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Found 11 results

  1. Ok, so what to brew next? Coming into the warmer months, I have an IPA and the dark saison ROTM from last month both ageing in bottles. There’s a honey kolsch in the fermenter at the moment, and I’m wondering what’s next. I’m thinking maybe a SMASH pale ale and then I’m needing inspiration after that. I don’t yet have a method of cooling to enable me to do lagers in the warmer months so need to keep things to the ale side of the equation. What suggestions for something that would go down a treat over the summer months?
  2. Hey folks, I'm gearing up for my second all grain brew, and I've tried to craft my own recipe. Would anyone be so kind as to offer some pointers? English Style Brown Ale (BIAB) 4.5 kgs Ireks Pale Malt (85.7%) .25 kgs Crystal 60 (4.7%) .25 kgs Biscuit (4.7%) .25 kgs Chocolate (4.7 %) Willamette hops: 28 g @ 60 mins Golding hops: 28 grams @ 15 mins Yeast: White Labs English Ale Yeast ***I'm aiming at bottling 19 litres worth of beer at over 5% ABV ***I suspect that .25 kgs of Chocolate Malt might be excessive... ***A dark amber colour with a slightly nutty flavour and not hoppy is my goal. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hey guys, novice brewer here. So, I'm looking to make the Julebryg recipe; however, due to my location I'm unable to get the TC Amber Malt Extract that is called for. Would I be able to replace this with a crystal malt, such as CaraAroma, and some Dry Malt Extract? If so, how much would I need, and would they need to be hot or cold steeped?
  4. Hey Brew Dudes After many years of brewing with a hybrid 3V system I've decided to cross over and give BAIB a go. My 19 litre Coleman Mash Tun has been giving me nothing but trouble with stuck mashes and my investment in a false bottom turned out to be a waste of cash as it wouldn't fit nicely. I've also always struggled with kettle losses and my efficiency never gets above 70% these days. I will appreciate it if some of the regular BAIB are willing to share their process and any tips and tricksthey have picked up on the way. Cheers & Beers Scottie
  5. Howdy brains trust! I have a bog standard Coopers saison on the go at the moment, and was going to harvest some of the yeast to populate some small batch experiments (5L). I have an idea (Blackberry Wheat Saison - Schwarzersaisonweizen!!!) that I put into the Beer designer spreadsheet and looking for input as to what the finished product might be like (potential OG 1.062, FG 1.008, 7.5%): 1kg Caramel wheat malt steeped in 3L water overnight, or boiled for 20 mins to release the sugars? 500g honey (mainly to up the OG 30 points) 25g Amarillo boiled for 5mins (because I have some, but don't want it too bitter) 250g blackberries dryhopped on first day Saison yeast sludge from previous batch The spreadsheet doesn't give me an option to add the blackberries, so not sure what gravity impact they will have on the finished product, I only know that I did a blackberry wheat earlier and it worked beautifully. If one was to ask for more experienced heads to weigh in, noting the premise to keep it small, simple but interesting, what would you change?
  6. I'm looking to do a smaller batch of the Caribbean Siesta, maybe 10 liters. Anyone know a grain bill (all malt, no corn or rice) that would be similar to the Mexican Cerveza tin? I can match the EBC and IBUs but not sure on what grains would result in that same light colour with the taste profile. Cheers
  7. I want to use black rice and a Coopers extract to brew an ale that's like some Japanese beers I had recently (e.g. Konishi Garnet Rouge, HItachino Nest Red Rice Ale). As I'm using an extract, I believe I need something to convert the starch in the rice into sugar. The Asian grocer only had yeast balls which will convert the starch to sugar but I think it will also start the fermentation, which I don't think I want to start before I add the rice liquid to the brew. I know I could use dry enzyme but I've heard this can negatively impact the taste of the beer. Has anyone tried adding rice to an extract like this? if so; What did you use to convert the rice starch into sugar? Did you cook the rice or just soak it? How much rice would I use instead of Coopers brewing sugar to get a similar ABV? I'm happy to use some brewing sugar or LDM to get the brew up to 4.0 to 4.5% and use the rice to get it up to 5.0% or more. Any other advice would be appreciated.
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