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  1. jackgym


    By the time I drink my last PET of a 30 bottle batch it's 2 months old, so no chance of going flat. The only thing I've found is they tend to overcarb if I use an extra half kg of LDM in a recipe (1.5 kg as against the usual 1 kg).
  2. jackgym


    With trepidation?
  3. jackgym


    Holy crap! It seems I've been panicking too early with the PET's. I toss them after 15 brews or so. Looks like they're good for a few more than that.
  4. jackgym


    PET bottles are light, easy to store in the cupboard or on the bottle tree, and last a long time. (How often PET bottles can be re-used is still a matter of conjecture).
  5. jackgym

    Why do the recipes avoid the kit yeast?

    Although Cooper's yeast is a good product, it only comes in 7g satchets. If you just sprinkle the yeast on top of the wort and don't rehydrate you'll probably have the minimum amount of cells to kick over 23 litres. I prefer US-05 @ 11g (for ales) which I think produces a crisper tasting beer anyway. Alternatively, you can use 2x7g satchets.
  6. jackgym

    Worry wort

    Don't panic yet. One of my first brews I added the yeast at 28c (can't remember if it was Cooper's yeast or US-05) and it was okay. US-05 takes a while to start but I'd expect it to be active soon. 18c is the ideal temp for ales, by the way.
  7. jackgym

    Inkbird Help

    "ass" ? You American?
  8. jackgym

    Fermentation fridge?

    Just do it! It's easier to seek forgiveness than permission.
  9. jackgym

    Bottle wash question

    I take the squirter out of the bottle and tip enough Starsan (recently changed to) into the bottle to swirl around to coat the inside sufficiently. If you shake Starsan you get a bottle full of suds.
  10. jackgym

    Cleaning a new/old FV

    Good onya mate! Just having a bit of a stir. $45 is a good saving in anyone's language.
  11. jackgym

    Cleaning a new/old FV

    Don't be so mean. Outlay a few bucks and grab a nice, shiny new Cooper's fermenter. Who knows what was living in there all those years? 🤨
  12. jackgym

    Temp control....gizmos and gadgets.

    Grab a secondhand fridge off Gumtree, and like YEASTYBOY says, an Inkbird temp controller from Ebay. Easy set up instructions come with the Inkbird or you can watch how on Youtube. There's a heap of stuff about it all on this forum too.
  13. jackgym

    Dry hopping

    Cheers mate.
  14. jackgym

    Dry hopping

    I don't bother dry hopping now. What effect it has seems to disappear somewhat if you don't drink your brew early. I like to leave mine 4 weeks in the bottle, so just boil and steep the hops at the beginning e.g. 25g Amarillo and 25g Nelson.