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  1. Actually really nice for a classic Merican IPA
  2. This one is pretty good too https://amazingribs.com/tested-recipes/chicken-recipes/fried-chicken-grill/
  3. Hahahahhaa Welcome back
  4. Nothing like Brett but it may give it more character
  5. I have not and thought it was a silly idea, but I have tried a few and it works well. Reaper may be a bit too much though
  6. Berliner Weisse. Using https://wyeastlab.com/product/berliner-weisse-blend/ for the fifth time, full repitch onto the cake. Autolysis is apparently not an issue with a longe ferment - this was 5 months - as all the bad bits get eaten. 6% apparently. Nicely sour, dry, pungent on the nose. Kinda umm, Brett (for those that know) - grass, hay, farmhouse for sure. Very refreshing.
  7. frigde or cellar temp? Looks good - still some lacing there
  8. And here is mine, halves of two different ones. 1/2 turkish with sucuk and half chicken with avocado @Classic Brewing Co from the backyard and really good
  9. Sucuk cumin, pepper, chilli - YUUUUM
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