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  1. He is certain to get multiple versions of those buttons, I am sure.
  2. Not really. If you are happy with the result there is not much point in changing the recipe. It is just unusual to have such a short mash but it obviously is doing what it has to do, i.e. convert the starch in the malt to sugars via enzymes, so that they can be fermented. The step mash is using different temperatures as the 2 main enzymes work best at 2 different temps. How long was the boil, I didn't notice it listed in the recipe?
  3. Interesting recipe @stquinto with a 30 min protein rest and then only a 30 min mash - unusual. 60 min boil? Also a big Saaz hop. I would like to try that but it would tie up a brew fridge for a month.
  4. Another amazing looking creation!
  5. @Uhtred Of Beddanburg yes correct the white connection is the gas disconnect and that line just vents as the keg fills. The pressure ferment takes a lot longer as there is a lot more tube involved, there is a floating pick up tube within the kegmenter which adds length and thus friction, as well as a liquid and gas jumper set. Yes I do it to minimise the risk of oxidation, oxidation will happen over time if any O2 is present. No I haven't noticed any taste differences as all my brews are closed transfers so I do not have a reference point I guess.
  6. @Uhtred Of Beddanburg FG was 1.010 from an OG of 1.051, so yes it was a pretty good attenuation from the Voss Kviek. I do all my transfers via a closed method, so from a pressure fermented batch in my kegmenter and also for transfer from a normal plazzi FV. Yes the keg is purged with CO2 to get rid of any O2 and then the FV is connected to the liquid post via a closed line, the gas post on the keg is vented via another line and the beer then just transfers via gravity (siphon) to the keg without any contact with O2. Minimizes any chance of oxidation of the beer as the FV has a blanket of CO2 on top of the beer from the ferment and there is no other exposure of the beer to O2. This type of transfer from the plazzi FV does not take too long, maybe 10-15 minutes. When I do a closed transfer from my pressure fermented kegmenter it does take a while, probably 45 minutes.
  7. Kegged my bits and pieces brew today. Closed transfer as usual. This brew ended up with a substantial trub in the bottom of the fermenter for some reason? Maybe the Voss Kviek, which is noted as a high flocculating yeast. Very happy with the clarity, it was only kettle fined with whirlfloc and cold crashed. Looking forward to sampling this in a day or 2 when it is carbonated.
  8. Same deal in Queensland I think, shows the power of the established licensed premises and how they are able to distort competition.
  9. I have brewed the Coopers XPA 3 times now, and although not exactly to recipe I have found the the Home Brew Network recipe worked out best, I tried the Darryl Hosking version and it was fine but I did prefer the Gash version. I did not use the CCA yeast though so that may have affected the brew, I brewed all 3 versions with Voss Kviek. YMMV.
  10. Yeah, seems that it is missing quite a few appendages so it was probably prey for something.
  11. Mid 20's would be the highest range for Nottingham and would explain the yeast having a bit of a party in your FV @Stickers. If it were me I would make sure that it doesn't get over 25° or it may start to throw some funky esters.
  12. It is not too many years ago when lamb was a very reasonably priced meat, at least here in Australia. A leg of lamb roast was a great and reasonably priced meal, however these days it is a different story. Anecdotally I have heard that the sheep industry employed some high powered marketers to improve the image of lamb meat etc, and seems that they were very successful.
  13. Keg and beer line maintenance day. Thoroughly cleaned 5 of my kegs and disassembled the posts for inspection, replaced a few poppets and springs and re-assembled and lubed the O-rings. Cleaned the beer lines and strpped down the disconnects for a clean and lube. I have a spare Nukatap for my Series X so I rotate the taps around, 1 at a time, for a clean and inspection and parts replacements as required. A bit of preventative maintenance usually pays dividends in the long run.
  14. As is usual with Voss Kviek the ferment of this AG batch is rocketing along. It has been sitting at around 35° for less than 2 days and looks like it is almost done. Dry hopped earlier today with 15g each of Astra and Enigma, only because they have been sitting in the freezer for some time and needed to be used. I will probably leave it @35° for another day or so before I start to cold crash it. After reading some stuff on dry hopping I will possibly remove the dry hops after a day in the FV, seems that the dry hop is virtually done in less than 24 hours, don't know about that but I will try it out. Not sure how good the screenshot definition is but the red line is the specific gravity trace.
  15. Looks great @Shamus O'Sean. Lovely clarity
  16. Looks absolutely amazing, Sainter.
  17. It is just annoying, maybe just me that gets annoyed. We enjoy the free Community Forum via Coopers and I do not feel that we should have photo's posted with Samsung adverts.
  18. Also Phil can you ditch the Samsung adverts? "Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G" subscripts do not add to your photo captures.
  19. Beachey do you like what rye adds to a brew, the brew I did today is my first time using it?
  20. A bits and pieces brewday today, using up some grain and hops. I guess that it will be an IPA of sorts. 65.4% Coopers Premium Pale Malt 24.5% Simpsons Maris Otter 6.7% Weyerman Carapils 3.4% Voyager Heritage Rye Bittered with Magnum, whirlpool/late Mosaic and Strata. I will probably dry hop with Astra and Enigma. It will be fermented @35° with Voss Kviek. Mash underway. Boil. Whirlpool/late additions. I cubed the result and was hoping to get it in the fermenter today but it is still too hot @ 52°, even for Voss Kviek so probably tomorrow morning. Hit the pre-boil gravity but I haven't checked the post-boil gravity yet, but I am not expecting any surprises.
  21. Yes as the liquid is more concentrated it will affect the SG, there is no adjustment needed though. The ABV is just calculated from the reading of the OG and the reading of the FG, no need to adjust anything with those readings, except for temperature but that will make little difference at normal fermenting temps. If you do not take hydrometer readings how do you know that it is ready to bottle? You said from experience, but what happens if you have a stalled ferment, or some other event that is out of your normal ferment?
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