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  1. thanks mate I have 2 more in box un opened ill see if the other ones are better connections.
  2. @Malter White if it works for you that is good. I did not realise you could purchase without them. So obviously no problems regarding connections if you got them all new together? Geeze that tube is a pain to get in? even after soaking hot water
  3. I have 3 of these kegs and the gas and beer post came with each one what happened with yours? 8 kegs but only 3 connections? I had already been kegging for 18 months with stainless still ball locks. The beer and gas connections are all plastic. They work fine on the SS but after getting the cheap crap plastic ones, I needed a new gas and beer connection with a Pluto gun. That was fine but the already worn ones on keggerator don't work on the plastic ones. I'm assuming you got them all new together and didn't have this problem? or maby just better luck than me?
  4. @Mickep I have brewed alot of beers with US05 and had similar looking beers. There is also an old saying if it looks good it tastes good and Vice Versa. There is a possibility that it's all in your head because of the look and you're past experience? Not trying to be a psychologist or being smart A mate. I have in past made some beers that looked and smelled bad. I never taste test samples because to me it's not ready so dont bother. They all ended up being ok in the end havent had to tip one from infection yet only ones I didn't like. I have an old FV scratched to the crap house. Every 5 brews gets a good bleach and rinse. I just squirt a few times don't measure anything if can smell it it's enough. So hope this helps and comes out ok mate as @Shamus O'Sean says standard looking US-05 brew for me. I even got Warned against wacking the FV side due to oxygenating the beer. Every cold crash it got some massive wacks to sink the krausen no problemo. I really hope it's a happy ending mate.
  5. I was thinking exactly the same but without the presence of the sediment we see in bottled home brews, plus the plentiful fresh yeast it's probably almost correct. In saying that all you that have brewed pale ales and sparkling clones with coopers yeast. Have you cold crashed before kegging or added it after fermented and kept maximum yeast?
  6. @Shamus O'Sean the part that myself and cheap charlie are trying to work out is how coopers do it. I once read that breweries like coopers can add fresh yeast before bottoling or now canning. Does it mean a small amount of sugar is added to carbonate? or bottled before fg? or adding fresh yeast and CO2 or a combination of both.
  7. yeah it's accurate and consistent between when was doing coopers Tins and bits that finished higher. The only thing that has changed is the FWK and they all finish lower. In saying that coopers recepies always quoted lower readings that I never managed to reach. I never looked at the expected FG for these FWK but the consistency is a good thing I suppose. It actually makes sense because even though it's an all grain brew the head retention is not as good as the kits that finished higher. Tins contain alot more non fermentables, assuming from the evaporation. Still good but not as long lasting. It makes up for it with the taste. Assuming they sparge the begizers out of them for maximum efficiency. As far as my research went when I was going to go all grain this results in lower FG and more alcohol but thinner beer.
  8. @Coopers DIY Beer Team I am interested to know this myself as it does not look like coopers bottles have had sugar added is this the breweries method? Also mentioned above it says there is no need for a Diacel rest for Lagers if naturally condition do you second that?
  9. I just checked my notes and I used Bavarian Lager yeast slurry and got down to an FG: 1.006. Most my FWK have been similar even the ones with fresh yeast added and not slurry. Last time i checked my hydrometer it was right i broke my glass one so use the coopers one now. I think you are right the Lager is bland i might just do it as a pale ale next time myself with verdant yeast and Cascade and Amarillo hops out of the freezer. Will be interesting regarding the gravity if the Verdant finishes it higher.
  10. Exactly the same for me then wondered how many beers in the pack I would not like for the price. Next year I might just go for it
  11. @Popo the Degenerate I rather like a Resch Pilsner
  12. Thanks for your feedback and experience but I would probably rather brew it as a lager. Although if did use an ale yeast I would go hoppy. Really surprised by the expected FG all my FWK have gone to 1.005 or 6. How low have yours finished?
  13. definitely going to try this next year I was looking at it but really expensive now.
  14. Kegland Lager FWK it came out heaps stronger than would have guessed at 5.7%. One thing I noticed when started brewing FWK was the lower final gravity compared to a kit brew. @Mickep had some recent FWK talk with you mate whats you're experience? You go for 20 ish litres as per instructions for a strong one or water it down more?
  15. @Classic Brewing Co you are right we all have what we seem to like. I also agree the FWK i am brewing taste better to me than commercial stuff too. I have not travelled the country as much as you but every opportunity I get, I try different beers. As I said there are better ones out there heaps better . If I have no other option I'll drink it but I heaps prefer many others such as MB.
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