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    RECIPE FOR BREWERS OUTSIDE AUS:  Atlantis Amber Ale.pdf

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    • @Marvin I'd love to be watching it too but unfortunately I'll be ON THE BUSES very shortly.
    • Still very young but quite tasty already. A take on a hefe weizen, using wheat, Pilsener, Vienna and a little light crystal malt, hopped with Tettnanger for bittering and Mandarina Bavaria for aroma and flavour. Brewed with MJ Bavarian Wheat yeast. It needs to mature a little more but is a very drinkable beer. Head formation and retention aren't that great yet but another couple of weeks should fix that.  
    • Cheers mate. It should have at least 2 weeks in a keg at 1 degree before I filter and carb it ready for delivery 
    • This has nothing to do bottle conditioning.  
    • I was thinking I might try using the yeast in the bottom of bottle of homebrew ale to start the next brew in FV. I figure the yeast would be less contaminated with unfermented residue which may be left in the FV after first fermenting stage. Does this sound feasible? Also, years ago I tried weird experiments [no not those sorts] with yeast and three stage brewing. I cultured a yeast off a bush lemon and when it had multiplied enough I pitched into a Coopers Lager wort. The resulting taste a few weeks down the track was a beer with a lot of citrus taste which was overpowering for me, but some may like the fruity flavour.  I found out how different yeasts can impart a flavour to the beer. Cheers.  
    • G'day mates you haven't heard from me in a good while as ive been making more & more ciders, obviously iam aware that a fair bit gets both drunk & made around here to & given the fact you all have great expertise in brewing maybe you can help me out or share any experiences, simply can i prime my  bottles using apple juice, i bulk prime my longnecks using 200gs of dextrose & i get a moderate to high level of carbonation, the 100% apple juice ive picked up from wollies contains 10gs of sugar per 100ml so.. ( 10gs × 20 boom! 200grams). Is it as simple as that or is this fructose versus sucrose, oils ain't oils- sugars ain't sugars ? I'd rather not pasturize the bottles & i dont have room in the fridge for 28 longnecks & no iam not kegging so none of the regular tricks will work. Currently i use 200gs of xylitol (an artificial sweetener) in addition to the 200gs of primming sugar but the finished product is still missing that fresh apple flavour. As always many thanks in advance for any tips, hints & advice. (Ps ive removed johnny Depp's pirate charater captain jack Sparrow from my avatar giving those awkward AVO domestic assult allegations.)
    • Just cold crashing a 24L raspberry  crisp Lager all grain   tastes wicked i have this one down Pat cheers  .If you like fruit beer that is
    • get the smell of bleech out of there    you do not want that in your next beer
    • I do it all time take a shampoo out and do it 
    • Is it ok for there still to be a bleach scent in the fermenter? Or do I need to get that smell out before starting my next brew? Thanks in advance
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