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  1. Don't over think it. All is good it is not hard to do. Sounds like you have done your homework and have the right kit for a newbie. Don't be concerned about the krausen on pale beers they are not always huge. Happy brewing. Relax and enjoy.
  2. Huge day today. Did a double brew AG day took 8 hours in total. 10.30am-5.30pm. First brew was a23 litre American Pale Ale second was a 44 litre Irish Red Ale. Both pitched and in the fermentation freezer at 22c to ferment @ 15psi. Christmas beers have been seen to. Kegged 2x kegs of Vienna lager yesterday and the APA will be ready to drink by Christmas. The IRA is surpluss to immediate needs but will go in the keezer to condition when kegged.
  3. Drank the last of my bottled kit beer today. This is a side by side of a 3 year old Morgans "Golden Czech Pilsner" and an AG German Pilsner that was brewed in July. The bottle has been sitting lagering in my beer fridge for over 12 months and the AG is the second of two kegs that I did at the end of July and has been in the keezer since then. The AG has a stronger yeast smell and has more hop characteristics while the kit Pilsner is dryer and has heavier carbonation. The colours are identical. The AG is definitely sweeter. Both brilliant beers. One took 30 minutes and about $25 to make 48 stubbies. The other 4.5 hours and $30 to make 2 19 litre keg or about 100 stubbies. Left is the kit and right is the AG. Bugger just realised the auto focus was on the disk in the back. Can't take another one as I drank it.
  4. If you want to give the FV a good clean and in no hurry just fill it up and add a good cup full of Nappysan Oxy or similar to it then leave it 24 hours. The crud will be gone, pour out, give a good rinse, then sun dry.
  5. That beer looks great. Happy that you got through the 1st brew and you are now on the road to enjoying a bloody great hobby. Everyone here no matter how long they have been brewing and how they brew have done what you have just done, knocked the top off their 1st brewed bottle and thought, "it is drinkable". Cheers.
  6. Interesting reading all the negativity about Australia Post. I must be in a massive minority who have never had an issue with them. I get loads of stuff delivered and actual prefer them over other carriers. It is usually other carriers that send me an email saying that they tried to deliver and no one was home and can pick up from their depot. Funny how I am retired and the Mrs works from home 3 days a week There is always someone home. One of them actually sent me the message while I was sitting at the table drinking coffee. It stated " a delivery driver tried to deliver the item at 10am and no one was home .... " It was 10.05. It isAussie Post for me.
  7. I know that area. Is that around Capertee or further north. ? The Gardens of Stone National Park and the Capertee National Park are great spots.
  8. @Classic Brewing Co I think the thing is I know I love a drink. There is just something about having a cold beer and chilling in the arvo or a good bottle of wine and matching food but I can control it. I know I can stop drinking when I want to I also know how to moderate. There are many who don't know how to do that.
  9. Yep, I have much the same philosophy. I have had stages in my life where I have been a heavy drinker and eaten crap food but in general terms for the majority of my adult life I have always been active, healthy eater and a gym junky who drank only on weekends. There was a stage in my 1st marriage though where my Irish wife and I really did hit the turps during the mid 90's as we had kids and raised the family. It was fun but did not end well. From 2003, when the marriage broke down, I did not drink much at all. I mean I would go months without a drink, got back into the gym doing function fitness, "crossfit" and "powerlifting". I only started drinking regularly again when I retired a few years ago. I suppose I have been lucky in a way that I learn from other peoples mistakes. My grandmother was a smoker and died at 62 from lung cancer when I was 16 and my two best mates who remained heavy drinkers. You know the type 5 or 6 schooners a day after work at the pub and 20 or so on Saturday and Sunday having a punt. They both died in their mid 50's. Basically it was from abusing their body. I saw what they were doing to themselves and went that life is not for me. In a weird way I still think I drink too much.
  10. Wow I have found this thread a bit late. Interesting reading everyone habits. Good to see most of us try to moderate how much we drink. Personally I probably drink a bit more that I think I do. So to moderate my drinking I drink from small glasses and only make beer that is around 4%. I have found the sweet spot for lower strength beer without sacrificing flavour and body is in the 3.8-4.1% range. I try to have a couple of beer free days a week but more often than not it doesn't happen. Usually I will only have a litre of beer on the early days of the week. Week ends it maybe 2 or 3 times or more than that. Not really sure as I don't count how much I have. What I do know with having beer on tap is drinking from smaller glasses and reducing the ABV definitely reduces alcohol consumption. There is a big difference in drinking 2 or 3 pints or tallies of 4% compared to 6% or higher that I know some guys make.
  11. Mate it is the ratio of grain to water. Less grain you use the less sugar you get for a fixed volume of water.
  12. A smidge before my time. I 1st started brewing cans in '88 or '89. Open FV with a tea towel over it. No temp control to speak of had hundred and hundred of tallies as it had to condition for ever to taste OK. A far cry from today.
  13. I would think not, The process would be very different. My thought are it would be liquid malt extract that has been bittered and flavoured using liquid hop oils and colourings. None the less they have a lower OG. I am pretty sure they do not evaporate fresh wort and then can it. The reason why it has lower OG would be as mentioned before packaging size, 1.7kg as opposed to say 2.5kg or larger to get the same OG you need not to add a fermentable.
  14. Because it is mashed grain as in fresh WORT kit. They use enough grain and water to get a higher OG. Same way an all grain brewer would. Have a read: http://howtobrew.com/book/section-3/how-the-mash-works/mashing-defined
  15. Yes, plenty of snakes. Have an absolutely beautiful 2metre plus carpet snake who thinks the roof is a tree. About this time last year saw an absolutely huge Eastern Brown on our driveway. Keep clear of those. Not to mention the green tree snakes and the yellow face whip snakes but the Jack Russells takes care of them. One of my JRT is a supreme snaker.
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