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  1. Hefe Weizen Not-Hefe Weizen Citra XPA Irish Red Nut Brown Choc Milk Porter Kiwi Wonder Mötley Brëw White Stout (in FV) Strawberry & Pear Cider There are still two almost full batches I didn't like and was just to lazy to tip out and the odd bottle here and there, all from the k&k days. They will be put to pasture though as I am running out of a) bottles and b) storage space for full bottles. I will go back to single batches on brew days for a while.
  2. Of course one can do a split batch or a double batch, one with each. That makes it easy to compare. Same age and all. It's not that the beer will go to waste I don't think the difference will be massive though.
  3. Having been born in Europe, I naturally have see a fair bit of it. For many years, I lived in an area where a 3 hour car trip can take you to 5 countries (Germany, Luxemburg, Belgium, Netherlands and France). I've been to Italy, East Germany, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, France, Netherlands, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Iceland. Outside of Europe, I've been to Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE, New Zealand and of course Australia. Oh yeah, I also spent time in Manilla and Bangkok Airports At home, the only state I haven't been to is WA and I haven't been to the Territory either. We love doing road trips, so I've seen plenty of Qld and NSW country side and Qld Outback. Also drove a fair bit in Tassie, travelling from Launceston to Hobart via the west coast and explored the east coast a little as well. I've driven national highway 1 from the Daintree all the way to Adelaide (not in one go) but still have about 15,000km to go to complete the round. On one of the next trips, I want to do the Adelaide-Perth trip, crossing the Nullarbor. There are a few places I want to go to and plenty to go back to. NZ is on the cards again, especially the south island I haven't seen, I'm craving the yummy food you can get in the hawker centres in Singapore and the street markets in Kuala Lumpur, I want to go back to Iceland for a little longer. It's such an amazing place. As soon as possible and affordable, I'm planning on a solo trip to Germany to see my elderly parents and the siblings and the next bigger Euro trip is likely to take us to Finland, Sweden, Norway, possibly Estonia and then Iceland, maybe with a very short stint to Greenland, just for s&g. I'd love to go back to Scotland and always dreamt of Canada. There are some places in Asia I'd like to explore, mainly for the food, like Korea, Thailand, Vietnam but I'd also like to spend a bit more time in Honkers and I want to visit Japan as well. My feel good cities are London and Munich. When I'm in those places, I feel happy. They're pretty different places but both have this vibe I can't quite describe. They give me the warm and fuzzies But as it stands, I haven't left Queensland in about a year and a half and probably won't for some more time to come. Just the thought of needing a border pass just to go on a road trip that takes me into parts of northern NSW puts me off.
  4. I'd do the opposite and initiate a cold crash once fermentation is done. Drop the temp down to somewhere around 0-2C for a few days. The cold helps drop out suspended solids and clears the beer up a little.
  5. Ok, time for part two of the GABS six pack tasting. First up is Cheat Code, a hazy TIPA from Deeds Brewing. Weighing in at a whopping 10% abv, I was a tad worried. I was pleasantly surprised by the beer though. The moment you open the can, you can smell the hops. It is rather hoppy but not overly bitter. It isn’t quite as creamy as other hazies but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I taste fruity flavours reminiscent of grapefruit and to my surprise, I cannot taste the alcohol. It is pretty well balanced and I quite like it. Another hazy IPA. That seems to be the flavour of the month. This one is Amplifier by Dainton Brewing. It comes in at 8% abv. It’s hoppy but doesn’t slap you in the face, it’s typically hazy creamy and a nice juicy finish. It isn’t bad but it doesn’t mask the alcohol as well as others, thus it is a little “sharp”. Last but not least, here’s the obligatory Sour. Sours confuse me. They’re too beery for a sour drink and too sour for a beer. And really, the first lesson about brewing is to keep things nice and clean to avoid infection. Why on earth would I then deliberately infect my beer I worked hard for? You can tell, I’m not a fan of sours but I digress. This is Aviation Cocktail by Bright Brewing. At 5.1% abv, this is the lowest abv beer in the pack. This one is sour. Not make your tongue stick to your cums sour but pretty sour. The purple hue of it is a tad disturbing but in a strange and probably masochistic way, I like it. Not as a beer but maybe as a refreshing sour drink. Shame I’d have to pay beer prices for it. was the six pack worth the $35? Nah, not really. On the other hand, I’d have missed out on some beers I’d never have tried otherwise.
  6. Got myself one of these from uncle Dan’s. A six pack of exclusive GABS beers. It sounded interesting, so I bit the $35 bullet. This is part one because there are some high ABV beers in there and if I drink them all, I’d have to go to bed at 8 in order to get out of bed at 5:30 The first I tried was Wanderlust, a hazy IPA from Mountain Culture Brewing. Nice and Juicy, not uber hoppy and the 7% abv are nicely masked. I quite like it, despite not being a big fan of hazies. Next up, Maple Banana Split Your Pants Beer from Urban Alley Brewing. A Dunkel Weizen with extra goodies. When you open the can, you get a distinct banana aroma, which isn’t as strong when you drink it. Tastes like a dunkel Weizen should but it is a little bit more sour in the aftertaste than it should be. Maybe a bit more maltiness would have helped. It feels a little thin. It’s not bad but I’ve had better. Last for the day is the Sundae Beer from Sealegs Brewing. Coming in at 7.6%, it’s the strongest beer for the day. This one was actually the main reason I bought the box but it let me down. I expected a nice sweet, chocolaty, fruity, creamy beer, reminiscent of a chocolate bar or a Sundae as the name suggests but I was wrong and got this, despite shaking the can and doing a hard vertical pour. Got a bit of head to start with but within 30 seconds, it was all gone, no sign of the “nitro foam” promised. It smells and tastes chocolaty, I can taste raspberry and a hint of strawberry and coffee. I think it would have worked better as a porter or a stout. Not sure what the style is supposed to be but it looks like flat mud. I’m rather disappointed to be honest. That’s it for today, part 2 will follow on Saturday I suppose, so stay tuned.
  7. Yeah I never heard of it until I had one at a local craft brewery. Dry nice indeed but takes a lot of messing about. The stout flavours normally come from grains like roasted barley but of course you can’t add this to a white stout or it won’t be white any more. The coffee and chocolate flavours have to come from coffee and chocolate. Got some soaking in vodka atm and will add them at around day 3 or 4. I hope it works out as planned.
  8. Well, oddly enough, I just put a recipe for a white stout together and when I adjust the lactose amount, things go the right way. When I add, OG and FG go up, when I drop it, they come down. When I do the same in the CMP, OG goes up, FG goes down and vice versa. Strange, very strange.
  9. It has but not on this computer. Maybe I should check the other one.
  10. That's what I expected to happen but somehow BeerSmith is a little confused. It changes OG up a few points but FG down. I think the beer is finished, just BS' numbers are off. I'll take another sample today and then start cold crashing.
  11. Yeah, like what 4Pines had on offer
  12. So much nice been and so little time. @Red devil 44 It was good to catch up and have a few beers. Good company makes beer even better No @ozdevil, Didn't go there. There was quite a few stalls I didn't go to. If you only have one of each at all stalls, you'll be sloshed rather quickly and the tasters are too small go get a real picture I find. It was a good festival though and I will surely attend again.
  13. Took a sample of my Choc Milk Porter on Monday to find it still sitting at 1.028, after 8 days in the fermenter. So I presumed it had stalled, upped the temp and pitched another lot of yeast. By Friday, the beer still sat at 1.028. It tastes very sweet but done. The sweetness is probably owed to the 500g of lactose I put in and I have the sneaking suspicion that BeerSmith is getting thrown off the track by it. BS tells me the it expected an FG of 1.010, which is way off. However if I drop the amount of lactose to 250g, this number doesn't change at all. Funnily enough, if I change the lactose to 1kg, just for s&g, it tells me the estimated FG would be 1.008. Considering lactose is mostly non-fermentable, I would expect the FG to go up, not down. When I get silly and make the lactose 5kg, the estimated FG is 0.998. Am I missing something? I'll give it until next weekend, then I'll call it done and bottle it.
  14. I used PB2 before in an attempt to make something remotely resembling a PB Porter. It wasn't a bad beer but seriously lacking peanut butter flavour, especially for the price I paid for the PB2. However I wasn't prepared to put the PB2 into the boil and get peanut goo all over the shop, into the pump etc., so I just added it to the FV. The thing is, and it says so on the Bad Shepherd can, that it doesn't contain peanuts. So how on earth do they get this peanut butter flavour from?
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