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  1. I don't recall any mention of a toucan using the Irish stout. I've done it and find it a bit too sweet, (56 weeks old, harvested Coopers yeast, kg dex). For the classic OS stout/dark ale kg dex, 80 week old done with harvested coopers yeast and 49 week old done with packet yeast, I don't really have a preference. I think 52 weeks is better than 26, I'm thinking over 52 doesn't isn't better but it keeps OK. I've got some from sept 2018 that I probably won't get to until next autumn, I expect they'll be OK. I accept the high alcohol content gives a longer shelf life idea.
  2. You need to get that boy to work on the production line, and the dog too for that matter. Everyone should earn their keep.
  3. That's got the last Big W sale price, I wonder what they'll charge next time. Liquid malt hasn't gone up yet.
  4. The Vivid Sydney Opera House concert was good, at least the Disintegration part was. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9uSPf9WDbw
  5. I've done a lot of toucan stouts using a coopers fermenter with collar and a non coopers 30 litre one. I use the fill to 19 litres and top up after a few days method on the non Coopers fv, give the lid a rinse if its grubby. With the coopers fv you can remove the collar after a few days and clean it while the gunk is still soft. The non coopers fv is a pain to clean, with its tapered top and handle intrusions.
  6. That is another name for the brewery. There's useful taps and a drained wet area floor in case of mishap. There can be demarcation disputes, the washing machine makes a useful table.
  7. I've had a few Thomas Cooper series yeasts show no sign of life after a day so I've added something else. When I buy them they aren't short dated and the yeast goes straight in the fridge. I've got some APAs to do in a couple of months, I'll use a can of light malt and two yeast packets in each.
  8. Inkbird sale, may be useful to someone. inkbird ITC-308 $40.69 Delivered 26%OFF Oz Bargain thread, not much to see here.
  9. I think you're supposed to leave the bought beer in the fridge for some days before you harvest.
  10. I got much stout/dark ale for Winter 2020 Toucan, Aus pale and Euro lager for summer. I'll get liquid malt next time there's a free Coopers delivery offer.
  11. Thanks for the replies. It is a bit swollen I'll try some non beer use for it.
  12. e)Sticky malt loaf https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/1411653/sticky-malt-loaves
  13. I've got a can of Coopers Dark Malt extract. On the bottom it is stamped: 022/14 07:34 Does that mean 22 January 2014 is the manufacture date? Seems old, I've only been brewing 2.5 years. I know there is a problem with old brew cans but does that apply to malt cans too? a)Toss it b)Risk it c)Risk it but don't divide it between two Aus pale brews d)It'll be fine
  14. Being a miserly type I'd buy four cans of the preferred kit, toss 2 into the fermenter and all four of the yeasts. After bottling scavenge the trub, clean the fermenter and use the trub straight away for the next batch. I don't do anything special with the trub, seems to work OK, probably wouldn't need all of it.
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