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  1. Choc Coconut Brown Ale from Bad Shepherd brewing. Very chocolatey, very coconutty. The aftertaste is reminiscent of that which a bounty bat leaves in your mouth. Quite rich and malty too. I see just one problem. It’s a brown ale and imho it is too light and doesn’t suite the richness of the flavour profile. I think a porter would be the better choice.
  2. How did the brew day go with the new gear? At that price, it sure is a good proposition. In fact, it looks very interesting.
  3. 3kg Pilsener 2kg flaked rice 200g Carapils 200g acidulated malt 200g rice hulls 50g Hallertau mf (4%) @60 20g Tettnang (3.4%) @10 2pk Saflager W34/70 60 minute mash @65C, Batch size is 26l
  4. Me too Not too much left of it in the keg but it is on my revised brew schedule.
  5. The Rice Lager is now nicely lagered and is very nice. It smells good, is crystal clear and is very tasty.
  6. Since Styrian Golding is basically a Fuggle, you would have used it and kept it English after all
  7. Yep, that’s pretty much what I do. Just I turn off the gas before resetting and burping the regulator, then turn it back on.
  8. It depends on the temperature of the fermentation but generally, yes. If it was below 18, it may take a few days extra, if it is above, a few less. I usually ferment my ales at 18C and by day 8, all is done and dusted. Lagers (using lager yeast and fermenting at 13C), take an extra week, give or take. You should be fine.
  9. ABV is dependent on the amount of fermentable sugars in the wort and when they're gone, they're gone, no matter how long it is left in the fermenter. Time has nothing to do with that. Once bottled/kegged, dark beers are best left for a few weeks/months to mature as they get better over time but ABV doesn't increase. To answer an earlier question, no, you don't have to keep it in the fermenter for longer. The best temperature for an ale us in the range of 18-20C and it should certainly be done within 10 days. You should also avoid temps getting above 25C as the yeast will start throwing some potentially unwanted flavours. If you add a kilo of brown sugar, your beer gets a lot stronger. More fermentable sugar = higher ABV. At least up to the point where the yeast dies of alcohol poisoning and the sugar remains unfermented. Do yourself a favour and get a measuring cylinder for the hydrometer. It is the ultimate authority on when fermentation has ceased. If you bottle too early, you risk bottle bombs.
  10. Looks good. You can't go wrong with a good mafia cake. And of course the beer. Don't forget the beer
  11. I am a little disappointed with my pills. Before I went away, I took the batteries out of both as I figured they don't need to run. When my beers on Sunday were ready, I put the batteries back into both of them, closed them up, sanitised them and into the buckets they went, thinking all is fine. Well, not quite. As it turns out, the calibration data is NOT stored permanently and they both need to be re-calibrated. Why on earth would that data not be stored in the same place as the name of the device or the WiFi info is beyond me. There is a fair bit of work going into the software of those devices and in the end, it is the tiny little oversights that cause the most inconvenience. I know for sure that the two beers both had the same OG of 1.047 and not 1.009 and 1.007 respectively. Well, another lesson learned the "hard" way.
  12. What temp was this done at? Thinking about 18C for the Clayton's Lager. How much of the Saaz did you use? I'm not sure about the hops just yet. I'm thinking about using Mosaic. Will see. You didn't lager it I presume?
  13. Do I see 4 taps on the fridge? You better have enough kegs
  14. Haha It's a lager made with California Lager yeast and without lagering, so it is the lager you're having when you're not having a lager
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