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1st time brewing off a Coopers recipe....


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I think Coopers makes the most basic recommendations possible so as to make home brewing accessible the all. So they recommend the cleaning cloth as it's the thing most people are likely to have access to. But you can use whatever suits you.

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12 hours ago, Powerslave said:

Do i have to use a mesh cleaning cloth or is a Hop Spider an alternative?

There are various items such as Muslin Cloth, I tie both ends with sanitised kitchen/butchers string leaving enough room for expansion. Available from most LHBS.

You can also go commando (dry hop) straight into the fermenter but it can clog up your bottling wand when bottling or leave nasties in your keg.




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23 minutes ago, Pale Man said:

Whats with all these newbies posting 1 post, then not coming back to reply.

Maybe as a power slave, he is only allowed to use electricity once a week!😉

(now that was  a Joke)



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