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  1. I’ve got some spare Melba hops approx 40g. Any ideas on a simple recipe that I could use it on? Anyone used them before, with success and if so I’m keen to hear what beer.I just mixed a Coopers Pacific Pale Ale for the first time, so the Melba hops are spare from that. First time using hops too btw - my brew area smells amazing at the moment.
  2. Okay, free to air tv is poor, streaming takes forever to find something even half decent, and the movies are fast becoming a thing of the past……………probably why many of us are getting more time for brewing. What’s good to watch? Any movie or tv show recommendations? Any recommendations of things to avoid? I’ll kick it off by saying that the Avatar sequel was pretty good, although it was basically a war film. Just a small thing. Couldn’t understand though why the sea loving aliens on a distant planet were distinctly Pacific Islander or Māori in accent, customs etc. Even the tattoos were distinctly similar. Is James Cameron saying the great Māori people inhabited far off planets? 9/10
  3. Yes, I was being sarcastic. Drinking 6 in a row would be easy…………..being in the name of science and all that. Besides, the weather is great for it at the moment. And thanks @Malter White, if I could shout you blokes a beer I would. I’ve learnt a lot in a very short time being on this forum.
  4. You’re all bloody brilliant! Thanks heaps! I think it is time to try the commercial yeast harvesting method. If I’m going to learn, I better do have a go. Drinking the six pack will be a task though………..
  5. Aww, thanks very much! I will give it a go. Getting heaps out of this forum. Cheers all.
  6. oh, that’s awesome. Thanks.
  7. Thanks. Yes, interesting to read that one. Is it good for a variety of beer styles?
  8. First pic share of a brew - Its a Cooper’s Mexican Cerveza. Reliable little recipe. I used the supplied yeast. Good carbonation after 4 weeks in the bottle ( I tried them at the 2 week mark and left them as I had Christmas beers in the fridge). Seems to have improved. Definitely the Cerveza (Corona) taste and colour, although slightly darker. Good carbonation. Good mouth feel. Head retention was a bit disappointing, but I don’t think This style of beer is known for that. Surpringly clearer than I’d expected. Very slight and sweet banana aftertaste sort of gives it away as a home brew, but still, I’m pleased with this as a summer drink and 2 cartons for less than the price of one. I will do this one again, but I’ll use a different yeast maybe and leave it in the fermenter a little longer to experiment the differences ( I bottled on the 8th day). Now I’ll go back to pondering why nobody has thought of 10 over cricket? 1010 I would call it. Much quicker game.
  9. I’ve got a Cooper’s Irish Stout tin sitting there, so I want to get going with that. Obviously has the yeast sachet under the lid, but I’m feeling it’s probably not going to cut it for me. I was to use another yeast, what would you recommend @Shamus O'Sean @Classic Brewing Co or anyone else? Is there one that people have tried that they can give me a tip on? Love my stouts in winter, so I’m excited to try something different. Go on. Knock my socks off. Thanks in advance.
  10. I’m at the early stages and interested in learning more about temperature for certain beers, yeasts etc. Can people share what temperature control methods they use or have used in the past? Apologies if there’s another thread for this? There’s so much in this forum it’d drive a man to drink just searching.
  11. Now there’s a thought - a brewer going under the knife and checking out the surgeon’s sanitisation methods
  12. Yes, agreed. But like most ‘news’ stories these days they’re hard to take seriously and usually designed as click bait headlines. Half the time I’m never sure if it’s a clever paid marketing ploy or proper research. Still, there was enough interest in it for me, because it’s about beer. I can forgive the lack of finer details.
  13. Yes, good point. At least it mention’s Coopers as the only Australian owned company. That was surprising to learn. All that marketing about Aussie beers and they’re all foreign owned companies.
  14. Excellent and extremely interesting. Looks like I’m going on a yeast exploration as well as a beer one. Cheers for the info.
  15. Hi all, Just a quick question re commercial yeast vs brew can yeast. What’s people’s preferences/experiences and does it really make a difference to the taste? Obviously everyone wants to get close to the commercial product. Thanks in advance.
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