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  1. That is a monster chicken! Bet it was yummy.
  2. Or have the hop pellets in a bag or container of some kind to avoid this potential problem of tube blockage.
  3. Thank you @Mickep, I will give it a go.
  4. @Mickep, It looks like you start the bean sprouts from scratch? What do you buy as the starter? At our supermarkets the bean sprouts in plastic packets are very tired and on the way out before you even open the packet.
  5. I love the hazy picture frame effect - makes the yummy chicken and vegetables look like visions from on high!
  6. Dear @Classic Brewing Co,
  7. @Kegory, Nice glasses!
  8. Yes, I boo booed too; and started replying or liking one year old posts! Note to self: check dates. And I think Paul is in New Zealand.
  9. The Coopers Community Cooks have risen to new heights - Yum plus!
  10. I like that: 'Friday fridge frosty frothy'. I have yet to taste a 'sour' beer, or a stout. Must try both styles.
  11. Sausage pizza with tomato sauce drizzled elegantly over it; then covered it with another layer of mozzarella cheese before it went in the oven. My husband does a lovely yeast crust with half and half plain and wholemeal flower; and also 'parbakes' it for about 10 minutes before we put the toppings on.
  12. I am going to use my mortar and pestle to crack some grain in June when I try a partial mash ROTM for the first time.
  13. I had to go back and have look for the cobwebs!
  14. @Oldbloke, I am sticking with PET bottles at the moment. My father has given all his grolsch bottles to one of his grandsons!
  15. I can see you've got it at 20deg @NBillett09; and look at that krausen!
  16. "Of everything we know, the end" - I have a vinyl Doors record with that song on it!
  17. What song are you channelling there @Stickers?
  18. I bought a tin of Thomas Coopers Brew A IPA, enticed by the description "This American style IPA is made in the tradition of that heavier Ale. Full bodied with deep amber and reddish hues, its tropical, citrusy, grapefruit notes and toasty amber malt balances the clean, hop filled, bitter finish". Now my order has arrived I read that this recipe calls for 3 x 500g packets of Light Dry Malt and no other brew enhancers or sugar (apart from sugar added to the bottles when filling). I will stick to the recipe, but I would really like to hear from others who have used this IPA extract - what did you do with it, how did you like it, what did it taste like?
  19. I'm suffering from road trip envy! Thanks for the photos and info.
  20. Yes, yum alright - are the white pieces squid?
  21. Hi @BlackSands, Does that mean an 'artificial intelligence' vocalist? Do you program in the chords and style wanted?
  22. With my Coopers Community discount, I have ordered a very good supply of extracts and a variety of hops, all for $81! I am going to try the Coopers Brew A IPA for the first time. I'm excited!
  23. And they're all beautiful too!
  24. "Why do hop flavours fade?" I know this is not a new question. In the Coopers Community on March 20th 2018 ChristinaS1 started a post with this question. There is a string of very interesting posts and links to some hard core research. It seems that the hop aromas seep out through lids and bottles; and wait for it......... the worst might be plastic PET bottles! Boo hoo - what to do?
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