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  1. i've been trying to workk out a sparge contraption as i just got some pumps, awesome post @MitchBastard Cheers
  2. Too many breweries not concentrating on the grist, just cover it up with a truckload of hops.
  3. Sorry to hear that Otto, all the best mate.
  4. Yeah they will go well in a Cerveza mate. I've used them in 2 all grain Lagers 60g and 100g, I will be tasting the 100g this week. Do a boil for 10 minutes with say 10g, Hopstand 20g for 10 minutes and dry hop 30g.
  5. Says the man who descibed my stout like smoking a cuban cigar hahaha
  6. Yeah pretty much mate.
  7. I'm really enjoying Hort 4337 (aka Nectaron) in single hop pale ale, also Lemondrop in a Lager.
  8. Yeah i definitely don't have a big one like BB
  9. Couldn't find a bigger bottle BB ?
  10. I have a fig tree in my backyard mate, simmered figs and strained into the boil
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