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  1. Hey guys Seen my 1st review on this by Gash of the homebrewnetwork I am very impressed on how grainfather has set this up and really looks like a great brewing system The G40 is not cheap as you we seen with the gf 30 which is around $1080 the GF40 starts at $1495. the good thing with this system you get a choice you can use 10 amp or 15amp depending on ya situation so if your outside brewing and boil is not quite there you may want to look at 15amp ... however you have to purchase the 15amp cord seperately The good thing is there is no overflow pipe like the G30, basicly when i am brewing in the brewzilla i have already ditched the overflow pipe as it is really not needed... however there is little holes that run up the inside of the mash tun that basicly acts as the overflow pipe but i dont think it is a hindernce at all. the control panel is great it can be removed for cleaning the outside of the unit just incase of boil overs or those times we make boo boo mistake the recircarm is no loger there and comes through the lid any more in which is a great idea however you need to pull the hose off so that you can remove the mash tun for sparging overall looks like a great little package that offers alot
  2. i reckon these are great specially if you do alot of no chill brewing in A.G brewing however i think having a decent size funnel helps with FWKS that have the bladders and as well as the cube style as usually your pitching yeast straight away i want agood air rating and i think the tap you have there will not allow for strong airation but i would still go this method with cubes as i say it will be much easier to pour into FV specially something like a fermzilla or chubby from keg king etc great product shamus
  3. thats cool i'm just interested in how well he flavours of the hop come out in cryo hops
  4. like the colour is that the American ipa you did? i am going to be doing a sierra nevada with cryo hops as dry hop addition how did you find these hops
  5. wasnt saying you was wrong Shamus , just the way I interpreted it to be honest.
  6. yes, its a very good website with alot of information and its not just for all grain brewers but for extract as well. using that website with a 23 litre brew you could use that to bulk prime by using a spare fermenter or bottling bucket so that each bottle gets the same amount of sugers this method is called racking
  7. how will gas under 12 psi escape? i would have though gas that builds over 12 psi the spunding valve let gas escape your method you will not get the pressure ferment of 12 psi as gas would be escaping from o to 11 psi there fore would not hold pressure if i am understand you correctly
  8. carb drops is easier no measuring normal suger you need to measure out what is needed i like to refer to this website which you can use to help you find the right amount of sugars for a batch https://www.brewersfriend.com/beer-priming-calculator/ so eg if you want to find out how much sugar to put into a 700ml longneck put in the priming calculator 0.700 what ever carb you want your beer say 2.6 of co2 (this is the amount of fizz you will get) what temp your carbing at e.g 20 degrees it will then pump out the figures for you and will show yo a list of priming sugars to use with measurements
  9. Todays Tasting Brewery = Valhalla Brewing in Geelong Victoria Name of beer = Gallowtree Style = stout ABV = 5.4% enjoying this stout on a cool victorian spring day the only issue is that the beer was set at 2°c as it is hiding alot of the Dark roasted malts . I feel if this was around the 6-8°c alot more of the flavours would pop out aroma gives of a great roasted smell with hint of chocolate and while to taste the oatmell gives it a smooth sweetness to the roasted malts being used. also gives a great bitterness to taste as well I would buy this stout again as it was enjoyable
  10. Am I in a spelling and grammer lesson or am I in a beer tasting thread
  11. Nothing surprises me with Australia Post to be honest. I have given up on making sense of how they do things, and what responsibility they take on delivering your goods I had a product on express delivery this is the tracking information picked up at Yarraville, Vic to Airport west sorting facility, Vic to Melton sorting facility ,Vic (this is only 15minutes away from where i live) To Airport wast sorting facility, Vic To Adelaide sorting facility , had a weeks holiday here To NSW sorting Facility To derrimut sorting facility ,Vic To Adeliade sorting facility To Melbourne Sorting Facility To Bacchus Marsh sorting Facility Finally delivered in Bacchus Marsh This was an express delivery Nothing makes Logical Sense with Australia Post or Star Track for that matter The part what got me they got as far as Melton how hard would it have been for them to deliver it from there rather then doing a long trip around 1/2 the country
  12. yes the would be a killer having to do it twice a day i think there is 7-8 tolls to go through 1 way i spose i could avoid them and sticking to dandenong rd to the city but they could put an extra 1/2hr on the journey.
  13. would have phil but 3 hrs one way in normal traffic from where i live to springvale where keg king is situated and thats freeway all the way so 6 hours just to get to work and back not my cuppa tea .. i think getting tested 2-3 times a week is much better i get a bit of freedom
  14. Keg King in Springvale, VIC is seeking a customer service/sales team member with solid knowledge of the brewing process, brewery equipment and draught dispensing technology. The right candidate needs to already know a bit about beer and brewing. Brewing equipment and draught beverage dispensing product sales are busier than ever so we need to keep things moving. You’ll be embedded with the Sales Team, responding to queries by phone/email/ and occasionally face-to-face with customers when our retail shop is once again able to operate. Here’s what we’re after: Knowledge of all grain brewing/brewing techniques Understanding of beverage dispensing systems and draught technology equipment Customer service and sales experience Knowledge of our product range Knowledge or experience with webstores Basic IT or systems support Good with details, self motivated, willing to help customers Must have full working rights in Australia Interested candidates can contact Nic at nicolas@keg-king.com.au. JOB DESCRIPTION: WAREHOUSE STAFF MEMBER We're in need of another Warehouse Operations Staff that is capable, self motivated and team focused. If working for the best home and craft brewing supplier in Australia sounds good to you, keep reading. This position requires identification and understanding of multiple brewing, bar dispensing and craft beverage manufacturing parts. Homebrewers and Brewery knowledgeable applicants are preferred. Attention to detail is vital Accurate pick and pack Timely completion of tasks Assistance with container unloading maintaining neat and tidy working environment OH&S awareness Current Forklift License is essential. Must have full working rights in Australia. Interested candidates can contact Nic at nicolas@keg-king.com.au. If this wasnt that far from where i lived i would be applying myself cheers
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