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    Created by Chris Woods, Master of the Brewniverse 2020, this lower bitterness, fruit-forward India Pale Ale is bursting with tropical and citrus aromas from the generous use of new world hops. A small amount of yeast has been added to naturally condition in the can, further enhancing flavour.

    Get your hands on a slab of Chris Woods’ Fruit of the Woods IPA from exclusive competition partner Dan Murphy’s. We have produced a limited run of this beer so get in quick to avoid missing out. Head in store or buy online today.

    Please join us in congratulating Woodsy (forum member) on his great achievement! 




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    RECIPE FOR BREWERS OUTSIDE AUS: Chris Woods' Fruit Of The Woods IPA (Master Of The Brewniverse 2020).pdf



    RECIPE FOR BREWERS OUTSIDE AUS: Laneway Latte Stout.pdf

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    • Do you have any issues with high Kraussen or do you routinely use the collar?
    • I ferment 27 litres at a time in my "23L" FV - you could comfortable triple the recipe and not have to deal with half a packet of something afterwards. PS. I assume you are talking about the large Coopers fermenter? I'd say it's a 30L FV.
    • The recipe on Coopers site is called double hops bomb IPA and I quite like taste. Just seeing if anyone has upscaled the small batch recipe to suit the 23L FV. If not I will just give it a try anyway, if would have to turn out really bad for metro waste it all.
    • 2.5 times works out to be just over 21L.  Just seeing if anyone has tried upscaling the small batch brews to a larger scale. If no one has I will give it a try anyway.   
    • I'm getting closer - this link talks about 50° - 60° for dry hops and it was in my bookmarks... 😄 https://spikebrewing.com/blogs/ask-a-pro/dry-hop-temperatures
    • It will likely be a 'milder' taste than you expect if you've done that brew before as 8.5L - unless you're dropping 2 cans into the larger FV. If it's just one can maybe look into a hops boil with some LDME to add some bitter to the brew. (not sure what the recipe is or calls for)
    • It was the packet Yeast from the coopers can, all reports suggest that it should have been enough as they are designed for a can plus an additive.... so hope you are on the money.... and yes I had planned to shelve these for a fair bit longer than normal.... I'll whack a standard batch on as soon as I bottle these babies up. i am thinking I'll leave them in the fv for  a fair bit longer than normal, I'm going away for the week end, I'll check again on day 11 and see where we are at.
    • No, that wasn't it, although it makes similar points. The one I read and can't find (gotta do more bookmarking) specifically did that level of testing at various times & temps and concluded you got full benefit from 2 - 3 days (which your link agrees with) at 14°. (where your link is about low temp or ferment temp) I know it was 14° because I actually set up my programmable Inkbird to do the 14° for 2 days after the 2 day 2° clean up rise from ferment temps.
    • It shouldn't stall at those temps. It may just need more time to chomp through all the sugars in that brew. How much yeast did you use? And what yeast? Also, those beers may need a bit of conditioning time before they are good to drink. They don't seem like early drinkers.
    • So my og levels were 1070 (Real Ale base) and 1084 (Apa base)which are quite high, I got to day 5 and the levels were both around the 1027 mark, at day 8 they are pretty much the same.... due to the higher start up gravity, Will this gravity level suffice or has the cooler ambient temp, 17-19c constant, slowed or stalled it.   all thoughts appreciated.
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