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    RECIPE FOR BREWERS OUTSIDE AUS: Swooping Season Brown Ale.pdf



    RECIPE FOR BREWERS OUTSIDE AUS:  Break Time Choc Stout.pdf

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    • I was going to do an overtime today, but they said I had to have a day off...  so,  beer then it is. The sparklin I made did not finish so I am using it for black n tans, hare wasting beer  
    • These Movers Dolly's from Bunning's are great for $16.00. One keg is full of beer & the other Sanitiser & you can move them with ease.
    • I finally kegged the Pale Ale today, SG was 1.050 - FG 1.014, after yesterday's discussion on how much goes into the keg I found that filling it to the weld line must be 19l as I got 8 x 500ml Hef'e bottles out of it which makes 4l for the 23l batch.
    • OK then. I might try some sugar. I'll have to buy some though. I don't think we have any. And I've never really looked at the cost either.
    • For anyone who can't be bothered to click or maybe finds that hard to read. So it does sweeten the beer then. I might try some in my next cider, as the last lot was a bit bitter. Malto-dextrin: Sold to homebrewers in powder form, malto-dextrin (corn syrup) is a combination of malt extract and dextrin, a complex sugar consisting of a chain of dextrose molecules. This chain cannot be broken by beer yeast without the assistance of enzymes, and so is often used commercially when brewers want to sweeten the finished beer. It also adds a little body and contributes to head retention, and many homebrewers I know will add about 250g of malto-dextrin to every beer they brew for these reasons alone. You will also find it as an ingredient on many "imitation" or "clone" recipes, which attempt to recreate the character of one commercially-produced beer or another.
    • Yes, I agree, I see people in the Supermarkets with their trolleys filled up with useless, sugary, unhealthy stuff like cereal, sweet biscuits, cake, custard tarts, white bread, soft drink & the odd frozen dinner or tin of something & of course lollies. I can't believe it because all of that rubbish cost more than a few pieces of lean meat/fish/chicken, vege's & salads & they are the ones that say it is hard to make ends meet. Being a home brewer allows me to lash out now & again & have fillet steak, seafood etc & I reckon I am still in front.
    • Style: American IPA Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Batch Size (fermenter): 21.00 L Estimated OG: 1.065 SG Estimated Color: 10.6 EBC Estimated IBU: 76.5 IBUs Ingredients: ------------ Amt Name Type # %/IBU Volume 4.00 kg Pilsner (Weyermann) (3.3 EBC) Grain 1 66.7 % 2.61 L 1.00 kg Munich, Light (Joe White) (17.7 EBC) Grain 2 16.7 % 0.65 L 1.00 kg Rye Malt (Weyermann) (5.9 EBC) Grain 3 16.7 % 0.65 L 10.00 ml Centennial Hop Extract [48.80 %] (CO2 Extract) - Hop 4 44.3 IBUs - 50.00 g Citra [13.50 %] - Steep/Whirlpool 20.0 min, 90. Hop 5 20.4 IBUs - 20.00 g Amarillo [8.90 %] - Steep/Whirlpool 20.0 min, 9 Hop 6 5.4 IBUs - 20.00 g Nelson Sauvin [10.70 %] - Steep/Whirlpool 20.0 Hop 7 6.5 IBUs - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     Finally opened the extract @The Captain!! gave me  
    • Very true that Phil, if you're wise to it you can make reasonably priced meals with out a doubt - even these days. Also I've found thanks to SWMBO'd that waste is the enemy in the kitchen. She won't ever throw leftovers out she uses everything - peelings - stalks - everything - The amount of unnecessary house hold food waste these days is staggering in my opinion. 
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