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  1. Hoppy81

    The innkeepers daughter

    It has been a long time since I finished this brew but looking at my notes this is what I wrote down "Absolutely superb, massive hop flavour" depends on your own tastes I suppose. Cheers, Hoppy
  2. Yeah mate, get a good amount of coconut from it.....It's actually a really great hop in my opinion, Going to experiment a bit more with it i reckon.
  3. Knocking back a few of my "Promise X Sabro Ale's last night while watching the Crows do their job, awesome drop.
  4. Hoppy81

    new brew name?

    FCUK knows ale
  5. Hoppy81

    Good to see one can learn from the Coopers Community

    I've just bottled an IPA with 260g of Centennial and Mosaic, they compliment each other great. Love Citra, such a great hop and pretty much works well with most hops that i've paired it with.
  6. Hoppy81

    New Inkbird 308

    Inkbird Australia EBay, good luck haha
  7. Hoppy81

    New Inkbird 308

    Haha, it has actually worked out great, i am just looking at setting up a second fridge.
  8. Hoppy81


    I have a decent brown ale i make from the dark ale that i'm keen to enter
  9. Hoppy81

    New Inkbird 308

    Received mine in the mail yesterday......well i actually received 2 and only ordered 1 haha.
  10. Hoppy81

    New to forum

    I don't think you can buy it directly from Coopers, I purchased mine from BeerBelly Cheers, Hoppy
  11. Hoppy81

    New to forum

    Welcome to he Forum mate. I've been using Coopers grain for the past few brews and think it's a very good grain......actually just bought 25kg of the ale grain. Cheers, Hoppy
  12. Hoppy81

    Chocolate Stout

    The Vanilla beans will be going in the FV a couple of days before bottling.
  13. Hoppy81

    Chocolate Stout

    Yeah it is a bit average isn't it. See if i can upload something a bit better haha
  14. Hoppy81

    Chocolate Stout

    I brewed an AG stout last Sunday using Cacao nibs in the boil, tasted a smaple last night and it was pretty bloody good, Great amount of Chocolate flavour.