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  1. As Hairy already pointed out, it may be Märzen or a Bock. Both are darker and richer. The former due to the fact that they could only legally brew between September and April, so the Märzen was brewed with more malt and hops to make it last until the next brew season. The region is also known for their "Dunkles", a dark lager, with a more malty character. They also brew Schwarzbier (literally black beer) but this is more common toward Thuringia and Saxony.
  2. Yeah, that was KE1. The second try finished around 1010.
  3. I wasn't keen to use an AG batch on an experiment just yet. My KE2 was a simple Coopers Lager I had around and a kilo of DME. 3g of yeast pitched @ about 32C. I fermented it at ambient at temps in the high 20s and low 30s. It tastes more like orange zest than fruit and the first impression was that it is an awful beer. It had this sour smell and taste of an infected beer. As it matures, the taste is improving and it is beginning to taste like a beer one wants to drink but it needs a more time. Even KE1, the previous experiment is getting better. It hast the same orange zest flavour but it seems to be fading a little. It's main problem is the 8.5% ABV and the associated alcohol taste. We'll see. I kept the slurry from the last batch, so there is more to come in the future.
  4. Of all the HBS within a 40km radius, only one sells Summer hops. It's not the easiest hop to get these days. There are a few places online which sell it though. Try CraftBrewer, they have stock. I think I remember reading that although the two are relatives, Saaz is not a suitable replacement for Summer.
  5. They also had their beer gardens for that purpose. They planted trees above their store rooms to prevent the sun from warming up the ground, so it remained nice and cool underneath.
  6. If you're talking about the finishing hops in bags, chuck them straight in.
  7. That's the place where they take ecstasy by putting it between the upper jaw and lips. A practice commonly known as e-ba-gum
  8. They can keep that one too The Brits love their Fosters too. I didn't spend much time in England this time round, so I only went to one pub(!) but I seem to have been the only one going for the local stuff and not Fosters, Heinie or Stella.
  9. I spray them with StellarSan just before the hops go in.
  10. Not an acute fail but only because I caught it in time. I had two beers to dry hop, one on Thursday, one on Friday. Thursday evening, I open the freezer and pick up the vacuum sealed hops I had prepared, sanitised the hop bag, filled it and threw it into the FV. A little later, I'm looking at the hops I have prepared and realised, I put the Friday dry hop into the Thursday brew. I was rather quick rectifying the problem and adding the correct hops to the appropriate batch. The Friday batch got dry hopped a day sooner than planned but well, it should be ok.
  11. They drink a lot of this crap in Ireland too. I was in an Aldi near Cork and they had it on special. It basically walked out the door. People were piling 4, 5 cartons into their trollies. I can't understand that but then again, they also like Heineken. What a shame for a country with such lovely beers.
  12. Oh I still have to learn a lot about grain bills and hop schedules etc. but what I've seen so far is very encouraging. Even though my process still lacks a lot of tuning and needs improving on a few fronts, the end product is still a very drinkable beer. I still have a Lightning Strike Summer Ale I made just before the switch. Not a bad beer per se and fairly thirst quenching but in comparison with my AG results so far, dare I say it tastes a little "home brewy"? I'll still make k&b beers because I have made a few I really liked and I think I will keep doing so but I am very encouraged by my AG efforts.
  13. The difference between AG and k&b is astonishing isn't it? I've done 4 AG brews so far and I am looking forward to what's in store for me as I get better at it.
  14. My HORT 4337 SMASH. It's still very green but quite a tasty beer.
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