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  1. The stew is the star; also the crust on the bread looks very interesting, and the glass of red makes it a triumphant trio
  2. A 'new' Rick Stein series started on SBS Food Channel last night; 'Taste of the Sea'. It must be at least 30 years old; but I will enjoy it anyway.
  3. What a lovely smiling face and ears perked up!
  4. LOL - update on the left over chips for breakfast. They were mere husks of their former selves. Even the chilli sauce and salt couldn't save them. It is all your fault @Itinerant Peasant!
  5. @Itinerant Peasant, I have some left over chips in the frig, brought home on Friday. I think I might heat them in the oven and have them for breakfast this morning with some chilli sauce.
  6. Making a brew; but it is lamb and veg soup, not beer. The meat is lamb soup bones and neck chops. We also add soup mix, pearl barley and green split peas. Last but not least come the vegies. This batch has potatoes, onion, leek, carrot, turnip swede, parsnip, celery and pumpkin. The soup will fill about 15 take-away food containers and into the freezer. Besides us, we keep Michael's mother and my father supplied. We make a batch about every six weeks.
  7. Not as clever as I thought I was! I ran out of home brew two weeks ago. My Coopers Real Ale will be ready on Monday 4th July, and the Woolworths Lager we just put in the FV will be ready to try on Saturday 16th. For the moment I'm reduced to expensive Tooheys New. My storage is sorted out with enough room under beds and in cupboards for 120 full or empty bottles.
  8. Just put Brew No.6 in the FV - a Woolworths Lager can with 1kg dextrose added. My husband wanted to try another brand. We'll see! Very sorry about your tap mishap @Cee.
  9. That is a very good brand of sardines - more expensive, but tastes much better. I haven't seen that flavour
  10. I like the glimpse of the rye bread in the last photo
  11. @DavidMYour Coopers Real Ale looks quite dark compared to a Pale Ale. Does your brew have lots of additions in it? I have recently bottled a batch of Coopers Real Ale with just the Coopers tin of extract and BE no.2 It won't be ready until 4th July! I can hardly wait to taste it. Unfortunately I have run out of my Pale Ale to compare LOL.
  12. @stquintoI wasn't sure whether to put a laugh or cry emoji after seeing your photo, so i'll just say 'best wishes'.
  13. Horror movie right there on my TV! Thanks for the great advice @Itinerant Peasant - get the bottle clean right from the start. And great photos; specially with the cows eyeing off the beer.
  14. Well I think turning water and other stuff into yummy beer, all in my own laundry is magic! And I bottled my brew no.5 yesterday; so I know a brewer is definitely a cleaner too - all those PET bottles to sanitise, then the FV and other gear afterwards.
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