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  1. ferment is done? How long did you leave it for? @beach_life
  2. When you got a bar to hold on to, who needs a walking frame?
  3. I agree, the yeast in the pale ale bottles looks way different from the sediment in my brews brewed with CCA. Yeah, good point, I suspect you are correct, interested in their bottling SG and also their FG. As to your second question, newbie response sorry, I'm not sure about diacetyl rest, I have read it applies both to lagers and ales, but more foe lagers. I have only attempted one lager, and after 3 weeks I bottled it after my stocks were getting low. Unfortunately my setup is small and demand is high , so I've never seen a beer more than two months old. My guess is for a lager you would leave the naturally conditioned keg or early kegged beer in ferment temps for two weeks then chuck them in the fridge and let them mature as normal. Brilliant question for @Coopers DIY Beer Team
  4. Old thread, but didn't want to start a new one. Does anyone have experience naturally carbonating the keg before fermentation has finished? What I mean is, say the estimated FG would be 1.010 and you kegged it at 1.020 so it would carbonate, finish and then let it condition for a couple of weeks. Would this work? Or is it better to let the beer finish in the FV to produce a better flavour. Any experiences out there? And if so, assuming the brew would finish at 1.010 what SG should I keg at to achieve good carbonation?
  5. 2 days and yep she has expanded. It was about 1.2kg and I used 25g of salt. I took it out of the ferment fridge just in case . 25º+ here atm.
  6. Just my silly attempt at humour. Standard brew, with 500g LDME, 200 dex, 20g steeped saaz as I find their brews very light on the hops. I brewed this with CCA yeast, chucked 100g dex in the keg and will let it condition naturally before I put it in the fridge for serving. Should be good to go for my megaswill mates by xmas (Just hoping it will turn out OK, no complaints so far). The reason it is a midstrength is my mates were complaining because they had to drive from my place, a few of my brews I had to take their keys and put a blanket on the couch
  7. got it in the ferment fridge @ 21c. will keep an eye on it, don't want any garlicky smells contaminating my beer!
  8. First keg, from across the ditch. Hopefully I don't have to ditch it
  9. True mate, the time these days seems to be going warp factor 9
  10. Are you trying to teach me some culture?
  11. Brilliant concept, for sure will give this a try. Do you add brine or mash the cabbage before vacuum sealing? @beach_life
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