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  1. Everything we use in the brewery from a beer label to a crown seal to the sachets of yeast under the lids has an "R Number". R3426 denotes the blend we use in MC and Oz Pale Ale. We recently modified the relevant FAQ to reflect this change in designation: https://www.diybeer.com/au/faqs/#FAQ_4_06 and the change was made mainly for consistency and to minimise the risk of the wrong sachet being packed with a brew. Cheers!
  2. We are saddened to hear that you have lost your sister, Shamus. Losing a sibling, especially with young family is a terrible thing to bear. The Coopers DIY Team send our sincere condolences to you and your family, especially Sue's girls and their Dad. Frank and the Team.
  3. G'day Lusty and Amberfiend. There's been no word on a Hazy addition to the Thomas Cooper range but given the Hazy can is not a permanent menu item (get it while it lasts), that is unlikely at this stage. A ROTM pack is a definite maybe.
  4. Hey brewers, Thanks for your patience whilst we completed our scheduled maintenance. Due to increases in cyber-attacks during Covid-19 we took the opportunity to further upgrade our security systems to protect our Coopers Club members! Have a great weekend Cheers, Coopers DIY Beer Team
  5. Hey @MartyG1525230263, We should also note that PB2 has retired from official duties, so do tag us '@Coopers DIY Beer Team' to ensure we can give you a hand. Cheers, Coopers DIY Beer Team
  6. Hey @UncleStavvy, Our site is scanned for security each day and is currently secure. Our tech team have been investigating this and working on resolving a niggly bit of code which is throwing these messages. You are welcome to give Online Store Suppot a call and they can process the order securely over the phone if you are a Coopers Club member - 1300 304 938. Cheers, Coopers DIY Beer Team
  7. Who's ready to brew and compare? Recipe here for our International brewers: Coopers Vintage Ale '20.pdf
  8. Agreed BlackSands, a partial leak would best fit the facts, along with a slight variation: that the particular lid-bottle combination became less gas-tight when chilled, allowing CO2 to escape.
  9. Hi @King Ruddager, Thanks for your feedback, this is being investigated at present by our online store team. Cheers, Coopers DIY Beer Team
  10. G'day Muzzy. Here are a few reasons: 60% of our brewers live between Coffs and Hervey Bay $15 flat rate doesn't come close to covering shipping costs on the average 9kg order and the further it goes, the more it costs there's no space for a DIY DC onsite at the brewery and we're already renting warehouse space offsite and that's full as well There would be more reasons that I'm not privy to. Cheers!
  11. Hey all, We have now resolved this! Thanks again for bringing this to our attention. If you experience anything else unusual send us a message. Cheers, Coopers DIY Beer Team
  12. Hey Panther Branch Brewer, any can of Coopers DIY Beer that you see anywhere in the world was produced here, in Regency Park, South Australia.
  13. Hey all, Thanks for alerting us of this. We've got the tech team investigating and we hope to have resolved early next week. Cheers, Coopers DIY Beer Team
  14. Rather than freight empty PET bottles around the world to countries where we have a large presence like the US, Canada and the UK, we have an arrangement with our DIY distributors to source PET bottles locally.
  15. Are you in North America Panther?
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