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  1. Thanks for the advice gents, I think I will try the Caribbean Porter recipe, cheers
  2. Well I finally got my hands on some. This is the band Iron Maidens flagship beer in the UK, I will give this a taste this arvo. Bruce Dickinson ( Singer ) is such an amazing guy, great book too, hopefully good beer.
  3. Hey BB, I’ve brewed the Coopers Hefe kit a bit, Coops Hefe can, I use the liquid wheat malt, Bavarian M20 Wheat Yeast, brew at 18 degrees. Leave to ferment for around 12-14 days then keg, comes out Mickey Mouse. I know it’s only a K & K kit but It comes out bloody nice. Ive doubled up and done a double batch in my 60L fermenter too, turns out great, my brother & his mates raved about it. Just my view, cheers RD44
  4. When I decided to home brew I went straight into kegging ( granted I knew a bit about them from working in Gas reticulation), I find it suits my lifestyle and what spare time I have. Like yesterday after work I kegged a Stone & Wood Clone, cleaned and sanitized my fermenter from the S & W, put another brew down, boom in the fermenting fridge, done in about 1hr. Sit back and have a few off the tap, happy days.
  5. Just kegged my Stone & Wood Clone, whacked another one straight in to ferment. Mangrove Jacks Irish Red Ale, Amber liquid malt, East Kent Goldings Dry Hop 20g ( after ferment ) M36 Liberty Bell Yeast. Fermenting @ 19 degrees ‘Have done this one before and it was bloooooooody beautiful, be good to have on tap with winter coming. cheers RD44
  6. I agree with Otto on the temperature statement. With the chest freezer used as a keezer I agree the negative part is loading a full keg into them and could cause serious back injury. I have some I Beam I scored from a job a while back, going to buy some rollers and make a mini crane rail with my small come-along attached, making it easier to load full kegs into the keezer, it’s not really an issue getting them out when empty. I have some nice hardwood beams underneath my Queenslander so i will mount my rails to that.
  7. Any K & K brewers tried this, thinking of giving it a crack for my old boy who loves Porters ?
  8. I converted a chest freezer into a keezer for my kegs and use an Inkbird, works great
  9. No worries mate, I’m in SE Qld and have never had any trouble with 2 fermenters brewing, as long as the brews ferment at the same temperature, I have a seperate Fermenting fridge for lagers or lower temp brews. Don’t own a heat belt, never had the need for one in Qld, I used an electric blanket before I had my fermenting fridge as it was exposed to the weather in winter, but after 1 month of brewing and stuffing around I bought an all fridge & an Inkbird, don’t use any heating now as my fridge stays at a constant temp all the time, unless I open the door, cheers
  10. Hey Mitch I have a double ferment fridge, cold air sinks so I always tape my probe to the top fermenter. I get a difference of 1 degree between them, ( I use a heat gun ). Here is mine from an older photo, be wary of the weight of the FV,s mate.
  11. Great band, great following worldwide.
  12. Always been a Maiden tragic since the 80,s, this is a fantastic album, some of their best work. Bummer their tour got cancelled because of Covid, otherwise would of been there with bells on Good brewing music
  13. Pacific Summer Ale, roughly 8hrs after pitch, going like a bast%rd IMG_0303.mov
  14. Bit of Jason Donovan going on there mate
  15. I love kegging, it’s a piece of pi$$
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