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  1. We caught a cab back to the hotel. Cost is a whopping $3.50 the beers were good but the lager a little “grainy”
  2. Walked about 4km in 30C heat to get here. Hope the beer is worth it Stark Craft Beer Garden in Kuta
  3. Yeah, use the kits, they may end up a little darker than normal but other than that, should be ok. Just ditch the yeast.
  4. FWKs are the simplest way to brew beer. The result is normally better than a K&K. I guess the biggest difference is that the FWK is not boiled down into goo but simply brewed "stronger", with the added 5l of water in mind. I've done a few myself and usually get good results. However, you are still brewing somebody else's beer.
  5. Yeah, I had a stuck sparge as well the first time I used flaked rice but nevertheless still had overshot the Pre-boil and OG estimates a fair bit. The 2nd time I used more rice hulls and it was ok. The result was worth it though. Loved the beer. I'll go back to Hallertauer hops though as I liked it better than with the Sorachi Ace. I use less Pilsner malt but more rice and a little Carapils and acidulated malt.
  6. Of course you can substitute the DME with BE2. The question is though, should you? There is a reason why Coopers recommends going down the DME path and not suggesting to use other ingredients like BEs. You would basically be adding 500g of DME instead of 1,500g but you'd add 750g of dextrose, making a much thinner beer with less body but a slightly higher alcohol. You will get beer but a beer that doesn't taste anything like what it is intended to. I'd use the BE with something else and wait with the Brew A until you have the DME. LME is better as @Classic Brewing Copointed out but you'd need a bit more in order to make up the difference. 1.2kg of DME is roughly equivalent to 1.5kg LME.
  7. Getting ready for the Bali trip the week after next Not the most crash hit beer but it will do to quench the thirst if I can’t find anything better. There are apparently a few places where one can get better beer.
  8. I like the old chook. Usually have one if they have it in a Pommy pub.
  9. Round 3: The Naked Objector. A West Coast IPA. Not much to say. It’s an IPA with everything it needs. Nice to drink but nothing spectacular. Face Inverter. Now THAT is a sour. Holy crapperoony! I quite like it Sludgebeast. An Imperial Stout. Not only is this heavy as hell, it is also more astringent than many of the sours I’ve had. Your tongue sticks to the gums and the face puckers up. To be honest, not my cuppa tea. In fact, I didn’t like it at all and only finished it because I hate tipping beer out
  10. Hope they don’t visit me
  11. A few more yummies from SWMBO’s care package. First off, a Mango Sour NEIPA. Nice brew, a little bit of a hazy taste but could be a little more sour and the Mango could be a little more prominent. But nice to drink. Next is a Hazy IPA called the Undercover Fashion Police. What can I say, it’s Hazy and it’s pale. For once, it isn’t an abv monster but an easy drinker. and last but not least, Scratchy Vinyl black IPA. This one is not bad at all. It has some characteristics of a Hazy and some nice hop flavours. Very unusual for a black IPA, with the roasted barley covered quite nicely.
  12. It was nice, I just dunno what a “cold IPA” is, besides one coming out of the fridge
  13. Got a pressie from SWMBO yesterday with 15 cans of goodness. First off the rank is a cold IPA called Zero Kelvin by Little Bang Brewing Co. Heavy but not bad. Reasonably bitter and nice fruity flavours.
  14. Of course it didn't touch the sides or the tongue. You want this down the hatch without any possibility of actually tasting it
  15. I like the idea of a 21l lawnmower beer made with 6.5kg of grain
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