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  1. Yeah i'm sure it will be tasty and only need a couple to get you going haha, next version i might chuck some Gladfield Redback in it to get that redish hue. Cheers
  2. Finally got around to brewing a version of this last week. There will definitely be another version as the colour is completely off, needs more of a red hue and i didn't get the volume i was aiming for, i was chasing 27L but got 23L which is probably why the OG was 1.071 instead of 1.058
  3. That is very bad customer service on Boozebuds part, Well done to Coopers though.
  4. No worries. Yeah I was surprised too. I have a small store in Whyalla S.A and was going to stock it but I had to get it delivered from Melbourne, thought I would be able to pick-up from Adelaide at least so I didn't bother.
  5. Looks like the following have it too, Aussie Brewmakers
  6. I know Elleslie distribute Coopers malt but i'm not sure if you have to be a wholesale customer, maybe get in touch with them. Ellerslie
  7. Hey mate, Nah, still haven"t brewed it. I'm hoping next week i get to do it. Can't say i've ever seen that stuff, sounds interesting.
  8. I usually just cook for my family on the weber but every now and then i fire the big offset up and tell everyone else to bring some meat Around and cook it for them to as it's a huge smoker. I wrap the brisket at around 75°c roughly when the stall hits and cook through until about 98°c (when probing like hot butter) then let rest for a couple of hours.
  9. Last weeks cook-up, all turned out great using ironbark. 1 x Brisket 3 X Pork shoulder 4 x Chooks
  10. Can only fit up to 375ml stubbies
  11. Cheers mate. The full fridge was mine but passing that on to the daughter, the other 2 were for customers, quite easy to make
  12. I've built a few keezers and have just purchased the series x 4 tap version and like it due to the small size of it, the only issue i have found with it and i've seen a few people with the same issue, is they are quite noisy but i'll live with it considering i have just had it fully wrapped
  13. I'm keen to schedule this brew in for one of the next brew days. Did you use Thomas Fawcett grain? i'll be converting it to Gladfield.
  14. Hey mate, No i never did, i might have to revisit this myself.
  15. Nah still wouldn't Shamus, maybe a pet but not a glass bottle.
  16. I just kegged an AG IPA and used 500g of hops haha. given, i did forgot i was not brewing a double batch but it actually tastes really good going into the keg via a siphon as the trub was an inch above the tap
  17. Yeah you definitely wont get 750ml bottles under it, i had to move the drip tray to fit a corona bottle under it.
  18. Yeah i wasn't initially attaching the itap on the font but due to having odd sized kegs i couldn't fit a 4th keg in there so went with the itap.
  19. Cheers Phil, Just had it fully wrapped, really happy how it turned out.
  20. Looks like it will be delivered today @ozdevil Not sure if you have a Kegerator but i managed to fit it on the font by disposing of the supplied barb and use a duotight fitting.
  21. Just cutting back a little Phil, Nice to have an alternative and not get hammered or still able to drive.
  22. I've been buying a NA beer called Heaps Normal, tasted pretty good also Nort isn't too bad. I've just kegged my first NA beer and all i did was ferment it as usual, tipped it in the digiboil, set it for 80°c and let it go for 30mins, then chilled it down to 55°c and chucked in 80g of hops for 20mins while chilling down. The sample tasted alright, i will report back in a few days when carbed.
  23. Been to the UK(London,Coventry) , Amsterdam, Paris. Every state in Aus apart from NT. My wife and i love to travel, we usually do a big trip every 2 years with the kids (5 daughters) and every other year we holiday at Port Hughes/Moonta bay S.A. Next big holiday is planned for the NT, really looking forward to that holiday.
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