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  1. West End Draught is under rated for me. It's always good on tap in a genuine country pub. Especially when cold with good clean beer lines. But lately seems to be that little bit better.
  2. The stupid liberal government to blame for that.
  3. The music line up does look fantastic. I'd go for that alone. I haven't seen Ice House live but can vouch for Jimmy and Noiseworks.
  4. Not sure I'm getting the gist of your dangle fella
  5. West End Draught on tap. I reckon the taste has changed since moving to Melbourne. Seems a lot smoother, better taste. Very refreshing and enjoyable. First beer in quite a while.
  6. I like the new label, as for lightweight bottles doesn't fuss me. Better for camping i guess.
  7. Question. Why would you add it? What does it offer?
  8. In all seriousness, if it was me. I'd dissolve in hot water, as little as possible. Cool it and add as slowly as you can. Maybe pitch another yeast for good luck. You'll be fine.
  9. Woolshed Brewery get on it my people. Delicious beers, and lovely spot. Renmark on the Mighty Murray River.
  10. Double post lovely. Ya get that after a few.
  11. Why not a Duvel clone? easy and delicious.
  12. Excellent post, and exactly how it is. All Grain and Kegging does not involve any wizardry. The only one downside is initial outlay for equipment. Like everything i guess. I think i personally wasted years and years of brewing not all graining and kegging because i thought it was for the elite. Confidence is a big thing.
  13. Remember saying that to you months ago and you wouldnt have a bar of it. Kegging is the bomb.
  14. So ya dont know if extract or all grain Muzz? And if you do scam the recipe please be kind enough to plaster it all over here
  15. The Zytho Stout is very nice.
  16. Nice pint of West End Draught at me local.
  17. Might grab me a sixer of Sparkles for tonight, nightshifts done and dusted.
  18. Whats happening Ive woken up from nightshift and gone into a time machine??
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