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  1. Hey GB, already got a big bag of Aus BB Pilsner Malt so will run with that ATM. And besides I own shares in United Malt Group (UMG) so gotta support the locals as their share price dived last week (along with a lot of others) and they need a good propping up. I also have several packets of the Dubbya 34 and have had very good results with this yeast in last winter's lager season but those Diamond Lager buggers look good too so will toss some of those and see for myself. Thanks mate.
  2. Big thanks PM, you are further down the AG path than me so appreciate your input very much. I have put an order in for some Toffee malt and some Diamond Lager yeast (plus lots of other stuff). Already have plenty of the Hallertauer hops so all good there. Do you do anything special with your "WHY" water to get a particular profile for this baby? My winter lager season plan is to use all RO water and build it up with additions and get some cracker Pilsners happening and other lagers for drinking next spring / summer. That's if I can hold back that long with them in the kegs / bottles.
  3. But not berry smelly... ha ha
  4. Yes this is what I call "PIF POX" and it is rampant among the community. Phone In Face disease. Originated by pox book and spread everywhere. We go out with a group and one of the other's husbands cannot leave his phone alone, looking up shit, watching the soccer, checking on what other people are saying about him and to see if someone's statement is true via google or wiki. Even when he is eating he has to have the phone right next to his plate or leaning up against the wine bottle so he can see if someone on the internet is hanging shit on him. Really he has no need to do this because I am usually over the other side of the table and hang more on him face to face. If and when he puts his phone in his pocket, no sooner he takes his hand away he has to get it back out again because he suddenly thinks of anther reason to look at it again. Now if only he would leave his phone on the table when he gets up to go to the toilet, then I could hide it in the bottom of the ice bucket.
  5. I would not suggest you use baking soda and rub it into the plastic. If you do then you are likely to cause microscopic scratches all through the fermenter and then it will definitely be roo ted. You have to avoid these scratches at all cost. Make sure you remove rubber "o" rings and soak these separately too if it one of the drum type of FV's Baking soda solution with a sponge would even be risky, sort of like the toothpaste effect on your teeth. I don't even sponge or wipe mine, its always just a good squirt out with the garden hose and then soaked with hot PBW and left for a couple of days (sometimes a week). I do not touch the sides with the mixing spoon while stirring a batch either. I also have left mine for over a week without rinsing due to over committed and then forgot and it came up fine with a good soak in PBW. The FV may already have microscopic scratches from previous cleaning regime and hence the problem now. Get some Sodium Perc or better still some PBW from your LHBS and put several of the supplied scoops (20 g each) of this into the fermenter and fill it to the brim with very hot tap water and just let it soak a few days, a week even. Rinse out very well with hot water a few times and follow with a good squirt with the garden hose and then leave in the direct sunlight if need be.
  6. Forgot to put the cover on my grain mill after using it yesterday. Found a cockroach sniffing around on the bench nearby and got the bugger! Have surface spray all around and along the benches, bench legs and floor to stop these bastard critters but this one may have been lucky and got past my defenses. They seen to love the smell of cooking malt and are drawn in from our Bali garden nearby the brewing garage. Made me wonder, does anybody know what EBC and what IBU a medium sized cockroach would add to the brew if one happened to be hidden inside the mill next grind? Lucky I don't do dark malts otherwise be hard to pick. Nah just kidding...
  7. Allegedly was left out of that statement.
  8. I do like an good Pilsner when they come together well. So far only done K&K batches and cannot wait to test my AG skills on some of these soon. Looked through brew day what ya got thread and nothing posted re your recipe, . Would you care to share or is it a @Hoppy81-carnation and he would kill you if you did?
  9. I'd sure like to dive into that. The beer I mean.... Think just found my new desktop background. Where can I sign up for tour of duty? You obviously need some help over there mate.
  10. My younger days and miss-spent youth are long gone. Back then I didn't need to remember my way home because my horse did. Just had to remember to get on the right horse.
  11. That's the way Phil, but make sure you keep accurate notes not only for the recipe changes but ferment temp etc. The one thing that most brewers don't do is keep good tasting notes over the consumption of the batch and rely on memory. I know as I am guilty of that too in some circumstances. When you get close to a real winner don't over do the tweaks and kill it, don't over brew batches of it because it will lose its appeal and you will then wonder what you saw in it in the first place. Get a collection of winners and mix them up, in the meantime to keep your interest feeding on itself introduce a whole new brew and see where that one takes you. Yeah I know, too many recipes and not enough years left. I am gonna talk to that big guy in the sky and see if I can get a "go round again" pass.
  12. GB, That's the sort of beer I have on my radar so if you ever run out of drinkers for your great brews just yell ok and I will be there. My liver may allow me to have just one or two.
  13. Exactly GB hence my comments about the settings on the controller, just need to tweak to suit the situation and circumstance. Yes I too have separated the heat pad into another room when I had too many lager batches on the go at once. My comment was to those that try and second guess the controllers functions when the heat belt is in a single FV fridge single brew environment, learn to use it and make it work for you. Don't worry I am my own biggest critic and always looking to do things better and more efficient. Call myself a dumb bastard at least 10 times a day when I make the wrong choices or looked far too deep into the problem and hence overlooked the simple solution staring at me straight in the face. My whole working life has been as a problem solver / trouble shooter but I am still a dumb bastard more than I would care to admit.
  14. IMO yes the world does need a big re-boot. Most of the young people I come into contact with in day to day life are missing something. They either have never been taught good manners or have forgotten how to use them. They say there are the baby boomers, gen x, gen y, and then the millennials whom I call the "selfish" generation. Manners cost nothing and are worth a million dollars a day.
  15. @ozdevil from my point of view I see no need for you apologize at all Mick, but maybe the two other parties probably should and to each other but lets not go there. I remember the last C19 thread built up into a heated pool of anger and spite till it got canned. Don't worry the previous thread sucked me in (or other peoples angry comments did) and found myself typing stuff that was just not like me. Lucky I did not post it, deleted and left the tread alone as that was the best way to avoid the on-line riot. When you really think about it, "whats / does it really matter" Holding a grudge is like you taking poison and expecting the other person to die. In fifty years time it will all just be wasted precious time. In my personal life I don't think there is anybody that I have ever met that I did not get along with. Maybe a few in my business life but they are very few and far between. Being a country boy I have a different outlook to some people. I implicitly trust everyone until they do something wrong. Since moving to the city I have found people here do it the other way round, do not trust anybody until they do something right. Have been on other forums and eventually met some people due to the common interests etc. quickly exchanged emails addresses and phone numbers as on-line we got on really well so why not. This carried over to real life meetings and those people have become friends and have been for over a decade now. On-line chat about common interests has lead to fishing trips, camping trips, family BBQ's and better life because of the good company.
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