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  1. Nice Ad's, looks great for 7 days. Look forward to having a glass or 3. Bring on the kegs
  2. Welcome back Ad's, look forward to test tasting
  3. Beerco Beerbelly Cheeky Peak Kegland Hoppy Days Cheap Yeast
  4. I prefer Brewfather, seems simpler to use than others.
  5. Maybe just try the lemondrop and get a taste of it by itself ?
  6. I"m drinking an all grain lemondrop lager at the moment, awesome hop for Lagers, i also added some Galaxy to it. I'd go 25g 10 minutes boil and 40g dry hop.
  7. Yeah absolutely BB, good things come to those that wait and wait and wait and wait...........
  8. Waiting on my delivery for a few things, Magnetic stirrer + 2L flask, Counter pressure bottle filler. Australia post takes a very long time these days haha
  9. Lower carbonation for stouts and also for aging
  10. As Tiatn has suggested, i only use hops in a stout for bittering personally. Get the flavour and aroma from other additions eg: coconut, coffee, cacao nibs etc
  11. I chucked this one down (partial mash) a couple of months ago for a keg filler, turned out great. APA can 1.5kg light malt 500g Wheat 400g Toffee 250g Dextrose 50g each of Sabro & Mosaic 10min steep at 85°c 150g each of Sabro & Mosaic dry hop 5 days US05 5.5% in the keg or 5.9% bottle
  12. Head over to Beer Labelizer and pay like $8 for a lifetime membership and you can use their templates and upload images and edit text etc, Then Print them out and cut to fit.
  13. Had my first glass of my leftovers pale ale yesterday. Turned out to be a cracker.
  14. Between 25-30l, I manually recirc throughout the mash and then when sparging i use a 5l jug and tip it over the grains via the mash paddle to give it a bit of a fan affect if you know what i mean.
  15. Cheers. That's a digboil that I use for my sparge water.
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