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    RECIPE FOR BREWERS OUTSIDE AUS:  That’s Amore Italian Pils.pdf



    RECIPE FOR BREWERS OUTSIDE AUS:  Good Vibes American Pale Ale.pdf

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    • The soda stream adapter is optional. I have one but don’t use it any more really. My N2 fitting is the same as the CO2 fitting - the gas bottles are pretty much the same 
    • Good move Shamus - hopefully the brains trust have some insight 🤞🏻 What’re ya thoughts Frank ?
    • Beautifully summarised @Shamus O'Sean “Wow.  Oh wow” 😉👏😂 just kidding, thanks for your work on this. Thanks also to you @pU5FA8s8 You clearly have some IT talent and fine ideas mate - Very interested in what you develop. No doubt once you have nailed the main recipe register you would be able to add the function currently found in the Coopers Kits tab worksheet "Recipes with multiple Extracts Used" and the Recipe Scaler. Watchin’ this thread with great interest 🤓 In the meantime - cheers ta cold beers 🍺🍺🍺🍺
    • Trust the brew’s a good one mate - maybe use as a session drink eh 😉
    • Well that settles it I will use the Verdant yeast for the Copa because that is why I like the yeast it produces those fruity notes
    • BUGG3R!! I do not recall if you have said exactly how old the Coopers FV's are.  I think you said they were "newer".  I wonder if @Coopers DIY Beer Team has any suggestions.  
    • I think the COPA on the Verdant yeast would be closer to the commercial version.  The commercial version has a fruity, citrusy note that I have not matched yet in my clones.  I have used Verdant a couple of times and it brings some of those fruity notes.  US-05 is a more neutral yeast.  It will make a good Pale Ale, more like 150 Lashes than Coopers.    But, at the end of the day, you have to brew what you want to drink, not what I want to drink.  Having said that, I would still like to drink any of those combos of recipes and yeasts.
    • Agreed, the Coopers yeast does not make a high Krausen.  You might be okay.
    • Wow.  Oh wow.  pU5FA8s8, that's some great ideas you have got there.  See a couple of my comments in blue text against yours. Incorporating more complex global queries (with AND and OR, eg. "Real Ale AND Galaxy") should be doable. There is a bit of a complexity rabbit hole to deal with in the logic here (eg. the difference between "Real Ale AND (Galaxy OR Simcoe)" versus "(Real Ale AND Galaxy) OR Simcoe" but I'll see if I can build off someone else's reference implementation for this.  Not overly necessary.  I was able to use your webpage and do a global search for Galaxy, then sort the can column by name and see if and what recipes there were with Galaxy that used the Real Ale can Hyperlinks for PDF and labels should also be doable, I'll need to go back over the sheet and extract the links.  Tick! Ratings and comments is trickier... the existing design supports offline/low cost/high security/etc. by essentially avoiding user-submitted data. It's literally nothing more than a static website served out of Cloudflare CDN... it keeps all of the user actions entirely within their own browser... there is not even a server or database on the backend to send data back to. Supporting genuine user-submitted/shared data (such as ratings & comments) is of course possible, but implementing it would require a number of design changes and feature tradeoffs. At this stage it's the kind of feature I'd probably keep on the Roadmap for a later milestone.  @Triple B Brewing had some thoughts on this.  Even if it was users manually posting recipe scores and comments that I manually add to some extra columns in the spreadsheet.  A draft of Triple B Brewing's idea is below A number of other things I've been considering, but are still TBD: Export to CSV/Excel (with or without filters)  Tick!  The ability to export to CSV or and Excel file would be useful for me. Freeze the Name column and/or "click a row to highlight it" so you can more easily distinguish the recipes when scrolling right  Would that be done like Freeze Panes in Excel or like how you froze the top row? Support BeerJSON and/or BeerXML extracts  That would be a bit of a task, but probably helpful.  Imaging being able to import a Coopers recipe straight into Brewfather, Beersmith or whatever brewing software you use. A "clear all filters" button to reset it to default state  Tick!  Resetting the searches/filters was a bit of a pain when I was playing with your sheet. "Remember the state" across reloads, so it returns you to the last thing you were looking at when you reopen it  Tick!  As an option, however, with the "clear all filters" "reset" button "Remember the state" could be the default setting It could look-and-feel better than it does (cue Graphic Design Is My Passion meme) but as an experienced backend dev I've come to accept my presentation skills are... workmanlike...  It does not have to be beautiful, it just has to work.  I like your work on aligning the EBC with the actual EBC colours - Very clever. Possibly even expose the data source for live query from Excel (with a bit of Power Query ninjitsu, Excel gurus could still custom-build their own frontend exactly how they like, but there would only need to be one single source of truth for data, and everyone would always have the freshest data without needing to download another copy of the spreadsheet each time)  I am not sure I follow what you mean here, but I am sure some will be interested. Maybe integration with complimentary external services (eg. map each recipe to homebrews on Untappd that use that recipe)  Seems usuful.  I did not know you could add home brew recipes to Untappd. ...and this might be playing with fire in here, but... maybe even support for recipes from additional sources. Eventually.  This is one I am not sure about.  At one time I thought about adding recipes using other brands of extract to my spreadsheet.  However, I decided not to given would be a bit cheeky and probably against the Coopers Forum rules.  Plus it also would be a big task.  However, the issue of rules could be overcome if the Recipe Spreadsheet was independent of the Coopers website. I think top priority though is "building a way for trusted users to add/edit the data themselves" (and happy for that to be Shamus and/or whoever the community feels appropriate). So... definitely don't go abandoning the spreadsheet just yet! In the short term I'll try to keep it reasonably fresh whenever a new spreadsheet comes out.  No plans to abandon the spreadsheet just yet.  I imagine you could have an administrators version of your website with a "Add Recipe" button that opens an online form for the likes of you, me and authorised others to use.  An "Edit Recipe" button would also be useful for when I make mistakes, as I have done from time to time.  Occasionally the Coopers recipe, as originally posted, has had errors that need editing. All in all mate.  Excellent work.  No rush on getting it perfect.  The spreadsheet took me long enough to build from scratch.  I imagine that the work you are doing is another level of effort again. Cheers Shamus
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