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  1. I always leave the Beer Line off whilst carbing up, once 24 hrs is up I’ll drop it down to serving pressure then connect the Beer Line for serving.
  2. My lovely wife is going to buy me a FermZilla for Xmas ( she has no idea what they are, I will buy it and wrap it up for myself, good wifey I have ) Question is are they a good item to have around ? I am a mere K & K man, don’t have the time for AG. I am keen on one & have watched a few Vids on them, but not sure ? I have a few fermenting fridges which are a necessity here in Qld, 41 degrees today in my neck of the woods, going by the measurements of the FZ and my fridge it will fit no problems. I understand the fermenting procedure with CO 2 etc, but once you get it do you still need to gas it up to a serving pressure etc for a few days, or is the CO 2 in it enough, I would say you would have to still gas it up, but somebody here may know the correct answer to this ? Cheers & Good Brewing
  3. I went to see Leeds when they played the Wanderers at Parramatta Stadium, they are my brothers team, although I can’t boast about my team too much at the moment, Leeds choked last yr. We were born in Scarborough UK, when younger my brother used to go with my Uncle ( also a Leeds tragic ) to Elland Rd. My bother got to high five Bamford before the game in Sydney, he was stoked.
  4. Utd forever mate, although having a tough run.. Simple mans ideas on a solution. Get rid of the Glaziers Get rid of the Chairman Demote Ole to assistant coach, bit out of his depth. Grab Pochettino while you can, he’s a good Manager, could of made Spurs a better team.
  5. I’m liking your thinking Lusty, your an ideas man
  6. Could do some serious damage with those kegs, just need to make a couple of adaptors, although I’d need a bigger keezer, hmm bigger keezer, like the sound of that
  7. No chance of either of that happening Beer Baron
  8. The rain we had the other day hasn’t done much for my lawn, Astro Turf sounds like the go
  9. Hey Otto, weren’t you a Greenkeeper on a Golf Course in a former life ?
  10. Cooked spare ribs the other night on my Kamado Joe
  11. Had a slash with Flemo back in the 90,s, they were at the Victory, Michael Slater was being a tool
  12. I used to live across the road from a guy who had a pristine lawn, but the rest of his house was falling down around him When he mowed his wife was in front of the mower making sure he kept to the correct lines when mowing He used to come home and get on his hand and knees and inspect his lawn with a microscope But wait, gets funnier. Then a swarm of Lawn Grub infested his lawn and literally destroyed it over a few days, looked like a giant UFO landed on it I never saw eye to eye with this jerk so it was pi## funny to watch his devastation whilst having a homie on the verandah
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