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  1. Looks like one of the Weihenstephan monikers has fallen off the tap. Inexcusable !!
  2. My daughter and son in law in Handhorf at The Haus having a beer and feed. Shes sent me these pics to tease me. Little Cow
  3. My favourite stout. Just just pipping Coopers and Sheperds Neame Double.
  4. Looks like my type of tv dinner. Yum.
  5. No matter how you find them, or catch them fella, they have to be of legal size if you want to take it.
  6. Could be, although the glass wouldnt have that cheesy tang.
  7. Ok beer. The novelty drinking out of a German Commanders glass is different.
  8. Going back to my German roots. Das Boot.
  9. Weihenstephaner Kellerbier. I'm not even going to try and explain this beer. I won't do it justice. All I can say every sip my eyes roll back into my head.
  10. Excellent, we'll have to get back there again. Love the Watermark.
  11. Used to go there just for the excellent buffet Phil, but covid put a stop to it. Is the buffet back?
  12. Jimmys wife Jane is Thai, born in Bangkok. That explains it a bit more. All the kids have her looks.
  13. The guy with the headband on is Jimmy Barnes son, Jackie. Excellent drummer.
  14. It astonishes me when you want a wheat beer to stay cloudy, and a lager to clear they do opposite. I don't know.
  15. VB clone. All Grain. This beer didn't deliver. Didn't clear up in the keg. I didn't get the Pride Of Ringwood right. It's actually more bitter than VB and malty. It's a good beer but I failed to get that mega swill. It's pretty tasty but not what I was after. I'm not chuffed with Pride Of Ringwood. It's off my menu.
  16. Yesssssss that's what I love from a beer. Nice work Arty.
  17. Its a goody Phil. I'm not shy of sharing the recipe. No all grain brewer would be disappointed. I'm hard to please. I was pleased
  18. Well it's to clear for a Hefe but it's bloody delicious.
  19. AG Wheat beer. 60% wheat 40% Pilsner. Mittlelfueh for bitterness and flavour. Absolutely stunning beer. Perfect for a Hefeweizen. Tart and Banana. Great for watching the cricket.
  20. I'm throwing out Big Ted, Little Ted, Gemima............toys are out.
  21. Ah well apparently Ive had a tantrum. Maybe I have. I defend my methods. All the toys are going out of my cot. I've only been brewing for 30+ years.
  22. I use Lallemand for all my beers Otto And I pitch dry as they recommended to do and their temps I'm not going to listen to you because you don't work for Lallemand. And because my beers are so tasty. My yeast guideline is run from them. Lol they stipulate to make up a Lager cream from 30 degree sterile water and pitch around 18 then bring down to lager temps. You're living in old school as if I would follow your advice.
  23. You annoy me because you choose to go you're own way as you have for years. It's your way or the highway. That doesn't necessarily work for beginners mate. There's nothing wrong with playing around with any yeast. These days yeast and grain have a high tolerance to to brewing. That includes Lager yeast. Your regime of propergating and pitching low for you will work for you but not for the majority. You can in fact pitch a Lager yeast a bit higher. Download their yeast spreadsheet. I love this place and don't want to make people nervous. Otto. I'd rather call a truce than pathetic stuff. You follow a regime as I do.
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