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  1. @jamiek86 yes my, little in-ground pool 5m x 3m with a spa, great in summer, i also solar heated it. ‘That brew was on 15PSI for around 8 days, the CC for 3 more, tastes divine
  2. Ok @Shamus O'Sean, just was a bit worried as I thought it would kick into gear within a few hrs ? Well it’s got sh*tloads of yeast in it now then so should ferment out reasonably quickly ?
  3. @jamiek86 yeah I tried tried the shaking/rolling method early on, but it’s too hit & miss, got pi##ed off with throwing half a keg away due to over-gassing. ‘My serving pressure is 12-13 PSI, pending on the beer. I have a dual stage regulator & built 2 manifolds so I can have 3 kegs on tap, whilst gassing up say 1 or 2, a little extra to buy the Regulator but worth it in the long run for me, but each to their own. I travel a fair bit with my job so I can leave kegs to carb up naturally on serving pressure whilst I’m away for a week or so, wife gets the sh*ts when I ask her to check my ferment temps whilst away, so might buy the WI-FI Inkbird next when one stuffs up. Although she knows how to adjust the Inkbird as am in the process of getting back to making my own cheese, then next step is smoking meat
  4. @jamiek86 yeah just keep on serving pressure now. Normally I fast carb my kegs @40 PSI for 20hrs, sometimes they are a little under carbed, so I de-gas, put them on normal pressure for a while and all is good. I have enough kegs so if one takes a little longer to carb it’s not really an issue, as I have plenty others to drink. I’d rather have it under-carbed than over carbed, but don’t worry, we have probably all been there before, I have over-carbed early on in my brewing career, just a bit of suck it & see I guess, and also depends on your location.
  5. 3 new K& K brews last 2 days, been busy. Early on yesterday put down a Czech Pilsner, tried re-harvesting yeast ( first time ), woke up this morning, nothing ? Now some background on the Yeast, was US-05 kept in a jar in the fridge since November 2020, took it out to sit at room temp as I was brewing, then pitched @ 20 degrees, maybe I should of made a starter ? maybe left too long and was dormant ? Quicly chucked 2 x US-05 yeast from the packet this morning and all seems well, very cloudy but I will CC, so not too worried about that. ‘The other 2 just my run of the mill Citra Hopped Pale Ale & a Coopers Bootmaker Pale Ale, which I might dry hop with Galaxy.
  6. @jamiek86 It shouldn’t be over gassed on serving pressure, but the temp may have slowed the gassing up process down slightly. I keep my kegs @ 3 degrees in my keezer, tried 2 degrees at first but the kegs were getting stuck to the walls with ice build up, 3 degrees seems like my happy medium. ‘My Kegerator also runs @ 3 degrees and I am in SEQLD.
  7. The next door neighbour actually alerted me to it as he was out working on his car, she only wanted $80 for it, could probably of got $150 as it was quite new, but anyway was a happy ending, but not the happy ending your thinking about Jamie
  8. Simcoe Single Hop IPA straight out of Fermzilla under pressure, straight on tap, very very nice. Carbed at 15 PSI in my Fermy, seems spot on, little cloudy but meh ‘Pics below
  9. I got a Westinghouse all fridge, 400L I think it is, easily holds 2 x fermenters. lots of room in those, took me a few months but scored one off Gumtree for $80, they don’t last very long when they are posted that’s for sure. I’ve also got a Fisher & Paykel all fridge which holds 2 x fermenters, just happened to be home and an old girl down the street put it out in her driveway on a Saturday morning for sale, raced down there with my trolley and wheeled it back up the street
  10. Maybe he shaved his beard off ? Cmon Burbler, come clean
  11. 2 Fermenters on the go ATM One has a Single Hop ( Simcoe ) IPA in it, the other is a standard Pale Ale which will be dry hopped with 45g Amarillo & 45g Cascade ( have made this a few times, very nice easy drinker ) Will CC the IPA around Tuesday
  12. Just kegged my first brew yesterday from the Fermzilla, put on tap straight away, nicely carbonated, loving this closed transfer. Cleaned, sanitized & a new Pale Ale back in the Fermy, will get a fair workout over the next few weeks as I drained a few kegs over my Xmas holidays Cheers RD44
  13. I actually have a dual stage regulator so have one 4 tap manifold for serving, and a 2 tap manifold for gassing kegs at high pressure I normally go 40PSI for 20hrs if fast carbing, then let rest for a few hrs, drop pressure and put on serving pressure then into it. ‘Works perfect for me in the keezer. I did have my keezer on 3 degrees, but had one keg at the back slightly freeze up, so have changed it to 4 degrees now, all good.
  14. Hey mate sorry for the late reply, you probably have it sorted by now ?
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