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  1. Yep baked potato wedges with finely chopped rosemary and heaps of sea salt and EVOO are yum. Dipped in sour cream with Thai sweet chill sauce stirred though, yum, yum, yum.
  2. @jennyssI've been away bush yet again but have been meaning to ask. Do you take phone orders? If I request a half serve of anchovies on that pizza, do you have a delivery service?
  3. @Coopers DIY Beer Team G’day Frank, Can your WEB team please look at a brewer review - star rating system on your recipe page/s, showing say, stars out of five? I for one would like to see a search filter for best recipes; five stars out of five being the top recipes as voted by Coopers Community Members. And being a Community Member we would be able to see who rated which recipe what amount of stars and why. Make it so that ‘the reviewers’ have to be Coopers Community Members so that they can ‘brew and review’ then submit a star or stars to recipe so as to give some honest and reliable feedback. Non Community members can see the star rating on each recipe but cannot see who gave that review or why. Feasible? Cheers - AL
  4. What recipe are you after @Mickep? I have that book and maybe I can help.
  5. I have to agree re the MO malt. Always performs well in my AG brewery and very happy with the outcomes. The Coopers Premium Pale would have to be just a tad better IMO as I am also very satisfied with the outcomes from that malt so far. These are my two go to malts from now on.
  6. They already have AK, you just don't know it yet. Remember that you accidentally posted your home address a while back, they (the UFP) certainly do . I can sense some hilarious pics coming up.
  7. Phil, I am going to send you a Christmas present. It will get you out of economy class brewing and up into business class brewing. You have to promise me though that you will harvest and spin up your own yeasts. Get your AG gear out and fired up and spin up some CCA yeast and then brew some Coopers Pale Ales. You will not look back and nor will you have to buy any yeast for these EVER again.
  8. Probably not settled out enough nor cold crashed long enough and then bottled. If so it would need more time in the keg / bottle to settle out. Four weeks in a keg does wonders for beer clarity. I have done triple dirty batches (ales alone) and none have been cloudy, some even at ambient temps without a proper cold crash and still not cloudy. That being said I have done one batch that was cubed for a few months before fermenting it and that one turned out a cloudy brew but after a couple of months in the keg pours super creamy and I sorta like it, the mouthfeel is to dream about An IPA with kilkenny/stout like head. Don't know what I did there but would like to replicate it.
  9. You would have to be very pleased with yourself here @jennyss. No holding you back now. Go for it girl. Those beers look the goods to me.
  10. I think you are asking the wrong bloke here. Just saying.
  11. They look good CC. Yep we had one of those Tupperware burger thingamajigs and used it for years. Used to add raw onion rings beetroot and pineapple to our burgers but they were just a bit messy in the end. We morphed away from raw onion rings to BBQ onion and then to caramelized onion for our burgers but now find when we incorporate the onion into the Pattie it’s nicer and neater. We don’t try to emulate a USA burger at all just try to make a super tasty hunger buster for the staving hordes. Lately I have been incorporating a small grated zucchini and a carrot as well into the patties to make them into a sort of vegie burger. They are very nice as well. Mmm, might have to do some of these soon.
  12. @Pezzza and @beach_life Thank you both as I managed to save my starter. It was not moldy as first thought but I scraped the darkened crust off the top and put most of the good stuff underneath it into a fresh clean jar. Yes I always use 2 x tablespoons of rye and 2 x tablespoons of whole wheat flour and similar quantity of chlorine free water when I feed it. Goes nuts with this combo at 22 C and has to be fed twice a day or it will rip your arms off. After a few more days of refreshing and feeding it was back to normal and I made a couple of french style baguettes out of the discard. Its now back in a fresh jar in the fridge after a good feed, just to slow it down till next use. Thanks again guys.
  13. @stquinto, the first pour from an "outside" tap is always frothy due to the tap itself being at room temp and the flow of beer needs to chill it down first. You may notice the next few pours come out much better. I mitigate this effect by giving the tap itself a spray with electronic freeze spray just before the first pour. I have few cans of this stuff from my IT/electronics business so now put it to this very good use. See if you can borrow a can from your employer and give it a shot as it does work. Note will not work if its just over carbed though. Great job with the coffin too by the way.
  14. With all the hamburgers on show I thought I had better post mine up. Yes I ate two of these “Buster Burgers” so named after a camping trip years ago when my mates reckon they were real hunger busters. Afterwards tried to kill a keg a Leigh’s Lager – yes pure gluttony I know. Buster Burgers: Woolworth large Brioche hamburger buns lightly toasted then buttered and drowned in smoky BBQ sauce, 125 g beef patties cooked slow and low, hamburger cheese, bacon, fried egg, tomato and cos lettuce. For the patties I use 1 x cup of bread crumbs or panko crumbs mixed in with 1 x finely chopped brown onion, 2 x heaped tablespoons of crushed garlic and 1 x level tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce. Leave the bread crumbs stirred in this mix for a couple of hours to absorb the all the garlic/onion flavours. Then add 500 g lean beef mince, half a cup of freshly chopped parsley (flat leaf or continental) and 1 beaten egg to help bind it all together. Season with salt and freshly cracked black pepper and really work the meat into the mix, then make 4 large patties. Separate each with cling wrap and leave these in the fridge for another 24 hours as this really brings out the flavours.
  15. Interesting concept @Mr Beer Goggles, given DL yeast preferred range is 10 - 15 C (not pressurized) are you aiming for a "steam beer" style here? Would have thought if you were aiming for a draught style then no ale-y characteristics would be wanted. Not being critical, just interested in what you are aiming for that's all. - Cheers.
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