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    • If it turns out well 😂 it's going into the fermenter tomorrow so given there's only really one keg on tap at the moment it'll probably go on tap pretty much as soon as it's kegged.  Previous brews turned out a little sweet, so for this one I've increased the long boiled bitterness and dropped the caraaroma down to 50g to just get a hint of its flavour. I don't know what effect the golden syrup will have but interested to see if I can notice anything from it. It's probably right up the top end of the guide for bitterness, maybe over it, but I can never seem to get them balanced when I keep it inside the guidelines so stuff it. 
    • Nice one Kelsey. I will be interested to hear what you think of it when its done.  Could you please cross post it in the English Bitter thread?
    • The pilsner is down to 3 degrees as of some time last night, so it'll sit there for two weeks and then be kegged. The ESB is going into the other FV tomorrow, so it'll be ready to keg a few days later. Enjoying this double production thing!
    • Have always loved the song. The story only adds to it's quality.
    • Tonight had the first beers from the totally submerged Simcoe Citra Mosaic IPA dry hop and can confirm without a shadow of a doubt that there is way more hop aroma and flavour with this batch. Last few times couldn’t really notice the difference between 50g and 100g dry hop, but this time the hops are definitely hitting me in the face! Only did 2 days at ferment temp and 2 days cold crash, which may have affected perceived freshness in the hops ( see brulosophy on dry hop duration times). Not discounting that this batch of hops may have been fresher than the last few times, but it makes sense to me that hops that are totally immersed will give more flavour and aroma than hops sitting on top of the beer. Especially if larger amounts of hops are used , and getting a hop island affect. When I make a cup of tea I always push the tea bag down with the spoon, and to me this is similar, won’t get a decent cuppa if the tea bag floats on top of the water!! Well to me that is a technique confirmed! Tropical fruit bubble gum in your face type of flavour!! Eat your heart out Deschutes!!! Happy Friday! Cheers James  
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