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  1. Thanks @UncleStavvy, Best wishes for 2023 for you too.
  2. Parsons nose for me thank you @stquinto
  3. @NBillett09 On Saturday I mixed a Coopers Aust. Pale Ale extract with BE2, LDM and hop 'teabags'. Yesterday I noted in my brew diary that the brew was a dark tan colour, much like yours posted above. Today on day 3 it is a very light tan colour. With daytime temps. in the mid 30's, and overnight not going below 20 deg, I have not been able to keep the brew below 22/24 deg, even with ice-bricks and a wet towel and fan.
  4. Very interesting article on beer colur - thanks @Classic Brewing Co.
  5. A give away at a local bottle shop: Mosey Fruity Beer with natural lime flavour @ 4.2% alcohol, in a 300ml can. It did not taste like beer at all. There was no head, and the only flavour was a week lime flavour like Bickfords Lime Cordial. On the can it says 'Beer, made in Australia by Pinnacle Drinks.' Overall, a 1 out of 10 rating from me.
  6. I am wondering why brews change colour while in the fermenter? My Coopers Pale Ale extract brews usually start a mid/dark tan colour; then change to a much lighter peachy/tan colour. I guess it's all in the chemistry?
  7. Two days holiday in Gulgong NSW; holed up in the Prince of Wales Hotel. My drink on the left is a Young Henrys Hazy Pale Ale, which the Young Henrys website says is brewed with Topaz, Mosaic, Idaho-7, Calypso Hops, and has a "pungent bouquet of tropical stone fruit and citrus wafts through the air, making way for a pillowy, perfectly balanced mouthfeel and flavour." Before I read this I thought it tasted fruity but not sweet, with a pineapple taste. I liked it. My husband's drink on the right is a VB.
  8. Sounds like fun @Stickers - let us know what happens please
  9. I saw a raclette being made on the TV show 'Cheese Slices'. After @stquinto and @Classic Brewing Co's posts I looked raclette up on Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raclette. Tonight we're having a curried cauliflower soup with onion, garlic, bacon, spices, cauli, a handful of red lentils and a potato - cousin to an Indian dahl.
  10. How often do you dust the lovely glasses @Classic Brewing Co?
  11. All in the family - I visited my father on the South Coast of NSW last week and we enjoyed his homebrew Coopers Sparkling Ale, and also the last of a Christmas present 1/2 doz of Coopers 2022 Vintage Ale. At beer time today I will enjoy my Coopers Pale Ale with extra yeast food and Galaxy hops. My husband will drink Tooheys New, as his Woolworths Draught has run out with the next lot ready in four days. My sister and her partner in Geelong stick to their home brewed Coopers Draught.
  12. @Classic Brewing Co, I see the Gourmet Traveller Seafood cookbook next to the longnecks. How about you cook one of the recipes for us and post the photo of the dish and the recipe. I will keep an eye on 'What's on the Menu'.
  13. Texture looks beautiful
  14. My Old Town Lager ROTM kit has arrived! I'm going to store the hops in the freezer, yeast in the frig; and everything else in a dark, dry cupboard until June when I can rely on cold temperatures to achieve the lager 12 - 18deg fermentation.
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