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  1. I am on a bit of a Kentish beer theme here lately. Planning a Shepherd Neame IPA clone shortly. Presently sampling another Shepherd Neame ale offering - Spitfire. Not a bad amber ale in the traditional English style, but I do prefer their IPA.
  2. It will be the best glass from the keg, that is what I always find the last is the best!
  3. @Aussiekraut you may remember that I also suspected that when you and @Shamus O'Sean were discussing overshooting your efficiencies. I guess that you could get the specs of the malts you have used and compare the figures.
  4. I just put it there to let the sanistiser blow out of the line, just a couple of drops actually, just some insurance also against a keg being overfilled.
  5. Forgot to mention but with this brew I have tried a hop tea via a coffee plunger added to the keg before the transfer. 20g Simcoe, 40g Mosaic and 30g Columbus. See how that goes.
  6. A red IPA fwk into the keg today. Smells good and looks the part!
  7. How good is that? Whilst you are there try some Kentish beer if you get a chance. I am about to try and brew a Shepherd Neame IPA clone.
  8. I was going to say that you can see what is happening to the climate by the sign outside the pub!
  9. It looks wonderful @stquinto, even the authentic Indian beer - Kingfisher!
  10. I am with @Shamus O'Sean on the spunding valve, it will make a difference to the speed of transfer if you remove it. I know that you like it as a 1 way valve but you will not get any O2 back through the gas post side as you fill, it is all 1 way traffic.
  11. I am a sucker for tech gadgets. So I have added a RAPT Temp Controller to my arsenal as it should work well in conjunction with my RAPT Pills. It has given me some grief in that it did not appear to register on the RAPT cloud when I tried doing that yesterday, then when I checked today it was there so I do not know what was going on. After confirming that it was registered and reporting to the cloud, I noticed that it's temp readings seemed to be a bit off. They were way off out of the box and reading maybe 4.5° low, so I did the 2 point calibration and it seems to be reading the temp fine now, and within 0.1° of my trusted thermometer so far. I have sometimes been critical of the quality of Kegland products, but I admit I am quite happy with the quality of the temp controller and the design is great - it is a great design and quite a robust unit.
  12. Looks very much like I wanted to achieve here for breakfast this morning, my eggs did not look as good as yours and I did not have any mushrooms but otherwise it looked like your beautiful breakfast. Yumm............
  13. Yeah they are great when time is short. I am doing the Red IPA with MJ M44 yeast and I will do a hop infusion when I keg with Columbus, Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic. Should be a good drop, the colour in the FV is looking great.
  14. I am CCrashing that fwk at the moment and looking forward to sampling it.
  15. Very impressive @stquinto. I wish that I was closer to give you a hand with those bad boys when you get them home!
  16. I have the version that @Classic Brewing Co showed and it works well. Beats lugging a 25kg of FV around the place, of course you still need to lift the FV onto and off benches and into and out of a fridge, but you avoid the walking and holding 25kg out in front of your beer gut when you do that . I also use it to move kegs, handy bit of gear for many things.
  17. I do not understand the problems that have been mentioned. Why would introducing more brew enhancer cause more opportunities for infection - when you start the brew you put in brew enhancer and that does not increase the infection potential, maybe opening the FV allows an increased chance but so does dry hopping when the FV is opened. If the brew enhancer was added, the yeast is not dead after completion of fermentation it is just sleeping, so why wouldn't the yeast just wake up and consume the new fermentables? If the brew enhancer is added correctly I do not see much oxidation happening. Sorry, I am probably stupid, but I do not see any problems adding the brew enhancer late. As an example when you do secondary fermentation in a bottle you add more fermentables to sleeping yeast and that seems to go OK.
  18. Have you by any chance changed the malt that you are using? I have been finding that varying brands and types of malt produce very different yields on brew day.
  19. Your usual great looking meal @Classic Brewing Co, your lamb looks great and not saying bah, bah, bah..........
  20. I think that this is my favourite English beer. Then again there are a few different English ales that are very good - Old Peculier comes to mind.
  21. I am looking forward to some of that warmth returning to us down here @stquinto, I am over winter at present! Not that my winter is anywhere near as cold as yours. Looks like a great Friday arvo and evening.
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