have problems. I guess it is about following processes that work for us and brew beer we like. That is probably why I still mostly do kit n bits. I would like to move to all grain, but I am happy with what I am making. The move will happen eventually, when a couple more moons align. Cheers Shamus
  17. Shamus O'Sean

    Old Milwaukee - yes or no?

    I wonder why that is?
  18. Shamus O'Sean

    final abv %

    Hi WW Two carbonation drops in a 740-750ml bottle adds 0.4 -0.5% to the ABV level calculated from the final SG reading. I took a while to figure this out. It helped explain why six bottles put me to sleep. Cheers Shamus
  19. Shamus O'Sean

    Mashes and Steeping

    That is where what Gordon Strong was saying gets interesting. He said you add the carbonates to act as a buffer - then said, if you do not put the dark/roast grains in the mash you do not need to add extra carbonates. He said just steep them and add them later. That way you minimise the need to add stuff to compensate for something else in the process. He was advocating for ways to avoid unnecessary additions to the beer. On the matter of astringency in the beer. Gordon likened it to: Which coffee would you prefer, the one straight out of the percolator or the one that has been sitting in the percolator of an hour. That might be a bit simplified, but it made some sense.
  20. Shamus O'Sean

    Old Milwaukee - yes or no?

    Probably why we cannot get Swan Lager over here.
  21. Shamus O'Sean

    Mashes and Steeping

    There is a really interesting passage in the Beersmith Podcast No 39 "Advanced Home Brewing with Gordon Strong" from about the 16 minute mark. He talks about this subject and the benefits of steeping your specialty grains separately. This method is done to avoid tannins, astringency and to avoid changes to the pH of your water that can occur by having them in the mash. Listening to these podcasts and reading this Coopers Forum is really giving me inspiration to go to all-grain. I just need to save some pennies and convince the financial manager. But I also want to move to kegging and a kegerator. Decisions, decisions.
  22. Shamus O'Sean

    Small batch experiment

    Sounds like it will be a successful experiment. Looking forward to hearing how it turns out.
  23. Shamus O'Sean

    Old Milwaukee - yes or no?

    You should surprise yourself Captain. Boston Lager is the ale-iest lager I have ever had.
  24. Shamus O'Sean

    Old Milwaukee - yes or no?

    I listened to the podcast recommended by The Captain above. Really interesting. Sounds like Samuel Adams are really into experimenting with different brews.
  25. Shamus O'Sean

    Small batch experiment

    Hi Karlos Nelson's Light is from the Coopers recipe section and uses DME and hops to make a light beer. You could scale the recipe to suit. Not sure where the dry wheat malt might fit in. I remember reading somewhere a recommendation for wheat malt to not go over 50% of the fermentables. I do not remember the theory of why. Cheers Shamus