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  1. I use MO for my dark ales and most SMASH brews. If I need "regular" pale malt, I use Barrett Burston.
  2. I find the MO less "bready" than pale malts, like when I make a SMASH and they're really just 2 weeks in the bottle, there is a distinct bread taste I pick up from "normal" pale malts, although I haven't noticed it in BB. I buy MO mainly because it is asked for in many recipes and is common in British style ales and BB because it is used in a lot of Aussie beers and to support local business. The grain they sell at Hoppy Days comes from the Brisbane malthouse. I agree that MO is fairly exy compared to BB but BB don't have to ship their product halfway around the world.
  3. I've had lagers for most of my life and I am a little lagered out to be honest. I've turned into an ale man all the way
  4. I guess you will be ok. were your hands sanitised? The can was in hot water, which helps. I'd say let it ferment out and then give it the taste test. It's no sure fire guarantee but you should be ok. While sanitation is very important, sometimes we all do stupid things S*%t happens, so don't worry too much about it. Unless you discover a colony of mushrooms growing on your wort or strange looking things, it's all good. I just hope my big mouth won't bite me in the bum now
  5. Yeah, around that for normal strength beer.
  6. 16.5kg Maris Otter 8.5kg Barrett Burston pale malt 3kg Barret Burston Wheat 3kg Best Malz Red X 800g roasted barley 1kg flaked barley 800g Dark Crystal 500g Light Crystal 800g Brown Malt 500g Chocolate Malt 500g Chocolate Wheat 300g Black Malt 1kg Caramunich II 600g Summer hops 400g Galaxy 300g HORT 4337 150g Vic Secret 200g Mosaic 140g Fuggles 75g Simcoe 75g Nelson Sauvign 50g Brambling Cross 100g Tettnang 50g Hersbrucker 50g Hallertau 100g Cascade 50g Citra 50g Challenger 50g Chinook 5pk US-05 3pk S04 5pk Nottingham 1pk Kveik Voss 2pk MJ Liberty Bell So I am not likely to run out of supplies any time soon but having said that, I ran out of Vienna yesterday and only have one Whirlflock tablet left...
  7. After flameout, give it a good stir to get a nice whirlpool going, then throw in your hops and let it sit for about 20 minutes for the solids to settle in a nice cone at the bottom of the kettle, then transfer to the cube. That's what I used to do and it worked a treat.
  8. Here it is in full glory. It could do with a wash but
  9. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a bad beer, it was just not something I'd rush out and brew again. Drinkable but nothing compared to the Pacific Summer Ale, which I really liked. However that one is hard to brew as Summer hops are no longer commercially grown, so getting your hands on some isn't easy. Just drink your light coloured beers quickly as they;re best fresh and keep the darker ones for long term storage. If you brew a few dark ones now, you'll have some really nice beers on hand come Winter. I currently have a Nut Brown Ale and an Irish Red Ale in the fridge. The next two batches will be something for easy drinking again, before I do another Porter and/or a Stout to keep for next Winter. After that, it'll probably be summer beers for the next few months.
  10. Well, you asked for it, I did it I checked and this was bottled on 14/12/2019, so it's a tad over nine months old and I think I should have had it about 8 months ago I was admittedly never a big fan of it to be honest. It's the reason I still have some left Head retention is as poor as it was back then but the flavour is rather...let's say uneventful. It got a fair bit darker as well. There are no detectable hop flavours, no maltiness or anything but it is tasting a little "bandaidy". There are two more tallies left and I think I will send them to the beer place in the sky. In essence, drink it as soon as you can.
  11. Red Pelt India Red Ale from Vale Brewing. Not a bad beer, malty and hoppy but a little bit too bitter for my liking. I could have another one or two though.
  12. Love those grain buckets. I have a mesh hop spider but it is rubbish. I used it once or twice. It clogs up with hop matter and you end up with 2l of hoppy liquid which won't strain out of the spider. I use hop bags instead. They keep the hop matter out of the wort, are easy to handle and can be reused a fair bit before they need replacing.
  13. Yes, dark and high ABV beers do last longer. I still have a few bottles of my 2019 Coopers Vintage ale, Some barley wine and a Tsar's Tar from about a year ago, Also some of the Toasted Coconut Porter. They're all fine, in fact some are getting better still. The Tsar's Tar, I was ready to tip out because I didn't like it is starting to become drinkable, so I'll keep it around for another year or so. Light coloured beers usually don't get a chance to age. I think I still have a few bottles of the Lightning Strike Pale Ale left I brewed almost a year ago. I should try it. Usually, my light coloured beers are all done and dusted within a month or two but some I have kept around for a little longer. I consider pale beers drinking beers, whereas Dark Ales or Porters are "sipping" beers. I can't imagine anybody opening the fridge and grab a bottle of Stout from the fridge after mowing the lawn in 30C heat
  14. Queensland Sunburn. One of my go to beers. I can make 12 more batches before I run out of Summer hops. Hope I can get more cos I really like this beer.
  15. Smithwicks Irish Red clone. I used to live off this when I was in Ireland last year.
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