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What are you watching 2023


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Okay, free to air tv is poor, streaming takes forever to find something even half decent, and the movies are fast becoming a thing of the past……………probably why many of us are getting more time for brewing.

What’s good to watch? 
Any movie or tv show recommendations?

Any recommendations of things to avoid?

I’ll kick it off by saying that the Avatar sequel was pretty good, although it was basically a war film. 

Just a small thing. Couldn’t understand though why the sea loving aliens on a distant planet were distinctly Pacific Islander or Māori in accent, customs etc. Even the tattoos were distinctly similar. Is James Cameron saying the great Māori people inhabited far off planets?


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18 minutes ago, Mickep said:

Tubi TV. Absolutely free. Love it. Not for everyone but a great totally free streaming product. The service will show one or two self promo's during a movie but that's the only catch.


I hadn't heard of that Mick, I just signed up, the Lifestyle/Music/Westerns will be worth a look, there are a few cooking shows on their that I will look at, Cheers.

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My wife fought against me for years and said she never wanted to see Peaky Blinders despite my reasoning that she loves period piece stuff, I finally convinced her to watch it recently and she was hooked and loved the whole thing!

We also just rewatched Black Books (tv series) again, classic British comedy and a personal favourite.

Drive To Survive was an entertaining docu series if you enjoy F1/motorsports.

I’m afraid I can’t contribute much to the western genre 😂 Calamity Jane perhaps? Maybe I just like my wife enthusiastically singing all the words to the songs 😂😍

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