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  1. After all this Kuffalle King, you do realise you'll have to back this brew up with a vid. If your dog and kids arent in, its no go. Looking forward to you going with this.
  2. Opens thread...disappointed
  3. No Aldi where i come from BB. Although one is in the planning for building. An S.A. owned store called Fasina.
  4. Yes it has Does that mean i'm too slow drinking my Hefes?
  5. Make sure you get the limited edition, it definitely taste different to the Southark Bitter you can get these days. In fact its everything i remember when my Dad gave me a swig of his beer. I quite like it, a lot probably wouldnt, might have something to do with memories.
  6. And here it is. Cheers Dad!!
  7. AG Wheat again. Beaut. It's clearing up too much though. I need to drink the keg before it turns into a Kristall Weizen.
  8. I have a soft spot for Coopers Sparkling and Coopers Stout. I can take or leave the rest. Pale Ale is ok.
  9. Inspired by @Hilltop hops Good ol Sparkling is a staple tasty beer amongst so many rubbish craft beers.
  10. When I was growing up as a youngster, in the mid 70s, my parents were very young. Dad was just out of an apprenticeship and didn't make much money. He used to scrape all the loose change together Mum had, buy a couple of longnecks and take me and my sister to the drive in to watch a movie. Dad had his two or three longnecks of Southark Bitter, Mum would take us to the canteen during a break. We watched movies such as Jaws, King Kong, Planet Of The Apes and the rest. Thems were the days.
  11. The aged version of Sparkling on tap is a beauty of a beer. They have it at the Austral on Rundle Street. Always call in for a couple of them.
  12. I just hope I can get my hands on the limited edition version if it is made to an old recipe. My Dad loved it when he was young, but I guess it was beer and all he had. He drank it out of longnecks. Apologies for going off track with the thread, but an old Southark pull top can I have in the shed.
  13. You've never heard of the old green death? I'm pretty sure it was a lager back then. The old man called it Southark or Green Death. It was pretty much all that was available in our town in the 70's.
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