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Found 78 results

  1. Peanut Powder as an ingredient Ok this is interesting. I saw a thread (not sure how to just put a link) STRANGE STOUT By GingerNuts81 Nuts (not sure about Ginger ones lol) generally contain oils - and this raises an associated question or 2 or 3 or a dozen or more... How does brewing using oils/fats work? (Or is it something incompatible with brewing?) What factors must be considered? Some people infuse ingredients with oils/fats to extract qualities from within - can this process be used regarding ingredients for brewing? How would fermentation effect such extracts etc? Does anybody else have related questions we can add? Just the extended little voyage of wonder my brain took when I saw someone brewing with Peanut Powder
  2. Told coopers a month ago that their Zephyr L:ight receipe was wrong. They agreed and said will fix. Is not fixed yet, Receipe says 1 kg of dextrose . Luckily I checked mine and it came out at 4.6% not 2.9 as advertised. Coopers admitted it should read 100grms not 1 kg. BEWARE or they will not let you out of the booze bus. marty
  3. Hi folks I’m new to brewing beer - have a long history of drinking beer- just new to brewing. To date I have brewed some of the Coopers range, including the Larger, Inn Keepers Daughter, Real Ale, Ruby Porter and an entry level iPA and all have been pretty drinkable for a newbie. I have followed the recipe on each can, DIY videos etc. and as mentioned - beers were ok - definitely could be better - but have tasted many worse in the multitude of boutique breweries across Brisbane. But yesterday however- when going through what to brew next I noticed that some of the recipes required 2 box of brew improver or malt - not just the one on the recipe. For example, THOMAS COOPERS BREW A IPA (1.7KG) - on the website it recommends using 3xLight Dry Malts with the brewing extract - but on the recipe/instructions on label is says 1 box of Light Dry Malt. So went back on the other beers brewed - Ruby Porter - and it says the same. I brewed the Ruby Port with one of everything as directed - but apparently it needed 2 Light Dry Malts! Long intro (sorry) - question time... Is this just for Coopers to sell more ingredients or is this a mistake/error from my first hit out - do I need to add 2- 3 boxes of beer improver or malts etc. to the recipes for bigger/heady beers? Thoughts Feedback Please
  4. Can any one provide information on this one YEAST R3549 - Coopers Yeast Codes.pdf doesn't appear in standard list. Craft Brew Kit - MR Beer - Diablo IPA List indicates it should be R3426?
  5. I'm about to make a Russian Imperial Stout using the Coopers kit and was curious as to what temperature the 4 litres of 'hot' water should be. There is a plethora of information about brewing temps and wort temps but I can't find anything about this temperature. Given the precision about everything else in the process... Am I reading too much into it? Shall I just use some hot water out of the jug? Any direction will be much appreciated Cheers
  6. Hi all, I'm fairly green to Home Brew and have made a few attempts with the Mr. Beer cans with minor success. I was hoping I could find a recipe for an alcoholic Ginger Beer to suit the 8.5L Craft Series kit. I did my best to search the rest of the forum but all the recipes I found were for bigger batches. I assume it's a matter of adjusting the ratios to suit my kit but I didn't want the chance of over flowing or exploding the brew. My partner doesn't drink beer and I want to try get her excited about the process of making something from scratch (and to let me keep buying new ingredients to experiment with ) Thanks in advance..
  7. Hi, I have been using Coopers DIY brew kits sucessfully for a few months. Recently I tried a couple of recipes with Belgian style yeasts. These all looked well in the fermentation barrel. However after a couple of weeks in the bottle the beer was not carbonated and very vinegary. Any ideas what causes this?
  8. What do people think of Mosaic hops? I can't decide whether I just don't like them or whether I had a bad batch. I did an IPA a little while back and thought that I just left the hops (Mosaic in the dry hop) in too long and maybe ended up with some in the bottles. It tasted grassy and rather unpleasant. Maybe astringent. I tipped the batch, undrinkable. Now I've just opened a SMASH pale ale (Vienna malt and Mosaic hops) that I did a few weeks back and I've ended up with the same sort of flavour. Grassy or vegetal type flavour, unpleasantly bitter, astringent. The hops smell fine fresh. So, are Mosaic "unpleasant" or have I don't something wrong or do I just not like the flavour? Recipe I did is below. I also did another recipe on the same day, exact same measurements and times but substitute Veloria Malt and Galaxy hops. For the record this one turned out pretty drinkable. Thoughts anyone? 2.25kg Vienna malt 5g Mosaic @ 45 min 5g Mosaic @ 30 min 8g Mosaic @ whirlpool (85 degrees for 15 min) 7g Mosaic @ whirlpool (75 degrees for 15 min) Safale US-05 20g Mosaic @ dry hop (after day 4 for 3 days)
  9. Happy NY brew lovers. I’m drinking my second brew, Coopers Pale Ale using with the DIY 23 litre brew kit, I followed the simple recipe with the BE2, & 2 carb drops per bottle, very happy with my brew, great taste and excellent head retention and carbonation. I left in the PET bottles for 5 weeks. I did a blind tasting with the commercial Coopers Ale and was pleased that it tasted and felt very similar. Photos of my brew attached. Has anyone added a Coopers LDM pack to the Coopers Pale Ale liquid extract instead of the BE2? If so what was the result? Or maybe I should use both the BE1 and the LDM 500 g pack? Any suggestions would be welcome. Happy to use the original simple recipe again if best rather than experimenting with the LDM additives . Cheers
  10. BJCP I have a packet of Berliner Weisse Blend - 3191 PC which is pretty exciting. Think I'll just go for a simple 50:50 ale:wheat about 4% for the first use.
  11. Hi all! I still need to this but keen, I just finished a Neon Haze Session IPA and it came out great. I want to make a pina colada sour. This will be my first sour so I'm new to the process. Coconut and pineapple are the two flavours that I want to be strong and to have a pretty sour kick at the end of it. If anyone can help me by recommending some steps to follow or a recipe that would be great!
  12. Hi all, I have been distilling for a while now and have decided to give beer a go too so I am a complete noob. I have got my first lager kit fermenting in my temp controlled fridge but I am looking at doing a pale ale next. While I’m still working everything out I was just going to do the Aussie pale ale kit but was thinking about adding some extra hops to tweak it a little. Was thinking about some Galaxy hops for a slight passion fruit twist but I am not sure when to add. Should I boil it a bit before pitching or dry hop after?
  13. Hey folks, I'm gearing up for my second all grain brew, and I've tried to craft my own recipe. Would anyone be so kind as to offer some pointers? English Style Brown Ale (BIAB) 4.5 kgs Ireks Pale Malt (85.7%) .25 kgs Crystal 60 (4.7%) .25 kgs Biscuit (4.7%) .25 kgs Chocolate (4.7 %) Willamette hops: 28 g @ 60 mins Golding hops: 28 grams @ 15 mins Yeast: White Labs English Ale Yeast ***I'm aiming at bottling 19 litres worth of beer at over 5% ABV ***I suspect that .25 kgs of Chocolate Malt might be excessive... ***A dark amber colour with a slightly nutty flavour and not hoppy is my goal. Thanks in advance!
  14. So I have just rinsed the yeast I salvaged from the Vintage Ale ROTM which I made from Coopers mid-ale yeast. I now have about 1.2 litres of yeast liquid that I would like to pitch into the sparkling tonic ROTM instead of the dry yeast supplied. Do I just pitch the whole 1.2litres of rinsed yeast into the fermenter or is it too much?
  15. Hi All, Planning on laying my 2nd beer in the next few days (American Pale Ale) and had a question about the amount of yeast to add. - Is 7grams of Nottingham enough? Image below of what I'm trying to achieve. I've had a good play around with the Extract Beer Designer v4.2 spreadsheet and would highly recommend it to anyone new to the game and wants to learn / understand the different combinations of ingredients and results. In summary: I'm aiming for 20L APA with the Coopers Bootmaker Pale Ale, Brew Enhancer 2 and an additional 250 grams brown sugar. Should I use more than 7grams of Nottingham?
  16. Hi all, so in my excitement to get started brewing I used a past best before brew tin. Two years past to be specific. I'm on day 7 now and everything seems to be coming along nicely, nice colour, good head, BUT my brew has a very strong taste and odor of molasses. Can I hope this will mellow after its bottled? Should I leave it to ferment longer in the keg? Or should I just dump the whole thing and start fresh? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  17. Hi all I am fairly new to the brewing scene, have completed a larger and ginger beer which was a year or two ago and both turned out ok. I am looking at getting back into my brewing with this whole isolation situation... Just wondering what everybody’s experiences been using fresh fruit in their brew? What type of beer did you brew (larger, blonde, etc), what fruit worked best and at what stage of brewing did you add it? Sorry if this has already been discussed. Cheers
  18. Hi there, I am a keen beginner that was wondering what ingredients recommendations are out there for a beginner that has a nice crisp strong hoppy, suttle malt lager or pilsner flavour., with at least a 5.0+ alcohol percentage, AND also the ingredients is easy to come buy at Dan Muphys?
  19. Nine days ago put down a Coopers Irish stout with a 1kg of ldm, 200g lactose sugar, 100g of coconut sugar, 20ml coconut essence, along with 150gram mix of dark crystal and chocolate crystal cracked Infusion. I used safale Nottingham yeast. Well nine days later it’s in the bottle. The sample was awesome not too sweet and yes the coconut came through on the palate very subtle. I’ll get back to you all in two weeks!
  20. Hello everyone, I want to brew up a Kolsch when it gets warmer. Can I have some suggestions as to what beer extract kit to use as a starting point. Thanks for your time
  21. Hi Folks, First time brewer and I need help. Today I bought the Coopers starter kit and a can of Dark Ale. The instructions are a little vague (Coopers take note!) and i didnt buy their enhancer #3... I've made up 23L using only the canned Dark Ale...and I live a distance from the shops. What can I use in its place? I have a Kilo of brown sugar. Help! Ken
  22. Good morning folks, Have just bought some Light Dry Malt and a 1kg Brew Enchancer to attempt my second ever brew - the first one was alright a couple of years ago, we just threw in some brewing sugar, but thought this time I'd do a bit of research and hope for a tastier beer. To the point though, the packs are both missing any instructions as to how to mix - I don't want to cock it up before even starting. All the recipes on this site just say "See top flap" but there's nothing on mine.. Anyone able to take a snap of the instructions from their box? Appreciate any help Geewhizz
  23. Hi team, I’m wanting to put down a Pineapple IPA this weekend and looking to enter it into the Ian H spreadsheet so I have an idea of how / where I’m at. My trouble that I have encountered is that Pineapple Juice is not in the spreadsheet adjuncts list and I have zero idea of how to get the required info for it i.e. EBC, Potential & Fermentability. Anyone have experience in this and able to set me in the right direction? Cheers and beers you mob!
  24. Hi All, I am thinking of doing a coopers APA next week, dry hopping Centennial Super Cascade. At what stage do I need to add the hops? How much do I add? Would it be ok to open the FV after a couple of days to add the hop bag? I usually leave the wort in the FV for 2 weeks before transferring to keg.
  25. Hi all, first time brewing anything, was doing really well until the bottling stage where I realised I had only put 1 carbonation drop in the 750ml PET instead of 2 :( Beer is the Coopers Real Ale, and used Coopers Carb drops. Whats kind of effects will this have on my beer?, I only bottled yesterday so is it possible to open the beer and drop another carb drop in? Sorry for the amateur questions but if there's anything i can do to help the beer carb better, I'm all in . Thanks
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