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  1. Does anyone know ( or have one ), where I can find a S & W Cloud Catcher Clone Recipe ? Cheers RD
  2. I have both, bought a 2 tap Kegerator then decided to build my own keezer. IMO the keezer works better (not because I built it ), but temp wise, get a better pour, direct pull out through a timber (insulated ) collar. Downside to keezer, loading full 19L kegs in it, not good on the back. Next one I build will be a converted fridge, easier on the back & not getting any younger. Just my opinion fellow brewers, I guess you just go with what you can afford and what works for you time wise etc. Cheers RD44
  3. Currently have a Coopers XPA brewing ( 6 days in ), dry hopped yesterday, probably CC around Tuesday ready for kegging next weekend, be a little while before it gets its chance to be on tap as there about 7 other kegs in front of it, but I will gas it (blanket of CO2 ) store in my cellar to mature over winter. Cheers RD44
  4. Brew Day Little Creatures Clone, double batch in 60L fermenting vessel. 2 x Morgan’s Pacific Pale Ale Cans 3 Kg Liquid Wheat Malt 2 x 12g Cascade Finishing Hops ( thinking maybe a little more ) 2 x US05 Yeast ‘Most of it in 2 kegs, but grab some largies for my brother though. Have not dragged the big boy out in a while, so time for a run. cheers RD44
  5. Suspecting a blown diaphragm mate, as Pirate said, do you have another Reg ?
  6. I started yesterday, drank a Sixer of Coopers, then sediment etc into the plastic bottle. Was planning to pitch next Friday when my next brew goes down, will it be ok, or should I stick it in the fridge after 4 days ? Currently in a cupboard out of sunlight.
  7. Hey Pilot, how long was the yeast in the bottle before pitching ?
  8. Your Regulator is a Keg King isn’t it ? Can’t imagine KegLand would stock it, look on Keg King site
  9. I always put full 1.5kg can in, makes a tastier brew, so there will be no problems with it, hope it turns out nice
  10. Brewing up another Pacific Summer Ale today
  11. Good to see you got it sorted mate, you could probably purchase a spare diaphragm for the old one and keep it as a spare Regulator ? If you wanted to do that let me know and I can guide you through replacing it ?
  12. I’m scratching my head mate as to what the problem is Elimination suggests you have plenty of Gas, you’ve bypassed the manifold, do you have a check valve in your tubing to the kegs ? if so that could be the culprit? Kink in the line somewhere ? Failing all that I would turn the gas off, take the line off the Regulator, wind to 30 PSI & see if she roars out, bit of a waste of gas but only do it for a few seconds. Im suspecting a collapsed diaphragm inside the Regulator ( I’m a mech fitter, now a trainer within the gas industry ). it would still read 30 PSI on the gauge but is not allowing that volume to pass through the diaphragm, how old is the Regulator mate ?
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