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ben 10

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6 hours ago, iBooz2 said:

My HSSH is the language moderator in my household.  No F's and no buts! No argument!  🤣

My ex-girlfriend is the worst, right on me if I drop one, but it's hard when all the blokes in the neighborhood come around to the bar & start effing & blinding, down the pub too.

In fact, all those years of travelling over AUS calling on Pubs dealing with publicans & the locals the air was thick with foul language, I must have one of those faces that say 'you can swear all you like' 🤔

Of course, it doesn't bother me however I draw the line when it comes to mixed company & kids, I am sure most of us do.

As for potty mouth language on this forum I don't see that it is necessary apart from a few mild Aussie slangs.

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