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  1. enjoying a nice kolsch atm, little young yet
  2. about 24 for me, consisting of Pacific ales, stone and wood clone, English ales and bitters, Kilkenny clones, Guinness and stouts , Irish blonde, and to finish off a kolsch cheers
  3. don't we know it, wealth of knowledge
  4. Correct, I use beersmith and adjust accordingly, I have used Benny,s and Kelsey,s recipes with great results
  5. Hi Marty, being a diabetic I also do mid strength AG brews, to be honest I havn't noticed any difference in taste and are producing some really good beers, I also am a reasonable drinker, and my Doc. is happy at this stage, which makes me happy,
  6. Benny,s pacific ale, same as you, a big thank you to all who helped me go down the AG path. Next kegs!! cheers and merry Christmas to all john
  7. Brew day tomorrow, gonna be a scorcher in the garage here in Adelaide, going to put down a Kolsch which I havn't tried before, beersmith say ferment the WLP029 kolsch yeast at 15deg. on the packet it says 18 - 20deg ? not sure which to go for, john
  8. I did exactly that, dry hopped 25 of summer, turned out great, cheers
  9. Hope all is well for you and your family over there @BlackSands, not knowing how far from the disaster you are, I guess the smoke could be bad ? cheers, john
  10. Most of their gear is reasonably priced, not sure on freight, I pick up JG
  11. I can get 25 kg of coopers ale malt for 55bucks, specialty malts for 4-5 bucks per kilo which averages for a brew with hops and using harvested yeast about 22-24 ,less if using my own stock of hops,
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