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  1. Aussiekraut

    Hopping Hefeweizen

    One of my next batches will be an "Erdinger" wheat beer clone. The kit based recipe is asking for Hallertau finishing hops.
  2. Aussiekraut

    Temp control....gizmos and gadgets.

    Nah, big OS holiday coming up first I'm afraid Cheers
  3. Aussiekraut

    Temp control....gizmos and gadgets.

    Yeah I know. I carefully knocked on the door about this and while I heard a "we already have 3 fridges", the tune changed to a "The fridge in the kitchen shits me. it's too small. Maybe we get a new for the kitchen and you can use the old one". So I'm a little upbeat but it may not happen until July or so.
  4. Aussiekraut

    Saunders Malt Extract English Bitter

    Not sure if it is a good idea to just have a thread called "Ingredients" and every post regarding ingredients goes in there. 5 people post about it and we have 5 different discussions going on in the same thread. It makes it impossible to keep track of who said what to whom about what. What would make more sense would be having subcategories. Like having a subcategory "Ingredients" under the "DIY Beer Blether" category and all ingredients related posts go in there.
  5. Aussiekraut

    Temp control....gizmos and gadgets.

    Yes I figured this will be a bit of an issue but also figured, the temperature difference would be rather small and not a major concern. Mainly because temperature fluctuations are part of the deal anyway, and there will never really be a 100% stable temperature. But I ask questions, to get answers because if I knew everything, I wouldn't ask So 2 fermenters in the same fridge isn't a good idea. Just checking on your suggestion to move a FV into ambient temperature. once fermentation has ceased. I usually keep my beer in the fermenter for two weeks. Mainly because I can only really do things on weekends. Usually, fermentation isn't quite finished after a week, so I give it all the extra time. I was always under the impression that while in the fermenter, temperature is always important because the yeast is still present and active and can still produce off flavours even after fermentation. Learnt something else I guess Thanks for the clarification.
  6. Aussiekraut

    Temp control....gizmos and gadgets.

    I'm not quite ready for this but thinking about it. The main issue is convincing the better half that we really need another fridge I'm thinking about a fridge capable of holding two FV, a small batch FV and a regular sized one. However there is one problem with this. Which FV to attach the sensor to. The bottom one or the top one, the larger one or the smaller one? Either? Is it ok to just have it "dangle" in the fridge? I suppose that would be fairly inaccurate as the temp in the fridge goes down faster than the wort in the fermenters will cool. Sure it will eventually "catch up" but it would take longer. What about different temperatures in the fermenters? I take it it makes more sense to attach the sensor to the larger fermenter as it is the one taking the longest to cool and heat up if needed? as for heating, a heating pad or a belt? Also, should I drill holes into the fridge to run the wires of the sensor or just run them between the door seal and the fridge?
  7. Aussiekraut

    Mangrove Jack's craft series kits

    Maybe that's what they use at Yeasty Boys
  8. Aussiekraut

    Dry hopping

    Interesting read. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Aussiekraut


    Ok, so the high values refer to the canned product, not the end product. That clears it up, thanks. Cheers
  10. Aussiekraut


    I'm a little confused when I read IBU values. Looking at the IBU of the extracts in the online store, they are pretty much all in the 3 digit range but some finished beers have vastly different values. Take the Anarchy IPA ROTM for example. The APA kit it is based on has an IBU of 390 but the finished beer supposedly has an IBU of 40. Sure, 2kg of unhopped malt are added but also more hops. Is that a typo or does the IBU value really drop down to 40? Or does the IBU of the can refer to the content of the can itself, before it is diluted with water? I've seen a few recipes where the end result is in the mid double digit range, as opposed to the triple digit range the extract cans have. Could somebody shed some light on this?
  11. Aussiekraut

    Aust pale ale and BE2 $18 bundle

    It's an independent supermarket chain. They bought quite a few IGA supermarkets here in Qld in the last few years. They're apparently fairly big in SA. We have one around the corner but I never checked if they stock HB stuff.
  12. Aussiekraut

    Coopers Mexican Cerveza

    Thanks. I just wondered because I did a small batch with 25g galaxy @10min and another 25g of galaxy to dry hop after 7 days. When I bottled, I noticed the beautiful smell of citrus and it tasted quite nicely but when I tasted one to see how it is going after a week and a half in the bottle, I found the citrus flavours overbearing. They dominate the whole brew. I hope they the aromas fade away somewhat over the next few weeks.
  13. Aussiekraut

    Where does all the knowledge come from?

    I learn from doing what I am told not to do. Inevitably things go wrong that way and you are an experience richer: Listen to those who know!
  14. Aussiekraut

    Coopers Mexican Cerveza

    Cheers That sounds quite tempting. What's it like in terms of citrus aromas? Does it taste like a radler?
  15. I'm sure there are plenty of people here who have used them. Are they worth the extra cost? I'm looking at the "Bavarian Wheat", which is available as a regular can or a craft series pouch. I'm not worried about the extra cost if it is worth it but I'd hate to spend it with no real difference in the finished product. Any experiences anybody?