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  1. Judging by those pics, swmbo has left the building!
  2. My guess is a basic brew, 4kg Coopers pale malt at 64º for an hour and 20g POR at 60 minutes boil, and use novalager. I will assume as it says "genuine" it does not contain any sugar. I will do this as my next brew. I also would love to know what yeast they are using.
  3. ok, may have no choice but to clone this recipe then, looks to be 7-8 EBC and about 20 IBU's from the reports. It will be the "Non-Genuine Coopers Draught"
  4. Any more info on this brew @Coopers DIY Beer Team? Limited release for South Aussies only? Or will it be distributed nationally? There was no info on the coopers website.
  5. I think you are right - on the can it says "Proudly brewed in SA"
  6. I suspect the south aussie's are keeping it for themselves. I will have to wait until somebody smuggles a boot load across the border. I did a bit of searching, no news of it, nothing online whatsoever
  7. I'm no Picasso although I have a face like him Not a bad idea! I removed all of the stickers from it when I got it, but maybe I will add my own
  8. The fridge is no oil painting, but has been delivering some good icy cold beers lately..
  9. amazing colour, looks just like the real thing!
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