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  1. it can be done freezing grain you will want to make sure you keep the moisture out of the grains thats my thought as i was thinking doing this myself
  2. hurrry up chuckles this beer is is getting way to heavy for my likings why did you order 2
  3. you can never be to sure with these style of fermenters, but looking at alot closer with coke bottles on i can see the duck tape now so basicly i am answering my own question kinda. as the 1st time i looked at i wasnt really looking to close at it, and i know this style of fermenter can do strange things
  4. My thoughts is the flavour is actually not going to be about the hops but from choc roasted malt what stage are planning on doing ya hopping I would be looking at chucking the entire lot in for bittering
  5. the advice i give most people be a bit patient , i understand you guys want to drinkit now rather then waiting but do the set and forget method get your keg to 2°c set your psi to 12 leave gas on 5-7 day your keg will be carbonated to approx 2.5 and i usually connect the gas at the set and forget method to the out post so the wort absorbs the co2 alot quicker then once 7 days are up i just switch the gas back to the in post and the tap disconnect to the out post never failed yet with over carbed beer. just use a beer carbonation chart to get your desired carb level i really couldnt be bothered my self setting 30 psi then burping keg then setting again just to drink after 2 days in the keg.
  6. i usualy have 4 kegs on the go at 1 time very rarely do i bottle these days unless wanting to bottle 1/2 a dozen having said that i am bottling either tonight or wednesday however i usualy try to have a kolsh, pale ale, ipa /neipa/west coast ipa and stout/porter/ brown ale on the taps
  7. mate love the krausen you have formed i hope your using a blow off tube with the fermziila mate also it maybe just my eyes it looks like you have some damage to the fermzilla in the right side or is that where you have shoved your temp prob?
  8. Hey All , I thought some of you would very interested in this when it come to subscribing what your beer tastes like you know that one time you find it hard to discribe the taste http://www.beerflavorwheel.com/ wheel-alt.pdf wheel.pdf
  9. if i was to bottle condition i would normally batch prime and not use carb drops i would every couple of days give a gentle shake to help what co2 has formed be asorbed into the wort Now some will disagree on what i have said, but thats how i have done it in the past even if you use carb drops a gentle shake every couple of days will help the drop to dissolve and mix with the brew
  10. @Graubart condolences to you and your friends family may she RIP
  11. Hey Guys Gash from the homebrew network on youtube is doing a giveaway contest he is putting up a Wort whipper +either 3litre or 1 litre chonical flask T o enter click on this link and sign up on the homebrew network forum provide your name your state and country only open to Australian residents http://bit.ly/StirCompetition Cheers Oz
  12. bugga about the power situation mate , i never lost power in those storms but 15kms up the road all lost power and not much further in trentham all lost power and was blocked in all directions with fallen trees
  13. fair enough Shamus , i wish i had your problem lol i'm struggling to keep up with 1 keg but thats just lazy me. i really need to start brewing hard i think as i have 4 keg kegaroter with 4 taps and only 1 gets used lol so i dont have kegs banking up
  14. i thought that was a 1st pour mate, wasnt having a shot as that happens to us all mind you some people think its fine to have icecreams and some of these have double scoops and think its the only way to have beer. more froth the better and less beer i dont see why they want huge heads on beer
  15. good head retention i hope that continued was that a 1st pour from the keg? i would make the barperson pour a new one if i seen an icecream like that lol not having shot at you a 2 finger pour is acceptable in my opinion unless you have fat fingers the beer look great thou
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