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  1. ozdevil


    the guy doesn't get it , he has been told, obeys for a week or 2 then goes back to old habbits... The problem is his golf ball never goes near the dams , yet he heads straight to the hazareds even if his golf ball is in middle of fairway . i have played with this guy once but he only looked in 1 dam as we just left him there and he soon realized we wasn't going to wait while he looked my Club dont muck around if they dont like it, they tell you straight to ya face and it may not be in the sweatest manner (no not fisty cuffs)
  2. ozdevil


    Saturday 2 Man Ambrose me and my partner started well and finished the front 9 pretty well except for 1 hole neither of played well on the 8th to double bogie it by scrambling the distance we finished the round with a 69.75 winners had 61 .25 of the day however though it was along day right from the start in stinking dam hot day every hole we spent the 1st 5 minutes chatting to the group in front on each hole then 5 minutes waiting for them to be out of range as 1 group of 4 fell 3-4 holes behind and they had the guy who likes searching for balls in dams during comp . we all got to tee off earlier thanks to the 1st few groups using their common sense. but its pretty hard to get a tee time in front of this guy who looks for balls during comp as he is usually in group 3 off the tee this week he was group 4. it was nearly a 6 hour round . i think if i didn't have a playing partner i would have walked off.. anyway had good company in my group and the group in front hopefully on Wednesday i get a good grouping before my club goes into 5 weeks of stroke as this Saturday its medal and start of the summer cup which is 4 weeks of stroke + march medal day so dependin on my score next Saturday , i may just have to venture back to my other club
  3. i wouldn't have Put any coopers products in top 10 and not even sure i would in top 25 They are good beers in the commercial side of things and would just say they are core range to what the other independent breweries are doing i would have rated hop nations rattenhund alot further up the list then it was. mountain culture well love their beers but its hardly surprising the amount of new beers they bring out however i still good to see coopers still get a great ranking with the core ranges all making the mark
  4. I honestly feel Coopers is more now a commercial brewery and should not be allowed to run against Smaller Craft breweries and they are not the only ones i i feel should not be allowed either as there is a few now run by commercial breweries eg Balter and Stone & wood, 4 pines and there is a few others that run under C.U.B now Dont misunderstand me because i dont think Coopers shouldn't be allowed as they did Start the benchmark of Craft beer and tastes good i think there should be now 2 categories commercial and independants. but thats just my view and i understand others may not have a similiar view as me
  5. if you can get hold of it i would use novalager yeast , its hybrid and can be brewed at 18°c
  6. yes i reckon it would be pretty hard specially with the amount of craft breweries out there at the moment
  7. didn't realise a post had been placed
  8. Gday All never like seeing beer go in to administration at all Story can be rerad here https://www.news.com.au/finance/business/retail/ballistic-beer-company-enters-administration-with-massive-restructure-underway/news-story/2cc09277ca727d61a9e5c614f913789e?utm_campaign=EditorialSB&utm_source=news.com.au&utm_medium=Facebook&utm_content=SocialBakers
  9. ozdevil


    DID I TELL ANYONE I WON? Oh what a day@golf, my game felt like crap from, tyhe moment i woke up but the end score didn't reflect that .. i am not going to do a hole by hole thing or show ya my card unlike our pro golfer @Otto Von Blotto well i thought wewas going to have a long day i played with a 12 year old and 60 year old i love playing golf with juniors as the swing pure and this lad was no different and i felt for him having to play with guys 3 times his age and more the junior and my self got lumbered with a 38 handicapper, this is the 1st person i have played with (not seen or heard off) with 3 shots on 2 holes and he wiped his 3 shot holes. not judging the guy because when he hits a straight ball he will out driver Tiger woods ....but heck when he stuffed up he stuffed up , had to call for the fire brigade because he was creating fires with his worm burners into the rough still with his bad shots he kept up the pace of play i won on a count back having 36 points as the guy played bogie on last hole and my par in the end just pipped i had a great day 36 points played to the cap 18 on the front 18on the back cant be unhappy
  10. way back in Ancient Babylon times ,women invented beer , so that their husbands could come home and enjoy the simple pleasures of life
  11. improvisation, the bloke is working of guess work how do you know when to bulk prime and how much sugar to add if you dont do hydrometer readings or am i reading you wrong and hoping i am wrong Malter
  12. how about a schooner mate its 6.5%Abv but drinking rather smoothly Riggers black ipa in a headmaster Schooner
  13. so your guessing when its ready are you guessing the rest of bulk priming as well to work out what you need you need the o.g and f.g thats bad advice mate, what you do is your preference, but alot of people want to be a bit more accurate and take readings and not guess
  14. ozdevil


    well played like a royal fat backside of golfer today being 4bbb and couldn't swing a club for nuts turned up and my playing partner said he wants to use the app to score rather then using ol proven method of score card. it kind of put me in a position of losing money, as i had to do the app as well . but heck its alot quicker then using paper cards anyway had a few good shots but mainly i went missing in action my poor playing partners back for carrying me most of the way around but we had a few pars each specially my playing partner having 5 pars in a row to finish the round individual score was bed and breaky for 26 points and playing partner had 32points the device some how gave us 76 points in 4bbb but it was corrected at the end of day to 38 points and no where near the winning score of 48 points who we played along side of starting to get bit tired as i am playing golf again tommorow and that will make 3 days in a row and 4 games this week , i am starting to play like @Otto Von Blotto the amount of games i am playing a week (only kidding with you kel) heck i dont know how Otto "tiger" Blotto plays this much . arrrgh well i will be playing on Wednesday again needless to say it was a good fun day despite golf not really played at the finest lol
  15. i must take a photo of this brew , its a riggers black ipa fwk from grain and grape and wow what a great beer it is and very well holding its own in which i fermented way back in the dark ages of November 2022 its still hold flavour and aroma , in which for the amount of hops used in this brew was very little but its very well pleasant and the bitterness is spot on this would make a great winter ipa drink.
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