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  1. This has nothing to do bottle conditioning.
  2. 28 x 23 litres Between April and October, double batches left to brew for two weeks each. I'm glad some people have done more.
  3. My first simultaneous purchases were vinyl, Rolling Stones Some Girls and Joe Walsh But Seriously Folks. I don't listen to Joe much these days. I'd probably rate Some Girls the last great Stones album. I bought quite a lot of records but would tape someone else's where I could.
  4. That's why we beat Napoleon. Patrick Obrien:
  5. There's a lot of good stuff in that series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hGSqqhhokE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJtq6OmD-_Y
  6. Don't forget The Man Who Drank Too Much. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FN361aALPIk
  7. A cheap $100 kegerator on Gumtree at Medowie gumtree kegerator
  8. A thing to remember is a flat bottle can be reprimed, you don't have to throw it away, just add sugar and wait a couple of weeks. Some bottle openers are not kind to bottles, I don't like the common key ring sort.
  9. I was doing batch 123 & 124 today, taking the lids off a couple of dark ales and light malts. I gave this thread a thought for some reason, ah those silly newbs and the things they do. I used a dented can Dan gave me at click and collect, these are the last brews of the year for me so I thought it best to use it up. Any guesses what happened? Dropped the dented can in, not once but twice!
  10. I thought it would be plenty for two batches. Did you use the fill to 19 litres and then top up after 3 days trick? I wonder if that is a hygiene risk, it seems to allow a path of beeriness from the germy world into the brew.
  11. I use a thick book (kayaking around Australia) to tilt when the level gets to top of tap level. I don't think holding is good as I have to let go and then mixing of beer and trub occurs. Marking the last dreg bottle is a good idea.
  12. Probably more than enough unless you leave more beer in your slurry than I do. Half that would probably equate to more than two of the kit yeasts.
  13. That is interesting, it didn't seem to work online though.
  14. Things are more expensive all over, at least the Dan Deals have picked up a bit. Dan Murphy Deals: Pale Ale and Enhancer 2 $20 Dark Ale and Enhancer 3 $18 English Bitter and 500g dry malt $20 I might get a few Dark Ale/E3s, not to use together though, unless in a toucan.
  15. I don't think that one coopers yeast sachet is enough. 1kg dry malt = about 1.2kg liquid malt. The toucan stout uses stout + dark and both yeasts and optional dextrose.
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