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  1. Christina, thank you for your incredibly knowledgeable input to the forum and support and advice you've provided your fellow brewers here over the past nine years. We're all very sad to see you go but totally understand that your health and family must come first. Everyone here at Coopers Brewery and Coopers Community Members wish you the very best life can offer with your wife and family. Cheers, Frank. PS Once you've created those new habits and routines in your life, we'd love to have you back to join in our conversations around food and gardening, as long as you feel comfortable with it, of course.
  2. Goodness me! Change our yeast?! No, we will never change the yeast while the current board of directors are in charge. End of story.
  3. If you used the full kilo of BE2 and made the brew up to 23 litres, your SG was probably more like 1038 and the FG also looks a little low for a kilo of BE2. Have you calibrated your hydrometer? It should read 998 - 1000 in 20C water. I think yours will probably read around 994 - 996. If so, email customerservice@coopers.com.au with your address and we'll post out another one. Cheers, Frank.
  4. We've looked into ring-pull lids and decided they're not the way to go at this stage. Ring-pulls are great but they would add an unjustifiable amount to the cost/price of a 1.7kg can, given that there have already been significant increases in raw materials over the past two years and by all accounts we haven't seen the end of these inflationary pressures yet.
  5. Thanks for letting us know mate. You're right, that beer has been sitting around in the Dan's supply chain for almost 12 months, and going by your description, not in a coldroom. I'll flick you an email this morning to get some more details off you and confirm the store you purchased this carton from was Dan Murphy's Mildura. Cheers, Frank.
  6. BACK TO THE FUTURE. At this stage we don't have plans to go back to 1977 (the year we launched the Brewer's Own Ale kit), but as the old adage goes, never say never.
  7. No new intelligence on this Rebels, but as soon as our spies hear anything we'll send an encoded message with R2.
  8. Yes, the six can limit is still in place. Cheers, The DIY Team.
  9. Hey Paley, we're looking into this. Can you please provide the date codes from both cans of extract and tell us where and when you bought the recipe pack. Cheers!
  10. From my perspective Coopers DIY Beer has always "held in confidence" the yeast strains and hop oils used in the International and Thomas Cooper series of brews. If a previous version of provided details of late addition hop oils in these kits, this was before my time. Cheers, Frank.
  11. I think it's a good idea to not allow it to fruit for the first few years so that it puts all its energy into growth, especially the root system. Cheers, Frank.
  12. Hey RD, we’ve reviewed this again and can confirm the issue has been resolved. It was likely an older cached page you saw, so try clearing your cache and see if that fixes it. Cheers!
  13. Make sure you tell them Jim! Here are their customer service contact details: customer_service@woolworths.com.au 1300 767 969 Cheers, the DIY Beer Team.
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