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  1. Kolsch Double batch fermenting nicely. 2 packs of K-97 German Ale Yeast@18 degrees. ‘Starting to go from a dark colour to a nice straw colour (hard to see in photo)
  2. I’ve brewed this AG Sam Adam’s twice and both times used dubbya 34/70@12 degrees, both times came out great
  3. Hi @Aussiekraut, hope you had a good holiday. ‘It was a reasonably easy brew day really, I like the controller up the top rather than down below, it handled the mash well as there was 8.5kg of grain in there. ‘Used my come along to lift the basket out as it was quite heavy, a lot of suction to overcome lifting it out. No stuck mash at all and it recirculated very well. Only downside was it took ages to get up to boil, but there was 46L of wort in there. Clean up was relatively easy also. I would give it an 8/10.
  4. This is nice, I remember sitting in a bar in Seattle with a few Americans getting hammered on this, thinking this will be my next AG.
  5. Yeah @Classic Brewing Co, only thing was it took a while to get up to boil from 75 degree mash out, having said that it is a double batch so I have 46L of wort in there.
  6. Brew day underway on the new S40 Grainfather. Bandits Kolsch double batch from Brewfather, recipe by Gash Slugg. So far so good, everything going to plan.
  7. Yeah I have a pool so can put the water straight in there, but may just cube this next brew as I’m not in a hurry to get it in the fermenter just yet as I have a Heineken AG Clone in the fridge currently which is in Cold Crash.
  8. @Classic Brewing Co, yeah I still have the cubes so I have the option of cooling it on the day or cubing until the next or a few days later to transfer to fermenter.
  9. @Classic Brewing CoThat’s the plan, put this baby to work Just gave it a run with water, everything working fine. I will replace the immersion chiller with a Counterflow Wort Heat Exchanger.
  10. Possibly tomorrow, think it will be a 40L Stella Artois or Kolsch Clone, can use my Digiboil for heating sparge water now.
  11. Just flew home last night for R&R and look what turned up this morning, my S40 Grainfather, couldn’t resist buying it as it was $720 reduced to $425 as an end of financial year sale. Happy days indeed as i unbox this.
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