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  1. hey all has anyone here enquired about investing in brewery and if so how well have you done and what was the dividends like on an annual basis and when you decided to sell how easy was it for you to sell them and what kind of return was you able to get Thoughts Please
  2. I agree it will interest some. its certainly event you have to budget for
  3. its a bit steep for me as well phil. but the wealth of knowledge under the 1 roof maybe 2 in this case is something worth it if your well vested into homebrewing and maybe considering brewing proffessionally however the price you was probably looking at was the entire premium package which they are preying on , you can purchase individual tailored events to suit your own needs. its not very often you get all these big speakers under the 1 event and for the weekend. your not only just listening to speakers but you will get to taste all the beers that are being judged i believe but hey i am like yourself i wont be doing it myself as much as i would like as i have a big purchase in brewing coming soon which is going to cost a grand so my dollars are going to that.
  4. ANHC 2022 dates = October 14th to 15th Where = Melbourne venues = William Angliss Institute , Latrobe Street and deeds brewing in Glen iris About ANHC ANHC is a two day celebration of brewing as a hobby, of beer and beverages, and all things fermentable. We bring together the whole Australian brewing community to share knowledge, experience, ideas and, of course, beer. If you are interested in this sort of thing and you can afford to go there is a wealth of good knowledge amongst the guest speakers Mind you, you can pick what you want to attend as well as take a premium package which will get you to all of the events as some other goodies anyone interested can head here https://www.anhc.com.au/index.php.
  5. ozdevil


    I will get down to Glenelg will most likely stay down that way as its nice spot. in Fact i know South OZ pretty well
  6. ozdevil


    used to love going up in the hills and around that harndorf etc . nice area of Adelaide. , i need to get back to Adeliade soon to see family and i have some good mates in Adelide 1 thats into the craft beer seen .. going to try and get over before Christmas... but just getting away with a bunch of mates is good
  7. ozdevil


    A golfing weekend away at Cobram/ Barooga golf restort played both courses the old and the west course , 2 great courses Friday seen the west course played and wasnt a bad round not sure what i finished with as we decide stroke for 1st 9 then ambrose for back nine but our little social group is not about the scores or who wins its just about having a good time with friends Saturday seen us play the old course i woke up aggravated bad back as we was working out the teams i decided to pull out of our Mixed teams Ambrose as there was 10 of us and another couldnt complete the round so i said well us 2 that are injured will just play that way we wont upset the mixed ambrose if we need to pull out.. any way getting on course and wow what a great track and i was hitting the ball rather sweet but wasnt overly enjoyable as me and my playing partner got stuck behind this group who was slow as a wet weekend and was like getting 3 holes behind the group in front . i said do you mind if we go through as we are moving quicker just being a group of 2. they said no its not like you can go anywhere. i said to them your getting 3 holes behind and your banking the field up it was like a 15minute wait on each shot... however though we got to the 11th tee and the heavens opened up with lightening and thunder so we decided to pull the pin and made it back to the 19th and just had a bet and few beers but heck the facilites and the golf course are great place for a weekend trip of golf our group has decided this will be our annual golfing trip away but have decided to hang the golf clubs up for a few weeks as my back is pretty sore
  8. its good to see you having a crack at kegging muzzy , atleast if you decide to go cornies at somepoint you have the basics all sorted out
  9. Have had it on good authority even though the suggested ETA is 22nd of August that the Brewzilla Gen4 65l will Be Available from Approxamitly 2pm this afternoon for those that have been waiting .. Good Luck and happy Brewing in the bz 65l gen4 if you happen to purchase one
  10. i'm tipping the one on the left of screen is yours and the 1 on the right is coopers
  11. Thats my only real concern is the oxidation caused by adding in the BE2 and as well as infection increase.. personally i would cut the loss and save for a new batch with the BE2 then having to muck around adding to find a sink pour come sampling day... i would add fresh new yeat pack as Pale man said if was to add the be2.... after all the original poster has nothing to lose
  12. I am not sure its going to up the ABV % as the yeast has already gone hard and would be on the slowdown. i get there will be some yeast still have a swim around and might like a bit of munch on the BE2 enhancer but will not really take full advantage you will also be opening up with an infection and at worse oxidization from stirring in the BE2 or even if you dissolved the be2 in in water and brought down to said fermentation temp you will still be splashing the fermenting wort. i agree it will be a weak beer as you said with out it..
  13. chalk it to a brain dead moment and move on.. little to late after 4 days to think of adding it in.. you have made beer, but wether you will enjoy it or not is another thing
  14. I generally flush with warm water then run sanitizer and leave the sanitizer in there flushing the sanitizer with water your undoing your good work so just leave it in there the beer will push the sanitizer out when your ready to have beer just put a jug or container and just wait until you get that gold liquid coming out. you wont lose much beer
  15. Interesting Topic i have heaps of beers and trying to delete as much as i can because i have about 6 ctns of craft beer going up the wall waiting for their turn to get in the fridges and my belly 1- coopers Pale ale 2-blackmans laid back nitro stout 3- Jetty road - And in the morning I'm making waffles - Stout 4 - hop nation - Fallen Leaves 5 hop nations - Mother Hybrid Hazy ipa 6 Hop Nation - Ground Control 7 Blackmans - Angry Reganld 8 black mans sour 9 blackmans blackberry barrel farm sour 10 Blackmans bourbon barrel stout 11 blackmans Porter 12 Blackmans Just Another ipa 13 Blackmans Party Town 14 mountain culture cinco De Cuatro Neipa 15 Hawkers alter ego i have several others but cant think of the top of my head what they are only one close to commercial beer is the coopers Pale ale
  16. mate great purchase mate i dont think you will be disappointed mate in the 3.1.1 , i have one myself but i also have the gen 4 35l my advice to you is get the pro screen s and ditch the overflow pip its not really necessary and you will get a bit more room for mashing in and even the top screen is a bit pointless to be honest now the fun begins remember you have to allow for dead space boil off is 3l/hour mash tun dead space is 6.75l trub/chiller loss is 1l fermenter loss is 2l These have to be taken into account to give you your final liquid amount those figures if your using brewfather you put them in your equipment profile working on 3/1 ratio of grain/water and you have a total grain bill of 5kg that equates to 5kgx3 =15litres for your strike water now you need to add your dead space to this which is basically 15l+6.75 = 21.75l so thats what you will fill the kettle to 21.75l if your using brewfather or beersmith as long as you have done your equipment profile they will calculate your total strike water +sparge water for you good luck with your 1st brew in the bz 3.1.1
  17. 1 thing Adelaide should never have done, is give up on the f1 cars, it was a great street circuit , Albert park is good track , but sadly i think Adelaides street circuit was much better. i also think its a great endurance race for Supercars . i am not a revhead myself, but i like to follow the endurance races of the supercars and f1 . Great to see Adelaide 500 back
  18. not many have that option David i know my landlord would have a fit if he seen hoists and block and tackles running through out the house lol but ya right they make easir work of it
  19. mate know your kidding mate.... i have a good lady who understands my hobby
  20. Brewery = Hop Nation Beer Name = Fallen Leaves Style = Red Rye Ipa ABV= 6.0% I promise Guys and gals this will be the last for this day you all might think i am an non alcoholic This is one of my favourite styles is a red ipa but with rye added i love... mate the creaminess the head gives absolutely fantastic and the coloration is a dark crimson red i am not huge fan of sabro specially cryo sabro hops i often get hit and miss but with eclipse. it makes a very nice red rye nice soft mouth feel at the end i could be sitting and enjoying a couple of these . the burnt fig taste really compliments this flavor amongst the malt profile do yourself a favor and grab a 4 pack they are a limited release and worth the penny's
  21. They are not all done today mate. and beside i have to start clearing out my beer draw in the fridge as i have beer stacking up up the walls and my mrs wants it gone lol
  22. Brewery = Hop Nation Name of Beer = Ground Control 3 Style = Ipa Abv = 6.0% Its a typical Hop Nation style beer with the use of Victorias secret hops. and wow how fresh is this hop on the pallette absolutely dancing on my tongue. very cloudy which i was expecting as all Hop Nation products are unless they are purposely looking for a clear beer. There is alot going on in the beer and to be honest 1 or 2 of these beers will be enough for me. the beer is a bit on the sweet side of life
  23. Brewery = Hawkers Name of beer = Alter ego Style = east coast ipa ABV = 6.5% Hawkers is a good brewery i like to follow and generally i love there beers and this is no exception. I thought when taking my 1st mouthful what have i got myself into here and thought this is a drain job but suddenly bang in the aftertaste i was getting some goodness coming from the hops. This beer is a single hop beer done 2 ways giving you punchy stonefruit and subtle coconut flavor leaving you with a good bitterness finish. Great use of the hop Talus. at 6.5% this beer packs a punch rate this a good 7/10
  24. they never forgot the hops or the malt . its really good , not for everyone, but to me you have to try a beer once
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