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Carlton Draught clone

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1 hour ago, wellwoodntit said:

Can I make a similar beer to Carlton Draught ?
If so what ingredients do I need .

cheers John

Welcome @wellwoodntit there are lots of clone recipes available but I am not sure if you want a k& k or a AG version, here's one but I am reluctant to promote anything other than Coopers on this site, some of the other members may have made it before & could possibly help, otherwise just ask Dr Google.

Good Luck



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4 minutes ago, wellwoodntit said:

Thanks Phil, I do like using Coopers Kits & they are readily available to me .

so maybe I need Coopers Draught plus  what ?

thats what i would use     with 1kg  lme

and for hops i would use pride of ringwood

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26 minutes ago, Shamus O'Sean said:

The Coopers recipe True Aussie Bitter would get you pretty close.  I would add a hop steep using Willamette as suggested in @Classic Brewing Co's reply.

I'll just add my 2 cents. I would sub out 300gm of the dry malt and add 300gm of plain white sugar. Other than that it should be pretty close.

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6 hours ago, Mickep said:

All of my K&K Aussie lagers have had around 300 grams of plain white sugar added....it really seems to work if you're after that pub style beer. Never used Willamette hops before - must give it a try

Yep. The sugar gives that authentic Aussie taste. Whether it's for the better or worse is debatable. 🤣

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On 3/14/2022 at 4:06 PM, Greenyinthewestofsydney said:

Yep. The sugar gives that authentic Aussie taste. Whether it's for the better or worse is debatable. 🤣

+ 1

@wellwoodntit Gee member for 8 years and first post - well done.  What did we do to bring you out of the shadows ey? Welcome anyway and good brewing.  Look forward to updates and reports on your beers.

Have a look at my pub lager recipe here and give it a crack.  It will be so close you may only have to tweak it a tad to suit your personal tastes.  I now do big AG  batches of this beer because that is what everyone seems to like and look for when trying home brewed beers.

You obviously would have to have temp control to brew this beer at low lager temps 10 or 12 C so don't even try unless you have that gear.  Fermenting at any old ambient temps will give you piss, fermenting in the proper yeast temp range gives you beer.  Same for ales as for lagers, right temp profile for the right yeasts.

I have brewed the True Aussie Bitter and it comes out a little darker than a pub beer also not much head and no head retention and not really close taste wise IMO. 

You have to throw 250 g of Carapils at any K & K brew that does not use wheat malt to get some satisfaction out of them.  I see lately Coopers are starting to add the Carapils step in their latest "no wheat" recipes albeit a mash rather than a cold steep.  It makes a huge difference.

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