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  1. Aussiekraut

    It had to happen eventually

    I hear you. Last batch I put down, I wheeled the fermenter out of the kitchen, leaving a wet trail behind me. Apparently tightening the tap properly has its advantages
  2. Aussiekraut

    bulk priming question

    For PET or glass bottles? Or both?
  3. Aussiekraut


    Just cracked one of my dark ales. It's been in the bottle for 3 weeks now and already tastes quite nice. The hardest part will be giving it time to mature more
  4. Aussiekraut

    Cheap Coopers, Where D'ya Get It?

    About time. Was down there over xmas visiting the inlaws and was rather disappointed to find the only DM was in Lonnie.
  5. Aussiekraut

    Coopers Aussie Pale ale

    Nothing visible. It does what it does in the FV, with yeast building up at the bottom and over the first 3 or 4 days there is a nice krausen on top, before it dries up just like in the FV. Haven't had anything grow on it yet. Just the odd fly has drowned itself in it
  6. Aussiekraut

    Coopers Aussie Pale ale

    I just take a sample after yeast is pitched and stirred through, put it on the kitchen bench and watch the SG drop a bit every day, as it ferments away. Then after about 10 days, I take another sample to compare the two. The bench sample is usually pretty accurate, despite the very different conditions between open air test tube and closed FV.
  7. Aussiekraut

    Dry Pitch vs Rehydrating yeast

    Silly question: Why is 7g not enough for 1.5kg LME? Does yeast stop multiplying before it runs out of food?
  8. Aussiekraut

    What are you listening to right now????

    Currently, it's Berserker by Amon Amarth. Hyping myself up for the peak hour "drive" to work
  9. Aussiekraut

    What are you listening to right now????

    How about La-ia? One might think it is pronounced Laia with an emphasis on the "i" but apparently it is Ladashia
  10. Aussiekraut

    dIY brew kit

    If the bottles are brand new, you should get away with just rinsing them thoroughly when using them for the first time. However sanitising them anyway won't hurt
  11. Aussiekraut

    Marathon beer?

    Ahhh MAMIL
  12. Aussiekraut

    Euro lager dress up

    Hmmm I have 250g Crystal left, some Saaz and a kilo of DME around Just no lager yeast. Might get some during the week. The Euro lager was on my list for next brew day but wasn't sure how to dress it up. was thinking a kg of DME and some Hallertau hop tea.
  13. Aussiekraut

    It is Cheating - isn't it?

    I think I might give it a try once my stocks are depleted.
  14. Aussiekraut

    hydrometer, by b*stards incorporated...

    This has been ticking me off no end. Every time, without fail, the scale will be on the other end of the test tube. Drives me mad.
  15. Aussiekraut

    Fermentation temperature for Coopers 86 days

    Pilsener is a lager and as such should be fermented at a much lower temp, as OvB suggested. To make it perfect, temp control is required...or living in a place like Tasmania, where it doesn't get much over 15C this time of the year. I just bottled a batch of 86 Day Pilsener yesterday and it tasted quite nice...well, flat and warm or course. Mine was fermented at around 22C, so still way above what it should be. The brew fridge has been OKed by SWMBO for after our upcoming holiday