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  1. Are you talking about the Nitrogen filled pouch @Spursman ?
  2. I have an electric winch over my keezer, so just wrap my sling through the keg at the top and away I go, I use that for my 19L kegs so I’ll do the same with the big boy once I buy it. Hurt my back last year lugging kegs in & out so invested in the winch from Bunnings, works well, best $128 I’ve ever spent along with the $80 fermenting fridges
  3. Looks good mate, you’ll have to let us all know how it performed, as this is my next brewing investment, I like the 58L. Lucky escape with the Fermzilla mate. ‘Good brewing
  4. RIP Dusty Hill, you were a legend my man, having a beer in your honour.
  5. For all those keggers out there, and our new kegger @Aussiekraut Was just doing my weekly leak checks on my kegs and found one had a slight leak when I turned the gas on ( I leave it off when not in use or overnight ) ‘These o-rings on the posts wear down after a while from connecting/disconnecting, so guys keep a close eye on your keg post o-rings. I have a special o-ring hook kit in my toolbox being a tradie, but you can buy a cheapie from Bunnings for a few bucks. I bought this spares kit from KL, it’s worth the $25 because it’s better than blowing a 6 kg or 2.6 kg CO2 cylinder, and I’ve used it a few times. ‘Hope this helps guys, cheers RD44
  6. Kegerator looks good mate, so does the beer, welcome to the world of kegging
  7. It does seem early mate, they say 50 or so kegs to a 6kg cylinder, did you smash 50 kegs in 8 weeks I suspect a leak mate, get your soapy water and glasses & eyeball those fittings closely. ‘If the gauge was down to 550 PSI it is nearly empty mate, temp fluctuations will affect the pressure but that’s on its way to empty. ‘My gauge is down to that so just trying squeeze a few more schooners before she’s dead, lucky I have a spare for such tragedies.
  8. I have a heat belt on one fermenter, and an old electric blanket around the other. Both work fine with the Inkbirds
  9. Got some tunes cranking whilst kegging, The Camera Eye, best song by Rush IMO
  10. Hi @CLASSIC, I would go the Hallertau & Saaz in the Lager if it was me. But just my opinion
  11. Day off today, have 3 x fermenters that need kegging. ‘A Hazy IPA Mangrove Jacks Helles Coopers IPA Stocks getting up now, will have 7 kegs full waiting for their turn in the keezer. If I get time I’ll throw another brew down, not sure what yet. ‘Happy days
  12. I am a tradie but these days I am a Trainer, still in Engineering, but the company provides RDO,s so happy days.
  13. Yeah true mate, not worth the hassle. The leaks I have are on the connector but it’s the o-rings on the post of the keg that wear, then eventually leak. ‘I bought a spare parts kit from Kegland which has o-rings, seals, posts etc, pretty good piece of mind for $25 I think they were.
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