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    RECIPE FOR BREWERS OUTSIDE AUS:  Passion Peach Pale Ale.pdf

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    • I wonder if it is a beer recipe software issue.  I only add lactic acid to the mash water.  I have only used as much lactic acid as Brewfather tells me to twice.  Both times my mash pH was under 5.  Since those two cases, I now add about half as much lactic acid.  The pH now always comes in the 5.4 - 5.2 range.  It got me wondering if the amount of lactic acid is meant to be added across the total mash and sparge water.   I guess the other thing could be like you report, Boozer:  My starting water pH is actually lower.
    • Yes.  Yeast that produces lactic acid during fermentation.  X + Y = Lactic Acid - Maybe one of the scientists among us can explain what X and Y must or could be.  Does one of them have to be some type of bacteria or can it be a "safe" chemical, like what is probably in Philly Sour? I am curious about the answer, but not really fussed.  I like what I get from Philly Sour and will use it again.
    • No vinegar. Ferments in the bag, use a big bag, it swells up like a pillow.
    • Philly sour is not, it is yeast and yeast only.
    • its pretty scary for the truckies  , let me assure you of something , truckies will only put up with so much and they have been following the rules with border crossings across our country. W.A  is one place we all would hate to head to as you quite rightly said border closures  are a real possibility still for us truckies  and mclown dont muck around . W.A think they are a world of their own and they think they can survive without truckies and freight coming into the state and its going to get that way if borders stay closed beyond the 5th of February     
    • Ekuanot IPA. Just over 2 weeks old  
    • 🤣🤣🤣 good on yer mate ! Nothing wrong with a bit of over sharing...
    • Happened to me many years ago. Was a coopers stout stored in a tin shed loft. Must have been close to 50c up there. Lol. Lost about half the brew.  BTW dont hose then to cool them down, only makes it worse because the bottles shrink. Lol. It was a huge mess. IMO its stout that is most likely to do this and pressure can increase over about 6 months.  If you open them you will lose all the beer.  I store all mine is a wooden wardrobe. In a tin garage. It provides a small amount of insulation against the heat. The back is covered in a low grade insulation. Perhaps helps a bit. Naturaly ensure all fermentation is complete before bottling. 
    • @iBooz2 yes I knew that when I said it a rice lager will be good one to try.
    • Hmm...... you could be on to something there @Marty_G, as my recent Pacific Summer Ale does have a sour-ish taste but not like a vinegar-ish taste  I reviewed my brew day notes and this is the only batch which I did not pressure ferment and I had added 2 ml of Lactic acid to get mash PH down (rather than use Acidulated malt additions) which took it to a PH of 5.2 inadvertently (a bit too low) maybe because my rainwater PH had suddenly dropped from 7.4 to 6.2 in the last few months ??? (yes I re-calibrate my PH meter every time).  So it appears that may have been too much Lactic acid. I am about to send a sample of my rainwater off to a water test lab to reveal its "everything" so I can plan my brews better.  So with the big variation of rainwater PH from winter to summer it looks like I will have to test it at least twice a year from now on.  
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