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  2. Had a mate over to show him what homebrewing was all about. Had to have a few beers as well. This is our stash for the session... Coopers sparkling Mr banks mango sour Mr banks kviek IPA Rye IPA Sassy IPA Bridge road dark harvest Bridge road posse brown ale Choc mint milkshake IPA Few stand out were the Mr banks kviek IPA...nice drop, well balanced... and the choc mint milkshake .. different, good finisher beer. Not something I'd ever have tried, but would again! Super weird, but well done!
  3. Hi all, Was thinking about doing the devils ruby porter for my next brew. I usually use the EB can for my darker ales but was wondering about the Porter can? I would like to make it about 6% ABV so will be adding a can of amber malt and maybe 500g of LDM and 200g of caramunich. Any thoughts on whether this would be too sweet with the caramunich addition? Cheers James
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  5. Thanks mate. Yeah I’m not a fruity guy either but thought what the heck. Tastes and feels good so no complaints. Many a beer were had in Germany. I was definitely a fan of the more regional beers on the south. Although some of the bigger local brews in Frankfurt and Berlin trump any of our mass produced swill we get in Aus. Definitely had my share of unfiltered pils also. Too good. If you can be bothered, in the today’s tastings thread in the beer banter forum, I posted a number of my sampling’s along the way. Cheers!
  6. There are different ones in different kits, but it's possible one was just older if they are both the same one. Whatever they are, they wouldn't have been fermenting in an hour after pitching. Something else would have been causing the airlock to bubble.
  7. So this is mine. Bottled on 19/6, first taste was about 10 days after. I was pretty happy with the result. It's been getting better. :) I think I nailed the style, it certainly tastes like others of the style I've had. It's a little stronger than I usually make, so gotta be careful of how many I have. Dropped off the entry last week. Sorry yours didn't work out Ruddy. Big fan of the videos.
  8. Real Ale was based on our first homebrew kit, Brewers Own Ale, launched in October 1977. No style as such, just an ale amongst a world of Lagers.
  9. Thanks I got that bit, but what style is the Real DIY aiming for?
  10. Not at all. The term "Real Ale" was used because our American friends already identified with it as Coopers.
  11. Yep being 6ft 4" and going on planes ain't fun... But as Hairy said, usually well worth it :). How did you like the new XPA?
  12. I’ve got at least one brew before doing the Real Ale, Lab Rat, so will be interested to hear how yours goes if you make it.
  13. I’m from the Midlands BB so if I can make a Midlands Real Ale from the Real Ale kit I’ll be very happy...
  14. Unless I can think of anything better by the time my fridge has finished bottle conditioning duties, I'll give this a go. Real, Liq malt and 500 LDM. If for no other reason, the Yorkshire and Scotch ales I did with liquid malt promise to be pretty good. The Scotch particularly had no other enhancement in the way of grain and hops, and bottling sample is promising as a reasonably complex and malty beer. It could just be these sorts of beers suit my tastes. I get tired of hoppy pales fairly easily. In the meantime, I'll grab a london pride and 1845 as a benchmark.
  15. Thanks BB, I hope that this one goes well. I did some brews with my own hops from their first season last year. They were great in dry hop usage, but the boils were a bit boiled vegetable tasting. This time I made sure not to over-boil and to get the liquid cooled quickly and get the hop matter out quickly. The hydrometer sample tasted okay so I am hopeful.
  16. The history is interesting. All of my memory of the Coopers Real Ale Kit outcomes was not that it tasted that much like Coopers Sparkling but more like a Midlands Real Ale/Landon Pride-ish Real Ale. Maybe I was dreamin' ?
  17. Yeeeehaaa!!! I reckon you will have a great chance at making a great beer with the 1.5kg extra liquid malt Gazz. Sneak in that extra 250g of dry malt and you are on track ; ) Temp control at 18 deg C and some nice ale yeast... reasonable quality water... Wooohooo. No looking back. Cheers Gazz. BB
  18. I’ll have a crack BB - and if it turns out nice I’ll name it The BURBLER and send you a sampler!
  19. So is the Real Ale mean to be a version of the Sparkling? If it is, that suggests it wouldn't work as a base for the beers we were thinking about - ie Fuller's English style ales.
  20. I think your effort looks pretty good and I would do something very close except I would double that dry hop. Good luck
  21. In 1982, then Managing Director, Bill Cooper signed a deal to export bottled Sparkling Ale, Stout and Lager to the USA. However, Sparkling Ale was labelled "Real Ale" for this market. From what I know, the Original Series brew cans were launched for the domestic market and also with the view of potentially exporting to other countries, including the USA. It follows that the range included "Real Ale" so that the Americans got it! I think Tim Cooper had a hand in developing the Original Series, which then consisted of Lager, Draught, Real Ale, Bitter, Dark Ale and Stout but the Real Ale and Stout were existing recipes from when the product was known as Coopers Brewer's Own (developed by Maxwell Cooper, RIP).
  22. Maybe drop the brewery an email and see if they can give you some advice? If it was me, I'd probably try and get more of your IBUs from later additions and go a fair bit bigger than 50 for the dry hop. BUT, I've never tried the beer before, nor heard of it so I'm not really sure how useful that advice is.
  23. Looking for help with a recipe I am trying to clone. Original beer (RIWAKASAURUS REX) has the stats on their website. https://www.bluefridgebrewery.co.nz/our-beers/. This is the extract recipe I am working on, https://www.brewersfriend.com/homebrew/recipe/view/857279/riwakasaurus-rex-extract-clone- I know the % of the grains / extract differ from the website - but I did an approximation to reach OG / FG based on this conversion chart https://www.jaysbrewing.com/2011/11/17/lazy-chart-for-converting-dme-lme-grain/ and rounded the numbers slightly. The hops - I have no idea. I just put those numbers in to get the IBU but no idea on what ratio to add them (more in the bitterness addition or more in the flavour etc?), but from other recipes I have seen this looks about right to me. Does this look about right? Any ideas / comments?
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