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    RECIPE FOR BREWERS OUTSIDE AUS: Summer Berry Sour.pdf 




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    • I am no expert but this is the 2 posts that reflect my answer @Space
    • I have not yet gotten too complex with recipes - I have reasons - but at the same time I have found a delicious bunch of beers that are "easy" yet also a huge step up from the basic kit recipes   If you have said what you enjoy drinking, I have missed it, so here are some that are a good variety (from my subjective opinion and limited experience)   PALE MOZZIE - Aussie Pale Ale is a great tin to use as a base to try out different hops. However, after making this one I stopped experimenting and keep coming back to tweaking this.  In Fermenter A right now: 1 Tin Coopers Australian Pale Ale, 1 x Packet Coopers BE2, The yeast that comes with the tin (7.5 grams), plus 1 packet of Safale Sa-04 Yeast 11grams (cheap and easy to find). Day 5-ish in the fermenter I put hop pellets into a hop sock and drop them in - in this case Mosaic hops, hence the name "Mozzie" Then I just let it brew, test the SG as usual until done   MIDDIES I like the idea of creating a middy I actually love to drink, so I tried making mid-strengths of the Real Ale tin (kinda malty in the end) and the English Bitter (deliciously fruity but waaaay too bitter for my belly) and even the Lawnmower Lager - but adjusting the sugars I added was a good way to experiment with the tins. This one is a work in progress. I will be trying different hops and maybe even some different yeasts with the Real Ale middy. I want to experiment this way with the Lawnmower Lager and Cerveza too - but the Cerveza tin was just too thin as a Middy for me. Tasted like a Tun. I want to try maybe fruity hops in that one one day when I am bored. And to keep it very simple, I am Dry Hopping. Pellets in a bag, bag into the fermenter.   DARK GALACTIC ALE 1 Tin Coopers Dark Ale tin, 1 x Packet Coopers BE3, The yeast that comes with the tin (7.5 grams) plus 1 packet of Safale Sa-05 Yeast 11grams (cheap and easy to find). Day 5-ish in the fermenter I put hop pellets into a hop sock and drop them in - in this case Galaxy hops Then I just let it brew, test the SG as usual until done   May I also recommend some of the Thomas Cooprs range - I discovered I love Porter after trying the Devil's Half-Acre recipe. These are often not really more advanced than the basic recipes and open up a whole other range to try        
    • I have used Chinook in a few Pales & it works well. I did a bulk buy on them a little while ago.
    • Pale Best Bitter Can go in the pale
    • Did not understand Root's choice to bat 1st. Also I do not understand them leaving out Broad and Anderson on this wicket.   Great start by Australia!!
    • well what a start to the 1st day of the  The ashes 1st Test at the Gabba on a very green wicket and over cast day   with England winning the toss  that a wicket is looking to suit the bowlers boy has it  proved a wrong choice from Joe root to elect to bat Burns 1st ball duck  on the 1st ball of the innings milan not making much more vital wicket of Joe Root very cheaply  for a quacker stokes   making 5 which was another vital wicket I think this could be an interesting game 
    • Nice one IP T-Bone is one of my favourite cuts. It also helps with a good butcher although meat from Coles/Woolworths is not too bad.  A steak & a nice red & I am as happy as a pig in 💩
    • Yummo 😋 why wasn't I told I could have brought a bottle of Sauvignon blanc. 😀
    • Reverse sear cryovac aged and marinaded 1 and 3/4 inch T-Boner - 130 deg oven for 25-30 then seared on the Grill... much closer med-rare this time than last time... was very nice -- but you know the last one that was more like "well done" was also very very good and tender -- just a different flavour and texture experience really : ) Served w coleslaw and then my Cauli pickles ; )  
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