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Coopers Community

    Welcome to the Coopers DIY Beer Community!

    The Coopers DIY Community is the official place where we can get together to discuss all things brewing and share our experiences and a few laughs along the way.

    Before you start chatting beer and brewing, we recommend you familiarise yourself with your profile and notification settings. Follow the below steps and then you’ll be ready to explore the Coopers DIY Beer Community!

    So come on in, we’re a friendly bunch and love to hear from fellow brewers.


    Signing In

    To sign in to the Community, you’ll need a Coopers Club account. The ‘Sign In’ and 'Sign Up' buttons are found in the top right corner on desktop view and within the slide across menu on mobile view.

    If you are already a member of the Coopers Club from the previous Forum or Australian Online Store,  then you’ll already be in our system. As we’ve moved our database to a more secure environment the first time you sign in will require a password reset to verify your account. This verification will only need to happen once, we just need to verify you still want to be a Coopers Club member.

    • Click the 'Forgot Your Password' link and this will take you to our account page.
    • We request you fill in your email address and then select 'Send Me A Code'.
    • You'll now receive an email with a 6 number verification code, checking both your inbox and junkbox if it does not arrive within 5 minutes.
      • If you are a Bigpond user you might find the verification email with the code does not appear. Please follow our further instructions to resolve before contacting support. We are finding that Bigpond users that access their email via an app such as Outlook or Mail have an additional junk filter which is stopping the verification email come to their junk folder within the app. However if you login to your Bigpond account/Telstra Webmail by a web browser the verification email is found in the junk box. Confusing and annoying - we know!! To access the login website via a web browser, please CLICK HERE you should be able to see the verification email with a 6 number verification code.
    • Please enter this code along with your new password. Passwords are required to be 6 characters in length and must include one of the following: capital letter, number, special character.
    • Select 'Set A New Password' to submit.
    • Once you have signed in you will now have access to the Community and Online Store (Australian residents only) with the same email address and password to login.


    If you have a Coopers Club account but the email address is no longer in use - please email community@coopers.com.au or click Contact Us in the page footer as this requires addtional assistance from our technical team.


    If you have not yet created a Coopers Club account, please click the ‘Sign Up’ button and then click ‘Create Account’ and follow the prompts. Once you've created an account on the Coopers DIY Beer website you will then navigate back to the Community (community.diybeer.com). 


    Updating Display Name

    Your default display name or alias for the Community is the name which is linked to your Coopers Club account.  This will probably be your first and last name which you may prefer to alter to protect your privacy within the Community.  To update your display name, follow the below steps (please note: updating your display name will only update this within the Community and so your full name will still be listed against your account for Online Store processes).

    • Once you have signed in, click the small arrow alongside your name.
    • Your member menu will appear and this is where you can update settings regarding your account, notifications and display profile.
    • Click ‘Account Settings’.
    • A menu will appear listing ‘Overview’, ‘Email Address’, ‘Password’ and ‘Display Name’.
    • Click Display Name, enter your new alias, and then click save. 
    • NOTE: Display Names must be unique for each member. If your Display Name is already taken you will be asked to attempt another Display Name until it is unique within our system. 


    Updating Email Address or Password

    If you decide to update your email address or password within the Community it will also update these login credentials for the Australian Online Store. If you update your email address or password within the Australian Online Store these will also carry across for your Community login. This is because both sites share your credentials in a secure encrypted environment.


    Updating Notification Settings

    Under ‘Account Settings’, click ‘Notification Settings’

    Here there are a range of options for you to update your subscription preferences and these can be updated at any time. You may turn settings on (green tick) or off (grey cross) for either Notification List or Email.

    The Notification List is an icon that looks like a bell, and is displayed near the Sign In button or the member menu if you are already signed in. Click the bell to see all your personalised notifications, alternatively if you’ve chosen Email – you’ll receive these direct to your email address.


    Personalising Your Profile

    Your Profile is a great place for other brewers to learn about you (and you to learn about them!)

    To personalise it click ‘Profile’ from the member menu drop down. Here you will see your profile as it is displayed to other members (except email addresses are only seen by admin). You can add a profile and cover photo, see your followers count and review your recent activity.

    There is also an ‘Edit Profile’ button overlayed on your Cover Photo. If you click ‘Edit Profile’ you’ll be able to add further information about yourself and your brewing history as so other members can get to know you.


    Interacting with Other Members

    There are multiple ways to now directly contact other members without having to create a post.

    You can now tag other members in your posts for them to receive a notification to review (unless they’ve turned off all notification settings). E.g. you might want to '@Coopers DIY Beer Team' if you have a question regarding a Coopers DIY Beer product or recipe. You might have also uploaded an image of your finished Recipe of the Month beer and you’d like to tag us or other members to compare their finished beer to yours.


    You can now also private message other members. To private message click the envelope icon ‘*’ a pop up will appear which will display your recent messages. To start a new message, click ‘Compose New’, you’ll need to know the members alias and type this in the ‘To’ field. A drop-down will appear once you begin typing their alias, please ensure you select the correct member. You’ll have the opportunity to enter a subject, message and attach a file before clicking ‘Send’.

    The envelope icon is found on the slide out menu on mobile view once you have signed in.



    Using the main menu you will see a range of ways to interact within the Coopers Community - have fun exploring!



    This is where the real fun happens! To post a new topic/thread you’ll need to create it within one of our six forum categories (DIY Brewing Blether, DIY Brewing Recipe Resource, Beer Banter, Club Conversations, Coopers Online Store, Everything Else). Have a read over their descriptions on the homepage to ensure you are posting within the most suited category.

    Posts and private messages can now be enhanced with Emojis and GIFs within the message editor panel. Simply click the ‘😊’ for Emojis or ‘📄’ to search GIFs from GIPHY.



    Upload your own photos within our set albums or create your own album (within our set album)! You can tag other members in the comments to make sure they see your finished brew.


    Member Map

    Find out where other Coopers brewers are located. We recommend members to drop their location pin in the vicinity of their suburb/town rather than detailing their street for privacy reasons. To add your location to the Member Map, click ‘Add Location’, search suburb/town until it appears in the autofill, then click ‘Save’. Your location pin should appear correctly on the Member Map. You can change your location at any time by selecting ‘My Location’ or right-clicking the map.



    Check back here for Coopers DIY Beer events, promotions and recommended brew times for various holidays. 



    My Activity Streams allows you to filter the content you haven’t yet read, the content you started or create custom streams to allow you to monitor and review the Coopers Community.



    When using the Coopers Community site please be mindful to conduct yourself in an appropriate manner and be respectful of other members.

    Please read our Coopers Community Terms of Use before engaging on this site.

    You can always refer to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy within the site footer.


    If you have any further questions the Coopers DIY Beer Team can be contacted via the Contact Us link or private message and searching ‘Coopers DIY Beer Team‘ from the list of members. 

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