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  1. Marvin

    Cheap Coopers, Where D'ya Get It?

    Big W have their 20% off thing going again.
  2. Bottled in glass. Drinking it 30 minute freezer chilled, it's good.
  3. Marvin

    Cheap Coopers, Where D'ya Get It?

    $50 for maybe 168 long necks, not bad if you live near Maitland
  4. Marvin

    Tap Seal

    You can get olive oil aerosol spray, $2.30 at Woolworths. I'll probably stick with spraying with sanitiser though.
  5. Marvin

    Cheap Coopers, Where D'ya Get It?

    That's marketing in action I think. Some people live by the "you get what you pay for" credo. So if they pay more they think they get more and they feel cosy. Some people are cynics or cheap bastards and are never going to pay no premium. The marketing department in their beneficence delivers for all.
  6. Marvin

    Cheap Coopers, Where D'ya Get It?

    Big W are doing there 20% off thing again. https://www.bigw.com.au/search/?text=coopers&category= Original series $11.20 International $12.80 Thomas Cooper $18.40 Other Coopers stuff also 20% off. As most would know coopers are doing free delivery for orders over $100 until next Tuesday 23/10. You're better off going to Big W unless you're after Thomas Cooper series, malt extract or prefer it delivered I suppose.
  7. Marvin

    The cheapest brew

    You'll and your ilk 'll be the first up against the wall when the revolution comes.?
  8. Marvin

    The cheapest brew

    The Toucan stout with a kilo of dex works out pretty cheap. Three tallies of that feels like 5 maybe 5.5 of ordinary beer to me. I don't know, I suspect the maths doesn't quite add up but it feels that way to me. I think $30 a batch, $10 a slab equivalent is cheap enough. I use raw sugar to prime though, those Coopers Carbonation Drops seem an extravagance to me.
  9. Marvin

    Cheap Coopers, Where D'ya Get It?

    This isn't Coopers but I'm not going to start a thread for it. Labels possibly useful for bottles I saw it here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/403702 10pcs Nylon Self-Locking Label Tie with a Marker Pen US $0.98 (~AU $1.33) Delivered @ Zapals Direct link https://www.zapals.com/10pcs-3mm-x-120mm-nylon-self-locking-label-tie-cable-marker-cord-with-a-marker-pen.html?id=182703&sku=WP1070780909526
  10. Marvin

    Coopers Commercial Yeast

    I've got one of those and I don't use the bubble trumpet. Plastic is everywhere, lets imagine a blue plastic peanut butter lid. Cut yourself a ten cent size, no damn the expense, cut a twenty cent size shape from it. You'll need a bolt that will fit through the problematic hole. (I had a stainless one I bought for a job on my sea kayak I never did.) Drill a hole in your plastic to make a very tight fit for your bolt. Best drill it before you cut if,,, for reasons. Force your bolt through your plastic washer, slip into the offending hole and you have yourself a valve. You can feel free to tighten your lid as much as you like. It'll last longer than you will, no need for gaffa.
  11. Marvin

    Toucan stout vs Coopers Commercial Stout

    My 18/11/17 42.57 week old Toucan made with Coopers commercial yeast (2nd generation slurry) taste good to me. I've got four Nov/Dec 2017 batches I'll leave until May 2019, could be better or maybe they'll succumb to the explosive geriatric stout syndrome Otto has mentioned. I put a batch in Corona bottles, my black suns.
  12. Marvin

    Coopers Commercial Yeast

    Does anyone use the harvest technique on their own brewed bottles? I'm not particularly interested in doing it myself.
  13. I got a cheap slab of coopers mild ale last year and did the business four times, reusing the slurry twice in double-two fermenter batches. So maybe 20 x 23litres from the slab. I don't think I'll bother to do it again, I can't judge the difference between kit and harvested yeast. I haven't actually had any of the many toucan stouts I did with it though.
  14. Marvin

    Cheap Coopers, Where D'ya Get It?

    https://www.bigw.com.au/search/?text=coopers&category= Big W Thomas Cooper range $18.40 International $12.8 Original $11.2 Plastic Bottles $11.20 Looks like 20% off enhancers. Coopers website have free delivery currently if order over $100
  15. Marvin

    Cheap Coopers, Where D'ya Get It?

    Dan Murphy has international $13, Original $11, TC $19. https://www.danmurphys.com.au/search?searchTerm=home-brew&size=60