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  1. You did an awesome job on those mate, will chuck a picture up when I'm off of shift. Cheers again
  2. What an awesome looking bar runner in the background Phil hahaha
  3. A bit of a sitting tonight for myself, something out of the ordinary. I've tasted most of them before apart from this version of the Sludgebeast, I'm a huuuuuge fan of the original Sludgebeast but unfortunately I can't say I am of this version, to boozy tasting for me, I know the original is 12% but it hides it well, this Kentucky version doesn't in my opinion. I may be bias but my IPA outshines all of these beers
  4. Hahahahahahahahahaha, love it mate, cheers
  5. Pretty warm by the looks of it @stquinto Even warmer where i am
  6. I have the big CO2 31kg bottle (stands about 5ft high) from BOC, not sure if that's the total weight though as it feels a lot heavier than that to pick up.
  7. Your backyard has changed a little bit since i was there a few months ago Phil
  8. Hi @jennyss If you want to do a Lager you really need temperature control, Lallemand are releasing the Nova Lager strain soon which can handle warmer temps up to 20c but I'd highly recommend anyone get a cheap fridge and a temperature controller such as the Inkbird 308. Hallertau MF is a great traditonal lager hop and I would highly recommend it, I have it in my store if you were after some, unfortunately Aus Post slug $9.70 for the tracked postage and there isn't much we can do about that, I'd suggest you purchase a couple of different 100g varieties so you can split that cost up over the couple packs. Three Chins Brewing Store Hoppy
  9. My missus loves all my fridges, 2 RAPT chambers, 2 x 500L fridges, 1 x 150L fridge and a 3m x 3m Coolroom all permanently running hahaha
  10. Been watching T.V Shows lately, Yellowstone, 1923, 1883, Ray Donovan. The new Top Gun Maverick was pretty good.
  11. Compressor is stuffed or out of gas but yes, the fan will definitely help circulate the cool air from a bucket of ice
  12. Perfect, could probably put a bucket of ice in there too to bring the temp down slightly if need be
  13. Temp control is one of the best changes you can make mate, don't hesitate to do it
  14. Yeah that will work, that should at least get you closer to OG 1.050
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