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  1. According to my ABV calculator 2.63 before added sugar in bottles
  2. Hi everyone, I havn't posted in quite some time, had a few demons to deal with. All good now, while I was absent I threw myself into my kegging project and are now producing some nice beers. This is a Armadillo with gelatine in the cc cheers John
  3. galaxy hops go very well with that style
  4. stocks were pretty low after Christmas, so I put down a quick coopers recipe. Lightning strike, very nice brew,
  5. Torrified wheat is a pre-gelatinized unmalted brewers wheat that can be used as a cereal grain/adjunct in the mash, and can replace malted wheat if you desire. Increases body and head retention, as well as adding a very slight toasted flavor.
  6. Bottled and capped 30 bottles of Nelson Sauvin summer ale today, then realised forgot to prime the bottles, as if one capping is enough without doing it twice!! bring on the kegs!
  7. I did up the hop additions by a couple of grams, @Popo
  8. successful brew day today, put down a Nelson Sauvin summer ale, cubed and into the fermenter Sunday. Never tried this hop before , so looking forward to this one
  9. about 24 for me, consisting of Pacific ales, stone and wood clone, English ales and bitters, Kilkenny clones, Guinness and stouts , Irish blonde, and to finish off a kolsch cheers
  10. don't we know it, wealth of knowledge
  11. Correct, I use beersmith and adjust accordingly, I have used Benny,s and Kelsey,s recipes with great results
  12. Hi Marty, being a diabetic I also do mid strength AG brews, to be honest I havn't noticed any difference in taste and are producing some really good beers, I also am a reasonable drinker, and my Doc. is happy at this stage, which makes me happy,
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