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  1. 100% with ya there mate, sounds a bit like my home brew
  2. Aaahhh, haven't been there in ages! Good old independents may have a better chance, no sign of them in the corporate behemoths, was thinking I may have to go to SA and smuggle them back over the border. I guess can always order them in of course.
  3. I pitched on to the kveik voss yeast cake this brew (still going). I scraped most of the hop matter off, pitched the brew and put a heat belt around it. It was brewing at 37ºC. It finished out to 1.010 in just over 24 hours! It was a can of coopers APA with BE2. I was trying to achieve some sort of fruity farmhouse ale, and yes it does have fruity esters at this temperature. I have dry hopped it with galaxy and will leave for another 48 hours, so it will be bottled on day 4. Tastes clean and slightly fruity, all I can recommend is scoop some of the cake out as the kveik doesn't seem to need much to do it's job.
  4. well i was kegging and things in motion, I thought far kit I need to get things done, no way I could save it but I get your line of thinking
  5. Chucked down a Coopers APA, BE2 on top of the old kveik voss yeast cake - the no clean method . Heat belt set to max, bubbling away within an hour at 35ºC. Second one in the fridge (all cleaned ) Morgans Royal Oak Amber with BE3, 500g dex and CCA yeast. Not sure what this will turn out like, maybe like a kilkenny as the recipe sheet says? I have my doubts but we will see.
  6. Keg blew last night, opened this morning, frozen! About a 6 pack or so down the drain
  7. Well, I was watching Tulsa King with old Sly Stallone (doing great for his age) and the TV gave up the ghost! Should I get a new TV to keep everyone happy or do I spend the money on an all grain brewery setup?
  8. Probably the way to go, but at the moment I'm loving doing an old school brew diary with pen and paper.
  9. None around within 200km. I reckon my best bet would be to call coopers themselves and ask why. Maybe they are strategically keeping it for the Adelaide market :D. I will keep a look out for it, but at this stage it looks like I will be brewing my own
  10. no, in brisvegas. Can get the XPA from time to time, I have been searching for the blue can for a while now. Green cans, stout and mild and sparkling ale no problem. I thought it may have been a seasonal release.
  11. sounds delicious, unable to find it here
  12. Lion Dark Ale? I've not seen these kits. Made in Auckland or Dunedin?
  13. I read that as "Power's is back - not as shite as before"
  14. I will try it, as it is brewed at Yatala, not expecting much though.
  15. I plan on doing something similar, woolies larger appreciation society
  16. Likely due to an upgrade which broke the character set, problem for the webdev Meanwhile,
  17. Morgans Pacific Ale, keg is about to blow
  18. I turns out it wasn't stalled at all, but it did take 5 days to ferment out to a FG of 1.014. I guess I was worried after seeing pictures of huge krausens on here and reading anecdotes of ferments finishing in 2 days. Brew tastes good despite me messing about with it. Good idea @BlackSands, will keep that in the arsenal. @Shamus O'Sean I was thinking that, but turns out I was using the cheap refractometer from kegland to take readings, which I found out was totally wrong, so the SG was likely to be around 1.020. I will keg this today and naturally carbonate it and re-use the slurry after filtering out the hops which I dry hopped commando.
  19. OG was 1.046, 2 days now and SG is 1.030. All floculated out, it seems the yeast is not interested in the wort.
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