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  1. You'd probably have to order it but try this place for the Dark Winter Ale: https://www.cannonhillbrewing.com.au/product/mr-beer-winter-dark-ale/
  2. I know, I'm the same. It's amazing how much useless information the human brain can store
  3. You are so funny, really. You are so keen to absorb knowledge and I am sure you've picked up a lot on the way.Y et, you are honest enough to accept you know tiddly squad considering what there is to know. I love the way you're communicating it but. What I like best is that a lot of the questions you ask, are mine too. I really like the synergy in this forum.
  4. I am so looking forward to firing up the Guten. Yet, I'm scared as hell taking the plunge
  5. While I did put this one down just an hour ago, it will be bottled, so I cannot speak about keging it I'm afraid. Should be a good beer though
  6. Is this a red wheat beer? Flanders is definitely Belgian and most of their beers are wheats, so me is coming to conclusions. Met up with a friend in a pub in Liege earlier this year, which had a poop load of beers on tap and in bottles. It was kinda heaven
  7. Oh there are night busses but they run really early in the morning and they terminate at Sunnybank Hills I've been told. It's a problem if you wanna go to Browns Plains, another 5 km down the road. They tell you to use public transport but then they leave you standing in the rain when you do. There is always an Uber ride in the mix somewhere.
  8. Brew it. You may get an instant Vintage ale These were the days where a kilo of dextrose was advised to brew the beer hehe.
  9. I never get a week out of them. You can tell after 2 days that the beer is getting flat and 3 days is the max IMHO. If they'd seal properly, they'd hold the pressure for just as long as a crown sealed or PET bottle does. I think they're simply takeaway containers, meant to be consumed on the day.
  10. Not mega big on IPAs but Aether in Milton make a pretty decent IPA called Hop, Skip and Jump and their Black IPA (what an oxymoron) called Black as your Heart has to be one of my favourites in terms of what Brissy has to offer. Together with White Lies' Bust a Nut and the Mexican Stout Ballistic sold a while a go. Not sure if they still do.
  11. Not my favourite but the make some darn good beer. I go to their outlet in Newstead when I go to a gig at the Triffid but rarely make it there any other time. It's just hard to get to, parking in the area sucks and even public transport isn't an option. Not that Brissy is famous for it. I just say last train out of the city at 12:20am on a Saturday...from the Valley... Have you been to Felons? I hear people talk about them but never got there.
  12. I've got the goods for AG but am not quite there. 2 more weeks before I will fire up the Guten for the first time and then we'll see If only making good beer was as easy as drinking it But I am in good hands here in the forum.
  13. I was thinking about Growlers and Squealers but I don't think they can hold the pressure to be honest. Give it a go with a few Growlers but just in case, put the rest in bottles. I'd hat to see an entire batch wasted, if it doesn't turn out well.
  14. Visited 1st Choice to get a few samples. Loved the porter. Nice and chocolaty with a nice, not overbearing residual bitterness. Just what I like, when I sit down in the evening to relax. The coastal ale is reminiscent of a Pacific Ale, just a little lighter on the palate and in looks. Fruity and all, it's a nice thirst quencher on a hot Queensland day but not a beer one would like to consume after 8pm, unless it is still stinking hot of course. Got a few more to report on later.
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