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  1. Coopers DIY Beer Team


    Hey @Beerlust You can always find us by tagging @Coopers DIY Beer Team As the Master of the Brewniverse competition has only just launched, we envisage most brewers to be thinking of a beer they’d like to enter. Entrants will then need to purchase their relevant Coopers DIY Beer extract from either online or at a retailer such as Dan Murphy’s. Of course then the real magic happens – brewing your entry! Yes as per entry requirements we will need entrants to list all ingredients, the complete brewing process and the finished ABV. Plenty of time to get brewing and enter online once your sample is ready! Best of luck! Cheers, Coopers DIY Beer Team
  2. Coopers DIY Beer Team


    THE SEARCH FOR AUSTRALIA'S GREATEST DIY BREWER IS ON! Have your beer brewed by Coopers, sold through Dan Murphy's and become MASTER OF THE BREWNIVERSE! Learn more at coopersmotb.com.au
  3. Coopers DIY Beer Team


    Hey Supernerdy, Our distribution warehouse is located in Brisbane, QLD. Once your order has left our warehouse, you'll receive an email with tracking information, we ship via standard Australia Post. Any questions regarding delivery can be quickly answered by Online Store Support team - 1300 304 938 or store@coopers.com.au Cheers, Coopers DIY Beer Team
  4. Coopers DIY Beer Team

    Mr Beer in-store ?

    Hey guys, Mr Beer Craft Series cans are available in a select number of home brewing stores around the country. Please email store@coopers.com.au with your suburb and postcode and the team will be able to assist in seeing if there is a stockist in your area. Unfortunately, Churchills Nut Brown Ale will soon become discontinued and will be removed from the online store. Some home brew stores may still have it in stock but we are unaware of those stockists with available stock. Cheers, Coopers DIY Beer Team
  5. Coopers DIY Beer Team

    Recipe of the Month

    Hey guys, Apologies that is a typo, good pick up! We originally thought we were going to pack 1 x 50gm bag of hops, and not 2 x 25gm, this is left over from the recipe adjustment. Please add all of the remaining 37.5gm of hops into the dry hop. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Cheers Coopers DIY Beer Team
  6. Coopers DIY Beer Team

    Craftier than Craft

    Hey DIYers! Coopers DIY Beer really is Craftier than Craft! Just like you lot, Jay's got the right idea... But who's Jay? And what is his idea? Check out Jay's homage to Thomas Cooper - the original craft beer pioneer. Facebook DIYBEER.COM Cheers, Coopers DIY Beer Team
  7. Coopers DIY Beer Team

    Recipe of the Month

    Hey @elLachlano, Yeah it's a rarity we have the additional ingredients to make up more packs, so it was smart of you to visit your LHBS. This months recipe packs flew off the shelves, we all must need a tropical escape from these chilly mornings! Thanks for the ? re printing the recipe, nothing worse than having to deal with printing issues ?
  8. Coopers DIY Beer Team

    Recipe of the Month

    Hey guys! We've managed a miracle this Friday arvo and have been able to make up a couple more Island Toasted Coconut Porters recipe packs and Jitter Juice craft recipe packs. Get in quick now.. before they sell out (again!). Shop Island Toasted Coconut Porter recipe pack here. Shop Jitter Juice craft recipe pack here.
  9. Coopers DIY Beer Team

    coopers club uk?????????????????????

    Hey Shadow, apologies for this issue. As the recipes portal has moved within the Australian online store, it is not accessible for UK or US residents as users will be redirected to their local Coopers DIY Beer online store (corresponding to their region). We are investigating a way for international users to access these recipes from their local sites. However, it is part of a bigger plan to improve the experience for international users and needs to be carefully considered from a technical standpoint. Please let us know of any other feedback in the interim and we will update you as this progresses. Cheers! DIYBeer Team
  10. Coopers DIY Beer Team

    Churchill's nut brown ale

    Hey Dr, our Churchill's Nut Brown is still an active product - it somehow "fell though the cracks" with our production schedule. but it's due to be produced soon! We'll let you know when it's available on this thread. Cheers! DIYBeer Team
  11. Coopers DIY Beer Team

    Coopers FV tap

    Please send an email through to our Customer Service Department. customerservice@coopers.com.au
  12. Coopers DIY Beer Team

    Coopers Club - A change is brewing...

    On the phone you should see 3 white horizontal bars at the top right of screen, tap this symbol and you should see a window scroll across with one of the options being ACCOUNT, tap that and on the next menu tap Account Settings. Then SETTINGS window should pop up and the option to change your display name should be there.
  13. Coopers DIY Beer Team

    Jesus H Christ, an ordeal logging in

    This is discussed here Also, may be worth reading, If it's your first time visiting the Community Please Read Here
  14. Coopers DIY Beer Team

    New Recipe Section

    Top left, immediately under the banner for the latest ROTMs, you'll find a Filter. Click the down arrow to expand. You can sort by Beer Style (like we had with the old Recipe section), Flavour Profile, Volume and slider bars for Alcohol Content, Bitterness and Colour. Cheers! DIY Beer Team
  15. Coopers DIY Beer Team

    Coopers Club - A change is brewing...

    Hmmm, it's not working for us either. ? We will get back to you once the "Geeks" have it sorted.