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    RECIPE FOR BREWERS OUTSIDE AUS:  Monkey Business Choc Banana Stout.pdf




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    • I picked up some decent sized prawns on skewers, 3 per skewer & they were very nice & crunchy as a prawn should be & full of flavour, of course I added garlic, lemon & chili.  Overall a very nice simple Sunday meal. I will be doing it again. 
    • @PezzzaI don't think @Uhtred Of Beddanburg meant any ill will I'm sure he will come along and explain his post
    • My next brew is an AG chocolate oatmeal stout I am starting to not like the taste of East Kent Golding hops what is a good substitute? I was thinking POR I was looking at some recipes that us fuggles but I don't know much about them
    • I agree,  always have been,  ignore the BS.
    • Yeah no idea ol chop, hes probably just being a SA
    • well what's this fella up above on about - that I am just re-editing pictures ?  I don't get it Every Brew if the same - might be a different day and a different picture - but a fresh look and a fresh perspective Every Brew now with Double Brews - might be different yeasts or different Gas - different Yeast and different picture I go to bllllllooooody considerable effort to take nice pictures to be part of this community - and hopefully share good shittt with good brewers - and I don't need to be accused of falsifying records and doing some fkkk knows what which I don't have the technology for after being made redundant a few years ago - to be blllaaaardy editing pictures with PhotoShop or other to try to big-note meself... Yeah seriously - if that is what this site is about - I am seriously done
    • Your pics are excellent fella, keep on posting.
    • I mean seriously - if this is what people think of my beers and my pictures I might as well not bother posting on this forum anymore👍  
    • Mmmm I really am a bit confused with your question mate @Uhtred Of Beddanburg - my apologies as I do not understand the question sorry Cobber... mmm... I guess maybe I am a bit old and pharquuued and not quite with it - my apologies. What do you mean by editing pictures? I just don't get it? Maybe I am just a dumb phaaarque but I seriously do not understand UoB? Ummm... it's more sorta the fact that I now do double batches like 45L of Wort - now - thanks to the help of some  really good AG Brewers on this site - of freshly milled malted Grains and then I can split between two Fermenters with different Yeast - and even if more recently - maybe a single 42L ferment in one vessel and then split between Nitro and CO2 in the Keg so a different outcome in Keg. Yeah - so very different products can be achieved with one AG Brew Day - but I really still don't understand the question my apologies. All the best and Good Brewing all PMB  
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