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  1. I think you'll find that your OG reading was not a representative sample of the wort. In other words, there was undissolved soluble solids (extract) sitting on the bottom of the fermenter, which would have dissolved and fermented over the course of the week or so that the brew took to ferment out. This won't have adversely affected the outcome at all. Cheers!
  2. G’day guys, We’ve got a little story for you… a little while ago, Frank received an email from Don (98) who wanted to let us know that his mate Lawrie was turning 100, and that they both had brewed Coopers DIY Beer for many years. As well as sending Lawrie a pressie for his 100th birthday, we had them down to the brewery. They met Dr Tim, and we had a chat to them about their brewing history and their friendship. They met on the golf course in retirement, bonded over their love of the great game, and of brewing (and drinking) beer – they’ve been mates ever since. Check out the video of the boys below: Facebook - https://fb.watch/7WoAog5zCb/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/p/CTl2a-wIjGj/ YouTube - https://youtu.be/LYcJLFJ53Tc Cheers, The Coopers DIY Beer team
  3. No idea why this was picked up and hidden by the algorithm...
  4. Hey guys, We're doing scheduled maintenance on the online store site today. Should be all good tomorrow Anything urgent, shoot us an email store@coopers.com.au Cheers, Coopers DIY Beer Team
  5. Nothing to apologize for if you can't source products locally (especially in these lockdown times).
  6. Bahaha! I use this all the time, especially in a group discussion, in the hope that someone will correct me.
  7. We'll pass this on to our Tech Team. Cheers!
  8. Absolutely Shamus! If we've left that step out of a recipe (boiling the cold-steep sweet wort after it's been strained) it's most likely a "copy and paste" error, so let us know and we'll fix it. Cheers!
  9. There has been some distribution issues with Vintage this year, but you should see it appearing in the major chains around Australia pretty soon. Cheers! PS This batch is the best we've made in years, in my (Frank A) opinion.
  10. And thanks for all the love and understanding, PS
  11. We're still working with the tech team on extending the login time-out. On the bright side, as some of you have already noted, if you are bumped mid-way through crafting your pearls of wisdom, whatever you had composed up to the bump should still be there when you log back in. I started this post about an hour ago and just came back to it and what had previously written was there when I hit reply. Cheers, Bigears.
  12. Our hydrometers are calibrated to read 0.998, so yours is pretty much spot-on.
  13. We've certainly put that to the providers as it's our assumption too.
  14. Dear All, yes we've just completed an upgrade. We've reported the issues you've and we hope to have resolved ASAP. Thanks again for your patience. Cheers!
  15. Our quoted bitterness in IBU's for each hopped malt extract product is the target bitterness for that product in kilograms per litre (kg/L), so the formula takes those IBU's in kg/L and multiplies by the number of kilo's of product in the can, to give you the level of bitterness in that can. When you add water to make the brew up, you are diluting that hopped malt extract solution (and therefore colour and bitterness) by whatever the volume of the wort is when you pitch. "We use the weight because our quoted colour/bitterness figures are based on a 10% weight/volume dilution..." could be expanded upon or removed entirely to save confusion, so we'll have a look at that, but here's the long-winded explanation: We have three product streams coming out of the brewhouse, commercial beer wort to be fermented into beer by the Lager Cellar operators, wort for hopped malt extract and sweet wort for unhopped malt extract, both of which are further processed (condensed through reduced pressure evaporation) by the Brewhouse operators in our Alpha Vap. Beer worts are measured by volume in hectolitres and the malt extract brew streams are measured by mass in tonnes. Our operators take samples from every wort as it goes from the kettle to the whirlpool and measure bitterness and colour, among other parameters and those measurements are recorded. Samples of the malt extract products are also taken from the malt tanks post-evaporation, and our laboratory staff measure colour and bitterness again, to make sure we've hit our targets prior to packaging the next day. These samples are diluted prior to being placed in the most expensive machine at the rate of 10% w/vol. Say for example the equipment was calibrated to take 100ml of sample, then 10g of the extract is diluted to 100ml and then placed in the machine. The colour and bitterness figures the machine spits out are of course 1/10th of the actual colour and bitterness, so those numbers are then multiplied by ten to give the correct value, which is then recorded in our Quality Dataset. I hope this helps. Cheers!
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