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    • As mentioned the sums involved aren't exactly huge but by way of example 1 kilo of dextrose would cost me $4 at my LHBS.   I can buy 1.5kg table sugar for $2.75 at the local supermarket.  😎 When I'm feeling really lazy I use sugar cubes (4.5g) (1 per 750ml bottle).   Box of 100 cubes is $4.30 so a lot more expensive than plain sugar or dextrose but still way cheaper than carb drops! 
    • Smoked my home cured Ham yesterday arvo , for a couple hours then finished off inside in the oven , then glazed with Marmalade, brown sugar and Maple syrup, Winner 👍🍺🍻 07B8A573-312E-4E8B-9AA9-405F0EED9739.MOV
    • 99.9% is in glass bottles. I might put the odd one or two in PET now and again just so I can check carbonation. I always have dextrose available. I don't think we have any white table sugar in the house. I'd have to check.
    • I too like to experiment but I found a few favs. I do enjoy a low carb type beer as I don't like getting bloatie but I also like a bit of spicy flavour so early on when I first started I brewed a Canadian Blonde and added a cup of jalapenos and birdseye chilli (half a cup of each). It produces a taste where the spicy sneaks up on you, front of the tongue you can taste the light fruity flavour then at the back on the tongue you get the zing of the chilli with an ABV of around 6. I think this was dumb luck getting this one right the first time and I have been able to reproduce that flavour. The wife likes APA with a zesty flavour, so I added indian lemon grass, lemon juice and dry hops. It's seems to be popular with a few of our friends too. The missus also like a cider so I've brew couple of those, one with added cinnamon, cloves and star anise. ABV around 5 for both. And I love a honey stout, a friend produces his own honey which I add although he scolds me for steeping it, I don't want to introduce any wild yeast. And there is a variation in flavour depending on the honey. ABV comes in at around 5. If you know a way of getting rid of wild yeast from honey without destroying to much of the flavour I'd like to know. I've found I like a few different IPA's, hard to nail down fav in that category. Then there is what I like to call the lawn mowing brew which is a ginger beer, sometimes I'll add lemon grass and chilli and it usually has an ABV around 4. Mow the back lawn the have a brew then mow the front lawn and have a brew. 😉 I do loosely document each brew and have roughly been able to reproduce the flavour of some brews but I do like to play with the flavours.
    • Hi Otto, Thank you for your response. I changed it to 20L and everything seems to line up well. As this will be my first partial mash ever is there any feedback or guidance you could provide regarding the grains and amounts used ?