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  1. She's had a big day with my Grandsons over. She adores them.
  2. May aswell have a coke zero. Cheaper too.
  3. Same here. Ive been brewing for 30+ years and never got results i wanted until AG and kegging. But having said that my girth has expanded remarkably in the last two years.
  4. Hes a master when it comes to brewing and cooking. Good to have him as a mate.
  5. Ive got one, used it once. Its great. No problems with leaks. Use lube on the threads and dont overtighten.
  6. Just a classic Pilsner. There's no corner cutting here. It's Pilsner Malt and the correct hops. This should be the shining example for anyone that wants to brew a traditional Pilsner.
  7. Good way to lower PH without using chemicals. I use it in all my brews except for a stout.
  8. Any chance of a recipe fella? I'm about to brew a Pilsner on my days off and up in the air with what to do with it. I'd love a good rice lager on tap.
  9. That really looks the part AK. I reckon i'd down that in 2 seconds flat.
  10. I have them in my taps, great addition. One thing though you have to clean your taps out every now and again as the springs and taps get gummed up over time and the taps stick.
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