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  1. Well that's definitely a carton
  2. Happy fathers day all, I scored a carton of Boozy fruit.....Cheering
  3. Weird place to put your balls Norris
  4. Mateeee, my poor feet needed out of the shoes. Double AG brew day and a 8 hour smoking venture that started at 11am haha
  5. That sounds like the way to go. Now to decide between the harris and Micromatic.........
  6. Just done some reading on both the Micromatic and Harris 601, both sound great, the Harris has a 7 year warranty and can't find the warranty details on the Micromatic. Hmmmmm
  7. Can you also regulate the pressure with the manifold or is it just on/off
  8. Actually, can you just regulate the pressures with a 3/4 way manifold and 1 regulator? if so i will probably just grab the Harris 601
  9. I like highly carbonated Ale's and then i like low carbonated stouts haha
  10. You wouldn't recommend dual pressure or are you saying yours is not dual pressure?
  11. Hey guys and gals, I've searched the forum and have not found exactly what i'm after. I'm in the process of gathering all parts needed to start kegging, i'm up to the regulator now. What regulator do People recommend? i have just found this one that is available in a couple of weeksfor $79 and being able to have different pressures seems like a great idea DUAL PRESSURE MK4 REGULATOR I recall people recommending the Harris 601 and i understand the "get what you pay for" statement but i really like the idea of the dual guage and i don't really like the idea of paying $270+ For the Harris dual guage haha. Cheers, Hoppy
  12. Cooked up some beef ribs, chook legs and veggies last week, all turned out great. 20190824_194704.mp4
  13. Hahaha, Brother in laws chosen drink for the week
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