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  1. Yeah mate. I have one on tap all summer. Easy to make. Cheap to make and go down easy on a hot day
  2. About 16 to 17L. It varies with the temp of the water I add later on which in winter is about 16c and summer 23c. Sometimes when I add it's a little over 65c or a little under. I don't worry about it too much. It goes up or comes down pretty quick. I use a standard 75 to 25 pilsener to rice ratio. 3kg pilsener and 1kg of rice.
  3. American/English IPA I put down on Wednesday afternoon. The 2L starter of S04 started in a couple of hours. Fermenting at 19c and after 2 days the airlock had really slowed and it's down from 1058 to 1014. S04 is usually fairly quick but not this quick. Sample tastes really good for a recipe that was done on the fly. Will leave it to Monday then keg it with some sugar and leave it to naturally carbonate.
  4. I have actually thought of doing this but not done it. My thinking was do the absorbtion method on the stove. Put it in the fridge overnight then mash it normally the next day. I can't see why it wouldn't work. When I do the cereal mash in the robobrew I just put it in after adding the water and a handful of pilsener malt then set 95c and a timer for 1 hour. It takes about 30 mins to get it up to 95 then 30 mins to cook. Then come back and add water to drop the temp down to 65 then add the pilsener malt. So while the brew day is longer the actual time in the garage is not only negligible.
  5. Same same. I used flaked rice once but at 8 bucks a kilo v woolies 1.40 it's worth the extra time to cereal mash IMO.
  6. Never rinsed mate. Just cut the bag and tip her in.
  7. Centennial pale ale. Made this with WY1272 American Ale which I resurrected after 18 months of not using. This was my go to yeast before Verdant came along. Not super clean like US05 or notty etc. Has some yeast character with a pleasant nutty taste. Doesn't make the hops pop like Verdant but makes a very nice beer. Its got me thinking of trying a pale ale with a 750ml starter each of Verdant and WY1272. I think that might make something truly awesome.
  8. Cook 1kg of rice it in a pot on the stove for 30 mins with a handful of pilsener malt and then pour the whole thing into the mash tun with 3kgs of pilsener and mash both at 65c. I have also done it in my robobrew with about 17L of water and a handful of pilsener malt. Cooked for 30 mins then put the rest of the water in and 3kg of pilsener malt to drop the temp down to 65c and mashed that way.
  9. Yeah I used it a couple of times. Works fine to lighten up a brew. You may find it ferments out almost completely like dextrose rather than say dry malt so you may end up with a slightly higher ABV using it. These days I just use plain white woolies rice and cereal mash it. Cheaper and a better result overall for my tastes.
  10. Northern Brewer Porter. Only make this once sometimes twice a year and this is the first pour of version 2022. Awesome beer. Have made a few porters with other hop combinations but IMO you can't beat an all Northern Brewer hopped porter.
  11. Putting down an American/English IPA. This was supposed to be an English IPA but was getting my hops out to thaw last night and thought I had East Kent Goldings but it was Styrian Goldings. I have the malt and yeast starter ready to go so have turned it into an American IPA but with an English yeast. Not ideal but it will be beer of some kind.
  12. Wish I could do a road trip like that. Duvel, Orval. What else do you have in there? Jealous a lot.
  13. Nice one mate. Should be a cracker using the yeast cake
  14. Yeah it will be fine in my experience but you made the right call to do a smaller starter first. You could still make a Monday brew. If it fires up in the 1L then you can pitch the whole thing into a bigger vessel with another 1.5L of wort. Most of the cell replication is in the first 12 to 18 hours. I guess what I am saying is you don't need to let the first one ferment completely out.
  15. Flanders Red. 2nd bottle I have had of this batch. Developing nicely in the bottle. I think I should have probably left this in the fermenter a little longer to develop more. The sour is there but it's missing the Brett a little. It was put down in mid Nov 2021 and bottled in mid May. So was 6 months in the fermenter and now a month in the bottle. Still very nice though and looking forward to trying a bottle every few weeks to see its development.
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