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  1. I'll give them a shot next time, cheers
  2. Drinking a Centennial and Mosaic IPA I brewed 2 months ago and having a Choc Vanilla stout chaser haha
  3. Looks great mate, how good is it knowing you made it from scratch..........
  4. When it first came out i didn't mind it but i bought a carton a few weeks ago (bottles) and i actually had to force myself to drink it. I found it had Not much hop flavour at all and was quite thin compared to what i remember. On a better note, i tried the Coopers XPA on tap last weekend and Can report back that i really enjoyed it
  5. I have one ready to bottle now. Added lemondrop and huell melon to it and used MJ Bavarian wheat yeast
  6. I'm currently drinking my 1.5 month old 7.5% Chocolate Vanilla stout, initially the vanilla was in your face but it is now tasting great. Definitley nee To put a few bottles away for aging.
  7. Looks great mate. Care to share the recipe?
  8. I didn't think it really would be with 50g of hops in it, at 150g it should have a bit though.
  9. Couple more last night. The NEIPA was ok but i've had better, the Porter was sensational and the Chocolate stout was......well to me nothing like a stout and more a dark ale.
  10. Had some crackers over the past week, pick of the pack is the peach milkshake NEIPA and the breakfast stout.
  11. One of the best NEIPA's i've had mate and the 10% is hidden quite well.
  12. I bought one a few months back for my sparge water, great bit of gear. If it's too small for a 23l brew maybe try the 65l instead https://www.kegland.com.au/65l-digiboil-digital-turbo-boiler-3500watt.html
  13. Have you tried Dainton's Supertrooper Captain?
  14. Tried these last night. Wasn't a fan of the black IPA, the oatmeal stout wasn't too bad though.
  15. Each to their own mate, not saying it was terrible just a bit too boozy tasting to my liking. Cheers, Hoppy
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