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  1. Mmm, perhaps. I generally only do darker ales, and each one would vary I guess. I was after all talking in general terms. But that has been my experience. Stout can in particular continue to improve for 2 years or more.
  2. I was making a point but having a bit of fun too. If people are happy to drink them at 4 weeks, why not. Would still best a lot of factory beers hands down. I only do kits and bits in glass. But IMO as mentioned earlier they all have a "peak" after which they don't really improve. At some point they start going backwards. Just roughly IMO peaks would be: Lagers 3-4 months Most Ales 6-8 months. Stouts 12-18 months I gather kegs are quite different.
  3. The last of my factory stouts in the old long neck.
  4. I almost agree, so i felt compelled to correct you. The second sentence is spot on.
  5. Yes you can. About 86% of Coopers kits use the same yeast. (I think). As someone said its a fresh wort kit so you will get slightly different result than was intended. Will it be a lot different? Don't know Will notice the difference? Perhaps. Will you drink it? Yep Would I drive 25k to get the right yeast if I had an Ale yeast. No way. Did you lose the yeast that come with it?
  6. Well, at a bit over 3hrs it was yelling at me to shout it a beer. So, I did. It went into a fv full of Real Ale and 500g of LDM + about 100g of corn syrup. She'll be apples. Oops, sorry, beer. Bottle in about 9-10 days. Drink in about 4 months.
  7. That sediment was put in the fridge on 16/1. Today is 24/1. So, just 8 days. I had a big jar and nearly due to put a brew down so decided to get her started. Using boiling water I sanitised the jar. Put 2 heaped table spoons of LDME + 1 teaspoon sugar. Added about 150ml boiling water and stirred. Topped it up to about 400ml of cold tap water and added the sediment. Checked and a bit hot at 33c. Too late, so just put in fridge for about 40 minutes. Its now about 2 hours total. Looks great, smells better. About an inch of froth on top. Urrently on the kitchen bench & I'll put it in my fermenting fridge later. Abt 20c. If alls well tomorrow morning ill put a Real Ale down.
  8. Yeh, 190g will dissolve 1ltr. I add the additional 1ltr to cool it down a bit. Yes I like good head.
  9. The first reading of 21 would not be right. (more concentrated) But,,,,, your probably have a point regarding the second reading. (doing my head in lol) When I started I never had a hydrometer. And terrible temp control. A few years later I used one. But the readings were monotonously ok to bottle after say 6-7 days. So,,,no longer bother. I don't know how other people bulk prime. But if you did 23ltr then added 2ltr of syrup your diluting your beer. Bugger that. Lol
  10. If it foams like buggery for 2 days then settles & then clears it's done. It won't stop once it starts unless the temp changes dramatically. I've had one or two slow to get going, don't recall any stopping half way through. I don't get foamers.
  11. Because it's more concentrated than if it was 23ltr. I guess you could do an adjustment tho. I can't be bothered. I just want to know approx ABV. That's easy to estimate. And when it's ready to bottle. Just look at it for that. Lol
  12. Yep, experience says after 8 or 9 days it's done. I bottle on day 9 or 10. Only do kits and a couple of additions, usually just malt. The hydrometer reading would be "off" if taking a reading for 21 litres. So of little use. The ABV is estimated. Since I usually don't vary my brews much it's near enough. Again, experience tells me about 190grams is about right. Works for me. PS. It ain't rocket science gents.
  13. I brew 21 litres. (I don't bother with the hydrometer) When it's ready disolve 190grams of table sugar in 1 litre of boiling water, then add 1 litre of cold water. Stir well. Let the syrup cool. Gently add to fv stirring into the beer. Wait about 30 minutes Bottle the 23 litres.
  14. OK. Thx gents. More or less what I expected. I do a brew about every 3 weeks so no issue. I did it years ago but they were back to back.
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