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  1. Most of their gear is reasonably priced, not sure on freight, I pick up JG
  2. I can get 25 kg of coopers ale malt for 55bucks, specialty malts for 4-5 bucks per kilo which averages for a brew with hops and using harvested yeast about 22-24 ,less if using my own stock of hops,
  3. The grain not the rodents
  4. At this point we don’t have a problem with rodents, ( Adelaide northern suburbs) however they will be stored in the garage in air tight containers,
  5. Yeh I thought of that, but as Ben just said buckets with lids should take care of that. I get sick of travelling to and from the lhbs every week, plus bulk is cheaper
  6. Thanks, I thought that might be the case, any more may not keep.
  7. Going to buy a grain mill, so was wandering how people buy there special grains or additive grains. Buying base malts is no prob, either 10, 15, or 25kg ect, but crystals ect, would you buy 1or 2 kgs or more, cheers john
  8. Didn’t know this existed in Adelaide. The Tap house on the banks of the Torrens
  9. I wish my missus liked beer, it would make the transition to kegs easier
  10. Looking at going down the kegging road, my selling point to swmbo is, all the cupboard space in the spare room taken up with my bottles can be hers. Now to convince her a fridge on the back veranda will look good
  11. that's exactly what I do, reuse 5 times 6 at most, then a new one. Keep it in the fridge up to 6weeks.
  12. I also had the same problem when drinking my ag ales, l usually drink 2- 3 long necks each day, I thought this was the problem till I realised I got the munchies and was eating all sorts of crap. After ceasing this practice so far so good also being a diabetic doesn’t help, cheers
  13. As promised, I kegged a pacific Ale for my daughters' wedding reception which was yesterday ( sat ) There were cartons of other beers and bottles of wines and bubbly, would you believe the keg blew first at about 11.00 pm, pretty happy with that!!
  14. inspired me to stoke mine up again!!
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