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  1. ozdevil


    they are a fully private course. .. thats cheap try membership at "The National Golf Club Cape Shank Victoria or "Cathedral Lodge in Thornton Victoria , you need to be on the megabucks to join here and some more. and if your lucky enough you may meet someone who is a member to get an invite cathedral lodge is the Most expensive and exclusive golf course in Australia
  2. ozdevil


    I dont take the attitude oh well price of golf is going up i'll just put up with it going up I take alot of things into consideration track conditions practice facilities and the hospitality if a golf club has hospitality facilities . while I am remaining a member of 2 clubs i am just thinking outside of my head how others are feeling about price hikes that are enormous and this one is. As there is already mass evacuation due to price rise and people are saying to the committee the conditions of the course and amenities doesn't warrant such a huge price hike We all was expecting the fees to go up but wasn't expecting such a huge one. Once you start losing your members its harder to draw members back to the club . As I said a 12 game membership for 700 bucks thats a very expensive way to pay for those golfers that can't play regularly when there is better opportunities in the same town. 7 day membership for $530 A year thats a no brainer . Increase fees but don't increase it so you lose members
  3. ozdevil


    Not having ago @DavidM but when you have 2 golf clubs that are in great nick of equal standing , you can out price yaself to the point when you have people walking out the door, that dont make sense to me .. i know there is social clubs offering handicaps sadly these are taking memberships away from clubs your View to All Golf is going up in price is very complacent attitude and acceptance i know about 20 others at my club that are jumping ship across town that i know personelly ( i am well known in my golf club) if not more that i dont know off, Whats that telling you David once people leave its harder to draw them back and why would you come back knowing they jacked the prices to sky high knowing they could very well do it again some say the grass isn't always greener but in the case of this, it is greener and members are showing that by not renewing they all want to stay but the club left them no choice and now the club will be paying for that.. it is great deal at my 2nd home David both courses are only 5 minutes away from where i live i can get a 7am start on Saturday morning then 10 minutes after that i could be teeing off at the other club and get 36 holes of golf in a day in 2 comps. i am a full member at both and probably will be for awhile but i feel for those that have young families and kids and those senior players that are on pensions and trying to justify the cost of membership that out prices them some dont have an alternative if they are a 1 town golf course who dont want to travel further a field to play golf. arrrgh well some will stay many will go some like me are a member at both clubs
  4. ozdevil


    being weighing up alot of things about golf lately kind of not impressed with my current club at present my club announced a fortnight ago they are dropping the levy we have had for 4-5 years, great ya say what was a $1100 +100 membership for 7 day member then announce 2 minutes later after all congratulated them, that the new fees will be $1400 a very big jump in fees and i cant see the benefit of it really yes its good course but is not in a legue of a city course. my golf partner informed me he was to drop to a fleximembership and he said it $750 per year for 12 rounds i nearly fell out of my chair at that $750 for 12 round of golf and after that at members guest prices after that. i said to him you would be better off paying full green fees at that including a cart and your better off he said where else can i get golf link and feel part of a club other then joining howlong or something like that i said to him , go join the other course in our area , it once was a goat track but is very close if not the same condition as the one your playing on now and for full member with affiliation fees is $530 for a 7 day member he didn't believe me and rang up about my suggestion and told me 2 weeks ago oz ya are right its going to cost $365 pro rata till the next time fees are due then 530/year if the fees are not gone up. the next breath he says i have joined their and thanks oz so here i am my cart mate has left me high and dry... but heck , i am not happy while i can afford this years fees i am hanging in by a thread @1400 bucks but i also decided to join at the other course as well so i am now officially a member of the both courses in my town but i feel the club that i am currently been a member off for 10+years and chopped the club out with playing Santa claus and driving the pennant boys to the Away games as well as doing the monthly medal bbqs. its coming closer to the end of the journey for me.. if Fees go up next year , then i will be at my new club permanently. New club comp fee's for Saturday $7 + $12.50 1/2 share in a cart Wednesday golf $7 comp fee including a bbq and & $12.50 half a cart beers at club house $4 a stubbie or 8 for $20 bucks cant complain there (unfortunately no craft beer or coopers at that price i may have to change that) so my golf may well be going from 1 day to 2 days a week
  5. Yes i would agree that is a reasonable assumption being the weld Line I would still Go the path of a set of Scales like Shamus has pictured Kegland have them at a reasonable price and i think @Hoppy81 may have these scales as well
  6. 1litre is equivalint to 1kg so there for Shamus would be looking at 19kg for 19 litres of wort mind you you have to zero the weight of the keg
  7. move away from gelatine. start using Biofine here is a couple of videos of The homebrew Network this one is more about the product biofine
  8. the brewer from red duck is a brewer from my home brew club , can make some decent beers
  9. i get you there . you can undo the 3 bolts and strip it down , it could be just something like the seal that that the butterfly clamps sits in is causing the tightness and just needs a an adjustment there Mines tight but dont really need to overly force it. I am sure you will get a good gas test result if you dont just get the parts i recommended as a safety barrier when fermenting
  10. it should be seal proof mate its very similar valve to fermzilla 27l you place the hops in at the top place the pressure relief cap back on and clamp. during fermentation you can make it total seal proof with the butterfly valve on by using the 2" tri clamp and these 2 items place them over the top come time to place bong just unclamp then clamp bong on and add hops and release
  11. hey all The 35l and 65 l brewzilla 3.1.1 have been given a price drop from " 35l was $399 and now $350 65l was $619 now $480 and at $480 the 65l is a bargin for those interested https://3ya0f.r.ag.d.sendibm3.com/mk/cl/f/gUOQgjj8lSCB47IMmCHnvROI4v99zaVXNL6MfU24hlHZl5Dg3NfUiU3cmUUAj0lW-_JxUlKDbuXc2qo30ZdeOoOJzO_eUfxdg8uhOjpimQ_7ROrXO9vHXx9CfzOKuEXTB_LmGX3-f7hzOwSnzbRTklVY4jwOZAzWPAB3qEUdFu3-ekedjNUJc3GoL3jdOFT1tb9U3jisK-Tj-1yKtsooCIUX93Da_eQKINoemKGp
  12. And @Pale Man personally i would use the filters to clear the beer. the reason i am saying this and it personal preference, when putting through a filter the filters may extract more goodness from the brew . yes, they may clear the beer, but as i said they may extract a bit more goodness that you may want in the beer. why not get hold of some biofine , which i believe has some benefit rather then giving you great clear beer but also helps to prolong the life of your beer specially if your going to age biofine will need to be mixed in to the wort then let settle in the keg so it mixes right through the wort just a thought
  13. thats all , @Pale Man must be light drinker if he can only manage 2 kegs
  14. ozdevil


    i wouldn't normal circum stances use a 60° for 110 meters out it was flushed with a draw next week i will only hit that club 90 at best
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