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  1. 100% agree with what you have written mate, my wife and I are running three businesses and an AirBnb, the most important thing to us is customer satisfaction, no matter what.
  2. Absolutely, too many businesses have forgotten that simple thing called customer satisfaction.
  3. They are an awesome business to deal with, have nothing but good things to say about Kegland,
  4. Nice score RD. I have some old Mytton Rodd kegs which look quite similar, if you want to flick me some photos of the lid and posts and i'll see if they are the same, if they are i'll strip them and send you the pieces for spares as they are hard to get now. Flick me an inbox mate.
  5. Well done mate, great accomplishment.
  6. Really @iBooz2 I think you are getting a bit carried away mate. Pale has mentioned about Gladfield being superior grain which I concur and I'm pretty sure there are hundreds of links shared with other websites mate, RDWHAHB
  7. I've tried most malts and I swear by Gladfield being the most consistent, cheers mate. Look forward to seeing the Hefeweizen in a glass mate
  8. These are about half the price, Just change your liquid dip tube to a gas tube and whack one of these on.
  9. OMFG, that looks spectacular mate
  10. Great work with your first of many AG's mate, looks great.
  11. He hasn't replied since, so maybe it didn't go too well......
  12. Yeah that's what attracted me to the bucket blaster, I'm getting one anyway as I clean roughly 12 kegs a month and it's about to double so I need something that can help take some manual labour out of it haha
  13. Exactly what my Wife said to buy too, makes sense. Cheers mate
  14. Hahahaha, quite the opposite frame to what you've described, I don't think I have much of me that can fit through the 4 inch hole
  15. Thanks for that mate, my thoughts were exactly that too, I'm pretty confident the pump has enough head pressure on it to reach the base of the 118L, Worth a shot
  16. What size Kegmenter mate? i'm about to start using a couple 118L Kegmenters and have no real idea on how i'm going to clean it haha, i was thinking The bucket blaster but not sure if it will sit on the frame it comes with.
  17. I've been using the Kegland 3 roller for 5-6 years, I also mill for people that purchase the grain through me, I would say I've put through over 3000kgs of grain and its still working awesome.
  18. Temperature control was one of the biggest changes to my beer with set and forget with temps. I remember the absolute hassle it was beforehand thus the reason i will always recommend temp control.
  19. Agree. All i tell newbies is to watch the how to videos and get temperature control, the rest will come in time.
  20. That's why you add your card to Samsung pay haha
  21. We all have to start green but yeah, watch lots of videos and read lots is my advice.
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