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  1. Yep, one of the secrets to a good lager is pitching a large amount of good healthy yeast. When I do lagers I make, no matter what the yeast or how I am fermenting it, a big starter. So I know the yeast is active and healthy. One of the worst lagers I made was with Wyeast 2001. I didn't make a stater and did not check the manufacture date. It took 3 of 4 days to start due to low viability and was terrible. The yeast had been under stress during the lag phase and had heap of off flavours. The only time I now do old school temp regimes is when making a pilsner and using Czech yeast. There is something cathartic about taking your time when reproducing an authentic Czech Pilsner. There is nowhere to hide and making a good one, while hard, is highly rewarding.
  2. I use M54 Californian lager and that stuff is a beast ferment at 18-20 or 22 at 15psi have beer grain to glass in 7days including a cold crash. Add a bit of time if you bottle.
  3. Not a fan of Gash. Nothing wrong with the stuff he does per se but he needs to get to the point. No video on HB should be longer than about 6-7 minutes. If you cant get the message over in that time rethink your spiel. The other really annoying thing is he use a year plug mike and when he taste tests you can hear every gulp he takes and him savouring it. Just get my goat. But, his info is informative it is just not in a style that is for me. Same goes for Little John Brewing. He looks like he is sweating so much his next beer will kill him. Wow sounding like a real negative Nellie on this thread better go have a beer. Sorry dudes.
  4. I have been a member of countless FB brewing pages over the last decade and most of them are crapolla. I was very disappointed with the amount of incorrect information or at the least info written as a home brewing law which must be followed at all costs. Things like never open the FV and do not touch the brew for 14 days and so on. On many of the pages it seems that it is the inexperience brewer giving info to the non experienced brewer and many old homebrewing wives tales are spread. These days the only page I sort of follow is David Heath's because it is an international page where Americans are out numbered and in the main the info disseminated is correct. I steer clear of US pages as the Yanks really annoy me as they have a delusion where the only people on the web are Americans and everyone uses F, Ibs, oz, gallons and quarts.
  5. Just to clarify: They may say to leave in fermenter for 14 days but the ferment will be over in 4-6 days. The other time the beer will be bulk conditioning. What sort of beer are you going to brew?
  6. @Greenyinthewestofsydney kudos to you for that experiment. That is advanced stuff. What are you looking to achieve with the wild yeast?
  7. Thanks will give that a go as I was an Emu export drinker back in the day. Like 40 years ago. Loved the stuff.
  8. Thanks mate. Will have a shot at it.
  9. That is it I am setting it too low for all of us. I make good beer but these flavourless mega swills are hard to make.
  10. That looks like a ripper of a recipe but all that Galaxy will give too much flavour. I am looking for a real bland mega swill style. After making flavoursome beers making bland beer is very hard.
  11. Sure have, used dex as well. I have been modifying recipes for years. Pretty much got the colours right but just cant nail the no flavour part. Just getting sick of the effort and need someone with a proven recipe.
  12. Thanks that will have too much flavour. thinking more the meg swill, Great Northern, Iron Jack, XXXX gold, Mid strength styles. Pale Ales I can master no problem it is the flavourless lager styles which are hard. Either my grist is too malty or the hop schedules give too much flavour.
  13. I have been trying to make a reasonable version of the above but who would have thought making a flavourless mega swill type beer was so hard. There really is no where to hide with these and the smallest error can result in an unwanted taste. It is for my son who has pretty bland taste. The ones I make that he doesn't like I hop them in the keg to get them some great flavours but he is not into hops. Any help from the brain trust would be appreciated. @Greenyinthewestofsydney do you have anything? Have you tried that KB recipe as a mid strength? I have been trying to perfect this for four years and I seem to be getting further from the mark. Even pressure fermenting and using large starters with great temp control has not helped. I am sure it is my recipes. Most likely the hop schedules. Cheers.
  14. @Greenyinthewestofsydneydo you think you get better results with cereal mashed rice as opposed to flaked rice? Or are they pretty much same same. I assume you have used flaked rice.
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