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  1. lazy or not there is no harm doing fwk , i still do the occasional fwk myself from time to time specially when time dont permit to do an All Grain beer heck there is some good FWK beers amongst them
  2. was what started a boring sunday ened up pretty good one, had a few beers with Doug Hawkins at my golf club today specially after his ordeal i asked the band if Doug could sing they said sure , they played thunderstruck seriously had a few beers with him , but i would have hated to be him everyone was ahanging around him anyway this is not great shot but here it is just the same great bloke Doug had great fun and had a few beers
  3. not all beers need to be clear Al's copa , yeah the tide is well and truly out lol, being a replica off a pale ale from coopers doesn't if you look at the original coopers its not really clear beer itself interesting there is not much difference in colouration between al's copa recipe and kl bitter but i could go a glass or 2 of these little bueaties
  4. i know Doug personelly even my mother couldn't believe i did .. Doug is great bloke what you seen on the footy show is what you got in real life i can remember 1 year and i think it was cats the dogs in a premiership.. i love doug but had to tell him to shut the fff up he sat next to me at the golf club and all he did is whinged what the doggies did wrong i ended up saying doug dont worry about the next shout i am going else where Doug is great guy, only lives 1/2 k down the road
  5. A bit of topic but to do with the Afl Bulldogs Legend Doug Hawkins Was struck by Lightening at his workplace in Yarraville Yesterday during the Thunderstorms Victoria had He is doing ok and is out of Hospital but Dougy Said he was feeling a bit shaken and light headed with a tingly cold left arm but up and about
  6. Well more of an update on my goings on i know i am boring you of all this. but its keeping me motivated to keep on truckin along been back on my weekly injections for a month now had to start at the lowest dose so i dont shock the pancreas to much which was 4 weeks of .25 next sunday i push up to .5 for two weeks As i recall from last time i mention i was 151kg down from 160kg. well i have now broken the 150 and not out on 148kg so i am still going south in the right direction i am starting to feel changes with in the body , i am starting to be able to stand longer and walk alot more then i once was, i think i could start walking to the pub now with a bit more ease on Friday night Tonight instead of going to the gym i went to water Aerobics with my partner as my knees and back still ache bit and thought the pool will be alot easier and less taxing on the body and wont punish my knees to much .. well i wont say to the wife i loved it or enjoyed it , but it was good and a few golfing mates was there as well so it was much easier and relaxing then not knowing anyone . So i have decided to cool the gym down a bit and do water aerobics and go to the gym on the off days . i'm sick of eating like rabbit but its gotta be done for the best .. i haven't felt this good in such along time and hope by the next time i post about weight and health i have good reports to come . As most likely by then i have been to my heart specialist and he gives me some better news anyway have fun guys
  7. Happy Birthday mate, hope it was a good one
  8. mate we dont bother looking at the fridge mate only what you pour from it and the beer looks good from where it is sitting mate. As long as the fridge is working the beer is cold and the beer taste yum didley yummo then it has to be good yeah
  9. Yes heaps of that my nephew wanted to put me on this electric chair and zap the beejjeszus out of me.
  10. Next beer the glacier West coast ipa from urban alley brewery this is better then the hazy ipa and I am huge fan of hazes but still love wcipa's as well Flavour and aroma from the new world hops is great bring a smooth flavour I am tipping neutron was one of the hops used in this beer and it's sensational the fruity flavours are well balanced with this beer. At 16 pint versus a cub carlton draught or vb on tap at same price craft beer at urban alley is going to be a winner
  11. Went to docklands and to some arcade thing with nephew who is over from tassie ,but way to crowded for me and I wanna punch somen pellick becuase they just get in ya way and don't allow people to flow through So I said to Mrs Oz had enough I am going for a walk , well didn't walk to far craft brewery you bueaty urban alley brewery 1st drink on the menu urban alley rolling fog hazy ipa and nice relaxing beer full of hop flavour and bitterness I could sip on this all day While just having alook at the amount of beers on the decal I was impressed with the young bloke who served me took 5 minutes out of his day to chat about the beer styles and find my beer choice but I rather choose myself . But very knowledgeable lad
  12. ozdevil


    Sorry for your loss mate condolences to aqll your family Sometimes a distraction in times of death is a good thing , just when the covid pandemic set in one Wednesday night my phone rang it was a mate of mine calling saying he has just lost his son in the way no one would like to see he committed suicide by hanging himself . we was on the phone for ages and i said mate look there is nothing you can to do on a Saturday you will have everything organized come and have a hit with ya mates , dont worry about playing comp just hang with us. After that game he said oz ya know what mate , i just really needed the support from me mates rather then the mundane mourning i would be doing at home he went on and won the comp of the day.. it was very hard time for him as at the time of death you was only allowed 10 people and sadly didn't attend the funeral of his son, so his daughter in law and children and the in laws could attend . he is not a selfish man and rather put himself out rather then his family and mates As you found out mate having a hit wether ya mind is on the golf or not , it isn't about that its about taking your mind of the grieving for 5 minutes and have a laugh and chatting with ya mates
  13. ozdevil


    Interesting day tee'd off at 7.07am and it was blowing the crutch of a ol scabby cat the game was a teams event called Pinehurst and its a game about Sorry basically you and yeah team mate tee off as normal then you play your partners ball then alternate shot there after till you put out my team mate said look oz i tee off first as i am longer hitter and i could open up and he new 99% i am fairway bound boy did i fool him he hit is drives in to the trees worked in my favour . but sorry team mate i had a fresh airy you have to play the second from the tee .. SORRY anyway it was a fun day over all we finished with 71 net 38 on the front and 48 on the back and 70km/h winds only to be beaten by a group finish with a net 70 i drove well which my team ate enjoyed played my shots out of the trees in which i had to do low draws in which was working well which baffled my partner saying to me how the hell do you bend it like beckham like that when you have no shot at the green and ya got to or on to the green runner up still happy
  14. he does and he used an ozito drill for many years as well as i do mate Gash has gone the kegland electric mill now
  15. there still is a difference between fwk and partial the partial is still extract. but hey i glad your brew went well you can say it is as good as fwk there beer has a great head and should produced a great retention as you went down colouration looks great ya gotta be happy
  16. i'm not an expert mate i just no you can get chuck adaptors to suit
  17. all is not lost @Mickep go to bunnings in the tool section and look for the appropriate chuck adaptor to suit the size something like this or the top pic is $25 bottom one is $15 they will most likely have others and mitre 10 or any hardware store will have them to suit so not all lost with the drill ya found in them thar hills
  18. you realise you didn't really have to grind or mill these oats oats are good value but can be a All grainers pain in the rear end for stuck mashs and sparges because the way they react but grinding them it isn't going to hurt either
  19. if your using Biofine @stquinto, Just put 10mls in to the Keg pour the wort over it and let it do its thing.
  20. they look like sanke kegs to me but could be very well wrong
  21. i think that looks like a shocker ya can just tell there is no life in that beer at all with the little foam head which will vanish as quick as coca cola does.
  22. I really dont like Tasting Paddles that much, I think 4 pony glasses of what you you want to taste in your favourite beer styles red rye ipa is one of my go to beers i love what rye can do to a ipa , others may have a different of opinion i am not a huge sour fan i think these beers are well over rated but hey that makes all different but will keep punishing myself and trying a new sour once in a while but i use this as a good night drink so its usually last on the card Ialso try flushing my tastebuds with a Pint of water if wanting to try several different beers to tone down the beer before but looks like you had a great trip around beechworth
  23. ozdevil


    just listened to the today show news a Qld man gets struck by lightening while playing golf i hope this wasn't you @Otto Von Blotto that land in hospital golf clubs do make good lightening rods hope the golfer recovers ok
  24. your turn next mate , you know you really want to you get your first we then can get @jennyssto do her 1st A.G be great to see you both do A,G
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