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    RECIPE FOR BREWERS OUTSIDE AUS:  Coopers Botanic Ale.pdf



    RECIPE FOR BREWERS OUTSIDE AUS:  Lemondrop Lager.pdf

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    • Interesting question @iBooz2 and @RDT2. I’m going to knock up a double batch this week and that would be good to know. As it is, I’m thinking of putting less malted barley in anyway, I read somewhere that it might be an explanation for why the head is more beige rather than white like in Ireland. Also I noticed in the last trip there at Easter that it has a reddish tinge when you hold it up to the light. It also seemed more bitter than sour 🤔 But a perfect 2nd brew for the kegmenter in any case
    • Whatever,  I had a guest for dinner & she & I enjoyed it immensely,  with a Sauvignon Blanc,  Chips & Salad.
    • @RDT2 , do you put the roast barley in for the full mash?  I have read that it only needs to go into the mash for the last 15 minutes.  This is because roast barley in not a malted barley so no resultant benefit other that the colour or some of the roasty-ness. My first and recent batch of Gunness clone that I did, I put the roasted barley in for the whole mash time and don't know if this is the right technique as it does risk bringing in all the astringencies of the roast grains.  My Guinness, now kegged up and at serving pressure tastes like a hit of short back coffee almost.  It's close but not as close as I would like it to the original beer, even with the souring of two or so drops of lactic acid to the pint glass.
    • Trouble is with farmed Rainbow Trout (and many other farmed fish stocks) is that they are fed high hormonal "chook pellets type feed" (if you like), and that causes a marbling of the pink flesh with white veiny & strange looking fatty layers.  You only have to look at the tail on those trout to see that they have been farm caged, farm fed and of dodgy health. Compare that to a wild caught trout and you will see the difference in the flesh structure.  I catch my own trout and I know which of those fish I would rather eat.  Wild or farmed, give me wild any day.  
    • He did not say it was.  It was the Chicken that was Pir-Pri.  The rice was Mexican inspired.  
    • @stquinto, your recipe above is more like a Coopers Sparkling Ale than a COPA.  Too high a ABV for COPA for starters.  Just saying!
    • It was a Portuguese -Mexican fusion dinner if you like 🤣
    • I just made some caramelised onion and bacon jam.  Whilst I was cooking it up my HSSH was over it re the smell in the kitchen, but later once it started to all come together, she suggested she might like to try it.  This was cooked up, then jarred up to go on (in the near future) my egg muffins, my home-made buster burgers, avocado and poached egg toast or as a side garnish on scrambled eggs etc. Anyway, I love the complexities of the flavours, Olive oil, Onion, Salt and Pepper, Home Cured / Smoked Bacon, Port Wine Vinegar and Brown Sugar.  My HSSH had a small taste, and she agrees it will have its place at some of our hot breakfasts in the future. Looking forward to slapping some of this on a muffin and an egg for breakfast.  
    • Agreed, that Coopers Pacific Ale was a winner for me back in my K&K days, my dad also loved it.  Nowadays I brew my own AG take on this recipe and still love it. So, if I was to recommend a S&W recipe then do the Coopers Pacific Summer Ale if you can get the summer hops and or the Coopers Pacific Ale if you cannot get the summer hops but can get the Galaxy hops easily, for a K&K brewer you can then tweak it from there to suit your tastes.  Both good beers IMO, have done several batches.
    • @Aussiekraut , AK you are overcomplicating pressure fermenting and adding stuff to the FV like finings.  Try doing it the iBooz2 way.  I have done this many times and its fine, no oxidation and never any issues re distribution within and into the FV. Get your Rrr's down to Bunnings (or any other BBQ retailer) and buy one of these meat marinating syringes.   Push on some beer line to suit the ID of the beer line and needle size on your chosen marinating syringe, clamp it then attach a gas ball lock connector to the short length of beer line at the other end (see pic of my setup).  With a carbonation post connected to this (yellow one in the pic) you can suck up any fining mix and then inject it into your pressure FV by fully pushing in the syringe and then sucking up what to need to inject from say a jug of that mix and removing the yellow carbonation post and then connecting the ball lock connector to the gas in post of the FV and then injecting its contents into the FV Just make sure that the pressure has been released from you FV before you connect it to the gas post by lifting up the PRV on the pressure fermenter and turning it 90 degrees clockwise and let the PRV sit up on the open position on the PRV's base.  Then you can connect the device in my pic and squirt in anything you want to go into the FV via the gas in post. After you are done, close the PRV by rotating the PRV clockwise once again and letting it drop down into the closed position. With the Fermzilla, all you have to do after that is wobble the whole FV around in a circular motion to distribute the injected liquid.  A few minutes of wobbling the Fermzilla and it will all be pretty much distributed into the beer.  No need to remove the lid and re-purge at all.  Also, no need to lift the whole thing out of your fridge to do this task. I use this setup to squirt in hop teas and the like into my kegs with the greatest of ease.
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