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  1. at $20usd you would be better of going All grain if thats the cost of can of goop and nothing else
  2. i'm glad you enjoy the services of Australia post/Star track i have had great delivery services from other delivery services that also put the same messaging up on their sites as Aust post has yet they still deliver in a timely manor and dont give your goods a holiday around the country Aust Post dont take responsibility of there poor services and they think we have to suck it up
  3. Australia Post they are dumb pricks My recent order from coopers which has the ROTM and 1 fermenter was sent from the warehouse of coopers at the same time australia Post just delivered my coopers order which had 2 items My fermenter arrived however my ROTM is still in transit waiting you would think common sense would be ship the 2 items on the same tracking number together not Australia Post they still have to deliver item 2 which is the recipe of the Month.. it cant be effecient or cost saving having to send the same driver back again to deliver the 2nd item but then again i am talking Australia Post as they always find away to blame others except them selves @Coopers DIY Beer Team why you guys use this useless delivery service is beyond me as they have no idea on how to efficently do anything , you should e looking at other delivery services that are responsibile and know how to deliver goods Australia Post are a poor excuse of a company , that not only letting your members down but providing a poor service to you guys as well
  4. have to agree , it is way up high and 4 litres is a huge loss if bottling or kegging depending on how much you want to keg or bottle..
  5. fwk is also an all grain brew and is generally ready to ferment straight from the cube or bag depending on how it comes Also with FWK's you can also add adjuncts as well and you just top up with water to your desired level wether that is 21-23 litres
  6. looking forward to seeing how yours comes out mate
  7. i totally agree with you.. i'm just thinking how the brains of Aust post will answer and blame other then themselves you know its not Aust posts fault your parcel is doing what it is they are frustrating mob
  8. exactly there is many more ways to skin a cat and that was my intentions to show there is other methods and just 1 methods up to any individual how they feel the most comfortable doing it.
  9. They are frustrating bunch at Aussie Post , they take no responsibility for anything not even there own stuff ups. at times i wish i could have a holdiday like a parcel gets to travel accross the country side The thing is covid 19 has been in Australia for 18 months they still blame Covid for the back log they cause themselves and they think they have the right to strike across the country tommorow . i would be charging them a rental fee for keeping your goods that should be at your place I have a tracking for something saying from kegland that is saying its in a melb facility but the numbnuts have already delivered it i should put in a complaint saying i havent recieved the goods and ask them to send it
  10. @Worts and all i am purely giving an alternative method both methods work very well. i am not forcing anyone to do the method i mentioned it is an alternative method. your right to do it your way as it it is my right to do it my way . there is no right or wrong method There is no wrong in by giving alternative methods That do work as well As well I didnt say Aussiekraut didnt mention that you do not disturb the sediment I am saying the racking to the new sanitized f.v or bottling Bucket wont disturb the sediment Nothing having a shot saying A.K's method doesn't work I wasnt questioning A.K's method at all
  11. if i was to bottle i would agree with @Aussiekraut in using brewersfriend but how i would do it in a spare fermenter or bottling bucket i would put the priming solution in then with a tubing long enough to curl around the fermenter bottom i would then rack the wort onto the priming solution This way you will not disturb the sediment bed Aussiekraut mentions by doing this not only does every bit of wort gets the priming solution it makes sure that it mixes well as gently whirlpools into the f.v or bottling bucket..
  12. fair enough, i do remember journeyman saying something like that.. i didnt think of that thought was just going to use as a pure false bottom
  13. i'm actually thinking those holes are going to be way to big and will allow hop and grain under the false bottom regardless which way you have it i will be interested in how you go with this
  14. I have no issues having delays in Victoria , but when your goods that you have paid for are going on holidays interstate and across the country then i do not see this as a logical solution to the ammount of parcels they are recieving I get aust post/star track have restricted work force due to covid.. However your goods should not be travelling from one end of the country to the next. its pointless buying express as the cant keep up to the demand. my Carlton footy club membership goodies are still in Australia post from 12 weeks ago it would have been better risking going into metro and picking it up myself i Avoid where i can using aussie post due to there lazy attitudes and blaming others for there pi$$poor way of doing things hey your goods havent gone to Darwin or Tassie yet so there is a few more places to go before getting to murray bridge
  15. my comments way back on the 23rd of june was a bit tongue and cheek fella not knocking anyone that likes to bottle or keg after all whats in these bottles and kegs are the more important thing to worry about is the beer we like to drink i am basicly a kegger , but i still like to bottle a few up every now and then from the keg i wasnt having ago at anyone that chooses to bottle , in fact i dare say some beers are better in a bottle then a keg enjoy your brewing fella
  16. it goes to show the pet bottles are destructble and can become bottle bombs and sorry for your loss though mate it may not have been the priming sugar you used to carb with it may have not fermented out and was still fermenting with in the bottle and the add extra sugar didnt help it
  17. you can only improve as you go along mate the funny thing is your probably more experienced then myself when it comes to extract brewing as i have only done 1 extract brew since returning to homebrewing and before that it was like over 10 years ago.. i mainly do all grain brewing i am looking forward to hearing how that 1st beer went when ya crack one open happy brewing
  18. i tip it slightly if i am bottling which is very rare for me to bottle a full batch. the trub wont hurt just means you will have some floaties in your bottle, but best not to get in the bottled beer i keg so i just fill to 19litres and if i bottle i will bottle from the keg once it is carbed up if i brew to 23l i may just bottle a couple of stubbies to use the wort up
  19. why do you want to put leverage onto them they are not designed for leverage also that wouldnt matter with the old style disconnects or stainless disconnects with duotights to be honest. i still like the old style stainless disconnects with duotight fittings but you should never have to use leverage on them no matter the fitting
  20. mate for plastic they are good specially if you want to stack kegs on each other i prefer my stainless steel disconnects
  21. mate its now basicly a fresh wort kit , obviously the quicker the better to ferment but you could leave for months if you wanted to, as long as its airtight and kept at good temp and out of light a week in your case is fine
  22. mate take ya time and enjoy the process on this let it carb up the longway and let it mature a bit for the 1st one
  23. Nothing like a tester . looks like a good colour alittle hazy at the moment but i think by the time you get back from work trip that will start to clear a bit more. not a bad lacing on the glass for under carbed mate cant wait to see this on fully carbed up glad you liked the A.G/biab side of things mate
  24. no stink to A.G brewing mate , its a beautiful small and aroma
  25. billy thorpe and the aztecs great band and Billy thorpe what a great singer Normie Rowe wasnt bad either you have mentioned some great artists bands amongst that here is one that you may like done by the late Johnny cash's daughter Roseanne Cash another of johnny cash's daughter Roseanne did for him https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLwocVPaGsE it shows how much she loved and adored Johnny Cash I must admitt i love some of Johnny Cashes music even though he may have got up to some mischief in his growing up but what i put to music was brilliant and you could tell it came from the heart. Personelly i have an open mind when it comes to music can almost listen to anything I am not a huge fan of todays music even though there is some great singers and writers amongst them but i still like the music from the past one of my favourite songs and always brings a tears to my eyes and not many of the youngesters would know this bloke and i have had the good fortune to have a beer with this artist and he is coming up to his 80th birthday this month he is a guy from Ireland named Charlie Landsborough, He was brought up an orphan basicly and only met his sister and brothers later in life As Charlie got himself into some mischeif and being homeless, he did turn him self around and he turned to God. things changed for him things took a better path to where he is Today. My folks tried to get to every concert in Melbourne and Tasmania He did when he toured Australia and his final tour was just before this pandemic and he brought his son out and both of them got stuck in Qld for awhile. Every Concert and he was performing and sometimes he would stop and have a chat as they do inbetween songs and one of the 1st Things he would do if he spotted my Mother or my Father, He would say how you doing Pauline and Barry, great to see you both and said I was your Mother Ruby was here Today I always remember her smile Still today My Mother is good friends with Charlie and his Sister (not sure if she is still alive) and they still communicate through emails and letters and Charlie hopes to get back to oz as he loves Australia and the People but 1 song he did as i said brings a tear to my eye is My forever Friend I honestly believe music you need to open and be able to listen to all kinds but we all have our favourites i like heavy metal blues, jazz country light rock 60's and 70's and early 80's my tastes arent everyones either but you have picked a few gooden s Phil
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