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  1. I always have 1 or 2 fermenters brewing, but I try to plan 6 months ahead as I have the keg capacity. If I don’t get to them for a few months they just condition up in the keg, clear up and taste nicer. I have brewed a double batch sometimes in my 60L fermenter, drank one keg straight away and the other 4-5 months apart, and yeah they taste slightly different.
  2. I did have a double scoop Gray Nich, I think my brother may have it, that from memory was a lot heavier. The bats these days when I pick them up in Rebel or somewhere feel much lighter, come to think of it I think I cracked my double scoop and then switched to a County.
  3. Here you go Otto, managed to dig it out of the archives.
  4. I’ve got 12 x19L kegs, 2 x 9.5L kegs. I managed to get hold of a few 2nd handies and just put a new kit, o-rings, new PRV etc through them then pressure tested them, work great. 10 x 19L for various beers, I like to age them for a few months. 2 x 19L for Cider for the wife or a bbq. 1 x 9.5L for soft drink 1 x 9.5L for Craft Beer
  5. When I was in Montreal 2 yrs ago I saw a 1 Litre can of Fosters in the bottle shop ( liquor store as they call it ), the guy there said here mate you’ll love this, I said we don’t even drink that crap at home, why would I drink it here ? He was totally shocked I thought it was crap, so I bought a sixer of their beer Moosehead, or Moosep#ss as I called it after drinking it.
  6. I follow how Scarborough FC are going ( where I was born ), but sorry to say it’s Man Utd all the way mate. My brother is the Leeds supporter.
  7. Good to hear mate, it will clear up.
  8. Cheap at the Red Devil Inn too I hear, just quietly
  9. Actually Boston was a good place for Craft Beers too, and Oysters the size of your hand, 4 for 5 bucks. Good Craft place there was called the Bell & Shaft
  10. I was in San Francisco last yr and some Aussie couples were in the same hotel as us, they were drinking Bud Light. SF was our last stop & all across the US I kept avoiding this Bud Light crap because I thought it was light beer, so I said to these Aussies what are you doing on holiday drinking light beer for, then they told me it stood for light carbs It was still crap anyway, didn’t find many beers I liked over there, although the Pike Place Brewery in Seattle had some good Craft beers.
  11. Sorry and I use US05 in that brew I meant to say
  12. I pitch my Stone & Wood clone at around 20, then ferment at 17, turns out nice & crisp, but I wouldn’t go any lower for my S & W clone.
  13. That’s a bugger mate, at least you got 18L and your not in the burns unit.
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