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  1. Hey DIYers! Have you been following along with our Master of the Brewniverse comp? We loved seeing the creativity in the beers entered and really loved tasting them Our 20 state finalists have now all re-brewed their beers for the National Final which will be taking place in December. We caught up with a few of the finalist to get to know them a little better. Stephen, Clarkey, Marc, Sam R, Alex, Nick and Sam H are a great bunch and we wish them and all our finalists the best for Nationals! Check out the videos below and stay tuned to find out who will be MASTER OF THE BREWNIVERSE. Cheers, Coopers DIY Beer
  2. Hey @Ben 10 You are spot on, IBU’s are calculated as described in the FAQs: IBU x Weight / Volume = IBU. So in this case it is: 340 x 1.7 / 22 = 26 IBU. There was some additional IBU’s contributed by the steep addition, but there are also some IBU losses during fermentation. Unfortunately there is no perfect IBU calculator and they should only be used as a guide. Happy brewing Coopers DIY Beer Team
  3. It should be approximately 1.1kg Coopers DIY Beer Team
  4. Hey @Aussiekraut, Instead of the Mr Beer Winter Dark Ale, you could alternatively use 2/3 of a can of Coopers Dark Ale. In 8.5L this will get you a bitterness of approx. 68 IBU (after fermentation) an EBC of 84, and around 3.9% ABV. You could then add a Mr Beer UME - Smooth and a Mr Beer UME - Robust to boost the ABV to approx. 5.9% (before secondary fermentation). Everything else with adding the coffee in would be the same. Cheers, Coopers DIY Beer Team
  5. Calling Brisbane Brewers! We’ve teamed up with our mates at Mr Edward's Alehouse & Kitchen for a Coopers DIY Beer dinner. We’ve brewed some spectacular partial mash beers for the night which will be matched with two satisfying courses from Head Chef, Anthony Dunne! Liam, the man behind our Recipes of the Month will be there to answer all your brewing Q’s. Book via the link below or call the venue on 07 3137 1590! https://www.mredwardsalehouse.com.au/news/coopers-diy-beer-dinner-15-oct-2019/
  6. Hey @ChristinaS1 & @MitchellScott, Great feedback! We've updated the edit settings on posts, from a 5 minute window to now a 20 minute window. Cheers, Coopers DIY Beer Team
  7. Hey @King Ruddager, We actually made the spinning wheel in the checkout darker last week However if you are still concerned, can you take a screenshot and email it to us, with what device & browser combination you are using to store@coopers.com.au and we shall review. Overall since our website update in May 2018, the site is a lot faster. However during ROTM time and especially with our annual Vintage Ale recipe, there is a lot of traffic so we ask for your patience. Always happy to hear feedback and provide any assistance by contacting the store direct - store@coopers.com.au or 1300 304 938. Cheers, Coopers DIY Beer Team
  8. Hey @King Ruddager, Let us finish up this brew comp first While there are no immediate plans what we can say is we are really excited by the variety of entries and look forward to bringing you video updates on state judging, national judging and the winner’s journey… whoever that may be. Stay tuned for updates on Master of the Brewniverse and future Coopers DIY Beer news! As always, happy brewing Cheers, Coopers DIY Beer Team
  9. Hey Brewers! Entries to Master of the Brewniverse are now closed and we are thrilled with the variety of entries submitted! We are sorting through the entries and preparing them for judging in a few weeks. Qualifying state finalists will be contacted by our team in late August and given the opportunity to re-brew (the same recipe) for the national judging! Due to the high number of entries and logistics of state judgings, we had decided to take a streamlined judging approach and no feedback will be provided, as outlined in the Terms & Conditions. The exception is state finalists who can request their score when they are contacted about success of their entry. Good luck to all entrants - we are one step closer to discovering the Master of the Brewniverse! Cheers, Coopers DIY Beer Team
  10. Hey @Norris!, Send us an email at hello@coopersmotb.com.au and we can email your entry label, ready for you to print (plain paper is fine). We've had a few entrants inform us that their labels weren't immediately delivered but seem to have been delayed through junk/spam filtering. As our FAQs suggest re affixing the label: It is your responsibility to ensure that your label is secured adequately to withstand transportation and a cool room environment. A good way to secure it is to use Cello Tape (or any clear sticky tape). Fix the label to the bottle and do a few laps of Cello Tape, ensuring you cover the entire label with tape and making sure the tape is tight and adhering to itself. Not long to go now until entries close (31st July)! Cheers, Coopers DIY Beer Team
  11. Hey guys, Thanks for being loyal Coopers DIY Brewers. Yes, our prices have increased slightly online and with retailers. This was a necessity as we hadn’t changed our prices in over 4 years, so had been absorbing continual rising costs for many years. Sadly, the Aussie droughts have put pressure on our barley farmers and significantly increased farmgate barley prices. Unfortunately, we cannot continue to absorb all of these cost increases and therefore we’re forced to put through this slight increase so that we can continue to bring to you quality brewing extracts and ingredients. This price increase will add about 3 or 4 cents to a stubby. Again, thank you for your support, and happy brewing. Cheers, The Coopers DIY Beer Team
  12. Hey @Beerlust and @Shamus O'Sean, It is absolutely prime brewing time at the moment for entry into the Master of the Brewniverse competition. It's first in best dressed as you would expect, however most brewers are currently still crafting their entries so there are plenty of spots still available. As a reminder for those who haven't yet started brewing, there is still time! Entries close on the 31st July 2019. Cheers, Coopers DIY Beer Team
  13. Hey @Beerlust You can always find us by tagging @Coopers DIY Beer Team As the Master of the Brewniverse competition has only just launched, we envisage most brewers to be thinking of a beer they’d like to enter. Entrants will then need to purchase their relevant Coopers DIY Beer extract from either online or at a retailer such as Dan Murphy’s. Of course then the real magic happens – brewing your entry! Yes as per entry requirements we will need entrants to list all ingredients, the complete brewing process and the finished ABV. Plenty of time to get brewing and enter online once your sample is ready! Best of luck! Cheers, Coopers DIY Beer Team
  14. THE SEARCH FOR AUSTRALIA'S GREATEST DIY BREWER IS ON! Have your beer brewed by Coopers, sold through Dan Murphy's and become MASTER OF THE BREWNIVERSE! Learn more at coopersmotb.com.au
  15. Hey Supernerdy, Our distribution warehouse is located in Brisbane, QLD. Once your order has left our warehouse, you'll receive an email with tracking information, we ship via standard Australia Post. Any questions regarding delivery can be quickly answered by Online Store Support team - 1300 304 938 or store@coopers.com.au Cheers, Coopers DIY Beer Team
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