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  1. Me and Mrs Paley have been to the Oyster Bar. They showcase oysters beautifully. A little expensive but you get what you pay for.
  2. Ive gotten to know the manager of a Cowell Farm. I pick up 10 dozen for ten bucks a dozen, picked from the basket that day. Its pure bliss shucking and eating them natural. My eyes roll back into my head.
  3. Get up this way after I keg it and you're on. Its the quick or the dead around here
  4. All grain Hefeweizen. 60% wheat 40% pilsner. Bittered and flavoured with saaz hops. Nearly ready to keg. The smells from this are amazing. Beautiful banana scent. I can't wait to drink this.
  5. Fresh oysters with a drop of lemon are one of my favourite things on Earth. Here in South Australia I believe we have the best oysters in the world.
  6. Offal in sauerkraut?? how does that come about when all it is , is pickled cabbage?
  7. Are you using the same fermenter fella? If so how are you treating it after the infection?
  8. The same happened to me a long time ago. New tube in the mail within days. Also @Ecelon dont tip youre samples back in the fermenter and it will have no bearing on your sanitary process.
  9. I'd love to know what lager yeast Coopers use. I don't know how you'd go cloning this. Maybe use Coopers Pale Malt, lager yeast and who knows what hop for bittering. Probably POR. There's not much in the beer as far as hop flavour, but perfect bitterness. Its a nice beer. If its permanent I'd buy it regularly.
  10. Really really enjoyable and smooth brew Phil. Theres an Irish Pub in Norwood that have Kilkenny on tap. Its delicious, sit out on the Parade I think it is and watch the madness with a great beer. Norwood is not a bad little spot.
  11. The way he has with words tells me if he was a private school boy, he would've had a lot of time spent in the Principles office
  12. So maybe to cover up the way extra ABV you'll be getting, a good dose of dry hopping. If youre working run your Mrs through it
  13. Just my personal experience, I've found Coopers cans to be very well bittered. And adding more IBU's can ruin a good brew. Ive stuffed a partial mash or two by extra bittering a Coopers Lager can. Adding that extra dext isn't going to add residual sweetness, its probably going to ferment down a tad dry, so I wouldn't go to any extra effort to think of bitterness after you've already kicked her off.
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