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  1. My brew set up has suffered a set back. I finished my brew season on 19 Sept so it was in storage. The year supply of beer survived though, Bacchus be praised.
  2. Just the kit yeast would probably be an under pitch, two would be better, probably.
  3. I made stouts with below ingredients but with 200g dex and kit yeast. I wasn't satisfied with my stouts until I started doing the classic toucan, dark ale, stout, 1kg of dex. Kit yeast, commercial, trub all works fine. I don't do the half prime thing that some do. Best Extra Stout (20 litres) 1.7kg Coopers Stout 1.5kg Thomas Coopers Dark Malt Extract 500g Coopers Dextrose (or table sugar) Acitve Coopers commercial yeast culture plus brew can yeast Coopers Carbonation Drops
  4. Coopers Home Brew Beer Kit $10 On Gumtree at Maitland, says used once, I'd get it if I lived nearby.
  5. I took some plastic bottles on a weekend away and when I got there I had some flat bottles. I didn't notice them being flat when I packed them. Did the car travel shake them up - increase pressure so they failed? I had a 26 week old flat sucked in bottle at home a few months back. I added the regular sugar priming to it and the bottle became firm and remains so. I haven't been game to drink it though, I'd probably be posting in the creeping gripes thread if I did. It is a way to check if the bottle needs to be tossed though.
  6. I do coopers cans and 1.5kg malt can brews. I use two 7g sachets of yeast or reuse the trub, I don't buy any extra.
  7. I've had to give up using Firefox and switch to IE to complete an order more than once.
  8. Dry July doesn't suit me, it's when I complete a lap around the sun. 940 million km, you deserve a drink after doing that. I like my stouts in the cold months. Lagers and pale in the warm. How about a dry April?
  9. I don't recall any mention of a toucan using the Irish stout. I've done it and find it a bit too sweet, (56 weeks old, harvested Coopers yeast, kg dex). For the classic OS stout/dark ale kg dex, 80 week old done with harvested coopers yeast and 49 week old done with packet yeast, I don't really have a preference. I think 52 weeks is better than 26, I'm thinking over 52 doesn't isn't better but it keeps OK. I've got some from sept 2018 that I probably won't get to until next autumn, I expect they'll be OK. I accept the high alcohol content gives a longer shelf life idea.
  10. You need to get that boy to work on the production line, and the dog too for that matter. Everyone should earn their keep.
  11. That's got the last Big W sale price, I wonder what they'll charge next time. Liquid malt hasn't gone up yet.
  12. The Vivid Sydney Opera House concert was good, at least the Disintegration part was. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9uSPf9WDbw
  13. I've done a lot of toucan stouts using a coopers fermenter with collar and a non coopers 30 litre one. I use the fill to 19 litres and top up after a few days method on the non Coopers fv, give the lid a rinse if its grubby. With the coopers fv you can remove the collar after a few days and clean it while the gunk is still soft. The non coopers fv is a pain to clean, with its tapered top and handle intrusions.
  14. That is another name for the brewery. There's useful taps and a drained wet area floor in case of mishap. There can be demarcation disputes, the washing machine makes a useful table.
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