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  1. Thanks Karlos, much appreciated.
  2. Hi brewers I'm looking for a 2 (or 3) hop combination to produce a sweeter beer along the lines of 150 Lashes. In the past I've used an Amarillo and Nelson Sauvin pairing, also Nelson Sauvin, Amarillo, and Simcoe with some success. Maybe need some bittering to round all that out? All suggestions appreciated.
  3. I've never known a climate realist to be swayed by junk science from a gullible fool. And this forum isn't the place to attempt it. Over and out.
  4. Has David Attenborough Become A Propaganda Mouthpiece Promoting Climate Fear? http://landscapesandcycles.net/attenborough-s-polar-bears--believe-only-half-.html Attenborough’s tragedy porn of walruses plunging to their deaths because of climate change is contrived nonsense : https://wattsupwiththat.com/2019/04/07/attenboroughs-tragedy-porn-of-walruses-plunging-to-their-deaths-because-of-climate-change-is-contrived-nonsense/
  5. "......... that scenario predicts a 4 C to 5 C increase in global temperature." Feel the crazy?
  6. All commercial beer tastes bland compared to a well-hopped home brew. I recently tried a Fat Yak, which used to be nice on the palate, but couldn't get a taste out of it.
  7. My LHBS ran out of US-05 yeast so gave me another American brand he recommended (forgotten what it was) but when I opened the bottles it produced very little head retention and little fizz. I've only used US-05 or Coopers yeast and wasn't aware that some yeasts produced almost flat beer ? All the other ingredients and method were the same.
  8. I noticed a couple of small insects (maybe vinegar flies) hovering around the fermenter when checking the brew so gave the inside of the fridge a quick spray. Next time I opened the fridge door 3 were lying dead inside. Now before opening the door I spray around the fridge beforehand.
  9. I recently had a few schooners of Fat Yak at my local RSL. I couldn't really derive the taste from them as I remember. As many of us have this problem, I think our own home brew beer is up to a better standard, rather than their beer having "dipped." Even in the southern US when I visited last year, the only beers that did it for me were their local hopped up IPAs. And they were good.
  10. Nothing wrong, and everything right, with staying with kit and kilo brewing. No need to do anything else if you're, like me, happy with a great kit-produced beer that's every bit as good as a craft product. As you quoted, it's the KISS principle - keep it simple, stupid.
  11. 12 months is asking a bit much. I usually wait around 1 month which makes the last bottle 2 months old @ 1 PET bottle per night. The only drawback is it makes the commercial beer taste like piss.
  12. I bought a piece of 6mm stainless steel cut to size, but not without drama. I gave the measurements to the lad on a piece of paper and he cut it and I took it home. It was cut too short. Went back and got the correct size cut. It's hard to get good help.
  13. That would be the weakest argument I've heard against using carb drops.
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