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    RECIPE FOR BREWERS OUTSIDE AUS: Coopers Genuine Draught.pdf



    RECIPE FOR BREWERS OUTSIDE AUS:  Rollin' Cinnamon Stout.pdf

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    • Depends on your taste buds there @Brauhaus Fritz. This was my thoughts on the hop.  
    • You could probably just boil the water and the hops and add the cans later.
    • I'm thinking to do a super simple smash on the stove simply using 2 cans of LME and Nelson Sauvin hops. I've got some Verdant IPA Yeast on the way. Can anyone give some scholary advice as to how long and how much hops to boil in what stages? I suspect I might need to do an initial long boil, is it OK to boil LME for so long (say, up to an hour, if necessary)? Salutations, my fine sages.
    • A quick Fillet Steak, smashed potatoes & salad & a few reds, it was medium Count Stquinta 🧛‍♂️
    • Coopers Recipe Spreadsheet - May 2023 Hi Team Latest Coopers Recipe Spreadsheet is attached.  May 2023 ROTM added: Coopers Genuine Draught & Rollin' Cinnamon Stout Click on the recipe name for pdf's of these recipes. Coopers Recipe Spreadsheet V2.12.23.xlsx Spreadsheet functionality:  Links to Recipe artwork and pdf of most recipes at the far right You can click on the recipe name to jump to the recipe on the Coopers website (for those in au only) The little triangle icons beside each column title are auto-filters and can be used to sort the spreadsheet by the respective column You can also use the drop boxes of the variables in each column to show those variables you want to see.   For example, under Difficulty if you choose the Easy variable then only those recipes rated as Easy will be displayed Or under Can 1, if you choose Real Ale only those recipes that have the Original Series Real Ale (as the main recipe can) will be displayed.  Unfortunately I am not clever enough to be able to show those recipes where Can 2 is a Real Ale Any queries?  Post them to this thread.
    • Rollin' Cinnamon Stout - May 2023 Craft Recipe of the Month in pdf format for those outside of Australia to be able to see the recipe in perpetuity.  Also click on the recipe name in red to see the recipe on the Coopers website. Rollin' Cinnamon Stout.pdf
    • Coopers Genuine Draught - May 2023 Recipe of the Month in pdf format for those outside of Australia to be able to see the recipe in perpetuity.  Also click on the recipe name in red to see the recipe on the Coopers website. Coopers Genuine Draught.pdf
    • Cheers. Putting it in a container is a good idea.
    • For a start I have never used Dextrose for priming, only white sugar, I have always put sugar in a Tupperware container for bottling day, all I have ever done is to organise the bottles into a production line & measured out the desired quantity for the bottle & simply use the side of the container to ensure the same amount of level in each scoop, it has never failed me. They then get filled, capped & boxed, labelled, stacked & stored at 18c - ambient room temperature & of course drunk at different intervals.
    • quiet 5 mins at work yesterday and INXS 'need you tonight' was on the radio so googled what drum machine actually did the drum line. the roland (on a river) 707 love the 727 too, never realised where all those iconic 'latin' beats from the 80s/90s came from before yesterday
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