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Found 66 results

  1. Hi All, Planning on laying my 2nd beer in the next few days (American Pale Ale) and had a question about the amount of yeast to add. - Is 7grams of Nottingham enough? Image below of what I'm trying to achieve. I've had a good play around with the Extract Beer Designer v4.2 spreadsheet and would highly recommend it to anyone new to the game and wants to learn / understand the different combinations of ingredients and results. In summary: I'm aiming for 20L APA with the Coopers Bootmaker Pale Ale, Brew Enhancer 2 and an additional 250 grams brown sugar. Should I use more than 7grams of Nottingham?
  2. So I have just rinsed the yeast I salvaged from the Vintage Ale ROTM which I made from Coopers mid-ale yeast. I now have about 1.2 litres of yeast liquid that I would like to pitch into the sparkling tonic ROTM instead of the dry yeast supplied. Do I just pitch the whole 1.2litres of rinsed yeast into the fermenter or is it too much?
  3. Hi all, so in my excitement to get started brewing I used a past best before brew tin. Two years past to be specific. I'm on day 7 now and everything seems to be coming along nicely, nice colour, good head, BUT my brew has a very strong taste and odor of molasses. Can I hope this will mellow after its bottled? Should I leave it to ferment longer in the keg? Or should I just dump the whole thing and start fresh? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  4. Hi all I am fairly new to the brewing scene, have completed a larger and ginger beer which was a year or two ago and both turned out ok. I am looking at getting back into my brewing with this whole isolation situation... Just wondering what everybody’s experiences been using fresh fruit in their brew? What type of beer did you brew (larger, blonde, etc), what fruit worked best and at what stage of brewing did you add it? Sorry if this has already been discussed. Cheers
  5. Hi there, I am a keen beginner that was wondering what ingredients recommendations are out there for a beginner that has a nice crisp strong hoppy, suttle malt lager or pilsner flavour., with at least a 5.0+ alcohol percentage, AND also the ingredients is easy to come buy at Dan Muphys?
  6. Nine days ago put down a Coopers Irish stout with a 1kg of ldm, 200g lactose sugar, 100g of coconut sugar, 20ml coconut essence, along with 150gram mix of dark crystal and chocolate crystal cracked Infusion. I used safale Nottingham yeast. Well nine days later it’s in the bottle. The sample was awesome not too sweet and yes the coconut came through on the palate very subtle. I’ll get back to you all in two weeks!
  7. Hello everyone, I want to brew up a Kolsch when it gets warmer. Can I have some suggestions as to what beer extract kit to use as a starting point. Thanks for your time
  8. Hi Folks, First time brewer and I need help. Today I bought the Coopers starter kit and a can of Dark Ale. The instructions are a little vague (Coopers take note!) and i didnt buy their enhancer #3... I've made up 23L using only the canned Dark Ale...and I live a distance from the shops. What can I use in its place? I have a Kilo of brown sugar. Help! Ken
  9. Good morning folks, Have just bought some Light Dry Malt and a 1kg Brew Enchancer to attempt my second ever brew - the first one was alright a couple of years ago, we just threw in some brewing sugar, but thought this time I'd do a bit of research and hope for a tastier beer. To the point though, the packs are both missing any instructions as to how to mix - I don't want to cock it up before even starting. All the recipes on this site just say "See top flap" but there's nothing on mine.. Anyone able to take a snap of the instructions from their box? Appreciate any help Geewhizz
  10. Hi team, I’m wanting to put down a Pineapple IPA this weekend and looking to enter it into the Ian H spreadsheet so I have an idea of how / where I’m at. My trouble that I have encountered is that Pineapple Juice is not in the spreadsheet adjuncts list and I have zero idea of how to get the required info for it i.e. EBC, Potential & Fermentability. Anyone have experience in this and able to set me in the right direction? Cheers and beers you mob!
  11. Hi All, I am thinking of doing a coopers APA next week, dry hopping Centennial Super Cascade. At what stage do I need to add the hops? How much do I add? Would it be ok to open the FV after a couple of days to add the hop bag? I usually leave the wort in the FV for 2 weeks before transferring to keg.
  12. Hi all, first time brewing anything, was doing really well until the bottling stage where I realised I had only put 1 carbonation drop in the 750ml PET instead of 2 :( Beer is the Coopers Real Ale, and used Coopers Carb drops. Whats kind of effects will this have on my beer?, I only bottled yesterday so is it possible to open the beer and drop another carb drop in? Sorry for the amateur questions but if there's anything i can do to help the beer carb better, I'm all in . Thanks
  13. Hi everyone, I’m going to put down a “Coopers XPA” as found in the recipe section of the DIY Beer site. I have all of the ingredients however am substituting the respective hops with El Dorado and Azacca. At first I could not buy the light dry malt, so bought the Brew Enhancer 3 for its malt content. My question is, if I add the brew enhancer 3 to the wort on top of all the other malt (light crystal grains 400g, light liquid malt extract 1.5kg and light dry malt 500g), will it do anything adverse to the brew? thanks for any / all advice, this is a great community! Tony
  14. Hello, I havn't brewed a sparkling ale (or even a brew) since 2016 i think, and i loved the Sparkling Ale recipe that i used to use ,but since coming back and looking at the recipe for Sparkling Ale now it's different, and I really don't understand how it could be different. for example this is a list of ingredients i used back in 2016 for a Sparkling Ale (which i loved and hope to have the same outcome as before), and i am just wondering with the new Sparkling Ale recipe will it taste the same as the last batch i brewed. Anyway this is the list of ingredients i got back in 2016 for a Sparkling Ale: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Product Name SKU Price Qty Subtotal Subtotal $43.61 Shipping & Handling $15.00 Grand Total $58.61 Coopers Light Dry Malt (500g) DBP647 $7.20 Ordered 1 Shipped 1 $7.20 Thomas Coopers Light Malt Extract (1.5kg) DML856 $10.35 Ordered 1 Shipped 1 $10.35 Coopers Dextrose (1kg) DDX644 $4.50 Ordered 1 Shipped 1 $4.50 Coopers Carbonation Drops (250g) DCD626 $3.60 Ordered 1 Shipped 1 $3.60 Thomas Coopers Innkeeper's Daughter Sparkling Ale (1.7kg) 1828 $17.96 Ordered 1 Shipped 1 $17.96 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now this is the recipe that they have posted for the Sparkling Ale on their website now. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RECIPE CONTAINS: 1 × Thomas Coopers Innkeeper's Daughter Sparkling Ale (1.7kg) 3 × Coopers Light Dry Malt (500g) 1 × Coopers Carbonation Drops (250g) * YOU SUPPLY: 1 × 300g Coopers Dextrose (or White Sugar) 1 × Coopers Commercial Yeast Culture --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now i am wondering why there is no light malt extract in the new recipe they have. Could i just purchase the original ingredients and everything will be as it was before. Or has there been changes in certain ingredients and thats why the new recipe is different. Sorry for the long post, i hope it's okay. Thankyou for any help provided and Have a nice day/night to everyone. James.
  15. So its been a while since I last brewed using the heat belt on my FV. As its been chilly at night, I popped the belt on... then couldn't remember if I need to wrap everything in a doona. So I took a guess... and did it. This morning my ginger beer was at 32 Deg C ! Have I killed it? Is there a quick way to tell ?
  16. Hey there, So I’m back brewing again and I wanted to remake the first brew I’d attempted years ago. But have run into a possible hitch... Here’s the recipie: “Ingredients for 5 gallons (19 l): 3¾ lbs. (1.7 kg) can Coopers Real Ale hopped malt extract 3¾ lbs. (1.7 kg) can Coopers light malt extract 1 oz. (28 g) Amarillo hops for aroma Ale yeast ¾ c. (175 ml) corn sugar or 1¼ c. (300 ml) dried malt extract (for bottling)” I just got the delivery of the two cans of malt extract, and the Real Ale extract is 1.7kg - but the Light Malt extract comes in at 1.5kg. I’ve got some Medium Crystal Malt grain lying around. Can I steep some at the beginning to account for the 200grams less of Light Malt extract? Or perhaps just use 1.5kgs of Real Ale extract and less water? Help please!
  17. I brew with Coopers Pale ale and 500g of Coopers light dry malt. I reckon alc vol to be about 3.5%, but whatever it is suits me. I would like something even more malty, but similar strength, still based on a singlr can of Coopers DIY Any sugestions? Cheers marty
  18. Hello everyone, just about to start a brew with the can of Lager & Brew Enhancer 1, supplied in the brewing starter kit. I bought a bag of Galaxy (Aust - 15% Alpha) finishing hops from country brewer this morning and see conflicting information on when to add. The flyer in the store says to add the hops 4 days after starting the brew & leaving until end of fermentation. The instructions on the packet says steep in boiled water for 10 min and then add to fermenter just prior to adding yeast... Anybody able to de-conflict this for me? Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks in advance!
  19. I'm going to attempt my first Witbier and was hoping some of the gurus on here could give me a hand. I have screenshotted the basics from IanH's spreadsheet. I'm calling it a Hefe-Wit because I'm using WB-06 yeast, which is listed as a Hefe yeast with 70% attenuation, but everything I've read suggests it's closer to a Wit. I also already have a sachet that I want to get rid of. Given it's a 10L batch, my plan is to add 6g of crushed coriander seeds with 10 minutes left in the boil and then the peel of 1 blood orange at flameout for 10 minutes. I've seen people saying you can either do this in the boil or as a dry hop. Given I'll only be using half the WB-06 sachet, I figure I'll try try a boil and then strain everything into the fermenter. If this doesn't give enough kick I'll try a dry hop next time. That's the recipe, now for a few questions: 1. I mentioned sanity checking the IBUs in IanH's spreadsheet in another thread. Can anyone confirm that my boil as shown will give 16 IBUs? 2. I've been trying to add a grain steep to my extract brews for some added malt character, except with yeast-forward beers like Hefeweizen. I assume a Wit is similar and wouldn't see much benefit from a grain steep? 3. Any other issues with the recipe? Maybe the amounts of coriander and peel for anyone who has used them before? TIA, Cassius.
  20. Has anyone used the kit supplied yeast (code ‘H’) with the Coopers Preachers Hefe and can advise whether the resulting style is that of a German Hefeweizen (as the name suggests) or a Belgian Wit (which the recommended replacement yeast WB-06 suggests?)
  21. Hi all, been a while since I home brewed and just getting back into the swing of it. Long time Coopers drinker but also a tragic for the old faithful Reschs draught. I was curious if anyone can help with a recipe using one of the Coopers extracts. I’ve just started a straight lager after buying the kit to get my eye back in so to say. Having said this I’d love to get a recipient for the Reschs draught note not the Pilsner. Any help will be appreciated. Great forums and wish me luck. thanks Royce.
  22. I'm looking for a freshening session or summer ale using stuff I've got in store and I want to base it on the Aust. Pale Ale can. It is well within date, but my oldest stock item. Something based on or similar to the Shark Fin Summer Ale looks OK. I would even like to go a little lower in alcohol than 4.5% - down as low as 4.0%. I was thinking maybe 500gm LDME with 250gm Dextrose instead of the full 1 kg of LDME I have all the ingredients except Enigma hops. Suggested substitutes that I have on hand are Vic Secret, Nelson Sauv, Topaz and Cascade. Any comments and suggestions?
  23. Hey guys first time brewer here just wondering if any has had any luck with making a brew similar to Speight’s gold medal ale? Thank guys
  24. While browsing around I found this recipe. I have been known to have a go at drinking my weight in Guinness so thought, Hmm... Storing it here for others to try and so I can come back to it once I start graining it. Recipe is: 12 oz roasted barley (340g) 4 oz 55 L Crystal Malt Steep for 30 minutes @ 150-153 degrees F (113g) 24 oz flaked barley (680g) 6 # Lite DME (3kg Light Dry Malt) 1 oz EKG @ 4% -60 min (28g) 8 oz malto-dextrin powder (225g) 1 tsp. Irish Moss (???) WLP004 Irish Ale Yeast (presume =>11g) 2 TBSP Lactic acid at bottling! (???) Primary 1 week @ 68 degrees F Secondary: 1 week @ 66-68 degrees F 3/4 c. corn sugar for priming -bottles So comments please on my thoughts here... This is boil approx 1 kg grains (2 x barley) + the 3 kg DME + the maltodextrin. (How long is normal for this?) 60 mins before ending boil, add EKG After boil, wait for temp to drop to under 70°C then teabag the Crystal Malt for 30 mins (and remove?) Irish Moss? An algae? Or is this a liquid extract thing? Lactic acid - To reduce sourness? A pH level adjustment?
  25. I’m brewing an amber ale and am thinking about using finings before bottling. I have a packet of Mangrove Jack finings and the ingredients list includes sulphites. Will using these finings add sulphites to my ale?
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