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  1. A guy walks into a bar and yells out "a beer and a shot for everyone". So the bartender starts pouring drinks like mad and everyone in the bar is happy. When it comes to paying, the guy says "I don't have any money", so the bar tender throws him out. Next day, the guy comes in again and the same thing happens. He has no money and gets thrown out. On the third day, he again shouts a beer and a shot to everyone but says to the bartender "you don't get a shot today because you always pick a fight when you've had a drink".
  2. Yeah, they can be fun ey? Opened a box once, put the "tap" into the hole like in the good old goon sack days, line up the FV underneath, let it go and it goes right over the FV onto the floor. I think the 15l wort put a tad more pressure on the tap than 4l of goon
  3. You need to steep the grain first. Either you cold steep it overnight in about 2l of water or you hot steep it in 2l of hot (ca. 60-70C) water for about 30-60 minutes. Use a hop sock or a small grain bag for the steep to make it a little easier for yourself. If you don't have any, just strain the liquid into a different pot and boil it for 10 minutes or so to sanitise it, then cool it fast in an ice bath and then add to your FV with the other ingredients. Forgot to mention, if the grain is not milled yet, you have to either mill it or crush it in a ziplock bag with a rolling pin. Don't pulverise it, just crush it.
  4. Don’t forget that bottle conditioning ads another 0.4-0.5%, so you will end up with a more “regular” ABV in the bottle. You can add fermentables to give it a little extra kick but I’d stay clear of sugar or dextrose if you want a decent beer. If you can, add a little DME to the brew for more body and better head formation and retention.
  5. Dropped in at uncle Dan’s and saw this one. A gluten free pale ale from Twobays brewing. Made with millet, rice and buckwheat. It’s actually not a bad beer. Slightly different to what I’m used to in terms of maltiness but it’s quite nice. Even SWMBO thought it “isn’t bad for a beer”
  6. A Mosaic hopped XPA. I made an FWK of this nature a while ago and I quite liked it. This is my take on it. Legged 2 weeks ago, fast carbed I er night and ready for drinking today.
  7. Carared or Red X will give you a nice red colour. A light caramel/crystal might do the trick as well.
  8. Punctuation is important. Let's eat grandma. Let's eat, grandma. The difference a little comma can make...
  9. I have two 25l pails with a screw-on lid for MO and pale malts and plastic storage containers for things like pilsener, wheat and vienna. The specialty grains are kept in vacuum sealed bags.
  10. Yeah, my dad used to store his beer just in the basement, where it was cool. I saw that as perfectly normal but nowadays, I ask him if he can offer other warm drinks besides beer My keg fridge is set to 2C but does hover around 3 most of the time. I can live with that.
  11. I'd go for the roller. I bought an el cheapo 2 roll mill and it works a treat for my needs. Just do yourself a favour and replace the crank with a power drill.
  12. I buy 25kg bags from Hoppy Days here in Brissy. They're about 45km on the other side of town but freight is reasonable and quick. I recently ordered something like 35kg of grain all up and other odds and sods and freight was $20. When I drive there, I already pay about $15 in tolls.
  13. This one is actually about a cm above the litre marking. At the Oktoberfest, you get about 50:50 beer/froth ratio
  14. Bringing out the big guns for a nice Munich Helles. After all the Oktoberfests have been canned, I make my own
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