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Found 16 results

  1. What do people think of Mosaic hops? I can't decide whether I just don't like them or whether I had a bad batch. I did an IPA a little while back and thought that I just left the hops (Mosaic in the dry hop) in too long and maybe ended up with some in the bottles. It tasted grassy and rather unpleasant. Maybe astringent. I tipped the batch, undrinkable. Now I've just opened a SMASH pale ale (Vienna malt and Mosaic hops) that I did a few weeks back and I've ended up with the same sort of flavour. Grassy or vegetal type flavour, unpleasantly bitter, astringent. The hops smell fine fresh. So, are Mosaic "unpleasant" or have I don't something wrong or do I just not like the flavour? Recipe I did is below. I also did another recipe on the same day, exact same measurements and times but substitute Veloria Malt and Galaxy hops. For the record this one turned out pretty drinkable. Thoughts anyone? 2.25kg Vienna malt 5g Mosaic @ 45 min 5g Mosaic @ 30 min 8g Mosaic @ whirlpool (85 degrees for 15 min) 7g Mosaic @ whirlpool (75 degrees for 15 min) Safale US-05 20g Mosaic @ dry hop (after day 4 for 3 days)
  2. Ok, so what to brew next? Coming into the warmer months, I have an IPA and the dark saison ROTM from last month both ageing in bottles. There’s a honey kolsch in the fermenter at the moment, and I’m wondering what’s next. I’m thinking maybe a SMASH pale ale and then I’m needing inspiration after that. I don’t yet have a method of cooling to enable me to do lagers in the warmer months so need to keep things to the ale side of the equation. What suggestions for something that would go down a treat over the summer months?
  3. Next lager is the Fresh Draught recipe from Coopers spreadsheet so this will be my first go with hops. Recipe calls for 12g of Cascade steeped in 500mm boiled water. What's the best method. Might as well get the right gear to start off. But practical too as I'm a long way off doing AG brews
  4. Hi there, I havent posted much, life got busy and well now its gone a little bit quiet, enough for me to sit down and start planning my next brew. During spring I picked about 2 kilos of fresh strawberries and I was thinking of making a srawberry American Pale ale, my current recpie is: 1-2 Kg of Crystal medium for a grain steep 1.7 kg can of black rock pale Ale extract 1kg Dextrose 11.5 g US05 yeast 50g Galaxy hops 50g Belma (though due to current shipping contrainsts that is now banjaxed) so 50g cascade 2Kg stawberries. I was plaaning on using the Galaxy and cascade during the boil and then dry hop. the thing is with the stawberries I am going to puuree them and strin them to try and get rid of the seeds as I have heard the seeds can add some interesting flavours. I want the stawberries to be there when you drink it, would you add the stawberries during the boil, or do it just before you pitch the yeast? Any help would be grately appreciated. Kindest regards Peter
  5. I'm very basic in my beer making, I make mostly a toucan Coopers, IPA Brew A. No tricks or boiling, Open the cans add water and yeast and in a couple of weeks I have a beer that is very drinkable. So looking to step up my game ever so slightly without having to work too hard at it. How and what is my best option for adding hops to this recipe. I'm hoping to add a bit more hop flavour and it's ok if it ends up a little cloudy. Any recommendations? Keep it simple...
  6. I've been looking around for a description of what hops does and when it does it. Not so much what each type of hops brings to the table but in brewing timing. I figure I can get the flavours etc in the descriptions but nowhere can I find how the flavours vary depending on the time they are added. I've seen recipes where the same type of hops is added at 60 mins, then 15 mins and in a couple, even then added as dry hops. What I can't find is WHY they do that. What are the different effects they are trying for? Any links or even videos talking about it would be handy.
  7. Hi everyone, Hopefully a quick question to answer: do I need to sanitise my hop sock before dry hopping? I generally just throw the hops in without a sock but I thought that I would just try a hop sock for a change. Regards Cameron
  8. Thought this was interesting. Worth a read. Full article
  9. Hey everyone. Currently have an Amarillo ale (golden ale) Fresh wort kit in the fermenter. Was thinking of dry hopping on day 4 or 5 but only have centennial, simcoe and riwaka hops on hand. Not sure if any of these would match the style. Hoping to get some insight and suggestions Cheers SAM
  10. Hey guys Looking for ideas on improving/experimenting with the coopers Australian Pale Ale kit. I currently have: 1x Australian Pale Ale 1.7kg 1x Brew enhancer 2 1kg I also have on hand Simcoe, Centennial and Riwaka hops. Just wondering what hop schedule I could do for the above hops or if could add any specialty grains to pimp the standard kit out a bit Any ideas or input would be great!
  11. https://arstechnica.com/science/2018/10/how-to-get-that-great-hoppy-beer-taste-without-the-exploding-bottles/ Interesting read. I always went with the nucleation point theory with hop matter in bottles. May not be the case.
  12. Hi, is there anyone out there in the south growing hops? I planted a pride of Ringwood plant last spring and got a small yield from it. After it had finished I have trimmed it back and I am now waiting for it to start coming back after winter. I am a little concerned about the cold frosts we’ve been having lately in Melbourne, I think I can see new growth from the rhizome. But is there anything I need to do to or be aware of to protect it thanks.
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