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  1. Hey @ozdevil mate, can you fit a bottom screen in the new Gen 4,s ?
  2. Fermentation well underway on the double batch I brewed, AG West Coast IPA in the 60L All Rounder. IMG_2142.MOV
  3. Just waiting patiently for the Gen 4, 65L Brewzilla to drop, I am on the waiting list but have not heard anything ?
  4. Hey @ozdevil, I watched the video on the hop bong, looks the go but can’t get any dimensions on it ? ‘As I have the 60 L i am nearly at the lowest point in my all fridge to fit the fermenter so if it’s taller than 150mm ( which I think it is ) it may not fit.
  5. A few more pics. ‘I’m dry hopping with a magnet as I will be away working so my lovely wife only has to take the magnet off to dry hop. 30 mins after pitching its now fermenting !!
  6. West Coast IPA AG double batch brewed over 2 days decanting into new 60L fermenter. 2 x cubes. Modified shelf to sit lower so can gravity feed straight in. 2 x packs of Notty Yeast. OG - 1048 IMG_2133.MOV
  7. I just CC with what CO2 is in it, I reduce mine in temp by about 3-4 degrees per day so usually it’s in CC for 6-7 days before I get home on break. ‘The CO2 level will drop as you CC, but usually leaves around 5 PSI in there when I get to it. ‘Never had any issues with walls sucking in, I’ve pressure fermented probably 20 times in my Fermzilla, no issues.
  8. I think they were grain husks as they sort of disintegrated , not moving or anything. ‘Everything smelt fine so I went ahead and kegged, find out if there’s anything nasty when it hits the tap.
  9. Can anybody shed some light on this, not sure if it’s an infection on the inside of the lid ? Just kegged this morning, smelt ok, looked clear as as I Cold Crashed it. ‘First time I have ever had something like this. Cheers Brewers.
  10. No not lifting it @Aussiekraut, I gave this a bit of thought before buying it. ‘So I’m going to fill it from my 2 cubes with my racking cane whilst it’s in the fridge so no lifting. ‘Then when fermented I’ll rack it out to my kegs, so no grunt work required. ‘That’s my theory behind it so hope it works, my racking cane is pretty good so fingers crossed.
  11. That was my first AG brew @Classic Brewing Co, nice and easy to brew & knock back mate as I have a Country Brewer in my neck of the woods.
  12. First batch of West Coast IPA (Coastbusters) mashing, second one tomorrow to fill up my new 60L Fermenter. ‘Happy days
  13. Just set up my new 60L All Rounder Fermenter complete with Thermowell. ‘Will be filled with 2 x batches of AG West Coast IPA (Coastbusters) by tomorrow afternoon. ‘Once I purchase the Gen 4 65L Brewzilla it will be double batches all the way.
  14. Gas cylinder outside, More space inside Also you can’t have a Regulator inside as they don’t like condensation of any kind as the diaphragm can leak gas past and then cause gas flow fluctuations & false readings on the gauge.
  15. If you live in Sth East Qld you are quite welcome @DavidM
  16. Yeah @Classic Brewing Coit is nice & punchy, not too bitter. I must have around 60 or so tallies in boxes varying from 1yr to 6 months old. As I keg I generally give the tallies to family or mates to sample. ( Except for one mate who is a staunch XXXX drinker, best beer on earth he reckons, won’t even take a sip of my stuff, silly boy )
  17. Just cracked the top off my K&K Partial beer which is a year old, even though I brew AG now I still have a few tallies of K&K in the brew dungeon. Ozzy IPA I call it, good carbonation and nice. ‘I’ll put the recipe I used up if anybody is interested( had to scour through my notes ). 1 x Pale Ale Can 1 x Master Wheat Malt Can 60g Crystal Malt & 150g Wheat Malt hopped with 10g Victoria Secret & Eclipse steeped overnight. Dry hopped 30g Vic Secret & Eclipse on day 4. 15g Morgan’s Premium Ale (English) Yeast. OG - 1040 FG - 1008 Fermented@19 degrees for 10 days, CC 4 days.
  18. Go you good thing @Classic Brewing Co
  19. Yeah @Classic Brewing Coevery time I have made an All Grain and used Mosaic Hops in a NEIPA, it has turned out tasting like a packet of fruit tingles, so I have punted Mosaic from my Hop supply.
  20. West Coast Pale Ale from Hope Brewery in the Hunter Valley. ‘Nice light colour, fruity taste initially then bitters out. ‘Not bad at all.
  21. Ok @ozdevil, not sure what way I will go yet. ‘Cheers for the info on the overflow pipe.
  22. How long though? No dates on the Kegland website, only No available ETA. Surely they must know an estimate date? You can’t advertise something and then put a message saying No available ETA??
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