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  1. Exactly, I will keep using it for sure, I have posted some of my beers , nothing wrong with them,
  2. As Kelsey said, pay the extra and it will do you a long service, cheers
  3. It was me, I bought one about two months ago and have put maybe 6 (23ltrs) brews down with it. Beware it is not 48ltrs, more like 38ltrs. It gets to a nice boil then turns off till the temp drops a little then kicks in again, not ideal but so far the beers have been good. I got mine with ebay discount for $110.00, I figure seeing I already have the urn, an ermersion heater is still a cheap option, cheers John
  4. they are excellent glasses, I bought mine from ebay, $26 for 6, 285mls
  5. Item Sku Qty Subtotal Coopers Ale Malt COOPERALEMALT 4 AU$15.00 Gladfield Light Crystal Malt 50 °EBC GFLIGHTX 0.48 AU$2.64 Gladfield Supernova Malt 114°EBC GFNOVA 0.18 AU$0.99 Subtotal AU$18.63 Shipping & Handling AU$0.00 Tax AU$1.69 Grand Total AU$18.63
  6. @ChristinaS1 this more of a northern English brown ale, l call it a bitter, still very good 4.20kg coopers ale malt 0.410kg caramel/ crystal 0.160kg choc malt 16.00g challenger boil 60min 16.00g east kent- goldings boil 60min English ale s-04 yeast cheers John
  7. @Worthog no polyclar, I just got lucky, I was thinking about getting some polyclar, but might hang off for a while. We were away for about 3 weeks during that cold snap and this brew was carbonating in a vey cold house, whether that had any effect I don't know; cheers
  8. enjoying one of my AG English Bitter atm
  9. Thanks guys, the daughter says she will up the production
  10. maybe a high pressure cleaner could do the job
  11. been known to do that! null
  12. I have decided to ditch the pet bottles and go glass. I have limitless supply of champagne bottles, looking at Beerbelly's web site , they have crown seals called triage that fit the bottles with a changeable bell to suit, is there something I should be aware of? the champagne bottles are obviously green but will be stored in a cupboard anyway, cheers
  13. It’s a concealed element, the external measurements makes sense, I tend to think the cutting out when reaching boil is a design thing, when it drops below boil it turns back on again and so on. Now that I have it, will have to persevere, Emerson heaters aren’t expensive, cheers
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