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    RECIPE FOR BREWERS OUTSIDE AUS:  Cranberry Classic Dark Saison.pdf



    RECIPE FOR BREWERS OUTSIDE AUS:  Heart and Solstice Black IPA.pdf

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    • Left arm for me 🤣 but yeah. I have problems hooking with long irons, and just generally inconsistent with everything else.  Hahah, I have always loved the footy, now that I have kayo I have access to all of it but I'll probably just watch a couple of games tomorrow. It definitely helped me through the crappy times recently. 
    • Yeah we've been lucky up here that the lockdowns haven't been very long when they have happened, this is the first of the more recent ones where we can't play golf though. Oh well, hopefully the 3 days knocks it on the head. 
    • What I do is put my kegmenter on the bench and the keg on the floor. Make sure that the pressure in the kegmenter is higher than the keg, I usually just make sure that the keg has no pressure. Get all lines ready and on the disconnects but not pressurized. Connect the beer line out and then the beer line into the keg, you can usually see the beer in the line. Then connect the gas line. I just do a gravity transfer and that takes about 40 - 45 minutes so it is slow.
    • Modus Operandi Former Tenant Red IPA - Recipe from the BrewFather library, adjusted to my system.  Not sure how close it is, but seemed pretty good.    My first almost boil over  
    • Not. Used CO2 to get fermenter and keg to 12 psi. Liquid line to FV, then to keg, let equalise Gas line to keg Let some pressure out of keg via PRV Connect gas line to FV Supposed to take 10 minutes, right? After 10 minutes I had got about 1-1.5 litres into the keg.  I tried the same process above, but got no joy.  After half an hour, I just disconnected the gas from the FV and put a carbonation cap on to vent the keg as it filled.  It still took a while to fill the keg.
    • @Shamus O'Sean what happened or not with the pressure transfer?
    • 1st taste of the Australian IPA today. It has only been in the keg for 2 days so it is still a little green, and could probably still do with a little more carbonation. It has a bitter tinge, that is expected as I upped the bittering hops substantially. Quite a pleasant overall taste though, it will definitely improve with some ageing I feel. Quite cloudy in the glass, again that will improve with age. Has some aroma, but not overpowering. In a week or 2, I reckon it will be a great beer.
    • Kegged my Coopers Australian IPA on Friday night.  Dismal failure at pressure transferring.  Couldn't get the timing right.  Ended up just venting the filling keg via the gas post.  Also filled a couple of PET's.  I primed the bottles with a 1/3rd charge of sugar.  Fermenter sat at 15 psi for the last 7 days.  It had some carbonation.
    • Thanks K, yep I looked at that and put a big texta mark on / near the gas post (as I do all my kegs) so I could pick it up in the dark or dim lighting of the brew fridge / brewery cave.  Those little marks on the post are not easy to spot in low light. BTW the pressure and leak test passed with flying colours so it will be a SP soak tomorrow and a rinse / sanitise ready for Tuesdays pitch.
    • Not necessarily better, Phil.  But I really liked the Verdant IPA yeast in the Bright Idea Hazy IPA.  So I thought I would use it again in the Coopers Australian IPA.  Maybe a bit of a silly choice, because isn't the idea to brew these clone brews as close as possible to the commercial version?  I could be way off with the Verdant yeast. By the way @kmar92, mine ended up with a FG of 1.013, so 5.8% ABV.  The 1.018 I reported previously was the sample in the tube, I took about 10 days ago.
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