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  1. asked the boss if i could swing by Phils Bar and grill in glenelg area, the boss said if you go there dont expect to be working for me again i said its only up the road boss
  2. trust me on the gen4 its going to be worth the wait mate. shipping from china to Australia is the killer i am looking at getting one myself but i am still happy to wait. the gen4 35l is a gem to brew with but word of warning though as the deadspace is less in the gen4 's then the 3.1.1's scorching can be a issue so you need to make sure the grain bed has got good flow through when recirculating
  3. not quite getting to Adeliade mate just to a place called Tantanoola
  4. i think you have lucked out there with a 60 litre ferm in ya fridge mate i'm looking forward to the release as i have just purchased the 30l all rounder
  5. the bongs are there to add to cart but to buy as a complete unit ready to go all the individual items that you want are not available
  6. start pressure fermenting mate and get a 2 inch bong for the fermzilla perfect way to dry hop as it all can be done oxygen free the wife can still drop the hops when ready as all she has to do is turn the butterfly valve but beer looks good mate
  7. i cant drink to many driving me lorry to South australia tommorow
  8. yes it is mate , only brew this if you can do closed transfer as you would be aware neipas are prone to oxygen
  9. the spunding valve should only work in 1 direction and if it is one of the kegland spunding valves it will have and arrow pointing in the direction of flow
  10. Beer style = Neipa Beer Name = Juice Bigalow (grain kit) ABV = 6.3% brewed in the BZ 35 Gen4 I was fortunate to have this beer gifted to me By Pierre from Simple Home Brew (you tube) I love a good NEIPA on the odd occasion and this grain kit is worth purchasing the mosiac hops and the citra blend so well in this beer with a total of 200 grams of mosaic and 100 grams of citra 80°c hpstand of 100 grams mosaic for 20 minutes dry hopped 100 of citra for 2 days dry hoped another 100 grams of mosaic the beer is full of juiciness with a great fruity aroma that brings a nice smooth mouthfeel and not overly bitter @ 6.3% abv its not beer you want a great session on unless you want to get drunk this beer was done using a NEIPA profile that is used on the kegland rapt temp controller with the rapt Pill withe lallamend New England IPA yeast just using 1 packet beer started at 1.061 and finished at 1.013 This grain kit is a ripper
  11. i have never had issues with fermzilla sucking in when pressure ferment and i usually pressure ferment around 10-12 psi and cold crashing straight down hasnt effected the suck in effect i think if you have a leak somewhere you may get the suck back
  12. ozdevil


    ok after yesterday i woke up sore but ok , today was a social group day amongst friends. took it rather gingerly as io know me knee is stuffed and i was hitting 30m or a bit more past my 200mtre drives , i'm only a small hitter managed to get through 18 but i am very sore now so was a bad choice but i said to myself if itssore that i cant stand its just a cart ride around i finished with a 97 gross but hey ill take that.. but have decided because it 3rd week of clubbies and i know 3 more weeks of stroke due to monthly mug and 2 other board events its best golf goes on a side line
  13. ozdevil


    3rd round of clubbies and was having a reasonable round going mind you i cant win clubbies in my grade as i didnt play last weekend , but i got through 14 holes .. had 47 on the front and was looking at doing a bit better on front and took my drive of the 6th got to my 2nd shot and swang not only did i hear the noise of ball hitting club but a the noise of a meniscus in the knee going and crashed to the ground. silly me after doing that i took my third shot came tumblin down to the ground again 3 playing partners say that was a great shot , yeah but my knee doesnt thinkso finish the hole with 5 and said guys thanks for the game a great score is not going to relieve the pain in my knee so i am ncr'ing ...still went the last 3 holes with the guys as i was in a cart no way i could have walked back anyway as it was all up hill.... looks like i am having another stint away from Golf .. @Otto Von Blotto mate i'll trade you places , you play golf for me at my course and i will suck up the rainy weekends.. even if it rains at my course we still play
  14. Love the glass now it has beer in it Great glass
  15. That's not a good glass becuase there is no beer in it
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