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  1. Can you not incorporate a simple blow off tube down into a bucket of sanitiser instead of the air-locks?
  2. I have just deleted what I thought they looked like. - OK I will log out now!
  3. So no longer and AG virgin huh? Well done Phil, look forward to reports and tasting notes on this one and others down the track - cheers.
  4. @interceptor you mean to say you do all your one liner's here on this forum and keep the 2000 word essays for someone else? You floozy.
  5. I really feel the need to give you a big hug Muzzy, just for you and also for you to pass it on to the rest of the family. My wife and I feel for you at this time – we’ve been there and done that and we know it hurts. In years to come you and your family will grin, then smile and even laugh at some of the memories/antics and things that Scooby did and got up to in the past. Talk about them and enjoy all those moments when they come back to you Muzzy, it’s worth it. RIP Scoobe’s.
  6. Raven door seal products for those who do not want to drill holes in fridges.
  7. I use a big chest freezer and the temp probe is simply sitting in a stubby of water at the bottom and the controller temp is set for 2 C. I just use pluto guns in this setup, no need for un-insulated home made collars that could let moisture / condensate in. Just briefly lift the lid to pour a beer and all is good.
  8. Through the door seal itself as I mentioned many times in the past (and directly to you re this @stquinto last time I saw this mentioned). It is easily done with the assistance of some draught stopping closed cell foam self adhesive tape specifically designed for similar situations. This applied in a step up or ramp fashion will allow the factory fitted door seal rubber to slowly ramp up and over the bulk of the lines and still seal to the air. Raven make several products that are fit for this purpose. I can rave on about those too as it makes this a simple exercise (if you pardon my pun).
  9. All you fridge hole drillers have holes in your head. DO NOT DRILL HOLES IN YOUR FIDGE UNDER MOST CIRCUMSTANCES. You can be lucky in some cases. For god's sake guys and girls get with the times. Modern day adhesives are stronger than screws. If you need to mount a gas manifold inside your fridge (in this example) just use a right-angle piece of light gauge SS and glue it to the inside of the fridge using (again for example) SIKKA type products. There is a marine type Sikka product that would do this job perfectly when properly applied. Select the right type of adhesive and prepare the bonding surfaces properly and it will be far stronger than any screws. After all, things like High rise building cladding and the space shuttle are held together using only just adhesives and when it comes to re-entry to the earth's atmosphere (in the shuttles case) you can understand the forces applied to those glues. Proper preparation would mean the keying of both surfaces by scratching both areas with various grades of emery paper in a crisscross pattern, then thorough cleaning with those with Isopropyl alcohol and again then priming these areas with the appropriate priming fluid to suit the glue and allowing that to dry. Correct application of the adhesive and proper curing time allowed, and you are good to go. In fact, you would need a nuclear bomb to break the bond made so it will see you and other generations out. Long live the fridge! That way you can drill the crap out of the light SS angle metal and be happy that you are now using screws to fix things to that instead.
  10. @kmar92 , yes my tip re pic on phone then zoom in is a good hack for these types of things. I do not need glasses but my wife does, as in one pair for the TV and another pair for reading. She was always leaving her reading glasses at home when we went out to a restaurant etc. so I taught her to take a pic of the wine list and menu on her phone so she could decided what she wanted without her hogging the menus / lists trying to read them. She finds it much easier and not so embarrassing because she does not now have to ask someone else to tell her what this is or what price is that.
  11. I use an Excel sheet for all brewing batch details as I don't want to lose any of my info if say my brew-father or Beer-Smith subscriptions expire and I can no longer access the historical records. I also give each of my recipes names and or batch numbers as I find that imperative if you reclaim and recycle the yeast. You should know absolutely which batch it originated from / generations etc. etc. as its flirting with danger and disappointment if you do not do this. Very gun shy of apps as I know what other info most of them mine behind the scenes.
  12. @Pomdrinking , looking at that recipe you mentioned, the dry hop is only 1/2 of the 25 g of centennial used in the dry hop, so say that's 12 - 13 g which is bugger all in real terms so not much chance of hop burn IMO. Also that recipe does not say to take them out or any duration at all so I reckon you are good leaving them in until bottling as you did on your day 10. If I dry hop which usually occurs on BD + 3 or BD + 4 or BD + 5 (depending on how close the SG is to FG). In a normal (say Coopers FV with lift off lid) I remove them after 3 days, usually just as I start the cold crash routine. If dry hopping in my pressure fermenter's I do it commando and they stay in there until kegging / bottling day. No grassy notes in the beer from the pressure ferment dry hop that I have noticed. Cheers
  13. iBooz2

    Pirate Life

    I have been looking around at things to do in or near Adelaide in April / May and found these two events at Pirate Life (sorry Coopers) First is an West Coast Ale ver East Coast Ale class on April 29 2022. Second is a night bazaar on May 04 2022.
  14. Very sorry to hear about Scooby there Muzz (and family). That's one of the reasons we don't have dogs or cats any more. It's too heart wrenching when they get old and we don't skimp on vet costs in order to give them the best later life "quality of life" as possible. It's just got too hard on us emotionally so we now spoil the crap out of everyone else's pets instead. All the best to Scooby.
  15. Just thought I would give community members the heads up re this event on 7th May 2022 at Whyalla. Cost $89. As I will be not far away at that time (relatively thinking as plans not set in concrete) am very temped to make a bit of a detour.
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