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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, i got one of those voyage amber ale kits mailed out to me the other day. I made it last night. One thing I noticed is when I pitched the packet of us05 that came with the kit it was two distinct colours. Not much I could do about it at the time so it's in the fermenter bubbling away. Has anybody ever seen two different coloured yeast in the same packet? Cheers
  2. G;day all So a few quick fact checks Packet Yeasts and Refrigeration... 1. So they arrive unrefrigerated - how long can they say unrefrigerated (I know they have their dates on the pack so not a "Use By" Question)? 2. It has been recommended to remove yeasts from fridge before pitching, to bring to room temperature - is this to wake the yeast? 3. If I remove yeast from fridge but leave it out longer than a day, at what point will it become "bad" for the brew? 4. I usually add the tin yeast to another (ie SA-04) so, regarding the rules of how to store yeasts, is it one rule for all yeasts or do different yeasts have different requirements for their living arrangements (definitely only interested in brewing yeasts here) Cheers all
  3. BJCP I have a packet of Berliner Weisse Blend - 3191 PC which is pretty exciting. Think I'll just go for a simple 50:50 ale:wheat about 4% for the first use.
  4. Ok, so what to brew next? Coming into the warmer months, I have an IPA and the dark saison ROTM from last month both ageing in bottles. There’s a honey kolsch in the fermenter at the moment, and I’m wondering what’s next. I’m thinking maybe a SMASH pale ale and then I’m needing inspiration after that. I don’t yet have a method of cooling to enable me to do lagers in the warmer months so need to keep things to the ale side of the equation. What suggestions for something that would go down a treat over the summer months?
  5. Hi Guys, I'll be making a Shark Fin Summer Ale as soon as all my ingredients arrive. I was just wondering how it would go with a sachet of Voss Kveik ale yeast which I have on hand, instead of the Safale US-05 Dry Yeast and brew tin yeast as per the recipe. Temperatures are heating up in SE Queensland so I thought I'll give it a go. Any thoughts appreciated
  6. Hey there! Ive been brewing for a while, just using basic Mr Beer Extracts with Coopers Craft beer fermenter (8.5 l). Ive decided to test my hand at more complex brews, and in turn I am currently fermenting the Pumpkin Rising Recipe. After the first initial brew ( and sanitising everything as per usual), it has been sitting in the fermenter. As of last Friday ( I waited 4 days), I cooked and placed the pumpkin puree into the fermenter. Previously, the yeast had been quite active but since I placed the puree in the yeast has become considerably less active ( as per my photo you can see the line from where the yeast it to where it is now). I also use a temp controller and have had it at 20 degrees celsius the whole time. Is it normal for the yeast to calm down after putting in the puree? I understand this is my first time doing the pumpkin rising recipe, but it would be great to have any guidance, ideas etc. of how to absolutely nail this style. Big pumpkin fan here. Want to make something drinkable !
  7. Hi All, Planning on laying my 2nd beer in the next few days (American Pale Ale) and had a question about the amount of yeast to add. - Is 7grams of Nottingham enough? Image below of what I'm trying to achieve. I've had a good play around with the Extract Beer Designer v4.2 spreadsheet and would highly recommend it to anyone new to the game and wants to learn / understand the different combinations of ingredients and results. In summary: I'm aiming for 20L APA with the Coopers Bootmaker Pale Ale, Brew Enhancer 2 and an additional 250 grams brown sugar. Should I use more than 7grams of Nottingham?
  8. Hello everyone, I want to brew up a Kolsch when it gets warmer. Can I have some suggestions as to what beer extract kit to use as a starting point. Thanks for your time
  9. Does anyone know why Coopers put lager and ale yeasts together with some kits? For example, Mexican Cerveza and Australian Pale Ale. Australian Pale Ale - Ac+L (26815 Int) Mexican Cerveza - Ac+L (26815 Int) I find this really confusing
  10. Harvested the dregs from 6 dark ale stubbies to make a starter for my next brew. LHBS advised against it but we'll give it a try. Let you know how it comes out
  11. Howdy brains trust! I have a bog standard Coopers saison on the go at the moment, and was going to harvest some of the yeast to populate some small batch experiments (5L). I have an idea (Blackberry Wheat Saison - Schwarzersaisonweizen!!!) that I put into the Beer designer spreadsheet and looking for input as to what the finished product might be like (potential OG 1.062, FG 1.008, 7.5%): 1kg Caramel wheat malt steeped in 3L water overnight, or boiled for 20 mins to release the sugars? 500g honey (mainly to up the OG 30 points) 25g Amarillo boiled for 5mins (because I have some, but don't want it too bitter) 250g blackberries dryhopped on first day Saison yeast sludge from previous batch The spreadsheet doesn't give me an option to add the blackberries, so not sure what gravity impact they will have on the finished product, I only know that I did a blackberry wheat earlier and it worked beautifully. If one was to ask for more experienced heads to weigh in, noting the premise to keep it small, simple but interesting, what would you change?
  12. Hi, my first attempt at harvesting yeast from the Trub of a 17l craft batch of ale using safale us-05. a lot of swirling and swishing, started with 2 1l jars from the fermenter and have now got a half litre jar of off white liquid (the yeast I hope). Does this look about right? currently stored in the fridge until I’m ready to use again and I understand I’ll have to make a starter. Will this half litre be enough for a 23l brew of ale in the future? cheers.
  13. Any harm in combining a spare ale yeast(Coopers Dark ale kit) and the sachet from the English Bitter. Can ferment at 21° with Inkbird now in play
  14. I wanted to get this little 5g sachet packet of brigalow brewing yeast from the shops and was wondering if its any good compared to using the coopers kit yeast? Also really wondering what the max abv it can get up to like 15% to 20% perhaps? Thanks
  15. I started a new 4L batch of beer today with coopers mexican cerveza and havent seen many bubbles out of the airlock? I used regular white sugar instead of the brew enhancer but did pretty much everything else right. My OG was 1.050
  16. Hi all, looking for some help - my temp controller died the other day and had a brew on at the time, managed to keep it in the target temp range by turning the fridge on for a couple hours before bed then turning it off again - did this for a week. Went away for 5 days over the last weekend and decided to cold crash - it's an old fridge and it completely froze the brew! When I got back it was a giant beerberg. I've defrosted it up to about 10 degrees now and looking to bottle over the next few days. I'm wondering if being frozen for a few days will have affected the yeast to the point where it won't be able to bottle carb? I was planning on reusing the yeast with a classy pitch onto yeast cake for my next brew as well and wondering if the freezing will affect it's viability? Should I disturb the sediment and give the whole thing a stir and leave it at 20 degrees for a couple days? I was using reactivated Cooper's commercial yeast, first time it's been used. Thanks in advance.
  17. I ran out of the sanitiser i usually use from the Brew shop so used Miltons baby bottle steriliser from Coles instead. It said it was no-rinse required & steep time was 15mins & looked like it would do the job. I have noticed that the main ingredient is chlorine though. I pitched the yeast last night & it still hadn't frothed up by this morning.. Could a trace of chlorine kill the yeast off during primary fermentation ???
  18. Hi, I just made a big mistake. I brewed a batch of "Benny's Big Red IPA" yesterday, BIAB and no chill. Today I am brewing a Saison. The IPA had chilled down to 18C in the fermenter, and I stupidly got some recently harvested M29 French Saison yeast out of the fridge and dumped into the IPA. Guess I had Saison on my mind, dang it. I have some English Ale yeast in the fridge as well from my previous (and first) attempt at the IPA which was supposed to go into this one. ANy suggestions? Can I add the English ale yeast and hope it gets some of the work done before the saison yeast? Or is it lost? ANy nelp much aprreciated. Josh
  19. Hey Guys, thought i would start this thread to keep track of my current experiment. I asked a question in another thread about brewing a lager with an ale yeast at ale temperatures, what would be the difference in flavours over brewing the same lager with a lager yeast at lager temperatures. Well the experiment is well under way. I bought a second temperature controller and 2 grainfather all grain kits., NZ glacial pilsner see https://www.grainfather.com/glacial-nz-pilsner-all-grain-kit-temperature-controlled-fermentation.html?___store=au I did a double batch brew day 2 weeks ago with the following result. Batch 1 which is the lager yeast batch (M84 Bohemian) OG @ 1.060 Batch 2 (S04 ale yeast) OG @1.055 Batch 1 was pitched at 15 deg set temperature at 15 deg Batch 2 pitched at 20 Deg set temperature at 18 Early Sunday Morning Ale batch was well underway with health Krausen, 4 hours later lager batch was showing good signs of fermentation. I stepped the controller down to 10 deg on the lager batch. Day 7 I adjusted the ale temperature to 20 deg Day 14 took a sample of both brews SG of the Ale is 1.014 not sure if it will drop another couple of points, gave the FV a swirl to rouse the yeast again. Lager batch is 1.017, I expect this to drop another 2 or 3 points in the next 7 days (Instructions say leave at 10 deg for 3 weeks). I think the ale batch is finished but will leave it in the FV for the same amount of time as the lager batch. Will update as the experiment continues. John
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