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  1. You're right Ocean's, the recommendation was a kilo of sugar for quite some time. This can be traced back to the economic circumstances surrounding the launch of the 1.7kg beer kits we know today, after Coopers acquired an Alfa Laval Evaporator in 1984. People were taking up home brewing to save money because the price of beer was increasing beyond the reach of many. The cheapest way to make a full strength beer was to add a kilo of household sugar.
  2. You'd better check the Best Before date on the bottom of the can if the recommendation is to use a kilo of sugar. The recommended fermentable adjunct for each kit has been a Brew Enhancer or malt extract for over a decade.
  3. If you have a faulty bottle straight out of the box, let customerservice@coopers.com.au know about it and they'll replace it. Don't forget to include your name and address.
  4. Hey Pilotsh. As others have already pointed out, the instructions are intended to give a first-timer the confidence to have a go at brewing some beer as soon as they open their present on Christmas Day. If they are left thinking they have to wait until they've got the equipment to allow them to ferment at a specific temp target the DIY Beer Kit will most likely end up in the back of the shed collecting dust, and you certainly can produce a decent beer within the advised temp range! The ale yeast provided in the Original Series brews was developed by Coopers knowing that the vast majority of brewers do not have temperature control when they start out on their brewing journey. One of the major criteria was that it would be able to ferment over a broad temperature range and produce a decent beer. However, if the more advance brewer (like you guys) would find this information useful then we’ll definitely look into how we can supply more targeted temperature information – give us a little time and we’ll look into the best place to display this information. In the meantime if you have specific brewing Qs shoot us an email direct: customerservice@coopers.com.au
  5. They're available online for a bit over five bucks with free shipping: https://www.diybeer.com/au/coopers-diy-beer-snap-tap.html
  6. Water or a food-safe product like keg lube is the best idea. Some vegetable oils including olive oil can attack rubber and some plastics. We reckon water should do the job, especially with the new O ring Snap Taps.
  7. We haven't heard anything definite Muzz, but we'll ask the warehouse team and get back to you. Cheers!
  8. Hey @King Ruddager, You are welcome to boil for 15 minutes, however the 5 minute boil is simply to steralise the wort. Cheers, Coopers DIY Beer Team
  9. Chris Woods' Fruit Of The Woods IPA (Master Of The Brewniverse 2020) ROTM Pack is here. Once they are gone, they are gone! For our international friends, recipe is here: Chris Woods' Fruit Of The Woods IPA (Master Of The Brewniverse 2020).pdf Cheers, Coopers DIY Beer Team
  10. Email your name and address to customerservice@coopers.com.au and we'll send you a replacement hydro. Cheers!
  11. Good things come to those who wait... Due to popular demand we've been able to source more specialty ingredients and make up some more Belgian Chocolate Stout ROTM Packs. BUY NOW – BELGIAN CHOCOLATE STOUT
  12. Hi All, Today is the official "launch date" for Woodsy's Fruit of the Woods IPA. That means that your local Dan Murphy's should have it in stock and it is now available to buy online. We'd suggest calling the store ahead of going in just to be sure. Please join us in congratulating Woodsy (forum member) on this great achievement! We're thrilled with the beer and have loved every minute of the competition. About the beer: Created by Chris Woods, Master of the Brewniverse 2020, this lower bitterness, fruit-forward India Pale Ale is bursting with tropical and citrus aromas from the generous use of new world hops. A small amount of yeast has been added to naturally condition in the can, further enhancing flavour. For those who are wondering if we are running Master of the Brewniverse again.... we had planned on but unfortunately C-19 has put a hold on that. We hope to bring it back bigger and better next year so as always watch this space! If you haven't already, check out Woodsy's days at the brewery and get to know some of the finalists: https://coopersmotb.com.au/comp-journey/ Thanks always for your support. The Coopers DIY Beer Team!
  13. Your hydrometer reading creeping from 1.011 => 1.026 indicates that your sample requires degassing.
  14. I think you mean 0.995, which is a little low - the density of pure water @ 20C is 0.998 and about 0.997 @ 30C. We generally round up to 1.000 (or one thousand) for simplicity. Although the SG scale isn't exactly linear, it's close enough for our purposes. Yes, you can take that slight error into account when taking your readings but remember, we're looking for a stable reading over two days to determine EOF, so as long as your hydrometer reads the same in water at the same temp from one calibration to the next, it's good to go.
  15. Hi guys, Sorry we haven’t responded! Some great ideas here but the manufacture and logistics of cycling gear is just not our area of expertise, and we tend to avoid “specialised” merch as there often isn’t enough demand. However, we will let the merch team know that it has been asked for again. Keep an eye out for merch deals with your local bottle shop or pub, or you can buy our high-quality apparel online at https://www.diybeer.com/au/beer-gear.html Coopers have been the sponsor of charity rides in the past such as Ride Like Crazy so there are a few jerseys rolling (like what we did there) around with our logos on Keep the ideas coming. Cheers, The Coopers DIY Beer Team!
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