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  1. Ha ha, love yer work BB, I do love my German Style beers & Man Utd. I know this brew is loosely based on a German Style, but is quite refreshing. Drunk plenty of Steins & brews whilst in Germany in my early 20,s & got lucky with a few barmaids with big you now what’s, great place, great people Oops, did I just say that
  2. First one off tap, German Helles, nice easy drinking beer this one, hint of Vanilla. Wakatu & Pacific Gem Hops M54 California Lager Yeast Goes down nice on a muggy day in SEQLD
  3. Damn, tossed most of my bottles ( 200 or so ) when I switched to kegging, but that was before I joined this forum otherwise I would of sent them to you guys. Only keep around 30 flip tops now as when I keg I have 2 or 3 litres left over, pending if I do a 21L or 23L batch. Usually bottle them up and give them to the old man to drink whilst he watches his old Clint Eastwood Westerns.
  4. Thanks JM, might have a look at these guys.
  5. I have just cleared a large area in my back yard which is currently bare, looking to grow some hops. Just have a few questions for the hop growers, How much room do I need ? Where do I purchase them from, do Bunnings sell hops ? What sort of watering schedule would I require ? What soil works best ? Cheers Guys
  6. Once my keg is chilled ( 24hrs ), 40 psi for 24 hrs, works spot on every time for me, perfect carbonation & pour.
  7. Darling, would you like a new dress always works for me ?
  8. Good call mate, just checked, was only on medium setting, have adjusted it to max, cheers
  9. I have a Coopers IPA that I’ve CC, well attempted to, my old fridge is perfect for fermenting 18-22 degrees but struggles to CC, it has sat at 9 degrees for 24hrs, won’t go any lower, should I call it and just keg the thing ? Cheers
  10. My wife can’t stand beer of any form but is very supportive of my hobby and of me building my own keezer etc. Which is a good thing because I just built her cupboards, shelving and bench top for her Jewellery & Make-up business, win win situation I suppose.
  11. First Grapefruit IPA from the keezer, strange taste, slightly bitter with just a hint of Grapefruit in the background. Hmm, not sure what to think yet, although it is refreshing on a stinker of a day though. Cheers RD
  12. RIP Neal Peart from Rush, fantastic drummer in his day, easily in my top 5 drummers of all time.
  13. What’s a good fertiliser for grass mate ?
  14. Victory & Muscat when he was there suck balls.
  15. No worries mate, always here to help and offer any advice on Gas reticulation etc. For 2020, Still not sure whether to purchase a Fermzilla for closed transfers, I probably will knowing me. Tough times for Man Utd, I don’t think Ollie is the answer, need to put a broom through the place, starting with the owners. Roar will struggle too, dunno about Fowler. ‘’Cheers RD
  16. Yes mate, remember I’ve gassed up Casinos, RSL,s , Workers Clubs etc all over Qld & NSW, one thing to take note from this pic, don’t use hose clamps for beer reticulation, they are what they are designed for, water etc, not gas supply.
  17. Thanks mate, still got heaps more to do, lots of carpentry & painting, & drink some home brew along the way
  18. Get any rain on your turf mate ? We got a bit here in Ip Vegas.
  19. Hoppy 81 put me onto the tv thing, it’s called Taplist, if you don’t have a smart tv then you need to purchase Firesticktv from Amazon. Freezer is a 205L I think, fits 4 x 19L kegs plus a craft keg 9.5L, I used a 2nd hand Fisher & Paykel, wanted to stick with common brands in case it karks it and I have to replace it. I have fit 5 x 19L kegs in there before, because I built 2 manifolds, one at serving pressure & one at high pressure, so I can be drinking say 3, and gassing 2 up at high pressure as I have a dual stage Regulator on my Gas Cylinder. I’m a tradie in the Gas Industry Gas cylinder is outside as I built my frame big enough to accomodate that, plus 2 x spare parts containers etc, no point it being inside taking up freezer room as it does not make any difference to your CO2 supply, your cylinder pressure may change but that doesn’t affect gas supply etc. Since my build I’ve been approached by a few people to build them one, and they would pay me, but I’m renovating my Queenslander so I’m busy enough.
  20. Here’s a picture of my set-up, still got to finish the wall behind and hook up my lifting device yet, work in progress.
  21. I’m hooking up a come along to my roof to lift them in, out is easy because the are empty.
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