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  1. Maybe we can add to this: Their - It belongs to them They're - They are There - not here you're - you are your - it belongs to you should of - you are a f^%#ing idiot!
  2. Yeah, I use the one that came with the Guten as well. Seems to be doing a good job. I take it you run the wort through the chiller, which sits in ice water? How much ice do you need for that? A lot I suppose?
  3. So, I fast chilled for the first time and things seemed to go quite well. The water goes straight into the pool, so it isn't wasted. 30 minutes from boil to 23C isn't bad I guess. Winter is good in terms of cold water I guess. Pitched at 22C and the wort is at 18C atm. I should see signs of fermentation by tomorrow. Unusual to finish a brew day at 2pm and the FV is in the fridge
  4. Well, I know what a whirlpool is there for. I just used to cube and it's easy, whirlpool, let it calm down for 20 minutes and the cube. However my question was simply when to whirlpool; before the wort is chilled or after. Before means it's all going to be nice and the hotbreak/other gunk is going to form a nice cone but when I put the chiller in, it'll disturb it all. So I was considering whirlpooling after the chilling. As Old Hippy advised, I should use the whirlpool arm whilst chilling and for a little after, then turn the pump off, so things can settle.
  5. I have a whirlpool arm for it but I'm always worried about clogging the pump up with crap. I figured out how to get it all out again but nevertheless. So you use the arm for 10 minutes or so?
  6. Ok, I got myself some garden hose and a few clamps and am attempting to chill my wort tomorrow. However one thing I'm not sure about. When do I whirlpool? Before chilling or after. My gut tells me after as I don't want to disturb the nice cone of undesirables built up by the whirlpool.
  7. I usually CC 5-7 days (when I do it) and carbonation only seems to take a day or two longer.
  8. I'd leave it in the fridge until you're up to bottling. A week under CC conditions doesn't hurt. It's only been 2 days anyway. Hope the back gets better. Suffered the same issue on the weekend, stuffing up my planned brew day.
  9. Coopers is making things as easy for people as possible. They don't assume people have access to a temperature controlled fridge/freezer etc and the yeast they give you is presumed to make decent beer at those temperatures. Simply put, it's for Joe Bloke. You can make beer @27C but you (mostly) make better beer at lower steady temps. If you want a temperature range, 18C-21C will (mostly) give you the best results. Higher is ok but I'd stay below 25 if possible in order to avoid the flavours you might not want in your beer. From experience, I can say the beer is a lot better when brewed @18C, rather than 27C.
  10. Thanks mate. It's been 6 or 7 months since my first AG batch. It's been a pleasant journey so far
  11. My Chocolate Hazelnut Porter is coming along nicely. The chocolate flavours are subsiding a little making way for some coffee flavours and the hazelnuts are starting to come out too. Another 3 or 4 weeks and I'll have a nice winter warmer on my hands
  12. Don't stir it. It's just the trub consisting of yeast and dropped out proteins contained in the wort. It's perfectly normal.
  13. The last sample from yesterday's visit to First Choice. I'm not the biggest fan of NEIPAs but this isn't bad. Nice texture but it smells fruitier than it is. Bitter but not overbearing. Quite drinkable, although not my fave.
  14. This is a great IPA. Old school, without new world hops. I treat myself to a bottle or three every now and then.
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